Poll: 73% of Independents Don’t Want Trump To Run For President In 2024

It’s fraud!

They love me!

They voted for me in YUGE numbers!

I still say this is why Trump lost the 2020 election. In the 2016 election, he had the benefit of running against Hillary Clinton who was even more disliked by Independents and he wasn’t running on his record. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein also sucked up the protest vote in 2016. Joe Biden was seen as less aggravating and less tiresome than Trump in the 2020 election.

Note: If he runs in 2024 and forces the choice, he will probably win anyway because Independents hate Joe Biden even more now. Someone else who isn’t as toxic could undoubtedly win by a much larger margin. Republican primary voters will almost certainly give the nomination to Blumpf though.

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    • I don’t disagree. The evidence is overwhelming – but the fraud machine has been operating for decades running. The Repuke party operated since the 1980s under a consent decree which only expired in 2018 or so after the black-robe who imposed finally died. At the end of the day, Cheetohead had only himself to blame for the loss. There was widespread fraud in the 2018 election also and he did zero about it. HW basically comes to the same conclusion (it was Cheetohead’s own fault) albeit for different reasons.

    • That doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. Trump deserved to lose for being such a cuck and shill for the jews, letting kushner make policy decisions. He did more for negros and jews than he did for whites. He did nothing to stop the tranny agenda, did nothing about social media censorship, he supported homosexuality, did nothing about birthright citizenship, the list goes on and on.

      • You do realize that normal people dislike Trump for other reasons that “being such a cuck and shill for the jews” and the reason real Jewish power and influence hated Trump with a passion is because they perceived that he wasn’t “a cuck and shill for the jews” on the issues that mattered most for the typical secular upper middle class coastal Jew. Particularly their most important project, to give America a non white majority in the 21st century. The average Jewess working in typical professions like school superintendent or advertising doesn’t care about zionism they way all the jew haters from the sticks who’ve never been around any real jews think they do. What they do care about are all white gentiles around them who they paranoidly fear as about to jump into a program like they heard in their worst childhood stories about the Cossacks, Nazi’s, and 70AD Roman Legion all rolled into one. Giving America a non-white majority and preventing any gentile populist movements are their number one psychotherapies to ease their neurotic minds. Trump’s crowds are the greatest villains they ever thought they’d see. As for independents, they disliked Trump for other reasons, his childish antics, and the fact they perceived all this leftist disorder would calm down once he was gone which in fact has not happened. I don’t want him to run again because the situation is too dire and we need someone disciplined enough for the situation.

        • Trump supports a non-White majority America. He said it clear as day: “immigration in the largest numbers ever.” He just wants to shift around the origin countries a bit to get a mix that is more palatable for jews and less volatile [more hindus, fewer muslims].

  1. No sensible person wants Blumpf.

    If he runs in 2024 and forces the choice, he will probably win anyway because Independents hate Joe Biden even more now.

    The election is three years away dude — three fucking years — a LOT can happen in three years.

    But there’s one thing I can guarantee won’t happen: Biden’s cognitive impairment and other age-related infirmities will not go away or improve.

    Now I’ll repeat something I said in a comment on the Unz site some time ago: there may be an ulterior motive behind the markedly increased and growing attention given to politics and politicians: it serves to cement the importance of big government in the minds of the plebs, and helps legitimize the power of government and politicians to control our lives with laws and dictates.

    And modern, always-on, 24/7 media reinforces this because it functions as a direct download into the brains of the NPC populace (link).

    linkI write State with a capital ‘S’ because it has become our God.

    • Not really.

      Insofar as there is action, it overwhelmingly happens in the first year. Gridlock takes over. By the middle of the second year, election season is already in full swing for the midterms. The Democrats are going to get blown out in the midterms. So, if they are going to pass anything with budget reconciliation, they have to do it within the next several months and even that is questionable because the polls are so bad that Democrats will start running away from Joe Biden. Presidents also overwhelmingly tend to lose support between now and the midterms.

      • If I knew Trump would get rid of the vaccine mandates for jobs and schools, I’d support him, even though I don’t care for him. Anything for stopping the destruction of our world.

    • Yeah, I have zero interest in thinking about what might happen with American political theater three damn years from now. Too much can happen between now and then.

    • They made a huge mistake with Kamala. They could have used Joe sort of the way in the scene in David Lynch’s 1984 Dune the clownish Baron reveals he is using his disliked Nephew to beat Arrakis down knowing he will be hated for it, then when pacified he’d replace him with his favored Nephew and then ease back on the iron grip having largely pacified them and they would then love the new Nephew as he would seem reasonable by comparison. Sounds like something the Clintons would do, they could have pulled a good cop bad cop with Old Joe taking the fall. But they don’t have any competent good cop lined up. If you see them can Kamala and sneak Hillary in there then you know such machinations are up. Senile Ole Joe would then resign for having Old Timer’s Disease some time in 2023 so the Clintons could step in and provide some seeming stability and lul the public into reelecting the Democrats in 2024.

        • Yes but people remember the Slick Willy years fondly, times were good despite them. Probably why Tucker recently ran Slick Willy’s 2000 state of the union gushing about how good trade with China is. So we can remember those good times were paid for like the big party the prodigal son threw by blowing his whole inheritance.

  2. Friends we know have recently switched from R to ‘noncommittal Independent’- both because of disgust with ‘the Donald,’ but/and also to screw with the pollsters, and those who want to harvest our minds, our views, our POWER as Real (i.e., WHITE) Americans.

    Let the bastards guess until the day AFTER elections, when WE VOTE FOR WHOM WE WANT, not for those whom you ‘FRONT’ as ‘viable candidates.’ And schmucks like Youngkin can go hang, for sucking the KIKE’s %&#$. For US and OUR posterity, is our ONLY platform.

    We won’t get fooled again!

    ” Truth be told, the Alienism eclipsing all denominations today takes for granted the same “c’mon, it’s the current year, everyone is equal” impulse that Presbyterians have been refuting since the Old School-New School and even the Old Light-New Light controversies of earlier centuries. It’s just that Alienism represents those same impulses distilled and more overtly applied. Where the earlier iterations of this liberal impulse rode the winds of the Enlightenment, the latter permutations with which we contend are the cacophonous product of neo-orthodoxy, the social gospel, cultural Marxism, postmodernism, civil rights, the sexual revolution, and outright intimidation of the church by an antichrist state and the POC whom they have set upon us.

    Whether objective standards of worship exemplified in Eurocentric forms, biblical aesthetic values, truth in history, the mandate of hierarchy, nationalism, familism, the image mandate of society, the rule of law, the validity of domestic slavery, free association, or a hundred other things, Alienists and aliens deem these objective Presbyterian values the absolute zenith of all evil. As Machen said, the divide between Christianity and liberalism is insurmountable. They are wholly different faiths. Both law and grace are irreconcilable with equality.” – https://faithandheritage.com/2018/03/the-westminster-confession-is-kinism-conclusion/

  3. What else can trump do but run for President? His vanity and wounded pride compel him and ” . . . Pride goeth before a Fall.” His election is far from a certainty. As commenter eah noted above three years is a long time ,especially in politics. Disasters that are coming our way thick and fast will reshape the political landscape and everything else, too.

  4. Trump won in 2020. But I for one don’t want him back. He couldn’t even pardon his supporters who sacrificed themselves for him.

  5. Democrats pushing so far to the left, they expect normies to accept any mccain or romney-like candidate as a good alternative- expecting no equal opposite force from the republicans. And they’re right. Trump in office for a second term will govern like a rino republican. He will be the best president for the jews and patriotards, especially when he helps create a greater ISrael in the middle east, bombing Iran and Syria.
    Trumps domestic policy will be a joke. Tax cuts for the wealthy, legislation against abortion (to save non-white babies), reparations for blacks, anti-semitism laws, arresting white nationalists, etc. etc.

  6. Trump should just go away but his ego won’t let him. If he decides to run again, he’ll blow more smoke up the asses of the gullible.

    • A lot of us aren’t gullible though, we are desperate. Biden and his admin are dictators. They are ruining our lives.

      • I understand but the Republicans aren’t much better. Both parties care nothing about your well being. They care about the money they get from special interest groups, lobbies (especially AIPAC and other jew lobbies) and cooperation’s. When the charade of voting is over and the charade of promises are no longer valid, they answer to those who pay or bribe them. No disrespect was intended but it best not to make the same mistakes over and over.

        You know the old saying, fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

          • There is no pro-white party. That’s the problem. Republicans constantly have to put some “conservative” Negro upfront to prove they aren’t racist. We DO want a racist party. One that backs OUR interests.
            Most of the pro-white stuff out there is paid for by the tribe and is worthless.
            So there is no one backing us up, and we need these anti-white laws revoked, that will destroy our incomes. The more whites that sink into poverty, the more money is diverted to nonwhites, and the worse it all gets.
            I agree that Trump is worthless but we need to get the dick-tater out of office.

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