Tucker Carlson Interviews Kyle Rittenhouse

I watched the Kyle Rittenhouse interview last night.

I feel sorry for the kid who came across as exactly the sort of person who I expected him to be. Kyle Rittenhouse is a naive, normie do gooder who wanted to protect his community who found himself in one of these now familiar volatile situations. After the Jacob Blake shooting, the Antifa and BLM mob had been given permission to riot and terrorize Kenosha by Gov. Terry Evers and local Democratic officials. Kenosha police stood down and allowed their city to descend into anarchy which is why Rittenhouse had to turn himself in back in Antioch, IL. He wasn’t detained after killing two people that night.

Here is why I am not offended by Kyle’s pro-BLM comments:

  • Kyle is still in a hostage situation where these people are threatening to kill him
  • The bloodthirsty mob is incensed and these people are still out to get him
  • Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Social Justice are undoubtedly working on assembling their federal case against Rittenhouse
  • Kyle will undoubtedly be sued in civil court and will have to pass through that ring of hell

Mainly though, I thought Kyle redeemed himself in the interview when he made these remarks to Tucker about the FBI, which is the American version of the Stasi:

“Tucker Carlson: Are you confident that the government will protect you from these threats? Because that’s, of course, the government’s job.

Kyle Rittenhouse: I hope so, but we all know how the FBI works.”

Yes, we do.

As long as we agree that the government DOES NOT protect our rights for racial and ideological reasons (social justice would punish Rittenhouse), we agree on the central issue.

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