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  1. Kulinski is right that it’s just the ol’ backlash un-merry-go-round: (((their team))) gets the boot, then (((ours))) gets in; neither team does jack shit because they’re owned by the same tiny handful of super-rich parasite scum that Jefferson & other Founders warned us to be on constant guard against.

    What’s needed is a candidate similar to the one he calls for: an outsider who can win; one who will fight for populist economics to benefit the working/middle classes – but who at the same time will equally fight against all this nig-fellating (((Cultural Marxism))). Shitlibs like Kulinski think that if they deliver on pocketbook issues, the mollified Flyova Hicks will shrug as they choke down the open borders & anti-White humiliation; I say let the kikes, niggers & other muds choke down pro-WHITE policies and be satisfied with a few more shekels.

    Let THEM get the stale half-loaf for a change.

    Of course, this is pie-in-the-sky as long as Do-Nothin’ Dump and billionaires like that kike bitch Miriam Adelson are barring the path.

  2. I prefer tax cuts and an Obolacare repeal to insane inflation and rabidly anti-white policies. I will never vote Democrat again in any election or race. Straight GOP from here on out.

  3. “Give them power and both instinctively start to do unpopular things to reward their base…”

    This is the problem though, the GOP doesn’t do anything for its base besides bend them over and dry fuck them, every single time they are put back in power.

    The issue that the GOP has with its grand plan is that their base only needs so many paperback polemics and new pillows. They have to actually do something with the mandate they are given. They don’t. They sell out because there’s no consequence.

    What has to change is that dynamic. That can’t happen with the current power distance. So its gotta be brought closer. State level or less.

    Washington DC is babylon. Babylon fallen. Our work has to be against it, under any party, every party. Let them have it and focus on state vs. Federal.

  4. >Trump spent his political capital on trying to repeal Obamacare and tax cuts.

    I’m not sure how you define ‘political capital’, but I would say Trump never really had much, if any; but that wasn’t entirely his fault — he was hated and treated as illegitimate right from the beginning, including by many ranking members of his own party (‘never Trumpers’) — of course this affected his ability to get anything done — but the fact he didn’t get anything meaningful done is more due to his own shallowness, vanity, and ‘abject stupidity’ — it was clear very early that more than anything, Trump just wanted the political and media establishments to accept him so he could enjoy the trappings and prestige of holding office in peace — he’s way too dumb to be an effective manager of the executive branch, someone who formulates and pushes/manages a wide-ranging policy agenda — his boorishness is no doubt a big turnoff to more intelligent, capable, and serious people, which is why he attracts and surrounds himself with clowns and ‘cranks’ — you see what an idiot he is when he speaks extemporaneously.

    Another Trump presidency would be absolutely hideous.

  5. Its interesting that Krystal points out how strange it is that Bidens approval rating in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin are even worse than his national approval rating, when he just “won” those states in a Presidential election a year ago.

    Parsimony and common sense says its not strange at all, because he didn’t win those states, they were stolen through ballot printing schemes. You could even toss North Carolina in there.

    Its more than a stretch to ignore this obvious explanation for the “wave” we are seeing. Nobody wanted Biden, that was obvious when they couldn’t get anybody to show up in person for campaign events.

    • There was nothing unusual about the election results.

      Trump’s margin was down from from 2016 in over 40 states. He had the same heavy losses with Independents and suburbanites in states that he won and states that he lost. He was down in the suburbs across the board. The most ridiculous aspect of the fraud narrative is that Trump actually improved his margin with blacks and especially Hispanics. Philadelphia and Detroit, for example, swung toward him. He lost all the swing states in the suburbs, not in the big metros. Biden only improved with White voters who were mad with Trump about COVID.

      The real fraud was that Trump used his lies about the stolen election to defraud his gullible supporters of hundreds of millions of dollars. He has never stopped fundraising off them. Q, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell and a whole cast of grifters led Trump supporters down a million rabbit holes. There was nothing surprising about the 2018 or the 2020 elections which were consistent with years of polling data that Trump was repulsing and alienating White Independent voters and his campaign which was focused on making implausible gains with blacks.

      No one should be surprised that suburbanites are reverting to the GOP without Trump dominating the airwaves or that we are experiencing an anti-Biden backlash in the midterms. This was also predictable. See also 2010 and 2014 and 2018. This is what normal politics look like when the party in power loses steam, runs into polarization in Congress and the opposition is angry and fired up. Assuming Trump or a Republican wins in 2024, the next time this will predictably happen will be the 2026 midterms.

      • I have no love for Trump and your explanation is very plausible but the dead casting votes in the thousands, Trump up by half a million votes in all the swing states by the end of election day only to have said swing states all depart from the norm and close the polls and then magically wake up the next day with Trump’s huge lead gone and Biden almost over the hump but the polls were closed so uuuuh still waiting for the explanation for that fiasco, especially all the late night activity at the polls reported by witnesses like possible ballot dumps, unsupervised counting caught on tape, ballots turned in with only the presidential ticket marked and nothing else, the easily hackable voting machines, the absolute stonewalling of transparency that this election was on the up and up. The one state kind of looking into this mess, Arizona, dragging it’s heels of course, but one highlight was the demand of voting records from the largest democrat controlled county only to find out they were all conveniently deleted but no fraud just tin foil hat shit. But almost exactly half a million and ten thousand phantom white suburbanites in all the swing states got their votes counted after election night.

        All that aside, if the “intelligence community” psychopaths are willing to incite and frame American citizens for an “insurrection”, is it really a leap of faith that they can fuck with the elections in various ways. Government officials across the US selectively enforcing and not enforcing laws for political ends but somehow their conduct in handling the the elections was impartial and fair, the election integrity was tip top. Or COVID did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mr. Wallace, your frenetic personal loathing for Trump is blinding you to the most obvious, shameless steal imaginable.

        It’s absurd. The steal was blatant. The states “flipped” after tens of thousands of ballots were “discovered” and counted at 3 AM. Observers were kicked out of counting places and the windows covered over so nobody could see in from the outside. There are videos of suitcases of “ballots” being pulled out from under tables after counting was supposed to have ended. And the “burst pipe,” and on, and on, and on.

        I don’t even like Trump, at all, since he’s a weakling and a failure, with a big dash of grifter thrown in. But you’ve got serious Trump Derangement Syndrome.

        Also, it’s been a year since the election. Maybe you should stop obsessing about your personal grudge against Trump and talk about something different for a change?

        • I don’t see any evidence the election was stolen from him.

          There is nothing unusual about the swing states. He lost Independents by a wide margin all across the country. He lost in the suburbs all over the country. He also did better in the big cities with blacks. He improved with every group but White men. Don’t look at states like Georgia or Michigan. Look at states like Iowa, Kansas or Tennessee where he won by a narrower margin than in 2016. It is also worth noting that his own audit found that he lost to Joe Biden in Arizona by more votes than the official count.

          There is no reason to believe that Trump could lose Independents in every single state in the country where there were exit polls and somehow win the 2020 election. There simply aren’t enough Republicans. The reason that it looked like Trump either came from behind and won or was way ahead and lost is because different states counted mail in votes or the same day vote in different ways. There was some states which counted the mail in vote first and it showed Biden way ahead in Red States which he lost.

          The Georgia suburbs voted like the Nashville suburbs or the Oklahoma City suburbs or the Dallas suburbs or the Philadelphia suburbs or the Phoenix suburbs. The simplest explanation for the election results is that he decisively lost White Independent voters in the suburbs over COVID. The same thing also happened in the 2018 election when the Republicans lost the House. The difference between Trump losing in 2020 and winning in 2016 is very simple. White Independent voters supported him in 2016, but not in 2020.

          Now that Trump is no longer the president, those people are angry with Joe Biden and have turned on him. They’ve swung back to the GOP which is winning elections again. The Democrats got crushed in the 2021 elections. As I said all along, it wasn’t fraud. Trump just lost the 2020 election because he ran a shitty campaign that was obsessed with winning over huge numbers of based blacks and which ignored the people who got him elected in the first place. He lost swing voters over COVID. It is not hard to see why.

          • All the polls said Trump was gonna lose in 2016. Lose big. They lied.

            Polls aren’t real statistics. They are tools to manage perceptions. I don’t believe them anymore than I do the regimes bullshit covid figures.

            My cynicism isn’t unreasonable in the slightest.

          • We don’t need polls.

            We have the election results. He was consistently blown out in the suburbs all over the country. What happened in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin was no different than what happened elsewhere

          • >I don’t see any evidence the election was stolen from him.

            I provided a number of suspicious (note: that does not necessarily mean fraud) voting and vote counting irregularities/anomalies discovered during analysis of the 2020 election — would you like to see more?

            Again: a significant number of both voting and vote counting irregularities/anomalies, especially in key states, were uncovered via serious analysis of the 2020 election result; all of these irregularities/anomalies (improbably) favored the winner, Joe Biden; therefore the irregularities/anomalies are a bit suspicious, and deserve an explanation; instead, the media and political establishments, including eventually the courts, closed ranks and declared there was no evidence of fraud (which was absurd/dishonest); as a result, we really don’t know if there was fraud or not, and if there was fraud, how extensive it was (i.e. extensive enough to have cost Trump the election?): the irregularities/anomalies were simply never investigated and explained.

            I cannot make it any clearer than that.

            The simplest explanation for the election results is that he decisively lost White Independent voters in the suburbs over COVID.

            LOL — how did he ‘lose white suburban voters over COVID’? — Trump did support ‘Operation Warp Speed’ to develop a vaccine, right? — are you suggesting a significant number of these people wanted even more dumb, kneejerk COVID authoritarianism? — that is idiotic.

            Dude, you went full clown world over COVID, and it seems to have affected/rotted part of your brain — seriously, you need to do a LOT of self-reflection about that.

          • Yes, believe or not, but Independents never really liked Trump, cooled on him for four years of his presidency, blamed him for COVID and supported both the vaccines and the vaccine mandates. As Trump has faded from the scene and Joe Biden has fucked up, they have turned on him.

      • >The most ridiculous aspect of the fraud narrative

        Historical patterns are interesting and not irrelevant.

        But perhaps you fail to distinguish between 1) how the buffoonish Trump and the clowns around him publicly handled the allegations of fraud, and 2) what the actual evidence of voting and counting irregularities was.

        How familiar are you with the latter?

        It’s difficult to claim there was election fraud, or fraud significant enough to have cost Trump the win, largely because the voting and ballot counting irregularities were never seriously/officially investigated — in fact, the political and media establishments closed ranks to deny there was any hint of fraud, which quite honestly was absurd.

        While I don’t usually follow elections, I know I went to bed thinking Trump had won and was shocked the next day to see the turnaround.

        But serious people did actually investigate the matter, and I have stored online dozens of screencaps showing the most interesting findings.

        Plot of vote count vs time in WI

        Plot of vote count vs time in MI

        What is the explanation for the dramatic next-day shifts toward Biden in both WI and MI?

        Absentee ballots overwhelmingly favored Biden in both MI and PA — ?

        In WI, ID was not required to request an absentee ballot — and in 2020, the number of absentee ballots requested in WI dwarfed all previous years — ? — is COVID really enough to explain the HUGE difference?

        A new batch of votes in Phila PA: 23277 votes, all for Biden — ?

        Why does Biden have so many more votes than democratic candidates for Senate in key swing states — in other words, an unsually large number of ballots in these states contained only a vote for Biden, but no votes for ‘down ballot’ offices — ?

        Twitter/Matt Braynard painstakingly investigated voting in GA and found the number of undeniably illegal votes cast there exceeded Biden’s margin of victory.

        I could go on, but you get the idea.

        I strongly dislike Trump and am, perhaps from an ‘accelerationist’ bias, not sorry he didn’t win — but it’s difficult to categorically say there was no fraud in 2020 for the simple reason the many clear anomalies were never investigated and explained.

        And you ought to be willing to acknowledge that.

  6. I have read every article but havent gotten around to commenting Brad. This is my observation. Not only in media presentation, but in general day to day life it seems Whites are getting less and less with a massive amount of these ambiguous looking people who you Cant tell If they are black and white, white and indian, Asian and black. That is the blackpill atleast near me..

    The big Whitepill is normal White people are really getting pumped up and “noticing”. Whether in a thread on a normal newssite or just in day to life, normal white people are responding to things positively that they nevet would have five years ago. They would have been silent, uncomfortable or hostile then. Now they take something I say calmly and raise it to a 100. That is a good thing as long as they dont Fed post or God forbidden ever act violently and lose their cool.

    I think we all have played a role in that especially you Brad. With politics i dont even know. Republicans and conservatives are going further left pushing for a big tent party with LGBT2+QA issues and cheering on “based blacks” while announcing “it was the Hispanic and asian vote that won for Youngkin”. All the Democrats would have to be in full control is push workers rights and not demonize whites. But neither party will do that

    • There was much more racial polarization during the obama years, remember that the black panthers and that shabazz character were threatening to kill white babies and hunt down whites for cops killing blacks and to start a race war if obama wasn’t reelected. That did wonders for our side. There was also the zimmerman acquittal and ferguson riots to add to that. Breitbart comments in 2013-2016 looked like something you would read at vnn or stormfront.

      I agree that the Gop is big tent now, now more than ever, but it’s all due to trump. The future of white nationalism looks dim in my view, thanks to the idiotic civic nationalism/colorblindness of the present day.

      • @RICK I either erased or hit enter before I finished my reply. The difference between Occupy Wall Street and the Jeremiah Wright & Obama era is the fervor shown and number of people consumed by politics now. Propaganda and cable TV along with how ridiculous things are has the entire country and world tuned in.

        Anti Whiteness was there but never before has the government and political elite been so open about it. They dont care and if anything seem to take pleasure im mocking us, our families, our heritage, race, financial status, jobs, religion and so on. Even more importantly the Republicans agree with them on most issues.

        Attitudes have really changed over the past few years. You see Normies talking black crime, race, anti whiteness and Jewish influence so openly. I am shocked at what I see normal working class people saying combined with the leftovers or Trump beer muscles.

        People are scared. They dont feel protected by tbe law or the government plus see replacement everywhere. Like i mentioned, I drive past my high school and see exclusively Indians and Pakistanis with a second tier of blacks and Hispanics. You might see all small group of little white girls or boys walking together as the outcasts. The same on media and marketing. The new Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings shows have all mixed race or minorities just like commercials.

        The Republicans could have a lock forever even if the did the bare minimum but instead their new thing is embracing LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS and their conservative trannies and gays. “Far Right” figures like Bannon are calling for “more blacks and Hispanics being the key to winning 2024”

        • “You might see all small group of little white girls or boys walking together as the outcasts.”

          At least they are sticking together. The ones who don’t will soon be going extinct.

      • You can’t judge the general mood by comment sections. They were almost unmoderated before 2014-2015. I used to post White nationalist stuff in the comments of relatively liberal sites like the Atlantic and the Week. People could have back and forth conversations on things like race and they would almost never get banned back then unless they started throwing around slurs. Now you can’t even get away with that at most right wing sites. The widespread censorship skews the picture a lot.

        You also can’t judge by what republican shills and neocons like Bannon are saying, because they’ve always said the same things.

  7. What does it mean when a party is voted out and replaced with their opponents? Really, they’re still there, in the background and in public view. To a degree, they still have clout and influence, just waiting for re election.
    It’s just a see saw of unwanted wretches doing unwanted things to the voters.
    Two parties to really choose from…….and it shows.
    Two parties is not much to begin with, but they’re both near identical in policy, so it’s no better than having one party only. You may as well.
    In my country, as soon as someone comes along who resonates with the public and wants what we do, they are completely demonized by the media…….and we all know who controls that!! They pull out a dirt file and turn the public away from them……….you know………he may have touched a woman inappropriately in 1990 when he was 21, or said something misogynistic. Their pettiness second to none. That’s why third parties can never get traction……..and never will.

  8. The democrats in all their crazed righteousness have been spending the last year and a half making one gigantic Willie Horton Commercial against their brand. Willie Horton Commercials are a big winner for targeting long term pre 1965 resident Hispanics in places like the Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico, up to Pueblo CO who will be less riled up if Trump is not on the ticket. Only privileged coastal elites, college brainwashed youth, and criminals themselves support a pro-crime agenda. Everyone one else with a brain knows how bad this is. People innately know that pro-black=pro-crime.

    • To hell with those mestizo aliens. They care nothing about whites and only look out for their own, majority of them only want benefits. What you wrote is nothing but civic nationalist bile.

  9. The republicans get back in power, and they will be pushing for more middle east wars/bombings, more pro-black, pro-jew, pro-illegal alien and anti-Iran rhetoric. Nothing done against Israel or it’s allies the saudis, and the low-IQ voters just mindlessly cheer them on.

    • Voting Republican as a White person is like having a bullet in your chest but instead of getting surgery and blood transfusions, you just choose to shoot up morphine to dull the pain while continuing to bleed out. White people get a bare minimum of comforting rhetoric and patriotardism from the GOP, along with all of the garbage policies that are killing them. We need to bite the bullet and perform the surgery (death of the Republican party). It should’ve happened decades ago. We would be out the other side by now with a better party, but people keep choosing to hit the morphine.

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