Breaking Points: Delusional Democrats Pray Trump Will Run Again

It is probably their only shot.

If it wasn’t for COVID and the economy crashing on him though, Your Favorite President would still be in the White House. Blumpf would easily beat Joe Biden in a rematch in 2024 although it would likely be closer than a generic Republican candidate because he is so annoying.

Note: I agree with Ross Douthat’s article this weekend that suburban voters and Independents are fickle and could easily swing back to the GOP while the Democrats are permanently alienating White rural voters. The Democrats were banking on keeping the Red Dogs. This is why they harp on endlessly on how much they hate Trump and January 6th. It appeals to a certain kind of True Con voter.

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  1. If Trump runs on a campaign of revenge against his enemies, as opposed to the Platinum Plan + Monitor The Situation campaign that demoralized all of us, it’d be hard for me to stay home in 2024. He’d boil the pot over so bad with that kind of campaign it would single-handedly move the Overton Window rightwards and further radicalize the Normies.

    That all said, I want Ron DeSantis – AKA, America’s Governor – to run in 2024. DeSantis wouldn’t spend four years inflamming the Left on Twitter, he’d sign legislation and executive orders that I personally support (such as stopping Vax Mandates and banning mask requirements) and he’d be too professional and likeable for the Left to rile up the pussy suburbanities against him.

    No, he wouldn’t be Pro-White. Yes, he’d be Pro-Israel. No, I don’t care. Whites are second class citizens anyway and have been so since we helped crush Germany in WW2. We are reaping what we sowed. We’re not in any position to be demanding things beyond our control, like a major politician saying no to Israel. Ron Paul was effectively deplatformed and never attained power. Lets not repeat that.

    • What a bunch of queer, boomer level bullshit you just wrote. Trump running again most likely won’t radicalize normal whites to our side, to be pro-white/jew aware, but instead towards more Israel-first non-white inclusion, pro-warmongering agenda, hispanic fellating, etc, etc. All that stuff will surely be an integral part of his 2024 presidential campaign, and desantis would probably be the same or worse. Also, regarding the covid vaccine, trump got vaccinated and encouraged others to get it, so why then are the anti-vaxx “conservatives” still cucking for him? By their logic, he is a pro-vaxx shill, and will die soon.

      • You don’t read very well.

        1. I said DeSantis is the anti-vaxx candidate, not Trump. DeSantis has taken real, concrete steps in Florida to push back against the jabbing and the masking. That’s important to me.

        2. I qualified my hypothetical support for Trump with “if he runs on an agenda of revenge.” I’ll stay home again like I did last year if he runs on the same cucked shit he ran on in the 2020 campaign.

      • I agree. Secession would be ideal, for at least it would break up the power of this anti-white jew empire, if not anything else.

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