Brian Stelter: Two FOX News Contributors Resign After Tucker Carlson Special

Huge news from Brian Stelter.

Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes have been alienated from FOX News and have resigned in protest. The GOP is losing the combined audience of The Bulwark and The Dispatch.

Note: If you are wondering why I continue to post about and mock Brian Stelter, it is mainly because I find his faggy voice so funny and because he so clearly embodies the stereotype of the East Coast “journalist.” He is like the David French of “journalism.” He is a kind of cartoon character that represents and serves as a face of a larger demographic. These people are also all going to be fired soon due to their consistently low ratings when WarnerMedia merges with Discovery.

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  1. “Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes have been alienated from FOX News and have resigned in protest. ”

    I’d suggest they were already on their way out (fired).
    And this simply makes a nice cover-story, look ‘I’m so virtuous, I’m offended’.

  2. Ah I wondered what happened to Jonah Goldberg who took over National Review after all our immigration patriots, those who correctly opposed the Neo Con J*w wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or anyone who noticed the war against Christmas, or our best writer John Derbyshire who gave practical advice of parents to White teenagers about Black Crime “The Talk”.

    The ADL announced they would take Tucker Carlson out. Fake Conserative, J Neo Conservatives like Jonah Goldberg are throwing temper tantrums and resigning from Fox News. I’m sure they will have no problems finding high paying jobs at CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, maybe the fake Conservative opposition at WaPost, NY Times.

    Maybe Jonah Goldberg should just work for the ADL, SPLC or AIPAC.

    I think CNN chief talking head Wolf Blitzer was once a loybhiest for AIPAC

  3. “I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with…” – so – more jewish lies and BS – got it.

  4. When will theses idiots don’t realize is we have evolved beyond Trump. We tire of someone who is bark, back, bark…no bite. I would not vote for Trump again because it gives us false hope. What his election should have taught us is that the system cannot be reformed from within!

    • Precisely. The way to win is from the local level and move your way up. IE school boards, city council, etc. One other thing is to get your hands dirty. The opposition isn’t playing fair. We have to play the game better than they do.

      Yeah war is ugly, but if we are going to survive, we have to engage and be in it to win it.

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