Authoritarianism Doesn’t Sound So Bad Now

I’m actually not an authoritarian.

I suppose you could say that I have some very conservative or authoritarian attitudes on a few issues like race and sexuality. Generally speaking though, I don’t care that other people have their own opinions. I have always enjoyed debate. I don’t have any impulse to dominate other people.

Back in 2017, it wasn’t our side that was championing authoritarianism. The raucous Alt-Right was championing liberal norms like free speech and civil liberties. We were teaming up with the ACLU in federal court. In fact, we weren’t doing anything unusual or out of the ordinary. The entire Right from Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk through MILO through Richard Spencer was championing the First Amendment and organizing events on college campuses to “trigger the libs” and snowflakes.

The whole point of going into these progressive safe spaces was to assert our constitutional rights and draw attention to how insane and intolerant the other side has become. Antifa would predictably show up at rightwing events on campus – Ann Coulter, MILO, Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, the speaker doesn’t matter – and engage in physical violence to suppress words which they define as violence. The other side ardently believes in violence and censorship to suppress their opposition. The mainstream Left and the Democratic Party eventually came to accept these tactics as legitimate. What is so wrong with “punching Nazis”? What is so wrong with censoring Nazis? How is that a slippery slope?

The conversation on the Right has been entirely about protecting civil liberties and defending free speech and protecting individual liberty whether it is gun rights or resistance to vaccine mandates. It has now turned to fretting over the demise of liberal norms like due process. While the other side openly embraces violence, doxing, censorship and state repression to save “our democracy,” it remarkable how little discussion there is about on the Right about using state power to suppress our opposition. Donald Trump used to say he was going to lock up Hillary Clinton as an applause line at his rallies, but he dropped it after becoming president. He showed mercy to those people who have been trying to destroy him ever since.

If that is the way it going to be though, maybe this should change?

  • Violence has been repeatedly used against us
  • Censorship has been systematically used against us
  • State repression is being used against us by the Biden administration
  • Vaccine mandates are being used to drive people into unemployment
  • The “January 6th commission” is a 24/7 communist show trial

Why should we continue to believe in or conserve liberal norms?

Seriously, I would like to know why these people shouldn’t be censored? Why shouldn’t they be hounded into unemployment? Why shouldn’t they be rounded up and incarcerated on the basis of their politics? Why shouldn’t they be sued into oblivion? Why shouldn’t progressives be purged from universities? Why shouldn’t they be hauled before Congress and put on trial? Why shouldn’t Joe Biden be impeached? Why does our side show so much restraint and continue to believe in one sided liberal norms?

Once again, everything that we are accused of doing and actually have not done and have not even really considered advocated for yet are things these people have been doing to us for years. I could sleep like a baby at night knowing that leftwing professors have been purged from universities on the basis of their ideology because they have already done this to us. These people have already weaponized the FBI against us. They have already censored books. They engage in mob violence and terrorism against us. They even order the police to stand down and not protect us and glorify mob violence.

Is rightwing conservative liberalism sufficient to fight off leftwing authoritarianism? Judging by the way things are trending in this country, I don’t think it is anymore. The fact that these people are still foaming at the mouth like a pack of rabid dogs and thirsting for the blood of Kyle Rittenhouse and the entire ordeal he went through shows you how much they care about liberal norms.

How do you respond to people who spill so many tears about “racism” and “authoritarianism” who have embraced anti-white racism, mob violence, censorship, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, red flag laws, communist show trials, weaponizing the “intelligence community,” impeaching the president, doxing, ritual shaming, hounding people into unemployment, racial discrimination and so forth?

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  1. Why wasn’t the ACLU included in the Sines vs. Kessler lawsuit? They were just as responsible as anyone else, and possibly more so because they went to court to get the permit for the pro Lee-Jackson memorial demonstration.

  2. I’d rather win an argument with a leftist than have him not argue at all. They don’t want that same freedom for us. They don’t have truth, facts or figures on their side, so can’t win an argument against a competent, nationalist opponent. That’s why they want us silenced.

  3. You are absolutely right – of course it needs to change. The White Right (I like that one) must take the offensive, accept the implications of its own radicalism, and leverage every institutional tool available. The biggest issue right now is the lack of any white-gentile alternative to the ADL.

  4. This is not easy to answer, even though I still believe in things like due process and the first amendment. They seem right to me. But, is there biblical justification for them? And, if so, what are the limitations thereof, because no right is absolute, outside of God’s own prerogative.

    Many (by a wide margin) of my ilk nearly idolize the Constitution, and while I don’t, I do tend to view certain of its principles as bedrock, even if limited.

    But I have been wondering, 1) Are they really biblically justified, and 2) if they are, to what extend and under what conditions?

    • These rights have more to do with mans relationship with God than with other men or with governments. When you meet your maker, when you come before God, he is going to ask you why did you do what you did, what reasons did you have to sin. There is no presumption of guilt from a loving merciful God, a loving God wants to know why. He believes you are good at heart. How can you explain yourself, when you are not allowed to speak? And if God can allow you the chance to be heard then so to should man.

  5. To clarify, I do not question the biblical justification of ALL of our constitutional principles, such as certain due process rights, and so on. Many of these are clearly grounded in the law of God, from whence they spring. Others, though, are less clear to me.

    For example, I find no scriptural warrant for their being a right to public practice of idolatry.

    • Your bible and your constitooshun aren’t going to get us out of this predicament, Clem. The USA needs to break up into smaller republics for Whites only.

      • “My Bible” (what a silly statement) is the only ground of order liberty that can last. Living by the light thereof is the only sure path to lasting freedom and righteousness.

        And as mentioned, though I retain a high regard for the Constitution and many of its principles, I do not idolize it. It is fatally flawed because it fails to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the ultimate sovereign of the realm and His law as the highest standard of law and government.

        I am pro-secession, and have been for a quite a while. And if others want to govern themselves, I don’t mind that, either. While they should also adopt biblical principles, I have no objection to blacks governing themselves in the political entities in which they reside, and I am in favor of reasonable segregation measures.

        The idea that whites will find some dreamy peace merely by living only with other whites is an ignorant fantasy, though.

        I have no animosity towards non-Whites in general, nor do I think adopting that as a political principle will lead to anything good. But separation is healthy. Diversity is a weakness, not a strength.

  6. For me, the reason why the American Right doesn’t fight fire with fire vs the Woke Left, is that they are afraid it would make them look like Nazi SA thugs from late Weimar era (1930-32) Germany. Bad optics! Only Nazis fight commies and Antifa in the streets! We’re not Nazis! So today’s right wing has to play nice all the time.

    • The S. A. weren’t thugs. They were patriotic German nationalists, and they had more intestinal fortitude than all the Whites left in the West combined.

    • “Nazis” were very influenced by Henry Ford (The Great), Andrew Jackson, Charles Lindbergh and even to some extent Huey Long and Eugene Debs. Germany was in a better place ethnically but it doesn’t mean we can’t do it here. The vax poison is a great splitter/unifier. It no longer needs to be about race.

    • Thanks for the example. Now every time I hear some MAGA-tard use “Nazi” as a slur, I’m going to remind them how the Nazis at least stood up and fought against commies in the streets.

  7. Why doesn’t the right do authoritarianism? Authoritarianism is wielded from a position of strength, a position that the right does not have and hasn’t had in many decades. Yes, the GOP was technically in total power on November 8, 2016. However, the cultural rot in their power up to that point was so total after decades of cessation to Christopher Caldwell’s Second Founding in the 1960s that they simply could not go full authoritarian.

    Whites are essentially already an oppressed minority, and the Baby Boomers haven’t even died off yet. We are not in a position of strength but of weakness. You cannot exert your will overtly from a position of weakness. The best you can do is neutralization and that is the purpose liberal principles serve for the right; neutralize power since there is no hope of you ever acquiring it again. Generally speaking because liberalism is inherently leftist, this “neutralization” tactic will inevitably keeping moving the goal posts to the left as the Left itself continues dictating where the fights occur. This where the “conservatives are yesterday’s liberals” comes from.

    If whites are going to survive while hiding behind liberalism, we will literally have to adopt a pseudo-Jewish sense of identity. Continue using liberal principles to neutralize anti-white Leftist power, and then continue building a *minority* sense of racial consciousness so that we stay intact. The days of the white man projecting himself are gone for the foreseeable future and have been gone. Everything goes back to 1865, 1918, and 1945. As this system currently stands, we will forever be hounded by those events, and as the treasonous Richard Spencer proved in this trial, no amount of contrarianism, apology, or sheer lying and evasion will change that fact.

    We keep doing what we’ve been doing. You are totally right about staying back from the public sphere and doing outreach and critique. We simply do not have the numbers or the power necessary for dominating the anti-whites in a head-on collision.

  8. The USD, the money upon which the Government and its parasites rely upon is finally going bad as inflation destroys its purchasing power. This will effectively de-fund the whole Left Wing apparatus which is dependent upon Government and “charities” for their daily bread. This will hurt universities, NGOs, “non-profits”, Government bureaucracies e.g. the FBI, CIA, MIC, DHS etc. and foundations as their “money” buys less and less as its purchasing power rapidly declines.

    That bitch Hillary realises this. In a previous video she complains about “attacks” upon the USD as the world’s reserve currency. Hillary knows that as the dollar rapidly declines the power of the Left, a top-down, university elite, Government phenomenon not a popular, normal, people driven phenomenon declines with it.

    If the dollar were fundamentally sound then it would be impossible to successfully attack it. The fundamental weakness of the USD is that it’s backed by debt and inflation destroys the value of the debt to the creditor causing people to spontaneously abandon it. This process has not really started yet but it will rapidly make progress as the debt continues to increase along with inflation. The Left’s own programs which feed off the Government, increasing government indebtedness will ultimately destroy the Left by destroying the USD.

  9. Always playing defense never works. In order to score you have to be on the offensive side of the fight.

    Stop letting the media and their jew proxies intimidate you into acting. You’re going to be called racist, Nazi, White supremacist regardless. It time to use our enemies tactics, it works.

  10. Hunter ‘getting ready to take the fascism pill’ LOL

    but seriously

    it is not a question of ‘banning freedom of speech’ etc

    but something more similar to anti-monopolistic measures … preventing alien influences, from being too strong, and seeking to dominate or be destructive of, your own culture

    every culture has a right to keep itself intact, which includes the right to push and keep various parties to the sidelines, where they must be relatively restrained from sabotaging the mainstream … tho they can carry on a bit, quietly and amongst themselves

  11. In a way we are being punished by karma for regicide. I’ve said it before, but aristocracy is the natural state of man, it’s not perfect, but get rid of it and what persists is only temporary until another aristocracy moves in to fill the voids and it did, a brilliant but hostile jewish one. Their only weakness is they can’t expose this system for what it actually is, that still wouldn’t sit well with Americans who actually thought we are this liberal meritocracy of individuals. Ideas like freedom to speak against the system also are not long term viable, someone will use that freedom to overthrow the system and once ensconced certainly won’t make that mistake themselves. Why do you think Kings were all over the slightest rumor of a seditions plot to overthrow them? Why was this the norm and nobody tried letting communist professors take over their universities like happened here in the 20th century? Were they all wrong or was this the time tested successful way to do things? No I don’t fetishize America, it allowed itself to be overthrown, it ultimately failed. Xi isn’t stupid, he’s smart not to take his country down the same path, he doesn’t want to be an old man in a cage somewhere and other societies are taking note of his success and our imminent collapse from seeming greatness to little more than blacks and bastards on drugs. Nope, I’d rather have the political system of the 17th century that be ruled by our idiocracy.

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