New York Times: Charlottesville Extremists Lose In Court, But Replacement Theory Lingers On

The Unite the Right defendants lost a civil case before a Charlottesville jury. Nationalist groups which decided four or five years ago for their own reasons that holding volatile public rallies in progressive college towns was a tactical error will now be deterred from holding similar events.

New York Times:

“The jury verdict on Tuesday holding a dozen white supremacists liable for the violence at the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., was a victory for those who have long inveighed against far-right extremists and a rare example of hate group leaders being held responsible not only for the language they use, but also for the bloodshed they are accused of causing.

But even though the planners of the rally lost their civil trial and now confront the prospect of $25 million in damages, their legacy lives on. …

This ideology’s shift from the margins toward the center was one of the leitmotifs of the nearly monthlong trial. Its spread suggests why it was crucial to have brought legal action against the defendants in the first place, according to those who helped to plan the case. “Precisely because their ideas have become more mainstream, it underscores why it is so important to hold these extremists accountable,” said Amy Spitalnick, executive director of Integrity First for America, a civil rights group that underwrote the suit. …

Still, their once-fringe belief that white people are under attack in America has now moved closer to the conservative mainstream. …”

We lost a court case.

We’re winning the argument though outside of deep blue progressive enclaves like Charlottesville. In rural areas, small towns and working class suburbs, our ideas and message is gaining traction. I won’t bother to cite all the polls because I have been covering this shift in public opinion all year.

These people are their own worst enemy. It is not us, but them, who are persuading our target audience. The embrace of systematic racism and “white supremacy” rhetoric by the political establishment during the George Floyd riots last summer was a major turning point. It is strengthening White racial consciousness. White people who are not progressives feel like they are under siege now and this shift in mood from complacency to anxiety has made them much more receptive to our messaging.

Now that the Great Replacement, White identity and secession are starting to break through, the next idea that we need to start pushing is the need to stop believing in and defending liberal norms. The Left has given up on liberal norms. The Left believes in using violence, lawfare and censorship to suppress its opposition. The Left has weaponized the “intelligence community” and bureaucracy to suppress its opposition. The idea that “pluralism” exists in our universities or in the media is a joke.

Why should we travel across the country to defend liberal norms like we did in Charlottesville? No one had any inhibitions about blacklisting us from employment, censoring us, canceling us, ordering the national security state to jail people like us, impeaching the president, engaging in violence against our side, using the courts as a weapon to seize our property. Every horrible thing that “authoritarians” could potentially do to suppress the Left are things which they are already currently doing now against us.

Vengeance is what the Left should expect next time the pendulum swings and our side comes to power. Why shouldn’t they be censored? Why shouldn’t they be blacklisted from employment? Why shouldn’t they be canceled and criminalized? Can you think of a good reason?

Authoritarianism is self defense against these people.

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  1. “will now be deterred from holding similar events.”

    That was the intent of the lawsuit.
    ‘Dissent and we’ll break you’

  2. Do what the nigger Al Sharpton did when he was held responsible for the Steven_Pagones defamation suit, give them 1 dollar a month. Never mind, Whites are held to higher standard. Everyone involved should give the finger to the govt or hide their money. If that doesn’t work, well I leave it at that.

  3. The silver lining in the dark cloud is our enemy’s acknowledgement that Whites are starting to catch on to the reality of White Genocide, aka “replacement theory”.

  4. This replacement stuff, the racial antagonism it is all being done out of a hatred of Christ and once that truth becomes know throughout the land it is over for the Jews in America. Irrational violent acts done by whites only gives cover to Jews and extends the scheme. But the Jews know they gotta go and that date is some where down the road. Civilized human beings will not tolerate the hatred the Jews have for Christ and the destructive ways those hatreds are expressed by the Jews. The Jews are a curse and that curse is lifted when people find and come to know Christ.

  5. One thing our side needs to keep in mind, rather than constantly complaining about what happens in a few blue cities, is that we are mostly safe away from these blue dots on the map. Let them slowly ruin their own nests. We need to do our own thing in red state America. The USA is not divided between blue and red states. Look at the map. What really exists is a nation of red, with a few dots of blue. I am 58. I have never been to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, etc, etc. And I doubt 75 percent of red state America has either. They have large populations. But, confined to their city. So let us build our own thing.

    • They are destroying their own power centers. I just don’t understand it. A few rednecks could take most of the electrical power to New York down in an afternoon and it would stay down. Maybe it’s just their biology to destroy what their betters have created.

  6. We took the kids to Washington DC for a few days – it was all “Nigger This” and “Nigger That” and “Look At How Great Niggers Are” and “We Wuz Slaves” and “Nat-zee This” and “Nat-zee That” in the museums and the streets are crawling with scowling ZOG troopers who are guarding every ZOG building and and it’s all locked down tight af. It was all so tiresome.

  7. Admire Jason Kessler’s tenacity.

    Pinned Tweet
    Jason Kessler
    Local reporter shoots it straight:

    Sines v Kessler “is a MASSIVE FAIL for the plaintiffs”.

    -Low damage amounts (which will be reduced even more)

    -No racial conspiracy

    -Grounds for appeal

    Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ jury finds white nationalists…
    In a mixed verdict, a jury has awarded millions of dollars in damages against white nationalist leaders for violence that erupted during the 2017 Unite the R…

    Jason Kessler
    The interesting thing with my judgment is that the compensatory damages were only about $1 or $0 on Count 3 of August 12 “conspiracy”

    Basically jury saying that there was nothing I did that hurt anyone beyond mere rhetoric. How do you assault someone in a value that low?

    Jason Kessler

    Secondarily, the $500,000 judgment I got was for Count 4: non-conspiracy tort on August 11. That is a pretty strong ground for appeal. No one even claimed that I personally harmed them on August 11 or 12 and I should not be liable for the actions of others in a non-conspiracy tort

  8. Off topic, but I’ll say one final thing about Kyle Rittenhouse:- he’s a good man worthy of great things, but he looks as pudgy and unfit as hell! He needs to join a gym, muscle up, learn self defence, and give the appearance of the real man we all know he is.
    If you’re going to be political and hold unpopular views (to some), then you need to be strong, fit and ready for the unexpected. I suspect he also has a target on his head.
    At all times, never start trouble, but be ready for it.

    • @ Goose, Do you all eat turkey down under? Agreed about Kyle, I hope the young man, will take karate lessons.

  9. Underground:

    A song by: Men At Work


    Don’t take the fire from your eyes,
    Must make them feel the heat,
    They build castles underground,
    For the rich political elite.

    I’m not going to bore with all the Lyrics!

    Listen to this song in its length!

    Music is strength!

    Australia ( Men at work, where the band are from) Australia had its Russia 1917 revolution when discovered by the BRITISH and now with the pandemic! Controlled by the Queen!

    I will say it again as Sunburn brand?

    Are we still just British Subjects????

    Keep cool Dissents

    Happy thanksgiving to all who comment on OD

    And want a better future for the:

    True European RACE

  10. I get you’re angry, but this isn’t the right thing to do with it IMO. Defending liberal norms is the moral high ground in the USA, and the ruling class has (foolishly) abandoned it. They thought it would just be temporary and that they could go back to being nice, thoughtful people once they’d saved Our Democracy from Cheeto Hitler, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Now they’re just doubling down because they have no idea what to do.

    Abandoning liberal norms and allowing their opponents to become their champion was a strategic error on their part. It’s not like we have a good alternative, anyway – ‘authoritarianism’ only works if you have control over the instruments of authority (spoiler: we don’t.)

    Don’t be glum. The regime is burning legitimacy as quickly as they can, and, like a man tearing down his walls for firewood in the winter, they’ll find it only works for so long.

  11. The bad news is, its impossible for us to collectively organize in public anymore. This would be bad in 1821. The good news is, its 2021, which means its a mind war on the internet, and we are successfully laundering our ideas into the mainstream. I don’t like not getting credit for things, but as long as Normies react to the anti-white hate of the Left and the Muds by turning to White Nationalist ideas and principles, then we are winning.

    Roberta Kaplan can collect her goybux from shit human beings like Spencer and Kessler. They aren’t the real driving force of White Nationalism and the dawn of the White Ethnostate. Our ideas are contagious and inevitable. She is a fat, roast beef eating kikess whose time is limited. Her people are ugly, cruel, and too impulsive to wait for their plans to finalize.

    Our patience has its limits.

  12. I just heard USA Today say that Biden’s presidency is boring precisely because he is so component! I kid you not!

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