Steve Bannon Surrenders To The FBI

I don’t care for Steve Bannon.

I hate the “intelligence community” though.

The “January 6th insurrection” has become the new Russia Hoax. It is endlessly and hysterically covered every day as the leading news story on CNN and MSNBC for their dwindling audience of radicalized post-grad #Resistance wine moms. You can’t blame Bannon for treating it like a joke.

Note: In the real world, no one cares about the “January 6th insurrection,” so much so that the GOP appears to be headed for its biggest victory in decades in the midterms and that Trump is the clear favorite to win the 2024 election. None of this shit is helping the Democrats.

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  1. Steve Bannon always looks like he has just woken up after a week long bender drinking and smoking crack. Someone should take up a collection to buy this guy a razor and a haircut, he looks like shit.

  2. For some reson the Democrats don’t get it that people don’t care about January 6th.

    This morning the Jew Adam Schiff admitted that the Steele Dossier was a lie, but, he used it anyway. The Jews got a word for that…

  3. Jan6 was setup just like Charlottesville. Trump and Mike Flynn told their supporters to show up and protest then they ran away to hide. Why weren’t Trump and Flynn at the Capital? They were the leaders.

  4. I’d have made them come get me, but they would probably kick in my front door, leave my wife outside in the cold on camera, shoot my dogs and frog march me in front of the cameras in my tidy whities. They did this to Roger Stone if memory serves. Or another of these GriftNats.

    • You are correct. The FBI would do all the things you listed then “search” your home (with or without a warrant) knocking holes in walls and cabinets, smashing appliances and breaking plumbing to flood the place. City inspectors would then declare your home uninhabitable because the water was shut off from the flooding and also shut off the electricity because of the broken plumbing.

      The police might lock the doors, might not but would leave windows open for burglars. Small valuables would already have “gone missing” after the police “search”. Just remember, support the blue. Good luck recovering damages from the police.

  5. There should be a rule somewhere, that before you pretend to represent anybody on television, you get a shave and a haircut. Bannon isn’t some mountain man from the andy griffith show, or a homeless guy from Seattle.

  6. Bannon must be pleased however that his fascist foreign policy advice is effectively being taken by the Biden administration as well as it was by the Trump adminstration: New aggressive neocolonial wars and rumors of wars are cropping up everywhere including the Sahara Desert of northwest Africa: Will the poor but courageous Sahrawis be able to defeat the Empire like the Yemenis seem to be doing?

  7. Steve Bannon is a shabbos goy zio-koshervative POS. That said, what a difference the reform judaism left does when they are in power than the wimpy orthodox judaism “right.” When the Retardicans subpoenaed Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder to appear before Congress to address the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandel, Holder ignored their subpoena, and though the house Retardicans held him in “contempt of congress,” Holder suffered no legal or professional ramifications.

    • Eric Holder knew the Republicans were all bark and no bite. They still are and Trump has the loudest bark of all.

  8. As bad as this regime is wrecking the country maybe the average folks are thinking “Wait a minute, perhaps these January 6 protestors were right?”

  9. HW – you left out the best(worst) part – one of the first things Boomer Bannon did when he started his mini-press conference after exiting the SUV was he pandered to the nibbas and Messicans.

  10. >I don’t care for Steve Bannon.


    Twitter/The HillSteve Bannon: “We’ve got the Hispanics coming on our side, African Americans coming on our side, we’re taking down the Biden regime. […] I want you guys to stay focused, stay on message. Remember, signal not noise. This is all noise.”

    He’s just another MAGAtard crank/grifter/cuck — his kind of naive, dishonest, and just plain dumb civic nationalist fantasy about non-whites becoming ‘allies’ is no different from both Trump and the establishment GOP, including all the RINOs — and it’s very harmful to Whites at this point in time, because speaking of ‘selling false hope’, too many Whites see him as some kind of alternative when he really isn’t — in the meantime, the demographic conquest of America will continue.

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