Los Angeles Times: Pew’s 2021 Political Typology

Who are these people?

Los Angeles Times:

“The Populists group, the one most closely identified with former President Trump‘s style of politics, has a negative view of huge swaths of American society — big corporations, but also the entertainment industry, tech companies, labor unions, colleges and universities, and K-12 schools.

Nearly 9 in 10 of them believe the U.S. economic system unfairly favors the powerful, and a majority support raising taxes on big companies and the wealthy. Both of those views put them at odds with the rest of the GOP, helping explain why the party struggles to come up with economic proposals beyond opposition to Democratic plans.

The Populist Right also overwhelmingly says that immigrants coming to the U.S. make the country worse off. That puts them in conflict with the party’s smaller but still influential business-oriented establishment.

About half the Populist group say that white people declining as a share of the U.S. population is a bad thing, more than in any other group. …”

We have a strange relationship with the GOP.

I could take you back through these Pew surveys to the 1980s, but it will suffice to say that this big cluster of White voters whose defining characteristics are pro-White attitudes, rural residence and working class, populist economics, nationalism and immigration restriction entered the GOP in 2016 in support of Trump and has grown into the biggest and most active faction in 2021.

Note: We continue to act like we are outside the GOP, but there is a lot of evidence that is no longer the case. Most people who share our views are inside the GOP now and quite comfortable there.

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  1. We are still outside of the GOP. The party doesn’t care what their voters want and they never have. They view their voters as stupid chumps who will always settle for cheap words and empty rhetoric. And they’re mostly right.

    • The GOP is owned, governed and run by and for the benefit of oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson. There is no reforming the GOP until those people go away which is an unlikely proposition, to say the least. The scumbag Republican politicians would have to be replaced top to bottom also since they are habituated to listening to ‘Their Master’s Voice’ like a cheap whore who does what her pimp tells her to do.

      Here is a picture of Republican “leaders” (McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Cruz, Trump et al.) listening to their Master’s Voice, no insult intended towards dogs either:


      • The other day, I registered as independent/unaffiliated, after most of my life being an ‘R.’

        I’m done with these godless, genital-less bastards. Our only choice now is secession, or (as Ann B. has noted, with increasing frequency in her posts) the ‘W’ word:

        “The only way out of this, barring supernatural intervention, is war. No amount of protesting will ever have the slightest effect. General strikes won’t work because economic collapse is exactly what the Covigarchy wants. This can’t be settled by negotiation or diplomacy any more than a truce could ever be brokered with satan. It will never “pass” or “burn itself out”. It will persist for exactly as long as the morally sane freely choose for it to continue, for exactly as long as the morally sane continue to delude themselves into believing that there is any way out other than the inescapably obvious.”


        I quote her, because, as a woman, and as a trad RC, she more often speaks the mind of the Church, far more honestly than any of the current crop of Impastors out there, including Bishops and Patriarchs, even in ‘Orthodox’ circles. So, if you’re a prot, look beyond the label, and think for yourself, outside of the ‘box’ of YOUR tradition (as I have had to do with mine, ever since Vatican ewww).

        The voice of the Ages, is more often than not, the ONLY voice of sanity, in a world gone mad.

  2. Right now, most of us are being mandated to get the vax or lose our jobs. It’s NOT just government employees. It’s any business or industry that does work directly, or indirectly, for the government.

    I’m amazed most you people on here, have NO concern for your jobs. Even if you have your own business, clients and vendors who deal with any types of government products or services, i.e. you make helicopter seat belts, and some go to manufacturers who supply the government heli…you should be concerned as hell.

    There’s never been anything as tyrannical as this. The impositions on the parents with the CRT thing is close.

    • You are right that this is in fact THE issue … with the leading independent physicians / scientists pointing out the vax has now tilted to be statistically deadlier than covid
      – most ‘covid intensive care patients’ in vaxed-up countries and states are double-vaxed
      – with something approaching 100 or so young strong but vaxed athletes having heart attacks on the field etc it is getting damn obvious
      – the last few months have many countries showing as high as 10%-above-norm death rates, NOT from ‘covid’, young vaxed people suddenly dying of heart attacks, blood clots, respiratory failure, all vax effects
      – huge numbers of babies born dead to vaxed mothers, grieving moms getting banned from social media talking about the babies they lost
      – technical studies showing vaxed people in general have pathophysiological signs of disease and injury

      But they’ve gotten the vaxed majority to imagine that the unvaxed are making them sick by some magical means, media hiding data and studies … Bill Gates yakking while eminent doctors get censored

      Losing jobs is a tragedy but this is literally the ‘hill to fight and die on’

      Those who need sources can consult the not-yet-censored Twitter thread of mRNA co-inventor Robert W Malone MD, beaucoup professional links there

    • @Pilot,

      I think the vaxx mandate is hurting more people on this site than you realize. I suspect that people feel as you do, but are avoiding discussing the topic because no matter how angry they are, what can they do about it, or any other despotic decree that comes from the federal government? ZOG and the plutocracy pay us no heed.

      American workers aren’t the only ones affected by such totalitarian oppression of personal choices in realm healthcare. Take a look at Oceania and Western Europe, even Denmark is reneging on their removal of all covid-19 restrictions on personal liberty.

      • “even Denmark is reneging on their removal of all covid-19 restrictions”:

        Note that Sweden had the worst outcome in Europe due to very weak mitigation measures, and has finally cracked down on the “freedom” a little bit.

        Reality is what it is. The virus has already killed as many worldwide as the “Spanish” influenza of 1918-21 including about one million causalties in the U.S., most of them un-vaccinated. But who cares about old and weak people? “Let them all die and reduce the surplus population” say the barbarians.

        • Sweden did extremely well not following the Covid tyranny.

          I know quite a few Swedish nationalists, and none of them report and dire consequences from not having Covid restrictions or vaccine mandates.

          Herd immunity works, and natural immunity is superior to the experimental gene therapy in a needle. Even the faggot from Pfizer caught by Project Veritas admitted as much.

  3. @ ” Inside the gop and quite comfortable there”, Good for them, A true southern nationalist, would never be comfortable in the party of lincoln. Holding your nose, while you allow yourself too be hustled by these political pimps, is one thing, being comfortable in your gop is quite another

    • What have the “conservatives” conserved over the last 75 years? They couldn’t even conserve marriage, a natural institution of mankind in existence for thousands of years before the time of Christ. They couldn’t even conserve separate, natural spheres in civil life such as men’s/women’s sports. The “conservatives” only want to conserve “muh free market” as the society around them rapidly disintegrates in their endless pursuit of more money, true costs be damned.

  4. Jack Kennedy supposedly said, “The Republican elephant never forgot anything, he never learned anything either.” I think that’s a pretty fair description of the Republican Party. They seem to be stuck in a bizzare time warp where it’s always some time in the 1980’s and Reagan is president. Most of the Republican voters are little yuppie shitasses sitting in the suburbs worrying about capital gains tax cuts and wanting to look better than the neighbors.

    Trying to tell the Republicans that every election isn’t about upper class money or tax cuts, this is something they just don’t dig.

  5. Is there anyone who still believes we can take over the Republican Party and transform it into a White Southern Nationalist or American Fascist party? Because I don’t see that ever happening.

  6. “We continue to act like we are outside the GOP, but there is a lot of evidence that is no longer the case. Most people who share our views are inside the GOP now and quite comfortable there.”

    I agree and please allow me to explain: The USA is a two party dictatorship, all politics in the country is done through the two party system….period. Any and all “politics” outside of the two party system is not actually politics at all. Instead, it’s simply personal and small group fantasy based on foreign European models of the 20th century that do not apply to our time period and location. That being said, there may be internet sites and even organizations that don’t conform to the two party system in the USA….but they are not “really” political in nature but instead simply internet sites and/or organizations, nothing more. So like it or not, IF A FUTURE FAR-RIGHT MOVEMENT WAS TO ORGANIZE FOR ACTUAL POLITICAL POWER IT WOULD HAVE TO DO SO THROUGH THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM. Even libertarian leaders of the 1970’s were aware of this fact and that’s why folks such as Ron Paul ran as Republicans. So if the libertarians were not allowed into the political system outside of the two party system- how much more so would that apply to those in the dissident right?

  7. I posted about “CRT” months ago. Nobody knew what it was until Republicans made it popular.

    This… Grievance will never work, White people are better than this. At least we were at some point.

    Stop with the niggardly “Hope” and get back to basics. We have a bunch of grandchildren now. Our sons… Oy, But at least they had beautiful children.

    They will eventually come around, they always do. Stick to Basics.

  8. The gop is and always will be controlled opposition, which is to say, the gop will never give its populist/nationalist constituents what they want. They will eat around the edges of it, but their party is plagued with the same problems of lobbying and elitism that the dems are. You should know better than to imply as you have in this article we should be falling for party politic bullshit. Shame

    • LOL

      Do you think I have fallen for party politics? I analyze politics. There is a difference. I’ve written here for years about how politicians are bought by the donors usually once a week

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