Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed From New York City Hall After 187 Years

Editor’s Note: The site went down last night because I forgot to pay the bill before going to sleep.

I’m seeing a lot of angst this morning about the Democratic brand.

Stupid wokeness is the Democratic brand though. It spills over into everything these days. Is there anything more on brand for the modern Democratic Party than focusing on the real issues like toppling monuments of the Founding Fathers because the past wasn’t woke enough?

New York Post:

“Thomas Jefferson is no longer in the room where it happens.

Art handlers packed up an 884-pound statue of Jefferson in a wooden crate Monday after a mayoral commission voted to banish the likeness of the nation’s third president from City Hall where its resided for nearly two centuries — because he owned slaves.

About a dozen workers with Marshall Fine Arts spent several hours carefully removing the painted plaster monument from its pedestal inside the City Council chambers and surrounding it with sections of foam and wooden boards.

They then lowered the massive structure down the stairs leading to the building’s first-floor rotunda with a pulley system and ushered the Founding Father out the back door. …”

We were told it would never go this far.

As with gay marriage, we were told that removing Confederate monuments wasn’t a “slippery slope.” “Punching Nazis” also wasn’t a “slippery slope.” Censorship wasn’t a “slippery slope.”

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  1. Jefferson failed. Jackson might be the only President truly worthy of public display. Maybe Polk and Tyler as runner ups.

    • Hmmm, I’ll give it a try. Yes, I get it! Just like on TV there is a platoon of Magic Negroes who did the hoisting job because only they are smart enough to figure out how to do this correctly. I know this is true because the guy on TV told me so or it’s in the Bible or something. After all, it’s always the black doctor, engineer, astronaut, scientist with his blonde wife and mulatto chilluns who is schooling the dumb Whites, isn’t it? If you can’t trust the guy on TV who can you trust?

      • >a platoon of Magic Negroes

        No idea dude.

        Actually, I was referring to the white male faggot in the foto; he was obviously involved in removing the statue — which matches what I’ve observed in other instances where statues were removed: the majority of workers removing the statues, as well as the cops protecting the operation, are white.

  2. These bastards aren’t going to settle on just the removal of statues, they want all Whites dead, six feet under. Ask the people in Wisc. who just got enriched by diversity except they are probably so cucked they would answer that they are not racist, Democrats are the real racists.

    They may have started with statues but that’s not where they plan on ending. No doubt the “conservatives” will be making the “conservative” case soon for removing George Washington statues too.

    Has the Republican Party said anything about the enrichment in Wisc. by diversity except their standard We are against da bilence shit?

  3. Believe it or not, Russia is taking a very, very, different path than the woke USA.
    In Russia, they are building statues and monuments; not tearing them down. They are building churches; not burning them down. Just in the past 2 years alone, massive statues of Alexander Nevsky who saved Russia in the 13th century, and Tsar Alexander III have been erected. And the massive Orthodox Christian Church expansion and building is going on all over Russia.

    Unlike Americans in the US, Russians do not agonize over the prospect that a Tsar once supported serfdom or publicly executed Marxists. Nor do they feel pain and anguish over the prospect that perhaps Alexander Nevsky uttered a racial slur in 1240 AD.
    Soldiers, Tsars, warriors, and various Russian leaders are not condemned for their views of women, Jews, Turks, homosexuals, etc. The only thing that matters is that they fought for Russia and defended Russia against her enemies.

    The US could learn a lot from Russia.

    • Yes, but Russia won’t let you openly critique the Jews, even WITH Solzhenitsyn’s book, ‘Two Hundred Years together.” And I don’t see Finkelthink Putin letting any American Anglos come into his country, with medical/social benefits packages in the offing- and the only ones who have, are those who have ‘converted’ to Russian Byzantine Christianity…. which still is under the anathemas of the Ukase of St. Tikhon Belavin….

      We either secede here at home, or they WILL genocide us all, REAL Americans.
      Death to the Jew World Order. Our only FINAL SOLUTION.

  4. Jefferson and his “All Men Are Created” European Enlightenment BS coming back to bite him in the ass. All men ARE NOT created equal.

  5. The train to hell is going to keep going. Accepting sex with children is the next stop, mark my words.

    These are evil Satanic people.

  6. We are apparently going through a low intensity takeover of the Government by Deep State operatives and neoliberal oligarchs. Anyone who resists the New Order will get thrown into the DC Metropolitan Lubyanka or have their skulls cracked open by state-backed goon squads roaming the streets at will. The news and entertainment media have likewise been taken over in support the November Revolution, along with all the financial institutions, which will unceremoniously cancel the accounts of anyone suspected of harboring counter-revolutionary sentiments. All expressions of online dissent against the Revolution have been silenced under the guise of “combatting hate”. Millions of diseased mutants from Third World pest-holes are being shipped in order to outbreed the feared and despised native born white population. And the spread of a new, manufactured strain of the common flu is being used as an excuse to terrorize the population into a state of permanent submission.

    Does that pretty much sum up the current situation?

  7. I wrote a piece on Identity Dixie back in May 2017 titled *When Dixie Goes So Do the Founding Fathers*. We all knew that attacks on the statues of Confederates would naturally lead to attacks on statues of the Founding Fathers, especially the prominent Virginia ones (all slaveholders).
    How do we get our “conservative” neighbors to wake up and see that preserving the monuments to our ancestors are more important than Mike Lindell’s latest theories?

    • Americans have lost their historical identity. Now we are just one big, sprawling shopping center filled with 330 million consoomers and sportsball fans.

  8. This will not end until all statues of White men are taken down and replaced with felon Negros. When that is done we will have peace, harmony and the races will hold hands singing kumbaya.

  9. >Why do you think they have been expelled from 109 countries and over 1000 jurisdictions?


    At the link is a member list of the NYC Design Commission; as I read, they voted unanimously to remove the Jefferson statue — there are 11 members: 8 women and 3 men; 0 white men (1 black male, 1 Hispanic male, 1 Jewish male); looking at the list/names and doing a quick search, there are 5 Jews: Philip E. Aarons, Deborah Marton (link), Susan Morgenthau, Ethel Sheffer (link), Dr. Merryl H. Tisch (link).

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