NY Mag: Joe Biden’s Big Squeeze

I mostly agree with Jonathan Chait’s big article.

I’ve covered the same ground at length here on this website. Progressives have pulled the Democrats to the Left on dozens of toxic cultural issues. Centrists have pulled the Democrats to the Right on neoliberal economics. The combined effect is to pull the Democrats away from the real Center.

NY Mag:

“It is scarcely an exaggeration to say that the fate of American democracy may hinge on President Joe Biden’s success. If his approval rating sinks too far below 50 percent, it becomes more likely than not that the next election will reinstall into power his exiled predecessor, who has never relinquished his claim and by all appearances is intent on running for a second term in 2024.

The Democrats had a plan to rescue their party and the country: Biden would steer clear of the faddish slogans and radical demands that had seized his party’s base and focus relentlessly on practical benefits desired by the working-class voters who had deserted Democrats for Donald Trump. The elegance of this plan was that polls showed support not only for the new social provisions that would form the heart of his legislative agenda in his first year — child care, community college, expansions of Medicare and Medicaid, and so on — but also for the sources of their funding. The money would come from taxing the rich, bargaining down the cost of prescription drugs, and going after wealthy tax cheats.

This was the vision that entranced liberals in the heady months after Biden’s inauguration. He would usher in a New New Deal that would end the long Reagan era in which Republicans painted government as an enemy of normal Americans. The Democrats seemed to have the means to do it: control of Congress, a pandemic-induced national emergency that cried out for robust government intervention, and relative unanimity between their warring wings. …”

If you are an Independent swing voter, you are getting an endless pandemic, inflation, higher gas prices, Wokeism, open borders, surging crime, censorship, an Orwellian assault on civil liberties, etc. The Democrats also made all kinds of huge promises which they failed to deliver on.

The true Center of the electorate is this group:

PMCs are not the “Center.”

The typical voter in the Center of the electorate is a White working class woman without a college degree who is financially stressed, politically disengaged, somewhat conservative on social issues and who doesn’t have strong ideological views. Wajahat Ali is done with these handmaidens of white supremacy.

“About four-in-ten Stressed Sideliners (43%) live in lower-income households, higher than most other political typology groups. And they are the group most likely to describe their personal financial situation as only fair or poor (63% say this). Stressed Sideliners are also one of the least highly educated groups. …

About two-in-ten Stressed Sideliners consider themselves Republican (23%), while a similar share identify as Democrats (19%), but a majority say they are either independent (34%) or identify as “something else” (20%). …

On economic issues, this group generally leans liberal. About seven-in-ten (72%) favor making tuition at public colleges and universities free to all American students. Majorities also say that the federal government has the responsibility to provide all Americans health insurance (74%) and an adequate standard of living (64%).

Stressed Sideliners are somewhat more conservative on some social issues. Seven-in-ten favor the death penalty for people convicted of murder. And Stressed Sideliners are 11 percentage points less likely than adults overall to say that there are still significant obstacles that make it harder for women to get ahead than men. …

A majority of Stressed Sideliners (56%) are women. Roughly six-in-ten (57%) are White, while 21% are Hispanic, 10% are Black and 5% are Asian. They generally look similar to U.S. adults overall in terms of age: 18% are under the age of 30, 34% are between 30 and 49, 31% are 50 to 64, and 17% are 65 and older. Stressed Sideliners’ religious affiliation and practices largely parallel the population as a whole.

Stressed Sideliners have less formal educational experience and lower household incomes than other groups. Nearly half (48%) have only a high school diploma or less education, while 29% have some college experience but no degree and 22% have a college degree. About one-in-four (43%) live in lower-income households, with just 10% living in upper-income households. And Stressed Sideliners are the most likely of any group to say they don’t have a savings account; a third of this group says this. …”

It isn’t hard to figure out why Democrats are slipping with these voters: high gas prices, high grocery prices, inflation and school closures along with their usual smug attitude of racial and cultural contempt. Combine that with the fact that nothing is being done about housing, education and health care costs.

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  1. The two wings of the Uniparty are fighting over one of the SMALLEST groups of the electorate. The future will belong to those who mobilize socially conservative and economically liberal voters, not the other way around.

  2. The Democrats are in panic mode now, they are getting crushed by inflation. One of their responses has been to coordinate releases of crude oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserves in various countries in an attempt to drive down oil prices. The public will wreak havoc on politicians next year if gasoline sells for $5 USD/gallon.

    This never works, it just shifts oil demand into the future as SPRs get refilled at higher prices. Not only that but daily oil consumption is approximately 97 million barrels per day and the coordinated SPR release is just a drop in the bucket. A petroleum barrel is equivalent to 42 U.S. gallons.


    These geniuses are also considering a ban on the export of U.S. crude oil, something done by Pres. Nixon in 1974. Whether this is a good or bad decision is not the point. The reasons behind banning the export of U.S. petroleum has nothing to do with the best interests of the U.S. but with the best interests of the Democrat Party and trying to avoid a wipeout in next year’s election cycle to the worthless Republicans.


    This demented administration needs to raise the price of fuel to cut oil consumption because of their endorsement of the global warming fraud as an “existential threat”. Thus they have shut down the Keystone and other pipelines and used their regulatory powers to decrease domestic oil production.

    At the same time these idiots have tried to pressure OPPEC to increase oil production to cut oil prices which increases oil consumption which increases ‘global warming (sic)‘ according to these frauds. The only thing consistent and logical in politics in the Big Globo Homo shopping Mall is the desire of politicians to get reelected over and over again.

    Inflation is just getting started and the Fed would have to raise interest rates to absurdly high levels to crush inflation. If this were done it would crush the economy so they are not going to raise interest rates. Paradoxically inflation will do just that in spite of the Fed. The Government has to both raise interest rates to fight inflation and cut interest rates to keep the faltering economy going at the same time. Good luck with the contradictions making up the ‘policies’ of the Dementia Joe administration. .

      • Carter deregulated oil and the airlines. He also seemed honest if naïve. Biden probably drinks goyim baby blood for breakfast.

    • I have no sympathy for US consumers – if people buy 13mpg SUVs/Pickups you get $3.50/gallon shoved up your ass and that’s AFTER they take out an 84 month loan for said $60K+ SUV/Pickup.

      • LOL. The world revolves around White American consumers. Also White European ones. Just as God intended.

        If I had a guarantee that voting GOP in 2022 would result in gas going back to below $2 per gallon like in 2016 or the lockdowns, I’d probably do it for that reason alone. I don’t like that the GOP ignores the cultural issues such immigration and wokeism that they were elected on, but there are some upsides to Republicans being in power, and my pocketbook is one of them.

      • @cd – Well, whatever. The people these high gas prices really affect the most are working poor people who drive shitty old cars because they can’t afford anything else.

  3. “Note: I’m not blaming Jason Kessler for what happened in Charlottesville. I think this evolution of Democratic states and cities and the emergence of the social justice system was inevitable. The other side DOES NOT believe that our side has constitutional rights which they are required to respect.”

    The other side also includes the Republicans and the Alt-Light. They have been conspicuously ignoring this trial, which affects the civil rights of all Americans. Its almost like there is a grand (((conspiracy))) we are not seeing, and the Republicans have no intention of changing the downward trajectory this country is on.

  4. Well, i pretty much don’t care about the outcome of the cville thing.

    Our own side is kidding itself about why it went there. It was mostly to be edgy and antisemitic.

    In any case, I’ve got no issues saying fuck jason kessler, whose, perhaps but probably not, well intentioned efforts at saving liberal values (the classical ones, not the queer ones) cost good people more than it benefitted them.

    GG Whitey. U got fucked again.

  5. It seems you deleted the Greenblatt post (?), and at the moment comments on the Sines v Kessler verdict post aren’t possible (?) — so I’ll leave this here:


    Sines v. Kessler is actually going to wind up being pretty funny. Supreme Court jurisprudence has held that punitive damages can be no more than 9 times compensatory damages. The plaintiffs got a dollar each in compensatory damages. The punitive damages will be tossed on grounds of excessiveness. … What this verdict says is that the jury found no actual injury to the plaintiffs, but they really didn’t like the defendants and wanted to punish them. But in order to receive any punitive award, there must be compensatory damages awarded. Therefore, the jury gave a pittance in compensatory (lawyers call this nominal damages), thinking that it would allow them to punish the defendants. It won’t.

    I’m not a lawyer and cannot vouch for the above.

    Trial by jury in the US is now corrupt, just like the rest of government — the main/only reason Rittenhouse got off is that there was unambiguous video evidence of self-defense that could not be ignored — barring that, he’d be headed to prison right now: the jury likely would have delivered a political verdict, as the Sines v Kessler jury did.

    The worst thing about this verdict (assuming per above the defendants have minimal financial liability) is that these vile Jews will be emboldened in their lawfare and SLAPP suits.

    • Interesting comment on Gab, I hope the guy is correct. In the U.S. there is no ‘Justice’ system, instead it’s a ‘Legal’ system i.e. a huge bureaucracy of lawyers grinding everyone down for money and bad political causes. It’s a legal system designed to insure the rights of the wealthy against everyone else through purchasing (so-called) “Justice” from lawyers, some of whom are wearing black robes.

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