Rachel Maddow’s One-On-One Interview With Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was on the Rachel Maddow Show last night.

She spoke about her friends Robbie Kaplan and Karen Dunn who were behind the Sines v. Kessler case. Apparently, Dunn used to work for Hillary Clinton. Terry McAuliffe who was governor in 2017 is also close friends with the Clintons. The interview was revealing in the sense that it showed that what happened in Charlottesville came all the way down from the top of the Democratic food chain. It was payback from the Clintons for Hillary’s defeat by Trump and the Deplorables in the 2016 election. The same was true of the Russia Hoax which went on for years and was breathlessly covered by Maddow.

This is where elite Democrats are at now. They are accusing their opponents of “authoritarianism” while subverting the Constitution, criminalizing dissent, weaponizing the FBI and creating a police state. The “January 6th” show trial has gone on for months on CNN and MSNBC. They condemn Vladimir Putin for censoring his opposition while banning Trump and all of his supporters from social media. They want Biden to “declare war” on the “authoritarians” who oppose his vaccine mandate. They want to define over a third of the country as “domestic extremists” and “authoritarians” and trample on their rights.

Note: Trump never made good on his promise to “lock her up.” In hindsight, he was fool not to do so. Vladimir Putin’s authoritarianism protects his people from people like the Clintons.

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