BLM Mass Murderer Darrell Brooks Makes His First Court Appearance

Editor’s Note: I’m turning comments off for the time being because I can’t remember a time when I have seen so much anger in our community. This couldn’t have hit at a worse moment. I shouldn’t be posting right now myself.

Waukesha dominated the news cycle for less than 24 hours.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the latest news is that an 8-year-old White boy has died or that Brooks deliberately drove his car in a zig zag pattern to run over and kill as many White people as possible at the Christmas parade. This isn’t like one of the car accidents that we have seen before at protests.

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  1. Relax about the comments dude — you moderate them, so just don’t post ones you find unsuitable.

    Per the charging documents, a cop had a chance to stop him before he hit/killed anyone — read it for yourself (link):

    He [ed: Detective Casey, who was working traffic control for the parade] began to see people spreading apart and observed a red Ford Escape driving southbound on White Rock Avenue. He observed people jumping out of the way of the red Ford Escape. As the Ford Escape was at White Rock Avenue and East Main Street, Detective Casey stepped in front of the Ford Escape and pounded on the hood of the vehicle and yelled multiple times, “Stop.” Detective Casey was wearing a shirt with patches on both shoulders that stated, “Waukesha Police”, as well as wearing a black hat with white letters on the front of the hat which stated “Police”. Further, he was wearing a neon orange safety vest that stated “Police” on the front and back of it. … The Ford Escape continued driving and turned westbound on East Main Street. At that time, the vehicle was driving at a slow speed and the vehicle brushed Detective Casey back off of the front of the car, causing him to be positioned down the driver’s side of the vehicle. Detective Casey went to the driver’s side window and pounded on the driver’s side door yelling, “Stop”. Detective Casey subsequently positively identified the driver of the Ford Escape as Darrell E. Brooks, Jr., DOB: 2/21/82, hereinafter referred to as the defendant. The defendant drove past Detective Casey and into the parade procession.

    So it appears Brooks didn’t hit anyone until after he drove by Casey, who it seems had a chance to stop him — did Casey not attempt to stop Brooks, e.g. by shooting him, because Brooks is black, and Casey was worried about the racial consequences?

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