Armed Robbery Trial: All Three Defendants Found Guilty

I didn’t pay attention to this show trial.

There are so many show trials of White men going on right now. The Kyle Rittenhouse show trial and the Charlottesville show trial soaked up my attention. There is also the ongoing “January 6th commission” show trial. We also have the BLM mass murderer in Waukesha on top of it all .

The look on Travis McMichael’s face sums up my sentiments though. Having been in Charlottesville and watched the Derek Chauvin and Kyle Rittenhouse show trials, I no longer believe in the justice system. I don’t even know what happened here. I don’t plan to bother to look into the details. I just get the sense that it seems more and more like we live under an anti-White despotism.

We’re clearly headed to a very dark place in American history. I’ve been thinking more lately about how to extricate my own family from the situation before the shits inevitably hits the fan.

Note: I hear Portugal is nice.

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    • if you live in Jew-ruled North America, precisely the same kosher tyranny is on the way. I live in rural, north central Utah….a supposedly “conservative state”. Recently stopped shopping at the local Lyns’ grocery because it’s a branch of Albertson’s which is a Jewstore….I didn’t like seeing the large “be a responsible member of the community, where a mask and get your vax!” billboard by the door. So I’ve been to the local Smith’s a couple times. No billboard, just a loudspeaker inside blaring “get your vax, wear a mask! Get your vax, wear a mask!” on an endless Orwellian loop.

      • Same Bullshirt here in the ‘almost-South.’ Small chain out of NC I think, just ‘chic’-ed up the store (they’s done got a new paint job, more food choices, and a Star-bleccchs) and the ‘Please wear your mask for the safety and health, etc.’ plays incessantly. Gladly, the vast majority of rednecks here, just ignore the Agitprop. Only the cat ladies do so, and have the most annoying look of “FEAR” – false evidence appearing real – I want to walk up to them and say, ‘Darlin,’ whatchu worried about. Iddn’t Jesus your Lord and savior?’ These Baptist types are real sweet, but whoo-boy, do they have a LOT of Romeaphobia to overcome. Parched ground, as it were.

        • Funny thing, Fr. John – I met a genuine, real-life cat lady the other day who absolutely refuses to wear a face diaper or get injected with that rat poison “vaccine”. And she smokes pot.

      • Wy not wear masks, have 20 other people dressed exactly the same. One guy takes out the loudspeaker. Have responsible members of the community approach the store manager – the recorded Orwellian loop has to go.

        Or dress up like BLM, Antifa do some “protests”.

    • Nice concept, but I’m not going to be loyal to the disloyal.

      Where is there a major WHITE institution that is loyal to WHITES ?

    • @Clayton, every white person I see is literally celebrating this verdict as hard as they did Rittenhouse. It is their see I am not racist and conservatism is color blind pass. I have been sick reading their pathetic opinions and even before this the other big issue is them celebrating the black guy who was found not guilty in shooting two cops because of self defense.

      For hours it is all i have seen. Celebrate Rittenhouse and celebrate the “rednecks” being found guilty.

      • It’s important to keep telling the truth about this case. Most normies believe the guy was just out jogging when these “rednecks” set upon him. Amazing what liars the media are, this was an excon blatantly out casing homes in a remote neighborhood he has absolutely no business in and then when confronted by vigilant neighbors tried to steal their guns right out of their hands. Complete media lie down to the bum in a tuxedo instead of running his mug shot. Then they ran with the stupid excuse this hood rat’s family gave about him just out jogging for exercise? That’s like them saying Larry Craig was the victim of an unjust persecution for having a “wide stance” while taking a dump. The poorer America becomes, the more willing whites will be to opening their eyes to the full extent of how bad they have been lied to about everything.

      • NO. I’m done. Done with pretending the entire last sixty years of my entire life, has been WASTED on these God-DAMNED Niggers. Billions of dollars, our family, neighborhood, state, and nation have been HELD CAPTIVE BY THESE SUB-HUMAN ANIMALS, Jews’ lies of ‘equality’ and manufactured sentiment on useless eaters, be damned!

        Over 90% of American Niggers… deserve to die. [Rom. 1:32] They are xenos, they are NOT Christians, they are sub-human. Finally, free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!

        We are ONLY White Supremacist, because/WHEN we are Christian Supremacist! What I mean is made clear in G. North’s book, ‘Political Polytheism,’ where he writes: [ pp. 3,6, 7, 9, 11-12, 4, -50]

        “The Bible reaches that there can and will be a progressive manifestation of peace in history, but only as a produce of covenantal faithfulness in Church government, family government, and civil government. God’s people today have almost universally assumed that peace in the third covenantal institution- civi government- is possible only on the ‘neutral’ legal terms set forth by GOD’S ENEMIES… Thus, to defend God’s covenantal standards in the first two realms, Christians must now seek long-term victory in the third: civil government…. [this book] is a sustained attack on… this familiar compromise.’

        “In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, ethical dualism raised its Janus-faced head.’ [fn- ‘Luther had succumbed to dualism a century and hal earlier. See Charles Trinkaus,’ The Religious Foundations of Luther’s Social Views”) …Thus, a handful of Calvinist scholars and activists are today trying to make up for lost time and to remove lost intellectual territory…”

        “In the midst of social and intellectual revolutions come major paradigm shifts. Entire worldview change and they can do so within a single generation.” (North wrote this book in 1989- don’t you think it’s about time?!) “Before this taks can be accomplished, however, Christians must jettison the last three centuries of philosophical compromise….Luther finally publicly defended the doctrine of predestination! Erasmus was aghast. Predestination? [In the current hour!?]… “The Bondage of the Will” …his best work…. but with Melancthon, the ‘academic dog returned to its epistemological vomit…. Lutheran apologetics to this day is basically the Thomistic apologetics of the Roman Church, which is also true of Protestantism in general.”

        “I prefer Luther’s model. He conducted himself… as a man or war who understood that eternal souls were hanging in the balance, not to mention Western Civilization.”

        “Problem: knowing what failed to work before is not the same as knowing what strategy will lead to victory in the future.”

        “Rushdoony is correct: ‘To limit salvation to man’s soul and not to his body, his society, and his every aspect and relationship, is to deny its Biblical meaning.’ ”

        “Man thinks that he is disobeying God on his own account, in his own authority, but in fact, man must serve only one maser. Ethically, he subordinates himself to Satan when he refuses to obey God…”

        ‘God has established three monopolistic institutions: Church, State, and family. The head of each can serve God or satan, and those under him are sanctified (set apart) institutionally… Thus, to deny that God’s law applies to your covenantal superior is another way of saying that it really does not apply to YOU…in short, covenantal authorities important.’

        ‘There are theologians today who say that god’s law applies only to individuals, that nations are not under God’s Law. [they insist] there is no national covenant; this is a basic philosophy of all modern secular political theory, and few ‘Christian’ scholars disagree.

        “God’s Principles’ is the code phrase for fundamentalists who are nervous about appearing totally antinomian, but who are equally nervous about breaking openly with the teachings and language of dispensationalism, ie., ‘we’re under grace. not law.’ Finally, “God’s moral law” is the code phrase for the evangelical and Reformed man who does not want be branded an antinomian, but who also does not want to be bound by the case laws of the Old Testament. In all these, cases, the speaker rejects the idea of the continuing authority of the case laws.”

        And the case laws say, ‘THOU SHALT NOT ADULTERATE (the ethos, the species, the TRIBE).

    • Our ancestors were pioneers and explorers. They looked for opportunity among the savages, they didn’t run away.

        • Again, these are just excuses whites make these days to not fight back. Even back in their day there was something even more deadly and hard to deal with. I’m tired of white men running from their problems and just making excuses. White men don’t need permission slips. They need not worry what a media or ‘the system’ will do. These aren’t new threats; even our ancestors had to deal with facing death and imprisonment and starvation for their activism. James is 100% correct.

          • Thanks. Too much “White flight” – but even those faggy soy boys managed to recolonize the ghetto (“gentrification”) and build a tax base. We can’t run and hide forever. As California sinks back into a state of nature, opportunities for enterprising White land pirates will abound.

  1. >I hear Portugal is nice.

    I see this escape sentiment a lot (not specifically re Portugal); while I understand, Americans cannot just go wherever they want to live: you need a visa that allows this — I think some Americans (not you) confuse the short term visa waiver privileges Americans enjoy, meaning they can visit many countries as tourists (a typical max stay is 3 months) without a visa, with the ability to legally just go there and live.

    I’m an American but have permanent permission to live in the country where I now reside — I initially came here to work and had a renewable employment visa (first every year, then every two years) for this, sponsored by my employer — it took almost ten years of working, living, paying (a LOT of) tax, and learning the language before they finally gave me a permanent resident visa (equivalent to a US green card) instead of a renewable work visa.

    • Smart move.

      I’ve been getting the feeling lately that now is the time to get out before it gets any worse. This is especially true in light of inflation which is never a good sign of where we headed.

      • I don’t blame you one bit for feeling the way you do, HW. Didn’t a lot of former Confederate officers and officials move to Latin America after the war? You may wish to consider Peru. I hear the climate is agreeable, for one thing. It’s similar to the Santa Cruz, Monterrey and Big Sur area of California. The people are largely Castizo, friendly towards Americans and the cost of living is relatively low. I want to spend a few weeks down there after the new year.

        • C’mon Spahn, I thought you were a born again confederate.

          Now you know that all road lead. To National Socialism, or they lead nowhere at all.

        • Uruguay is where my parachute will land, and I am going to warn them to not allow a particular European ethnicity and religion in.

          • I think I’ll take Cristina and her brothers to translate for me, so Krusty Wanker and his lot will find they are not welcome in Catholic nations of Chile, Argentina, or Uruguay. Let his tribe get the anti-foreigner nativist treatment.

          • November, don’t chu worry, man. The Uruguayans are as faithless and socialist as you. I have a friend who lived there for over seven years. He says the Montevideans are just as heathen as the worst excesses of Europe.
            You’d fit right in…..

      • “Note: I hear Portugal is nice.”

        I posted about this, long ago.
        If there is a very serious deterioration in America, the moneyed, talented, skilled and concerned will make a mass exodus from USZOG, leaving the country in a much worse condition and unable to recover. For those of us remaining, in a desperate fight for marginal survival.

        I’ve already seen this, especially with doctors and entire medical groups fleeing to NZ.

      • >now is the time to get out before it gets any worse

        Of course I don’t disagree; I’m sure many Whites have similar thoughts.

        As someone on Gab says: Whites are on course to be a despised and persecuted minority in their own country.

        Throughout history, the question for any tribe/people has always been the same: rule or be ruled — and (latest) during 2020, Whites got a good look at who will be, and who will be electing, their future rulers — it’s suicidal madness for Whites to allow the demographic conquest of their countries, but this is what is happening everywhere.

      • ” now is the time to get out before it gets”

        Nomad capitalist , on YT, and many others explore multiple foreign aleteratives.

    • “Americans enjoy, meaning they can visit many countries as tourists (a typical max stay is 3 months)”

      Some 180 days, then do a visa run , across the nearest border and renew.

      Philippines is 3 years , then just a one day visa run and back again for 3 more yrs.

  2. Al has put his finger on just what white supremacy is. Whites put the law, gods law above racial loyalty. Blacks and Jews say they are just like us, but when it comes to punishing their own for breaking the law, for breaking Gods laws……..

    we get OJ Simpson and Lemrick Nelson, killers, who were let off the hook by black juries.

    See the difference?

    • @Robert Browning – Credit where credit is due. That is a very insightful point, re what White Supremacy actually is. It is for certain a fact that the cartoon version it; i.e. Whites wanting colored people around just to abuse them, is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention non-existent.

      Dear Colored People – We don’t want anything to do with you! We simply want the freedom NOT to associate with you.

      • ” fact that the cartoon version ”

        Americans have cartoon minds.

        Over the past 50+ years the ((media)) has synthetically (media is an illusion) acculturated Americans to be adult adolescents.

      • The removal of our “freedom of association” is what the snivel rights movement was about…and NOTHING else!
        The philosemitic WASP aristocracy and their satanic ,child raping kike masters dont give a flying fuck about the rights of subhuman niggers.

  3. @ ” I hear portugal is nice,” i’ve heard the same thing, but I will never know, because “I ain’t leaving” Our lord gave this land too our fathers, ITS OUR’S !!!!!!!! Run off and leave our children, our womenfolk, our grandma’s and grandpa’s too the mercy, of our enemies, NEVER!!!! Times a trillion, will I leave, I know the host of this site, has been thru a lot, I want the host of this site to know, as soon as I finish this post, I am bowing my head and asking our father who art in heaven, too put a extra ring of protection around him and his family, I always ask in the name and blood of jesus, the host of this site, has many friends, you are not alone !……….

    • Well said Terry,only the Lord can create the circumstances for White survival.We must all trust him.I’m not leaving either.The Jew and their White women allies and Black beast soldiers have not defeated the righteous.Its unfathomable that 11 Whites were on that jury and 9 of them White women.White unity has been destroyed by the Jews.I shall pray for all here to be protected and spared from this onslaught.And may all the Whites on the jury be ravaged by their precious Blacks.Guess who they’ll call to rescue them?Well we won’t be there to protect them anymore.

      • 9 white women, well that explains it. Almost all the women I deal with are like big children, the silly breakdowns, selfishness, naivity…muslims are absolutely right to rule through an unapologetic patriarchy, feminism is “ungodly.”

  4. Note again the extremely dishonest lead-in to the video of an innocent looking Arbery wearing a tuxedo (probably his HS yearbook foto) — they pulled the same shit for months with Trayvon Martin.

    >The look on Travis McMichael’s face sums up my sentiments though.

    Yes; I feel very sorry for those guys — it was another political trial and verdict — the gutless jurors deserve some of the blame.

    It’s very clear in the video that Arbery went after the gun — so looking at that alone, you’d expect it to be seen/ruled as self-defense, which it initially was — one may ask: What were they supposed to do? — allow Arbery wrest the weapon away? — in this sense, Arbery initiated, and was therefore responsible for, the proximate act that resulted in his death.

    But everyone should carefully note something about this case: keep in mind that when acting in the stead of law enforcement, you may face criminal and/or civil liability for anything you do — it would be best to know the law about that in your jurisdiction/state beforehand.

    So one question is: How did the action beforehand, i.e. them effectively making a citizen’s arrest, meaning as private citizens they did detain/deprive Arbery of his freedom, affect their liability for his later death — ?

  5. When I was in undergraduate college in the 1970s, I wrote a paper on the book Catch-22, where the hero described the pathos of the part of American society he belonged to, the U. S. Air Force, but fled to Sweden after WWII rather than stay and fight for a better community where he lived. In my ignorant youth I criticized said fictional character for doing so. I had the same reaction when reading the book “Serpico,” about a NYC cop who exposed rampant corruption in that police department, only to be rewarded by being shot in the face by a drug dealer after Serpico’s fellow officers set him up in retaliation for his betrayal of their criminality. Like Catch-22’s John Yossarian, Frank Serpico moved to Sweden instead of staying a cop to work for internal reform of his employer.
    Of course, yours truly has spent many an Occidental Dissent thread advocating for attempting to work for change inside the American Empire of Evil, joining forces with other economically insecure citizens, no matter what the look like or how they think, in order to foster change in said Empire from within through a sovereign wealth-funded universal basic income. Many commenters have vociferously disagreed with this suggestion, for a variety of practical and philosophical reasons.
    However, at this point in U. S. history, I have to say that the commenters were right, and I was wrong. The fact is you cannot cooperate with people who want you dead as a matter of selfish materialism dressed up as the pseudo-religion of the regime. The anti-white rationale of TPTB and their enablers cannot be overcome by facts or logic or objective reality. It is an attempt to legitimate power into authority, as my political science professor Khoshkish would describe the phenomena, convincing subjects to accept the basis for their subjugation. At this point in time, the Oligarchs and their minions have convinced a sufficient mass of citizens to act on the anti-white hatreds, and have further convinced their “elite” cohorts one step below the citadel (Turchin’s overproduced elites, the helpers of the real rulers) to do so as well, all operating under the assumption they can unleash the dogs of war without feeling the impact themselves.
    How to fight effectively? I don’t know, and it seems no one else does as well. As I don’t want to die myself in order for the powerful to remain on top, I frankly am no longer opposed to kinetic force against these enemies of my existence. But since revolution is a younger person’s game, I leave that possibility to those of the young adult generation who have eyes to see the reality they face. Bravery requires capacity. The rest of us must help as best we can within each of our situations. Fight or die.

  6. If you don’t have really serious money, the courts are a deathtrap.

    Rittenhouses mom was able to raise 2 million plus for his trial , so I heard.
    (The expenses were ~300k).

  7. You knew that was going to happen. The corrupt justice dept is not going to let more Whites free after the Rittenhouse verdict. These people were convicted solely on their race.

    • @ John,

      Merrick Garfinkle’s Department of Talmudic Justice was waiting in the wings to charge the McMichael’s and their bowl cut doofus friend with (((hate crimes))) has the.11 Whites and 1 negro found Travis McMichael not guilty.

      There will always be double jeopardy when a White gentile justly defends themself from pocs, lgbtq mutants, and jews.

  8. Unless & until whites obtain Freedom Of Association these, “show trials” will now be the norm & not the exception. Rittenhouse just damn lucky the two bolsheviks he sent to Hell were quote unquote white.

    Whites must move to white dominant – not just majority – counties & make sure they elect white sheriffs & white DAs. Then & only then can we start to undo what those who now rule over us have done.

    And when I say white, I mean whites who won’t harm us as in non anti white whites – the most dangerous anti white out there among us.

      • The only reason Rittenhouse was able to raise money was because there were high profile Republican influencers and media figures supporting him, which only happened because the people he shot were not black. If the exact same circumstances had played out but all three that Rittenhouse shot were black, he would be in prison for life right now. But the Republicans all threw the McMichaels under the bus immediately because the “victim” was black. Republicans like Matt Walsh were declaring them guilty of lynching the young endurance athlete Arbery.

    • They did live in a county that chose not to prosecute. Months later after this happened big jew media dredged this up trying to inspire the riots that they later effectively kicked off with that bum Floyd. That puppet Kemp bowed to jew pressure and had the Georgia Bureau of Investigation come up with trumped up charges against these men. Then some idiot white jurors sought to “apply the law” like some intellectual exercise instead of hold steady for their own like the OJ jury. Yes all things being equal it probably wouldn’t have been right to hold some white kid wandering into the house at gun point, but all things weren’t equal, this black was obviously out in this remote neighborhood casing to steal. You don’t treat a Basset Hound the way you do a Wolf. Or in this case assume Homo Sapiens Sapiens civil norms with Homo Africanus Criminalus. But in any case even with a friendly county officials and sheriff, powerful jews from outside the community will still intrude and screw you over. They hate all the peoples of the former Roman Empire, they blame white Americans for 70AD and all the bad things that happened to them the same way the Chinese blame all the current peoples of the Anglosphere for the Opium War and their drugged out malaise for a century afterwards. They don’t care that your grandpa liberated Dachau, they see you as just another dangerous Cossack that might sack their village. Americans really better wake up as to what is motivating elite hatred against them.

  9. As the Anglican Prayer Book says, God works His will in war as well as in peace. God is Hate. He is many things, but Hate is one of them. War is a time of hate, for settling scores.

    I urge everyone to stay peaceful, and pray for war. Yes, war. A massive, ZOG crushing war.

    They are trying to ban ammo. I would treasure that, and conserve. Soon you will need it, if our prayers are answered.

  10. I think that white guys like this judge are worse for this country then any black or commie.

    Right before closing arguments, the judge ruled that the previous georgia citizen arrest law only applied if a person saw a felony be committed. His ruling, afyer arguments had already been made, destroyed the whole defense and sealed the fate of these guys.

  11. I’m glad to see the comment section is calm and making reasonable points. I expected the WigNats to infest it with their “What Aboutism” in their ongoing efforts to countersignal the Rittenhouse case.

    I’m conflicted on this Aurbry case. On one hand, he was no “jogger,” and he had no business being in that neighborhood when he was clearly looking to commit a robbery. On he other hand, Jesus Christ, its so stupid to literally follow around a negro in the 2020s, confront him, shoot him when he inevitably chimps out, and expect to get away with it. The McMichaels were doomed by the fact they were the aggressors who followed Aurbry as opposed to him attacking them unprovoked like the Jew pedo and the antifa gangsters did to Rittenhouse.

    In light of all that, while its unfortunate the McMichaels were convicted, and I obviously agree Whites are second class citizens, I’m not convinced this is a major L for White Nationalism. Know the terrain guys.

  12. You might buy a few decades moving to some other country, but in the end that just delays the inevitable and passes on the debt to your decedents. Given the world wide ethnic replacement we are seeing there is no option other than to stand and fight.

  13. Also worth noting the original prosecutor being charged for not railroading these white men:

    “Sep 2021 – SAVANNAH, Ga. — A former Georgia prosecutor was indicted Thursday on misconduct charges alleging she used her position to shield the men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery from being charged with crimes immediately after the shootings.

    A grand jury in coastal Glynn County indicted former Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jackie Johnson on a felony count of violating her oath of office and hindering a law enforcement officer, a misdemeanor.”

  14. The irony in this is that they released the video themselves thinking it would exonerate them… and that led to this. What a f- up country we live in.

    • To many brainwashed idiots didn’t see the obvious, a black criminal running away in a neighborhood he didn’t belong in. They are as stupid as the idiots who try to cuddle up with tigers not knowing that hormone charge 400 pounds of muscle and teeth with flip out in a heartbeat and tear you up into dinner. Too many faked out blacks in TV commercials and not enough experience with reality.

  15. If you are seriously thinking of moving, you better get your ass in gear, because they will use COVID as an excuse to stop American citizens leaving the country soon, while keeping the borders open to illegals.

    I just read that in Austria they are going to bring in laws that jail people, who haven’t taken the experimental gene therapy jabs for COVID. On the other side of the world in Australia, the government is actually kidnapping people from their homes, and putting them in concentration camps. I thought it was fake news at first, so I checked and found it is really happening. All of the influencers who shilled for the COVID scam, should never be trusted again.

    You can run Occidental Dissent from where ever. If I was going to leave, I would ask for asylum in Russia, because Snowden went to Russia, and is still blogging. Julian Assange on the other hand, trusted a South American country, and look how that worked out.

    • I was considering Belarus.

      It has been a depressing week. I’m in a foul mood. I have been miserable with the way things are going in this country for 20 years now. It is getting to the point where staying here feels more like an anchor

        • Georgia is owned by the empire. Like Ukraine, it wants to be in NATO. Russia is accepting white American refugees. The best way is to convert to Orthodoxy and get sponsored by their growing church there. As I noted to some fool on a post elsewhere earlier this year, the Synagogue of Satan and its minions are burning churches down everywhere in the “free-world” but the ROC are building new ones each day in Russia.

          • I had great hope for Orthodox Christian Russia, Mother Russia reborn. Whenever I get really depressed about American racial, cultural collapse – I binge watch those videos of modern Cossacks whipping Pussy Riot demonstrators at the Russian Winter Olympics and calling the Pussy Riot protesters “American Whores”.

            But then Russia and Vladimir Putin disappoint us – now they are taking the Belarus leaders open act of war against Christian Europe by flooding Poland and Lithuania with tens of thousands of nasty Middle East Iraq Muslim unter.

            Putin even did NGO propaganda that they were just trying to reunite with their families in Europe – yeah….

            That’s called chain migration!

            Russia Today did at least print my comments. Please stop by and make similar comments.

            The Lights are going out in Western Civilization.

            Sure Orthodox Christian Church looks better than others, but It feels like the end of Constantinople. The last Greek Orthodox Christian Emperor of Constantinople tried to make peace with the Catholic Christians, some Venitian Italian Catholics came to fight the Turk, Muslim hordes, but not many.

            I’m hugely disappointed in Whites in the Church of Latter Day Saints/Latter Day Sissies.

            Mittens Romney and Jeff Flake are very representative of LDS pols. Mittens Romney took the knee for drug dealer, BLM rioters and looters.

            Mitt Romney’s father former Michigan governor George Romney took the side of the 1967 Black communist, criminals that burnt down my mothers once safe, prosperous White city of Detroit. He thought that would make him the GOP Presidential nominee in 1968 the leader of the pro Black Civil Ritghts Republicans. It ended up being the end of his career.

          • Exalted. Why ‘convert’ to a faith my ancestors practiced, for half a millennium before the RUS’ ever came out of barbarism? Why the HELL do the CELTS have to be the BACK seat of everyone else’s bus? Dammit, we saved civilization more than once, and gave the world some of her greatest poets and musicians, and we remained faithful longer than almost anyone. ONE LAND FOR WHITES, LORD. JUST ONE LAND TO CALL OUR OWN.

      • Some country in the former Eastern Bloc.

        The only question though is employment. Can middle age Americans without native language skills get employment there?

        • Same here on the Eastern Bloc.

          Luckily for me, I’m married to a citizen, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to do.

          Honestly, if I were single, I would head for Thailand. It’s cheap to live there and the Thai people are nice.

      • Belarus? Are you nuts? Have you been outside the US, Hunter?

        I lived for many years in foreign countries. If Americans traveled outside the US, they would have a markedly different perspective. We tend to take for granted things like firearms ownership, mobility from one end of the country to another, vast public lands, ease of starting up a business, freedom of speech…so many things other countries don’t have. True, the Judaeo-Bolsheviks and their minions are working hard to take it from us, but as Kyle showed it ain’t over yet.

        Leaving as refugees is the absolute last resort. As it stands, America is still the last bastion. Step outside the big cities and our people control the hinterland of productive agriculture, and – also importantly – the wilderness. Like the Russians, we have “General Winter”, but we also have “General Desert” and other such generals.

        Hunter, do you speak any other languages? What skills can you bring to another country, where you can make a living? Think they’ll let you jump to the front of the queue when their own nationals already have 15% unemployment? Do you have the skills, contacts and linguistic fluency to get around that? Are you willing to go from living in a spacious American house to living in a cramped apartment? Earning shit money, no way to defend yourself (no legal gun ownership), people with a vastly different outlook (most Europeans in my experience simply do not understand the founding principles of America – let alone Arabs, Latinos or Africans!). Do you want to be an alien in a strange land?

        Nothing about out situation is inevitable. WITH GOD’S HELP, WE CAN TURN THINGS AROUND.

        Didn’t our ancestors fight to build this country? Do we not share their blood? Do we not share their spirit? Do we not share their land??

        Be strong and of good courage, my brothers.

  16. As bad as it is in the USA, there is a lot of grimness going down all over, and it is not clear there is a ‘prime’ place to run to

    There are something like 5 or 7 million USA citizen exiles living overseas … Interestingly, many of the most contented, are amidst the conservative Christian cultures of Mexico or the Philippines

    If you have some capital to self-support a few years, immigration is realistic. You can often just live in places and people won’t bother you … hook up with some local lawyers and spend a little and eventually you can often get the permits

    Signs of possible USA fracturing into pieces in the next few years, is one of the hopeful indicators that the US will create redoubts outside of federal-jurisdiction anti-white hell, and your best course might be to just ride out the storm

    Some Europeans, unaware of the depth of US legal corruption or its medical system screw-ups, actually talk about trying to escape to the USA these days, go figure

    Big thing now is the USA anti-covid-mandate freedom, US better on this than most other whitey lands

    Europe has its benefits – it is quite hard to go to jail there for huge amounts of time, or get sued for millions; and health care is saner – but running an OD type blog would get you in ongoing hot water in various places for ‘hate speech’

    And ‘based’ Eastern Europe is in process of folding. Czechs just got a lefty gov, powers are working hard to kick out Orbán in Hungary in 2022 … communism served as a sort of ‘refrigerator’, so Eastern Europe is sort of like 70s-80s USA, feminism is rolling out but the other stuff hasn’t hit too big yet, tho Soros is trying to bring everyone ‘up to date’ … that’s roughly true of Russia as well

    Southeastern Europe, places like Croatia and the Balkans, are probably going to stay ‘based’ a bit longer

    4chan /pol/ regularly has major threads of people usefully discussing their various countries’ life facts and ‘where is the best place to run to’ … despite the dreck on /pol/, it’s quite useful for any rightoid thinking of emigrating … if you scan the ‘catalog’ of the 200 or so live threads there at any moment, you can quickly see what’s worth a glance

    • Best thing to happen is for the US postmodernist regime to fail spectacularly, then people will have no choice but to run as far as they can from the “American Model” of so called democracy and all the isms that visibly failed for all to see. The sooner the better.

    • @balticus,

      I apologize for being autistic on this point, but we really need to say and write “George Soros”” actually birth name which is Georgi Schwartz. The surname Schwartz rings the jew bell hard. Soros sounds Greek.

      • Soros sounds like Sauron – the Dark Lord. But, the best image of George Soros is the old, ugly Evil Emperor from Star Wars – they are practically twins.

        Victor Orban successfully used the Star Wars Evil Emperor on street posters of George Soros and this political campaign was very successful.

  17. I don’t see why the right should celebrate the rittenhouse thing. For one, it’s not the first time we’ve seen this. Remember george zimmermans acquittal, back in 2013? Nothing much changed then, it only further provoked the anti-whites and blacks into more hatred. Same here. Rittenhouse being not guilty will only further enrage the anti-whites and allow the stasi government to crack down more on white self-defense, to fight what they see as white supremacy. Hate attacks against whitey, like what we saw in Wisconsin from darrell brooks, will be more frequent as time goes on. This is all part of the jewish plan.

      • @Hunter Rittenhouse is safe. The same people elated about his acquittal are celebrating the Mcmicheals being convicted. Only the most lunatic leftists are upset. This outcome allows normal people to celebrate and continue their complacency.

        • Only the most lunatic leftists are upset

          Again with the downplaying. Those “lunatic leftists” you brush aside are literally the only people that matter. They must be crushed. They must be humiliated. They must have their rights taken away and reduced to a subsistence existence. Every single anti-white policy and idea we hate comes from *them.* The Jews have no foot soldiers and therefore no power without *them.*

          Seriously, why do you WigNats run interference for Cultural Liberals? You never fail to relentlessly punch Right – and not because conservatives insufficiently oppose the Left either, which would be a valid critique. You punch Right because its clear you think conservatives, Trump supporters, and GOP voters are a bigger enemy then College Educated White Progressives who live in the suburbs and urban areas, are affluent, and who have systematically deplatformed White Nationalists from the internet since 2015.

          Sorry, but the French Revolution Left/Right divide has been here for over 200 years now and is, for all intents and purposes, permanent. The Left is the ENEMY. The Left is the source of all evil in our world. Sure, the Right has its gatekeepers like William F. Buckley (who is dead) and Sean Hannity, but increasingly, the nuts are running the nuthouse. The base runs the show now. Charlie Kirk is forced to talk like Jared Taylor to get clicks and views.

          Right Wing Whites with jobs are the natural base of White Nationalism, whether you like it or not. Cultural Liberals like Richard Spencer always show their true colors. I don’t want Karen from the local art scene in the White Nationalist Movement even if she personally fulfills William Pierce’s shit test from “Turner Diaries.” She had no problem with the entire anti-white agenda until the rhetoric got too extreme. Cultural Progressives made their bed. They are unworthy of forgiveness or redemption.

          • Luckily we haven’t seen many vantards self destruct. This may be becoming rarer as the demographic most likely to commit violence, males from 20-40 are increasingly drawn away from conservatism to leftism. Psychopaths who want to destroy definitely notice that their best option is to go with antifa type leftism. This is a good thing, people who want to save America don’t need them, they need to get normal people on their side, not autists and psychos. You have to carefully think out every word when you deal with them, like a professional in marketing or Putin, not impulsively spew out dumb sounding shit like Trump’s Tweets. The battle for the soul of the country is important and dire and the right needs to up it’s game.

  18. So much for muh southern juries. Both Charlottesville and the McMichael’s prove that they are as cucked on race as the West coast.

    Dixie is dead!!!

    • It wasn’t Glynn County or Georgia. The person selecting the jury pool has tremendous control over the verdict. Also, lots of woke legal minds behind the scenes working with the obviously non-Southern prosecutor.
      Our system only works with honorable men and not people who’s immediate response is how to run a scam. Same with Charlottesville. No system can survive that.

  19. “I’ve been thinking more lately about how to extricate my own family from the situation before the shits inevitably hits the fan.” The only options for white americans at this point are state secession or emigration to Europe, particularly Central/Eastern Europe. Civil war/right wing dictatorship in the USA is extremely unlikely. 2024 is a very long way off, and any republican running for president will by default be zionist and anti-white. Republicans are trash.

      • I think there are already many English speaking British Ex Pat communities in places like Spain, Sofi Bulgaria.

        I can be like Italian immigrant communities in New York City, Boston and Chicago. The parents and grandparents spoke only Italian, the children learned English.

  20. I bet I could find headlines of southerner celebrating “V-E Day.” You’re reaping what you have sown. Now your negroes and jews are rejoicing in your demise. Funny how karma works.

    • @ November, You spook as easily as our enemies do, these ANTICHRIST ASSHOES are running out of time, on the inside their trembling, if these tyrants were as smart as they are think they are, they wouldn’t have been so easily tricked and deceived, by their dark master……………..

      • @Terry, I am not spooked, but aren’t you disappointed in the southerners that comprised the juries in Charlottesville and Brunswick Georgia? Sure, the circus outside (mew black panther party) and inside (Al Sharpton) the courtroom were meant to intimidate the McMichel’s jury, and lest we forget the judge using ad hoc legal instructions in the manner of making citizen’s arrests in Georgia, but they just sent three innocent men to prison for life. I suppose the grandiose tribal reputation of Southern people was more legend than reality.

        On the other point, research the Axis powers reaction to the Union defeating the Confederacy. There will be no photographs of them celebrating Dixie’s defeat, nor will you find any that any of those countries added Dixie’s enemy.

        Before any autist brings up that Germany didn’t become a single country until 1871, the point still stands, if you take the independent states that eventually made up Germany and their reactions to the US Civil War.

        • @ November, thank you for your reply, I mean no insult too you personally, we are all just sharing our thoughts, your intelligence and your good heart are obvious, I want too gift you and the rest of our brothers a story, I hope it inspires you all, the way it has me, here goes, when the war of 1812 broke out, Daniel Boone went down too enlist in the army, they turned him down, why? You ask would they turn ole Boone like that? Because he must have been damn near a hundred years old, when I think of that old man, weathered, bent and gray, toting his musket, with his long blade, hanging from his belt, and though he be an old man, he still loved our people, our land and wanted too share in the danger our fighting men faced, my heart swells with pride and resolve, for him and all the rest of our good folk, that came before us, I honor their courage, their sacrifice, what they struggled for, I will not give up, there is a better day coming, enjoy your family and friends today, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

          • @Terry Smith,

            Thank you for that wonderful story about Daniel Boone. I was not aware that he was that old in 1812

            I believe that we are all righteously angry to what has become of this nation by the greed of money and power by the gentile elites, and the malace of organized international jewry. This is a Greek tragedy with the opening Pandora’s Box in the first Act I, Judas Iscariot type malevolent betrayal of our people in a Act II, and slow poisoning of our nation’s institutions via talmudism (jewish supremacy) in Act III.

  21. Arbery had a felony record and an attitude to match.

    Someone posted this:

    …Burglary is a felony regardless if anything is taken 16-7-1 (b)
    [Arbery (with a felony record) is fleeing a suspected felony – burglary – before he attacks]
    Citizen’s arrest for suspected felonies only needs reasonable suspicion 17-4-60
    [neighbors had video evidence (reasonable suspicion) that Arbery unlawfully entered unoccupied dwelling with intent to commit theft, i.e., burglary, which is a felony]
    No duty to retreat before engaging in self-defense 16-3-23.1
    [video shows Arbery could have keep fleeing his burglary or simply waited for police, but instead he chose to attack by sharply changing course to charge McMichael, with McMichael backing up and Arbery attacking and assaulting]
    Right to keep and bear arms US Constitution, 2nd Am.
    [McMichaels had every right to be armed]
    Use of deadly force upon reasonable belief necessary to prevent great bodily injury 16-3-21
    [video confirms Arbery is the aggressor by committing assault and battery, beating McMichaels who douldn't defend himself trying to hold onto his firearm then Arbery tries to take the firearm after beating McMichaels]

    Hope the three finally get the justice they deserve and something stops this sacrifice to the god of this woke social justice syndicate and they are set free. I pray for their deliverance. If you lose the right to defend yourself when attacked, what’s left?

  22. Wow, did the prosecution ever stack the charges on those men.
    It will make an appeal almost impossible.
    As by design.

  23. Message to all WHITES:

    look for an accelerating exodus of WHITES from Georgia.

    • @ I can understand, vacating the atlanta area, but the whole state? Not gonna happen,,,,,,, enough of this defeatist talk!!!!!!! If god is for us, who can be against us?

  24. Fleeing a bad situation is supported in the Bible: Drought/famine, etc, except recorded situations where God specifically told a remnant of His people through a prophet not to sojourn there. Even a look forward to the end time we have the following (and other words elsewhere) indicating persecution and flight from it.

    But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.
    — Matthew 7:23

    I am not saying you should leave but that is an option.

    • Correction:

      But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.
      — Matthew 10:23

  25. @ The ENGLISH are known as the stiff upper lip people, An excellent attribute, no matter how bad things look, they are known for maintaining their composure, An attribute worthy of emulation.

  26. @ Our king soon returns , With MARSE ROBERT and THOMAS jACKSON riding at his side, we are going too grind down, we are going too break their cords, we are going too stomp his sorry head, After we have won this war, we shall once again, have “PEACE IN THE VALLEY”……….

  27. I hope to live to see this day Mr. Ruffin (he fired the 1st shot at Ft Sumter) was talking about. We are still going through Yankee social engineering known as Reconstruction and this will only end when most of the Yankees finally drop dead. No more monuments pulled down. No more woke Republicans joining the Dems and the Left in virtue signalling the South away. No more lynching white men over defending their homes and property and their very lives when attacked for doing so. No more SLAPP trials against defenders of Southern history and heritage. We need a (Southern) ACLU (“SCLU”) to defend the South and its supporters.

    I here declare my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule – to all political, social and business connection with Yankees – and to the Yankee race. Would that I could impress the sentiments, in their full force, on every living southerner, and bequeath them to every one yet to be born! May such sentiments be held universally in the outraged and down-trodden South, though in silence and stillness, until the now far distant day shall arrive for just retribution for Yankee usurpation, oppression, and atrocious outrages – and for deliverance and vengeance for the now ruined, subjugated, and enslaved Southern States! May the maledictions of every victim to their malignity, press with full weight on the perfidious Yankee people and their perjured rulers – and especially on those of the invading forces who perpetrated, and their leaders and higher authorities who encouraged, directed or permitted, the unprecedented and generally extended outrages of robbery, rapine, and destruction, and house-burning, all committed contrary to the laws of war on non-combatant residents, and still worse in aged men and helpless women!
    Edmund Ruffin sen.
    Redmoor, 10 A.M., June 18th 1865
    The End

    We need our own country! We need to leave the Yankee Empire now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Ahhh Banned For Life

      I can think of a lot of names for our evil rulers George Soros the Star Wars Evil Emperor, CNN’s Jeff Zucker (phones in the script from Israel), Mark Zuckerberg, all the Hollywood pervert studio moguls, Obama and Biden’s handlers but …


      Don’t really thing that’s very accurate.

  28. Did not the McMichael’s defense team request forensics of the rifle used to kill ‘Armed Robbery?’ Shouldn’t there have been the paws prints from where Armed Robbery grabbed the barrel?

  29. I listened to a rollcall of the jury after the verdict was read.. sounded almost like all women. So I googled it and sure enough: “Nine White women, two White men and one Black man served on the jury, with two White women and one White man serving as jury alternates”

  30. I live in Australia and in many ways, find it a depressing and insipid place. The cities(which are all on the coast), are overpopulated and overdeveloped, and absolutely full of Chinese, Indians and Muslims, with the African presence still in its infancy.
    The alternative is the rural interior with dusty, dying country towns with drug and alcohol issues, because the locals have nothing else to do. They are usually full of useless Indigenous Australians that do nothing with their lives, except play the welfare and victim causes like a fiddle.
    I’ve been to Great Britain, France, Spain and Ireland.
    I could easily move to Scotland tomorrow (ancestors homeland) or Spain which is a tad warmer.
    Australia doesn’t yet have the issues that afflict America…….yet……but is a depressing dump in many ways. We’ve deported all our manufacturing to China……..and imported a lot of it’s people. Yeah that’ll help us….
    The suicide rates in rural Australia is concerning, but understandable. Out there, you just feel totally cut off from the world.
    Imagine an America with just New York cities dotted around the coast with the rest of it resembling Arizona with no other variances………that sums up Australia.

  31. When considering a place to flee BLM, ZOG, Patriotard Amuricah – consider places that have safe, sanitary, affordable legal and quasi legal prostitution.

    With the current great exchange rate, Americans get great bang for the $ buck in Cape Town SA.

    When people in Weimar Germany were feeling the way we do now 100 years ago, lots went to Bolivia South America, but that included the homo leader of the SA Ernst Rohm.

  32. In such times, maybe it’s good to listen to the advice of our last Messiah, savior:

    When human hearts break….

    “When human hearts break and human souls-despair, then from the twilight of the past the great conquerors of distress and care, of disgrace and misery, of spiritual slavery and physical compulsion, look down on them and hold out their eternal hands to the despairing mortals!. Woe to the people that is ashamed to take them!

    Volume I, Chapter 7

  33. So much to comment upon here, so I’ll do a shotgun reply.
    The verdict: It was unfair, and yet the three men shouldn’t have confronted Aubrey. It was unwise tactics, and Aubrey (more a career criminal than the smiling dandy of the photos) didn’t submit. When dealing with blacks today, you have to remember they’re starting to sense that they can kill whites and get away with it. Aubrey probably decided he could overpower these guys, and it failed. when I heard the jury was women, that kind of sealed it. Again, you have a liberal governor who starts these things by making another investigation, like in Rodney King where that *****George Bush sicced the feds on the officers.

    I’m sad, but not outraged. My brother, who is an ex-cop, didn’t like the verdict, but said they made a big mistake riding up with a gun, and the one man being an ex-cop made it harder on them.
    I also noted Howie Carr, a “conservative” talk show host in Boston, was on the side of the prosecution, saying over and over it was just a black “jogger.” But he was absolutely fanatical on defending Kyle Rittenhouse. As for C’ville…probably doesn’t even know anything about and couldn’t care less, except to distance himself from “Nazis.” Typical of most “conservatives” and talk show types, like ours in St. Louis who are pretty tepid defending whites BUT WE GOTTA HAVE GUNS GUNS GUNS…again, typical.

    It’s also interesting that in Civil War Two, Tom Chittum, in discussing war zones and sanctuaries in America, placed Brunswick county in the black zone where blacks will control the government and drive out or kill whites. Really, Chittum said except for the extreme northern part of Georgia and a lump of counties in south east Georgia, the state would be lost to the blacks.

    As for leaving America, I’m 69, and well off, and can’t see the point in leaving, although I understand many on this site. If you are younger, it might work, but no one wants older people migrating to their land. In NZ, it used to be if you were over 50 you couldn’t migrate because you’d help tie up their wonderful perfect free health care.

    Also, as noted in Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation, most of the world is cold if not hostile to people immigrating. I do speak German and lived there when I was in the army, but it’s probably one of the last places anyone would want to go. A nice, affluent, tidy jail with a stream of muds coming in.

    The argument of staying and resisting? In Missouri, we’re pretty red, except for St. Louis, where I live, but the Covid rules here are looser than they were last year, the state ordered the county to loosen up, and a lot of places where they tell you to wear a mask, more and more people just walk in unmasked and nothing is done. Then, when you drive outside the city and in the country, no one bothers, but still, many people buy the Covid propaganda. Harold Covington always called for a white homeland in the NW, but I told him that, if you drive forty miles outside of any American city, you’re in the white homeland.

    Australia? Goose, I really am chilled at you Aussies. I think what did it was when I saw a pregnant woman handcuffed by police in her home for putting a rally notice on Youtube. It’s disgusting. Really, your whole government is, and probably most people just go along with it. I think there are historical reasons. Australia has no bill of rights, and the state being nice and polite anywhere is an illusion. Then your country began as a jail and I think a lot of that historical consciousness still remains. Aussies like to think of themselves as rugged, freethinking tough blokes from the Outback, but yes, most of them are urban city dwellers clustered in a thin slice along the coast. A massive Tsunami would probably wipe out the nation.
    Scotland can be good, but I think it is just as repressive. The political leadership is socialist and left. I knew a lot of Scots in Boston, and they were damned nice people, but pretty progressive. Much like I went to a Scottish ball where an Australian couple attended, and I mentioned the Australian politician Hanson and her anti-immigrant views, and they almost exploded. They simply detested her and anyone who was opposed to immigration.

    In my life, I’ve dealt with unpleasant and obnoxious people at work, and I generally found that if I waited them out, they left or were fired. I always remained. Perhaps we need to think that way in America. I think much of the system is slowly imploding. Can anyone say Biden and his crowd are running anything? A wit proposed Jen Psaki seems to be the only one in charge, as she is the only one in government who speaks on a continuing basis. if she really is in charge, then we’re doomed…and that’s a good thing, because the sooner America crashes the better.

    Remember, the puritans (pilgrims) first emigrated to Holland to find more freedom, but decided that they didn’t want to become Dutch. In the end, they had to remain English, and sought a new world. Hunter has his family and his culture he wished to impart on his children, and I can see why he prefers to stay in the south. In the end, we want to be a family of people. With this thought, I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving.

    • @dargason,
      Thanks for your insight on things. This couple that you met may have been from an inner city area in Australia…….they tend to be far more leftist than those in the outer suburbs or the rural areas. Often people will hide their true opinions unless they’re certain yours are the same. I often find that with people I meet.
      Pauline Hanson is popular with rural Australians, but as they’re outnumbered by city Australians by a huge margin, she’ll never get real traction in any federal election. The Greens currently hold more seats in the present parliament. But that’s fine:- most immigrants move to the big leftist cities, leaving rural areas totally unaffected by their diversity follies.
      We need lots of immigration, but from white countries, and with people who will move to, and boost up rural areas. Currently, that isn’t happening.
      Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  34. Costa Rica has a lot of American expats but I understand many of them are sleazy con artist types or fugitives.

  35. I am deeply disappointed with the cases involving our WN leaders at Charlottesville but also the McMichael case. Conservatives are defending both verdicts like good little boys. Little do they know that the globalists will come to swallow up their empty hollow bodies after they have sold their souls. This has been a miscarriage of justice and a dark day for our cause. These rulings set the precedent that angry militant blacks and Antifa can victimize Whites and get away with it!

  36. There is no where to run. I’ve lived in Europe, visited South and Central America a few times. You might like living abroad for a few months, however it’s not home and as a foreigner, you’re never really comfortable in another land. The South is your home; your grandfathers fought and died here, and you might have to fight and die also. You really have no choice but to take a stand In Dixie Land. Plan, train, organize, get tough, get mean, and remember when White Men have nothing left to loose, they’ll loose it. An opportunity is coming, and we have much work to do….

  37. They would still be free if they had stayed in their house and called the police.

    Losing three White guys for life for a feral black that was looting a construction site isn’t worth it.

    If feral blacks are taking over your neighborhood then get the hell out.

    You aren’t going to bring back law and order with vigilantism.

    Not in this woke era.

    Those times are long gone.

    You’ll most likely end up in prison for life and ruin your family’s future.

    With that being said:

    They could have confronted the feral black without firearms and initiated a citizens arrest. Or, they could have just made their presence known to the feral black and he might have left their neighborhood.

    The Anti-White Jewish Establishment is ready to pounce on any Whites who take justice into their own hands like this.

  38. Lots of morals here.

    One is:

    Shoot a lot of video – don’t turn it over to police or MSM media. Edit to present your/our narrative in the best ways same as the Anti White J media does.

    The UK Daily mail showed video of the Black thug burglary suspect getting hostile and going ape shi* in a prior arrest, but this didn’t come out until very very late and jurors didn’t see it.

    We did defeat the Saint Trayvon Martin narrative mostly through internet sights like Storefront – should have stepped this up again.

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