David Brooks: The Terrifying Future of the American Right

Is Rod Dreher terrifying?

Rachel Bovard? Yoram Hazony? Oren Cass? Give me a break.

The Atlantic:

“Rachel Bovard is one of the thousands of smart young Americans who flock to Washington each year to make a difference. She’s worked in the House and Senate for Republicans Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, and Mike Lee, was listed among the “Most Influential Women in Washington Under 35” by National Journal, did a stint at the Heritage Foundation, and is now policy director of the Conservative Partnership Institute, whose mission is to train, equip, and unify the conservative movement. She’s bright, cheerful, and funny, and has a side hustle as a sommelier. And, like most young people, she has absorbed the dominant ideas of her peer group. …

This is where Viktor Orbán comes in. It was Dreher who prompted Carlson’s controversial trip to Hungary last summer, and Hungarians were a strong presence at the National Conservatism Conference. Orbán, in Dreher’s view, understands the civilizational stakes of the culture war; he has, for instance, used the power of the state to limit how much transgenderism can be taught to children in schools. “Our team talks incessantly about how horrible wokeness is,” Dreher said at the conference. “Orbán actually does something about it.”

This is national conservatism pursued to its logical conclusion: using state power to break up and humble the big corporations and to push back against coastal cultural values. The culture war merges with the economic-class war—and a new right emerges in which an intellectual cadre, the national conservatives, rallies the proletarian masses against the cultural/corporate elites. All your grandparents’ political categories get scrambled along the way. …

Over the past few decades there have been various efforts to replace the Reagan Paradigm: the national-greatness conservatism of John McCain; the compassionate conservatism of George W. Bush; the Reformicon conservatism of the D.C. think tanks in the 21st century. But the Trumpian onslaught succeeded where these movements have so far fizzled because Trump understood better than they did the coalescence of the new American cultural/corporate elite and the potency of populist anger against it. Thus the display of Ivy League populism I witnessed in Orlando might well represent the alarming future of the American right: the fusing of the culture war and the class war into one epic Marxist Götterdämmerung.

Sitting in that Orlando hotel, I found myself thinking of what I was seeing as some kind of new theme park: NatCon World, a hermetically sealed dystopian universe with its own confected thrills and chills, its own illiberal rides. I tried to console myself by noting that this NatCon theme park is the brainchild of a few isolated intellectuals with a screwy view of American politics and history. But the disconcerting reality is that America’s rarified NatCon World is just one piece of a larger illiberal populist revolt that is strong and rising.”

Pol Pot is more interesting than Viktor Orbán.

I think White Nationalists who overly obsessed with Jews are wrong about this. It is true that Jews are vastly overrepresented among oligarchs and PMCs, but these people are recruited from all races and ethnicities. At the end of the day, the fact that some are Jews, some are White, some are black and so on in different proportions doesn’t really matter. They are all the same. They look the same. They have the same faggy accent and worldview. It is the same class of people who dominate all institutions.

This is what I call the look:

Now, this is what I would call terrifying.


In the four years that the Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia, it was responsible for one of the worst mass killings of the 20th Century.

The brutal regime, in power from 1975-1979, claimed the lives of up to two million people.

Under the Marxist leader Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge tried to take Cambodia back to the Middle Ages, forcing millions of people from the cities to work on communal farms in the countryside.

But this dramatic attempt at social engineering had a terrible cost.

Whole families died from execution, starvation, disease and overwork. …

Declaring that the nation would start again at “Year Zero”, Pol Pot isolated his people from the rest of the world and set about emptying the cities, abolishing money, private property and religion, and setting up rural collectives.

Anyone thought to be an intellectual of any sort was killed. Often people were condemned for wearing glasses or knowing a foreign language.

Ethnic Vietnamese and Cham Muslims in Cambodia were also targeted.

Hundreds of thousands of the educated middle-classes were tortured and executed in special centres. …”

Admittedly, Democratic Kampuchea is the most extreme example of what “Crush the Urbanite” can look like in practice. You can picture something like this happening in this country. It wouldn’t matter in the slightest that people like Brian Stelter or Chris Hayes are White.

Hey, you know, one can dream of waking up one frosty morning to the managerial regime falling and this entire class of bugmen being wiped out and their cities being emptied and razed to the ground like in Cambodia. I don’t give a shit what race they are (White, Jewish, black, brown, yellow, etc.)

It is just a thought. I can think of things that have happened in the recent past which are a lot more terrifying than NatCons!

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  1. The National Conservative thing in Orlando is just warmed over Civic Nationalism, My Pillow Guy tier conservatism, a safety valve for the Fox TV/MAGA crowd, they have nothing new or interesting to say. No doubt they had their Based Black Guy in the center of the stage saying all the right things e.g. “Democrats are the real racists, if MLK were alive today he would be a Republican (he probably would because he was a con man), muh Constitution, MAGA 2024! etc.” All that was missing was the Q Anon Shaman but he was unavailable for comment because he trusted these guys, now he is in a 48 sq. foot cell.

  2. “I think White Nationalists who overly obsessed with Jews are wrong about this.”

    You can never be too obsessed by Jews because they are the foundation, the cornerstone, the key to the riddle. Everything that goes on in this crazy world makes perfect sense when you look at it through the lens of Jewish power. Jews created the libtard, the conservative, the flag waving patriotard. Everything we hate about modern politics is Jewish, it doesn’t matter who the people on stage are because the production is kosher. And it’s not just politics; modern art, modern music, modern everything sucks because it’s Jewish. Everything they touch they ruin.

    Only an explicitly antisemitic political and cultural movement can save us. Antisemitism must become the dominant ideology exactly the same way anti-racism is today. The way I see it is that National Socialism is the one true path forward and ‘far right’ is a deliberate distraction intended to prevent us from reaching this ultimate goal.

    • ” Everything that goes on in this crazy world makes perfect sense when you look at it through the lens of Jewish power.”

      Yep, 100% true.

      “antisemitic”, we need a better word, jew aware, jew factual, jew wise ?
      The jews have put too much emotional baggage into ‘antisemitic’.
      Using that word, ‘antisemitic’, alloows them too much control over the narrative.

    • “Was there any form of filth or crime without at least one jew involved in it? If you cut into such a sore you find, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light – a jew!” – AH.

    • Agree with both posts. They are allowed to make “antisemitism” their enemy, but we are not allowed to make them ours.
      These so-called WNs that the media talks about don’t represent me at all. The idea that “everyone is an American” is ridiculous.

    • Noticing is not “obsession.” The level of Jewish influence and power in America makes them worth “obsessing” over. Don’t help them pathologize White awareness of who our enemies are.

      Wherever you see anti-Whiteness, you find Jews in charge or sitting next to the throne. The only causes that Jews will never support in good faith are pro-White. They are the most wealthy and influential non-Whites/anti-Whites regardless of their numbers.

      People only downplay and minimize the importance of Jews when they want to come in from the cold and stop taking damage. It’s disappointing to see that here.

      Cucking never wins you any favor with the enemy and it makes your White allies distrust you. It’s a short-term retreat that loses you the war.

    • Jews are guilty. From the neocons who tricked America into the Iraq War to Wall Street which bankrupts communities and steals homes. The culture is infected with their neuroses and insecurities. They are the enemy of Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty. And, they did 9/11.

    • “I think White Nationalists who overly obsessed with Jews are wrong about this.”

      And I’d like to talk about crime statistics without mentioning blacks.

  3. The observation about WN’s obsessing about jews, while missing the rainbow diversity of the PMC’s fag class is a refreshing take.

    It doesn’t matter what color they are. It matters that they are anti White.

  4. “Nationalists who overly obsessed with Jews are wrong ”

    They are the ones at the helm, the rest are only rowers.

    • How can WNs not be overly obsessed with the largest – by far – problem that White America faces? Everything else besides the JQ is a distraction.

  5. I was watching that Sandman MGTOW jew dude a few months back, and he said the countryside is majority male, the cities are majority female. He said that is why the countryside is conservative and the cities are liberal. I know Sandman hates women, but it got me wondering if there any truth to it. Do cities have a higher percentage of females, and this is why they lean liberal? If that is the case, then repeal the 19th amendment so the bugmen lose their base.

    • MGTOW is as divisive as Feminism. The idea is to keep the sexes apart, and birthrates down. It’s working. There are libtards in both genders.

  6. Bill Kristol knows he is hated, if he is attacking something (like Donald Trump – read his gloating about the election the day after in 2016), it is because he is trying to hype it up. A bunch of Jews and Rod Dreher promoting “National Conservatism” is about as exciting as Dan Quayle.

  7. “Pol Pot is more interesting than Viktor Orbán….I think White Nationalists who overly obsess[ed] with Jews are wrong about this. It is true that Jews are vastly overrepresented among oligarchs and PMCs, but these people are recruited from all races and ethnicities. ”

    HW, again you miss the point. Jews USE the ‘shabbas goyim’ every chance they get: and those sub-par ‘humans’ APE whichever Superior Hominid is in control. It used to be U.S. -Now, it’s the KIKES. Therefore, your observation is correct, even as your conclusion is faulty.

    Don Lemon and other sock-cuckers think they are ‘playing White’ by playing Yid, these days. Just look at David French, for instance; he even LOOKS J’osh! These ‘fools as tools’ don’t even know how utterly useless they are, except to (((those))) in power. And, let’s not forget, this is the most J’osh Cabinet ANY sitting President has ever had. COHEN-cidence? I think not.

    As Jazzhands McFeels has said time and time again over at Fash the Nation (FTN – and with far more data than you) Orban (just as a ‘for instance’) came to power by a Jew, using FINKELTHINK, to win his campaign, and is continuing to be controlled by Jews (it’s Hungary, for crying out loud!).

    Yes, I will concur. The AshkeNAZI’s are race-mixing scum, but even the ‘Eretz Yissssra-AYL’ types find the African pretenders to being ‘Juden,’ more than even THEY are willing to go for-

    but that doesn’t mean (for one millisecond) that they aren’t telling U.S., how to miscegenate ourselves into Idiocracy-levels of stupidity and military worthlessness! ORION, now more than ever. As Faith and Heritage made clear, almost a decade ago, we White Europeans are the Race of Christ God… and anyone that seeks to mar that image, is Antichrist. Jews fit that bill- to a ‘T’.- the ‘T’ of the Cross.

    “Here is the teleology behind racial distinction: segregation is, and from the most remote times was, for the furtherance of true religion by the limiting of perspective and responsibility via ethno-familial identity. To have a godly nation, we must at least be able to identify our own. Graciously, God has not left us without means to identify our nation, nor even kindred nations. Had He left us without the indelible marks of race and ethnicity, inclusion and/or exclusion based on anything other than patently statist grounds would be impossible. Nations would be defined not by natality, but rather by the arbitrary force of statecraft. Chinamen wouldn’t be Chinese in the sense that we all understand that designation, but rather by accident of political machinations alone.

    Therein we see the horns of the foremost political dilemma of the last century rearing up before us: if we disallow the identification of limited groups based upon kinship, the only alternative is statist compulsion and forced integration, ever downward into the pure atomization of the anti-society, which just so happens to be the overt designs of the emergent new world order. Given this dilemma, it is clear that Kinism is the only Theonomy.”- http://faithandheritage.com/2014/01/conservatism-theonomy-kinism-and-perspective/

  8. While Colbert sometimes comedically claims his surname is French, he is of 15/16ths Irish ancestry…..

    They are all Irish outside of the black guy who is a queer. The Jew anti-white coalition is the Jews, the Irish and the queers. There are very few people the Jews will trust, but they do trust the Irish and the queers. This is my personal observation and my own opinion. And you are not going to change the way I think by telling me I am wrong, you can change the way I think by changing the way you act though.

    How is Karen Dunn doing in Charlottesville?

  9. The White Nats are right about jews in that if you try to organize nationalists, it will be rich jews that send people to stop you. They buy corrupt politicians and brainwash stupid people with their bullshit art and fake news. The most recent example, there would be no Charlottesville trial without jews funding it.

    • Yes, Jews are terrible, but so is this whole class of people. They all share the same beliefs and attitudes and act as a unit. Racial solidarity also blinds WNs to the fact that the Whites who are part of this class are ferociously anti-White.

        • Which is a distinction without a difference. Chris Hayes and Mark Potok are both soulless ghouls who desire the extermination and humiliation of Normal Whites (College Educated Whites and Underclass Whites dont count). Hayes is a goy, Potok is a Jew. Both are our equal enemies.

      • Without racial solidarity Jews join your movement and take it over instantly. Too much racial solidarity and you find yourself supporting Zionist traitors like Trump simply because they are white. It’s a balancing act.

        • I don’t have any solidarity with anti-Whites who are avowed enemies. It doesn’t matter if they are White when they believe the same things and have the same intentions. Wasn’t one or two of the guys who tried to kill Rittenhouse with that Jew also White?

          • There is a solidarity, and it is the hatred of Christ, which is an unjustified and unreasonable hatred of the innocent, that is the tie that bind the enemies of whites. Why do they hate the innocent? Because they are evil wicked people. Once these people turn away from God, turn away from Christ and his teachings, these people, the anti-white whites then inevitably turn to evil and the Jews are leading them to hell. Rittenhouse and the Charlottesville joke trial are only the latest examples of this continuing growing pattern of persecution.

        • There was such a big influx of yids into the whole white movement by the “Alt Right”. They had white or ethnic surnames, designed to fool people. Molyneaux, Yiannopoulos, Southern, Goldy, Loomer, and more. Even Milo said that young whites don’t really hate the Jews, and they are willing to accept others. Like he even represents any of us.

        • Too much racial solidarity and you find yourself supporting Zionist traitors like Trump simply because they are whit

          Or, you know, the likes of Brian Stelter, Chris Hayes, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and countless other White Liberals, all of them College Educated and Affluent.

          Face it: The real problem with White Solidarity isn’t aligning with goofs like Trump, its aligning with those who share every value in common with Jews and never met a part of the Jewish agenda they didn’t like. So while its not correct to downplay Jewish power, its equally not correct to run interference for White Liberals, whom White Nationalists have nothing in common with.

      • “They all share the same beliefs and attitudes and act as a unit.”

        Yes, but it is kosher glue that holds them together, as a cohesive weapon that gives them power. Without that kosher glue , they would be a random crowd kooks, with ever diminishing effectiveness, to eventually fade into meaninglessness.

        • I don’t think so.

          The biggest and bitterest divide in the country is between Whites. If all Jews vanished from MSNBC and CNN, it would carry on as usual. Most of the people there aren’t Jews

          • “Most of the people there aren’t Jews”

            But all the controllers and power brokers are. I don’t think you see the prevasive influence they exert , not even mentioning the money power.

            Two billionaires, howard Hughes and ted Turner, tried to buy networks. Both were blocked. Billionaires, prevented from buying something, that takes real power.

          • Sure I do.

            Clearly, they are overrepresented among leftwing oligarchs and media professionals. If they were all to disappear tomorrow though, more of the same people would replace them

          • The Jews would be nowhere, if not for their Catholic allies in Congress, the State Houses, and City Governments! The Jews don’t have the numbers, the Catholics do. Consequently, the Jew & Catholic political alliance.

            Look at how the Catholic Bishops voted 222-8 not to condemn Catholic politicians for being pro-abortion like their Jew political allies.

            Then you add the well off Blacks, the wealthy LGBTQ, and the wealthy Hispanics who are also Catholics, and you have political power as it is in the US.

            The Jews are a problem, but, not the only problem, and possibly not the major problem?

            Well thought out Brad!

          • >If all Jews vanished from MSNBC and CNN, it would carry on as usual.

            I don’t agree with this. It would lose steam.

          • Just write out a list of the people who have shows there. Don Lemon. Joy Reid. Brian Stelter. Jonathan Capehart. Chris Hayes. Mehdi Hassan. Maddow. Lawrence O’Donnell. How many of them are Jews? It is a bunch of people with the same shit perspective

          • It would carry on as usual, but we would easily win, because there would be no George Soros or Sheldon Adelson types, using their financial muscle to ensure the kooks are highly paid, and have a national loudspeaker, while nationalists are censored, sued, and bankrupted off the national stage.

            Another example, we were all over social media until 2016, then rich Jewish groups had us erased. Now the kooks are everywhere on social media unopposed, and nationalists are invisible. This will have effects far beyond the next couple of elections. We will be facing new generations of children who will be brainwashed for life by the kooks, because rich Jews will not allow these kids to see both sides of the argument.

            I have followed nationalist politics in several countries since the 1990s, and what I found weird is how often I’d see nationalist groups conspicuously hanging out with Jews. They had an obsession with Jews, but in reverse. None of these groups ever went anywhere politically, because all they did was argue with other nationalists about how Jews have nothing to do with our predicament, when it is obviously false.

            This is an inarguable fact:
            Jews hate nationalism in every country except for Israel, where for some strange reason they absolutely love it.

          • I agree that it’s not all jews. But Jews own all of the media. They are in charge of our currency, our legal system, our banks, our education system, agriculture, pharmaceutical and most of medicine, and more.
            So even if there are whites who are idiot betrayers, the owners of these institutions are primarily jews.

          • It might carry on for a while, but without the big-nosed string pullers, you would see significant, positive change creep in, I believe.

        • Arrian,

          You underestimate the ability of White Liberals to organize cohesively and effectively. The Abolitionist Movement, which succeeded in starting the Civil War – admittedly with the help of the fire eaters on the other side, who goaded the South on – is an example of a Jew free movement dominated by White Gentiles and a handful of uppity negroes. The Greenwich Village crowd in the 1910s and 1920s that Hunter spent the second half of 2020 exposing is another example.

          Sure, we often see straight forward examples of Jews setting up institutions like CNN and then recruiting White Liberals to do their dirty work, but there is another, more subtle model that perhaps WNs are unaware of or in denial of:

          Sometimes a group of Whites will organically create a degenerate scene or degenerate ideology, Jews will take notice and integrate themselves into that scene, they’ll say to themselves, “hmm, we could degrade the goyim with this,” and then they’ll use their typical networking and funding to agree and amplify it until it has consumed society.

          This is basically how the sexual revolution took off. Jews have always been sexual degenerates dating back centuries, preying on White women and children alike. But they didn’t create faggotry and trannies. They found them existing in the White community and promoted them.

          The fact is, our race has a lot of spiritual and genetic trash. Keith Olbermann is a trash human being. He wasn’t corrupted or manipulated. He was born scum, and he was destined to become scum. That’s why White Solidarity must be selective and arbitrary, because otherwise it lets in the trash, thereby destroying the WN Movement and the future of our race,

          • “The fact is, our race has a lot of spiritual and genetic trash.”

            Usually because the trash has something else mixed in with it.

          • The enemy is folks having very low visuo-spatial skill- they don’t know how to make stuff.
            Like Chaim Witz [of KISS]- on a video, taken in a parking lot, he pointed to a car with hood open and exclaimed “that’s for them.” Engines and so on are for Whites, not for jews.

            Jews are trapped in their own limited brains- they cannot understand basic reality. . .

      • I don’t think WN’s are blind to the fact that many otherwise normal white people are either psychologically scarred by white guilt and Holocaustianity, or are some part of LGBTQ, and are basically irredeemable. Many will no doubt die from the vaccine depopulation agenda underway. No one will mourn them, let alone expect racial solidarity. It is sad though. Some are well-intentioned but naive, or unaware of our ideas, and are going to inadvertently destroy their children and themselves.

        • The problem is the shortcomings of jews, not of Whites. The bad guys have information and money monopoly- these must be destroyed or circumvented. I doubt that most Whites even know about these monopolies. The fake money beast must be starved, even if it means going back to barter.

      • Yes, focus on Jews becomes a hindrance when it is used to excuse the behavior of White elite and White PMCs. Jews are particularly opposed to us, only for different reasons than the rest of the elite. For White elite and White PMC, it’s class hatred that drives them. They hate “rednecks” and “White trash” and believe all problems come from these lower class Whites opposing their enlightened leadership. For Jews, it’s ancient ethnic hatred, resentment, and paranoia that drive them, along with their “chosen people” double-standard theological viewpoint.

        The essential difference is that the White elite problem could most likely be solved with structural change that would eliminate class difference, removing wealth as the primary factor in determining hierarchy, whereas the Jewish problem is intrinsic to them as Jews and cannot really be solved except by separation.

        • For White elite and White PMC, it’s class hatred that drives them. They hate “rednecks” and “White trash” and believe all problems come from these lower class Whites opposing their enlightened leadership

          This is a really good take that explains the situation accurately and with nuance. You said a lot of the things I wanted to say. However, here’s where we diverge, and why it pains me to see you say repeatedly in other comments that you’ll vote straight Democrat until the GOP is destroyed:

          The class hatred of White PMCs isn’t our grandfathers class hatred.

          Believe me, I get the mental image. To those with populist economic views who voted Democrat for generations because they were the White Working Man’s party, the White Liberal Elite can appear to be just the latest iteration of the old Victorian Era classists who looked down on the workers from the haughtiness of their horse and buggy carriages and their perfectly posh English. It was this class of landed nobles and merchants that I think most Populists understandably hate and resent.

          I’d like to present an alternative understanding.

          The Victorian Era, Anglo-White Elite, for all their insufferable haughtiness and unjustified arrogance, are not of the same energy or spirit as the average College Educated, Affluent White Liberal. The two may have the same economic trappings, but they are worlds apart in taste, values, and culture. For example, if you live in a wealthy liberal enclave like the Hamptons or Marin County, you will be seen as backwards and reactionary if your home looks too much like the writer from the film “Knives Out”: An Old English, New England style Yankee home that doubles as a library. Your home should be a place that Oscar Wilde or Henry James would feel at home at: Sterile, brutal, uninteresting.

          Put it another way: A College Educated White Liberal journalist making $75K per year for the Daily Beast or NYT is part of the Elite. A highschool educated small business owner who makes $300K per year and donates to the local GOP has the same negligible influence on the culture as a poor drinker from West Virginia. Its not wealth that divides anymore. Its education. And yes, the educated tend to make more money, but its not absolute. Even in the 2020 election, Trump earned a higher percentage of the vote from those who made over $100K vs under that.

          Voting Democrat to spite the GOP will just have the effect of empowering and emboldening Wokeness. You dont need to vote GOP, but its better to just not vote at all. I like your comments otherwise. You have a good grasp on things.

      • The jews pull the strings on White US society- it all goes back to the brainwashing that is done from birth via jewish-controlled media, entertainment industry, education, the arts, etc. Ironically, Hitler made the mistake of UNDERESTIMATING the jews (i.e. their control over the US and Britain)which was his biggest and most fatal mistake. Who do you think is ultimately responsible for the destruction of your Southern heritage including the tearing down of the statues, HW?

      • Who controls the DOJ and FBI? Christopher Wray is just a puppet for the ADL, SPLC, BLM, and every other anti-white and jewish funded NGO, as were his predecessors.

        The FBI has been controlled by the jews ever since Meyer Lansky had photographs of J. Edgar Hoover and Claude Tolson engaging in homosexual activity.

        Seriously, name one pro-White or even marginally pro-White operation the FBI ever undertook.

        Sure, the FBI field and special agents are gentiles, but they are just indoctrinated in jewish cultural zeitgeist.

        • Nah. Christopher Wray is a smart guy with a college degree, so unless College Educated Whites like Wray aren’t actually smart and have no agency – something I doubt you’re prepared to handle the implications of – then he is in fact going along with the Jew plan willingly. He obviously thinks gay anal rim jobs and infinity brown people are morally good and necessary. Don’t let these people off the hook. They are spiritual Jews in Aryan bodies.

          • People like Chrisopher Wray and James Comey were “well-educated” at the same universities that the elites send their children to. It’s ‘ideological ‘ incest.

            Wray and Comey have agency, but they are judas’and take the 30 silver shekels.

        • Except its not just Ivy League schools where this ideological incest takes place. Its the entire damn university system. Some colleges place more or less emphasis on Wokeness then others, but ALL of them without fail produce students who are unanimously Progressive on social and cultural issues. Hence why the likes of Wray and Comey must be held personally accountable, regardless of which college they attended.

          College Educated Whites never become Pro-White with the exception of political castaways/dissident thinkers such as Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, and our own Hunter Wallace. I myself have a college degree, and trust me, I have a marginal personality. No one who is neurotypical, educated, and not inclined to dissident thinking becomes a White Nationalist or Pro-White. Jews are our enemy, yes, but so are College Educated Whites. The two are one and the same in terms of values and hostile intentions.

          • I’m not a fan of the three homo chorus of Greg Johnson, Millennial Woes, and Fródí Midjord. All three are optics cucks like Jared Taylor, and what has that done to advance our message? Their soft-spoken ‘intellectual ‘ approach would be an okay approach, if the audience we are trying to persuade was of the same ilk.

            There will never be any excuse accepted or absolution provided for working on behalf of the enemies of your race.

          • College educated? All higher education is Federally controlled, therefore jew controlled.
            Our problem in one word- MONOPOLY. Of information and of [fake] money. . .

            My extreme IQ thwarted the statist brainwashing. I was born to be WN regardless of environmental influences.

    • Jews remind me of spiders on a wall who can sense when you’re approaching them with a rolled-up newspaper.

      • Eh, they don’t seem so afraid at all, since they own and head up just about everything legal and more. They have most whites doing their bidding, too, out of love for Israel.

    • Just like if we woke up tomorrow and all of the nonwhites were gone from the US, most of our problems would be gone. I agree that the tribe is the source.

  10. Hunter, the NatCon conference was originally a Zionist conference that got rebranded.

    Yes, hammering on the JQ can seem tedious, but thats the head of the beast.

  11. Over 80% of Swedish media is controllef by one jewish family. And we wonder why the Swedes are such self-destructive lunatic liberals.

    They hold the reins, they control the horse.

    • Or perhaps alternatively, the Swedes are a spiritually diseased people that wanted cultural liberalism and became who are they are?

      Of course, I exaggerate. But only a little.

      A spiritually healthy people would have told Jews to hop in the closest oven for daring to flood their country with shitskin rapists and turn their kids into trannies. Instead, White parents in Sweden and across the West willfully take their kids to drag queen story hour.

      Two things are true at once:

      1. Jews are a vicious, hostile race of ugly predators. Their elites unironically worship Satan and kidnap goy children for sadistic pleasure and occult purposes

      2. High Whites and Low Whites are spiritually sick, weak prey that allows all the bad stuff to happen to the Normal Whites, who are the majority of the population and are innocent of the blood libels spewed against us. The charge of “Weak Goyim Cattle” is basically accurate as it applies to College Educated Whites and Underclass Whites,

      Problem 1 gets solved the old fashioned way. Part 2 is an internal issue with no easy solution. Best I can think of is some combo of Eugenics and Proper Education (literally, media propaganda and school indoctrination into the correct values and worldview).

      • All of us became “spiritually unhealthy” when our ancestors gave up their organic religions and submitted to a Semitic desert death cult. I’m all on board with eugenics and fixing what goes into our people’s heads.

  12. Jews are the yeast that makes the dough rise in every Left-wing Movement, and in America have been in the vanguard of every Left wing Movement since they started arriving here in appreciable numbers in the 1890’s. Marxism is a Jewish invention and movement- Marx and Engels weren’t Southern Baptists or Episcopalians. In every leftist project- the Civil(i.e. black) Rights Movement, the Feminist movement, the No-fault Divorce Initiative, the Homosexual Rights Movement, the Gay Marriage Initiative, Climate change, etc, -the foot soldiers may be Black, Brown, Yellow, White, Women , homosexuals, trannies etc. – but the Generals are always Jews! They are the ingredient essential for the success of liberalism over the the past century here. Without Jewish money, networking, intelligence and media control, Selma would have been a Leftist version of Charlottesville! Imagine if the protestors in the CRM had been harried and pursued like the Charlottesville and Jan. 6 protestors were! How can anyone with half a brain not see that!! Jews are in charge-any other leftist is just a member of the Amen corner!

    • Do not forget what Bertrand Russell wrote in 1952: “Diet, injections and injunctions will make it impossible to challenge the Powers that Be.”

      We have been chemically emasculated.

  13. “I think White Nationalists who overly obsessed with Jews are wrong about this. It is true that Jews are vastly overrepresented among oligarchs and PMCs, but these people are recruited from all races and ethnicities.”

    C’mon Hunter. Trying this Naxalt shit is retarded and you know better.

  14. Once the JQ is solved and dealt with, 90%+ of the problems we face as a race and civilization will be resolved.

    Traitors within our race will be punished in the usual manner for treason.

    • The problem as I see it is that jews are no longer easily identifiable as racial outsiders. Many have blended in with our Race while still retaining their hostile alien mentality!

      • Under a universal ethnoNationalist political/judicial system, DNA profiling will become a compulsory requirement if one wishes to preserve his current freedoms and status in life, just like we are seeing with the ‘vax’ programme. This way, Jews can be identified and disenfranchised pretty quickly.

  15. jews are subversives and will go out of their way to brainwash Whites to their side even though they despise those shabbaz goys.

  16. Hunter, the talking heads say what the Jew bosses tell them to say, or they go away.

    Same with newspapers. I remember, before he died my brother was an editor with the Daily Press in Newport News, VA. Once I was there around Ten o clock at night, and everyone was just sitting around, doing nothing.

    So I asked Mike, what is going on? He said, we are waiting for the New York Times to send us the image of their front page for tomorrow’s edition, to see of we “got it right.”

    So if they did not “get it right”, they had to go to work and make this front page “right”, that is, a mirror of the New York Times.

    The workers just follow orders.

  17. Mr. Wallace, I tend to agree with you. Hitler fell into the same trap. During WWII, Jews had lost essentially all influence within the Third Reich however those who sabotaged the war effort were White Germans, many being aristocrats. After the attempt on his life and many of the traitors were exposed and arrested, Hitler was astounded by the degree of their treachery. He could understand if they hated him and wanted to kill him. What he could hardly believe is that they would sabotage the war effort and be traitors to Germany and the rank and file men who were fighting the war. Richard Tedor’s “Hitler’s Revolution” has many of the details.

    When Hitler was voted into power, he had a large pool of loyal party members who could be appointed to various governmental offices. And yet, even with this, Germany ended up with traitors located at key points within the government and military.

    Most have no idea how bloated and corrupt the US government is. There are departments after departments, staffed not only with Jews but with woke Whites and Blacks who are more numerous than Jews and just as caustic. Take away the Jews and there is still a huge number of Whites who have been propagandized their entire lives and are probably impossible to enlighten. They would form a huge fifth column that would pose a threat to any White state.

    • CasperKoch,

      You are correct to point the finger at the aristocratic class in Germany, as among the most envious and disloyal to Der Völkish Reich during the 12 years reign of National Socialisism and Hitler as Führer. They didn’t like being brush aside, as their inherited titles made them feel entitled to power and respect, and National Socialism took that away from them. Though a somewhat fictional account, the film “Braveheart” illustrated the treachery of the aristocracy perfectly.

      There was internal sabotage inside the Third Reich as well. A neighbor who died a few years ago was in the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front. On several occasions, in what should have been fuel for vehicles and tanks in both trains and trucks was water. At other times, instead of ammunition, they received something entirely else. Once or two could have been a clerk’s error, but when such things occurred on a semi-regular basis, Occam’s Razor indicates intention of action.

      • Lest we not forget the jealousy of many general officers of the German High Command that disparagingly referred to Hitler as that “Austrian corporal.”

      • @November, regarding your second paragraph about internal sabotage – yes, indeed. Before I read the Tedor book, I had no idea how extensive it was. The most egregious example was the Stalingrad encirclement. There was a good chance that the German army could have recovered. However, not only intelligence info about the Russian’s position and status was withheld or altered, the air lift was also sabotaged. I quote from Tedor, page 258:

        “Junkers transport planes and Heinkel bombers delivered provisions to the 6th Army’s airfields and evacuated wounded on return flights out. Organizing the missions was quartermaster Colonel Eberhard Finckh. An active conspirator, he arranged for substantial number of flights to carry useless cargo. In addition to food, medical supplies and ammunition, the beleaguered troops in Stalingrad received thousands of old newspapers, candy, false collars, barbed wire, roofing paper, four tons of margarine and pepper, 200,000 pocketbooks, shoe laces, spices and so on.”

    • Unlimited fake money can corrupt the most noble, With some exceptions. Huge sums can covert White morality into jew nihilism. The basic problem is [[[fake money]]].

      “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws” Mayer Amschel Rothschild

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