Tucker Carlson: Why The Media Won’t Investigate Darrell Brooks Motive

I’ve been pleased with the Waukesha coverage.

The mainstream Right generally has the correct take for once:

  • Darrell Brooks is BLM supporter and mass murderer
  • Darrell Brooks is a black nationalist
  • Darrell Brooks was motivated by racial hatred of White people
  • Unlike James Fields, Jr., Darrell Brooks deliberately drove his vehicle in a way to maximize the number of White people he killed at the Christmas parade
  • Darrell Brooks should have been in jail, but he was let out by a woke progressive prosecutor in Milwaukee who knew that he was releasing criminals who were “guaranteed” to murder people

Charlie Kirk and Steven Crowder are saying he was an anti-White mass murderer.

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  1. “Darrell Brooks is BLM supporter and mass murderer”


    (Recall the 5 policemen killed by a BLM TERRORIST? Where is Mr. Merrick Garfickle on BLM TERRORISM?)

    • Arrian,
      I’m just hoping that once it’s in the cage, it’s forced to take it up the ass every day! Pedos and child killers will never win popularity contests in there….

      • Have you ever been to prison?
        Thats a myth and only a rule that applies to white and hispanic inmates, aka humans.
        Niggers who rape and murder white women and children are heroes to their fellow niggers at NiggerUniversity, aka prison.
        Only on the televitz do black rapists suffer in prison at the hands of other blacks.
        There has to be another reason why a black will be targeted by other blacks , besides raping and murdering white women and children.

        Of course white and hispanic men are ousted and considered “all bad” to their racial groups if they commit these crimes.
        Also , homosexuality is banned in the CDC for white and hispanic inmates and is punishable by death if they are caught using it to punish other inmates or for whatever reason.
        Not necessarily for blacks…as they are permitted by their prison bylaws to have “punks” to fuck and treat as girlfriends.
        Niggers are subhuman animals and are not “just like us”….
        But you already knew that.

  2. The good thing is that once They say it finally, it gets easier the next time. This black moron Made it easy for once.

  3. As long as niggers are killing and maiming Whites, the jews and their sellout shabezz goys will always run cover for them.

  4. Six people enriched out of existence. It was a racist and terrorist attack wrapped up in one. I’m still waiting for the riots to begin…..
    This useless dreg of society is a walking, breathing advertisement for monoculturalism…….and the alt right! Compare him with Kyle Rittenhouse:- not only found innocent, but is actually an upstanding member of society trying to improve and serve it.
    To be honest, I don’t think Brooks will ever be free again. At least America has decent sentencing guidelines. In Australia, NZ or the UK, he would have been given one month home detention……… suspended!

  5. A black supremacist ploughing into a group that just all happened to be white? Hmmmm……I have no idea what the motive could have been…..
    Could you imagine if the driver had been white and the target some BLM or civil rights parade?! Whole cities would have went up.
    Truth is, I can’t see American society ever uniting completely. Diversity is division.

      • @Hunter,
        Yeah, and he just happened to be in an SUV that somehow swerved, and at that very moment, a group of exclusively white people just happened to be in the way…

        • Too many whites come up with the “they’re not all bad”, because they knew or worked with one they got chummy with.
          High-fiving, adopting “bro” and other behaviors. Showing how they know which rappers are trendy.
          What these wiggrs don’t get is…people move in groups. Niggers, as a group, are bad for us. One nigger that lived near them isn’t redemptive, and it’s the exception, not the rule.

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