Poll: Republicans Have a 8 Point Lead In The Generic Congressional Ballot

I’m continuing to cover horserace politics even though I have no intention of voting in the 2022 midterms. The reason that I do it is because obviously the one thing these people care about is their own grip on power in Washington, the sentiments of voters are real and perceptions that one party is the on the way down or on the way up drives narratives. It is also kind of amusing watching the Democrats self destruct like this. Spending trillions of dollars has gotten Joe Biden to a 36% approval rating.

If memory serves, Quinnipiac is normally a terrible poll for Republicans that is usually way off in favor of the Democrats. It is an “optimistic case for the Democrats” poll like Rasmussen is an “optimistic case for the Republicans” poll. Even Quinnipiac has an R+8 electorate.


“With Election Day in the rearview mirror and both political parties setting their sights on the 2022 midterm elections, a plurality of Americans say that if the election were held today, they would want to see the Republican Party win control of both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll of adults released today.

Americans say 46 – 38 percent they would want to see the Republican Party win control of the House of Representatives, while 16 percent did not offer an opinion.

Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly back their own parties. Independents say 41 – 31 percent they would want to see Republicans win control of the U.S. House of Representatives, while 28 percent did not offer an opinion.

Americans say 46 – 40 percent they would want to see the Republican Party win control of the U.S. Senate, while 15 percent did not offer an opinion. Independents say 44 – 34 percent that they would want to see the Republican Party win control of the U.S. Senate, and 22 percent did not offer an opinion. …”

It is worth noting this poll was taken entirely after the House finally passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill or BIF. Joe Biden has sunk even further instead of getting a bounce.

Joe Biden has a 36% job approval rating.

He has the support of 29% of Independents. 52% of Whites with a college degree support Joe Biden while only 23% of Whites without a college degree support Joe Biden. Education polarization has gotten worse.

23% of White men support Joe Biden.

33% of White women support Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is also underwater with “Latinx” voters.

11% of White men strongly approve of Joe Biden’s job performance. This includes Richard Spencer.

The Democrats are perceived as having moved too far to the Left: 52% of the public, 54% of Independents, 55% of White voters with college degrees and 63% of White voters without college degrees agree.

The Democrats have moved too far to the Left for pretty much everyone except blacks.

Note: The woke black professional doesn’t see it though.

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    • I thought the same thing. It’s whoever can profess the greatest loyalty to our democratic ally in the ME. So we lose, whoever gets in, because they’re the most toxic.

  1. The Democrats may be 10 feet underwater now but guaranteed, Republicans like Mitt Romney are trying to figure out how to ‘reach across the aisle’ with ‘bipartisanship’ to ‘come together’ to help them out. The Republicans are reprehensible, they are always ready to lose by stabbing their voters in the back.

    • Figures that liberal Romney would want to help out the Dems. I wonder how that adopted nog is doing for his family…

      • When he gets big enough they will be afraid of him sort of like TV shows where people buy a baby wild animal and it tears them up later when it gets bigger. That is what happened to Michael Jackson and his chimp Bubbles, it started biting people and it was strong enough to bite off fingers. There is an obvious lesson there; leave these things in their native habitats and we’ll both be better off.

        • Michael Jackson should have been left alone, as well. His father’s genital mutilation and psychological abuse of MJ, should have never occurred- he should have been put in prison for what he did to this spawn. And we would have been spared all of those crappy songs….. and the Dancing Jive/Moonwalk garbage.

  2. Vote red… Hate red… Vote blue… Hate blue… Vote red again… etc etc etc

    The Jewish pendulum of deception swings back and forth endlessly.

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