Jason Kessler Wants To Start a White Civil Rights Organization

I know it is Thanksgiving.

I know I should be doing other things.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. My wife is currently preparing our meal.

I’ve got to get this off my chest though. This is a terrible idea. It is the same kind of thinking that roped activists from all over the country into the disaster in Charlottesville in the first place. Everyone went there and walked into that trap for the sake of Jason Kessler’s abstract civil liberties. In theory, he has the same civil liberties and constitutional rights like any other American citizen, but in practice they have been completely nullified by the anti-White political climate inside Charlottesville.

The underlying issue in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and all of these other places is the demise of liberal norms. Progressives are in the demographic majority in these places. These people have rejected liberal norms. They DO NOT protect the rights of the minority. They see everything through the prism of race, sex and ideology and treat people as victims or villains accordingly. We’ve repeatedly seen the system is only as good in practice as the people who occupy its institutions who have overwhelmingly shown themselves to be cowards who fold under pressure.

In different progressive enclaves, the views of the local majority manifests in different ways. In Charlottesville, police officers watch Antifa assault people and do nothing to stop it. In Portland, police officers sit in their cars and watch Antifa destroy downtown businesses because there is nothing they can do to stop it. In Seattle, the police are no longer able to disperse violent Antifa mobs. In San Francisco, looting has been legalized. In Berkeley, violent Antifa mobs have a tradition of intimidating rightwing speakers on campus. In some places like Milwaukee or Philadelphia, violent criminals are released into the streets due to bail reform. In Chicago, even murderers are released into the streets. Everywhere violent leftwing mobs have been given tacit permission to topple monuments that they dislike.

This is how these people prefer to live in their little blue islands. There isn’t much that can be done about it. They celebrate criminals who prey on the innocent. It is what they believe. They should be allowed to live in their upside down world. Starting a White civil rights organization to restore liberal norms in places which have been taken over by woke progressives isn’t going to work. According to their ideology, White men with nationalist views have no rights which they are required to respect. These people DO NOT believe in free speech, pluralism, due process, tolerance or any liberal norms except for people on their side. They believe in using violence, censorship and state repression against people who are on the Right.

Joe Biden only won 16.7% of counties in the 2020 election. Trump won 2,497 counties or 83.3% of counties. Activists should be working to persuade the people who live in the 83.3% of counties that Trump won to embrace authoritarianism and reject liberal norms. This is particularly true of White people who live in rural areas and small towns. Why should they continue to conserve liberalism and feel bound by liberal norms that the other side has rejected? Why should their rights be respected in places we control? When the ACLU and New York Times have rejected liberalism, why should you continue to believe in it?

Supposedly, the Right has embraced “authoritarianism,” but no one is really explicitly making this argument. Quite the opposite. Even after everything that has happened in the last five years, the dominant idea on the Right is still that we ought to be conserving yesterday’s liberal order and wallowing in victimhood and “owning the libs” by showing how intolerant they are and chuckling about it. It is whining about cancel culture and censorship and lamenting the spread of illiberalism within and across institutions and doing nothing about it. It is defending concepts that have been discarded by the Left. It is holding free speech rallies while Antifa hit you in the face with a brick and get away with it.

There is something we can do about it though. We’ve been much more successful in crafting narratives and reshaping and leading public opinion within our much larger swath of the electorate. We’re not going to preserve White civil rights in places like Charlottesville or San Francisco or Berkeley. We can persuade our own side that liberal norms have been discredited and have become one sided and serve only the interests of the Left and therefore ought not to be defended or preserved in places we control. Liberal norms protect leftists in Red America, but not conservatives in Blue America.

This isn’t a personal shot at Jason Kessler. I don’t believe for a second what happened in Charlottesville is unique to that city. If it wasn’t in Charlottesville, we would have eventually encountered the same problem somewhere else, as liberal norms have crumbled in all spaces controlled by progressives. Everything we have seen in Charlottesville and all of these other places should give us no confidence in the value or longevity of liberal norms. The other side is becoming more explicitly anti-White, illiberal and authoritarian. They drive people into unemployment with vaccine mandates. They wield wokeness as a sword to stifle and ruin careers. They openly try to purge us from the military and jail innocent people.

Why don’t we respond to these people with the same malevolence? Why do we default to this live and let live attitude? Why do we champion their rights and liberties? Even if you are content to leave them alone to live their miserable lives in their urban cesspools, they will not leave you alone. There are no limits to their willingness to using every lever of the government or raw corporate power to destroy you. They will find some way to antagonize you like unleashing the DOJ and FBI on parents or the local police or strong arming your employer to fire you. They’re probably spending their National Day of Mourning figuring out new ways to punish you for being a cishet White male oppressor of BIPOC people.

Chances are you don’t live in a city that is dominated by progressive activists. You should be thankful for that. You should also have no inhibitions and a clear conscience in doing everything humanely possible to ensure that it stays that way. You shouldn’t concern yourself with things like fairness. You shouldn’t be restrained by discredited liberal norms. Don’t be fair to them. Take your own side in a fight.

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  1. A white civil rights organization is an excellent idea but there’s no way ZOG is going to tolerate such a thing.

    • David Duke tried this 4+ decades ago, with virtually zero success.

      Collectively, WHITES are too spineless and socially compliant to protect themselves, much less their genetic wealth. Media persuasion has nearly absolute control on the herd/crowd mind.

      • I hate how these guys announce what they are trying to do, so the Left ramps up and gets ready to shut it down. They are never strategic or one step ahead of things. They should never tell their plans.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your take on things but lately your’re hitting home runs every time at bat, keep up the great work. Happy Thanksgiving

  3. This is good. But the missing part is where we actually have to do the bit. You know, the separation part.

    First say, then do: We cannot live with these people. Not now. Not ever. We have to separate, and do it quickly.

    There is a petition to get a non-binding resolution for Texas leaving the Union on the Spring 2022 Texas GOP Primary Ballot. Imagine if the movement would actually back this; it would move the ball down the field dramatically in a matter of months. Imagine if the Alt Right to include the League of the South had pushed this since Nov 2016 instead of Hitler salutes, cartoon frogs, torches, clubs, helmets, shields and body armor.

    At least people have stopped doing stupid things, but they still can’t do the bit.

    When we ultimately win we will kick ourselves for not doing this sooner.

  4. @ Doctors without borders, these american doctors, network, donate their time, resources, to helping the people they want, my point is this, I am sure, there are lawyers out there, who believe as we do, too those counselor’s of law, who believe as we do, stand with us, prove it with your actions, network, donate your skills, your resources, too helping your people. ” Lawyers without fear”, you lawyers have wealth and a life of ease, for the most part, you can also have Honor and our respect and gratitude, but you have to earn it.

    • No, the US legal system does not work that way, and hasn’t for decades. Lawyers who oppose the politician-judge mafia get destroyed, and fear of this shapes all they do. The price of keeping their bar membership is that they only stage-manage target victims, not truly defend those the system wants to crush.

      Judges and the bar groups crush any dissident lawyers quite quickly. Most complaints against lawyers are ignored, but kept in files for blackmail. If lawyers get bold, old files come out, and they can be instantly disbarred, bankrupted, jailed. Media play along. Get to know lawyers well and they quietly explain this to you.

      And this is why Kessler’s idea is doomed. One idiot lawsuit, and his organisation is bankrupted and its funds all seized. He should know. He’s still stuck in a fantasy about ‘justice’ like in tv and movies.

      Look at how even with a million-plus US lawyers – only a portion of whom are rich, many struggling with marginal employment – look how no lawyer was willing to step forward in the original trial of James Fields Jr, even with all the free media it offered, and the excellent defense arguments. Lawyers were all afraid. Fields got stuck with a ‘public defender’ who was part of the Charlottesville courthouse mafia.

      This below tells how it works, why half the US lawyers are in the mafia, the other half too terrified to fight it
      ‘FAQ on US Judicial and Legal Corruption’

      • @ Balticus, thanks for the schooling, “lawyers without fear”, I must have been, sleep walking, when I posted that…..

  5. OT sorta…

    One way in overthrowing the system is by not living by Yankee customs of the system…maybe even get “authoritarian” about it to make a point.

    …Written and illustrated by Charles Hayes, The Real First Thanksgiving takes young readers on an adventure to Old Virginia and the roots of the American experiment. Virginia established the first representative government in North America and hosted the first English thanksgiving. It provided the framework for the American experience, and in contrast to Ross’s assertions of “genocide,” faced near extermination from starvation, disease, and frequent Indian attacks. In fact, the annual Thanksgiving inaugurated at Berkeley Hundred, Virginia only lasted for about a year as most of the men and women were slaughtered by the local Indians.

    Americans would do well to remember the prominence of Virginia in early American society, not because as Nikole Hannah-Jones insists it introduced African slavery to American history, but because it was home to American self-government and American traditions like Thanksgiving. We should applaud Hayes and Shotwell Publishing for making this true story of Thanksgiving accessible to young readers—and to adults who also need to know the real history of the event.
    — “The Real First Thanksgiving” By Brion McClanahan November 24, 2021,


    I’ve had my Yankee “thanksgiving” today — carrots and baby spinach in a blender, yum yum. My supply of “hardtack” is getting low … I must ration now.

    Maybe the South can figure out a way to NOT buy anything normally bought this time of the year in the next month or two to bankrupt all these woke Yankee Empire businesses who have waited all year to make a profit as another “authoritarian” measure.

    May God Save the South!

    • Berkeley Hundred was a land grant in 1618 of the Virginia Company of London to Sir William Throckmorton, Sir George Yeardley, George Thorpe, Richard Berkeley, and John Smyth (1567–1641) of Nibley. Smyth was also the historian of the Berkeley group, collecting over 60 documents relating to the settlement of Virginia between 1613 and 1634 which have survived to modern times.

      In 1619, the ship Margaret of Bristol, England sailed for Virginia under Captain John Woodliffe and brought thirty-eight settlers to the new Town and Hundred of Berkeley. The London Company proprietors instructed the settlers that “the day of our ships arrival . . . shall be yearly and perpetually kept as a day of Thanksgiving.” The Margaret landed her passengers at Berkeley Hundred on December 4, 1619. The settlers did indeed celebrate a day of “Thanksgiving”, establishing the tradition two years and 17 days before the Pilgrims arrived aboard the Mayflower at Plymouth, Massachusetts to establish their Thanksgiving Day in 1621.— Wikipedia: “Berkeley Hundred”


      Shrine of the first U.S. Thanksgiving in 1619 at Berkeley Hundred in Charles City County, Virginia

  6. I hate to admit that I’m so desperate for any sort of mass awakening of White racial consciousness and collectivization that any attempt at it sounds good to me – including a White civil rights group – but this is a good post with correct points.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. “There is something we can do about it though. We’ve been much more successful in crafting narratives and reshaping and leading public opinion ”

    They are already sending up test balloons to counter this.

    Recent op/ed in WSJ:
    The need to recraft the internet to protect individual identity and personal informatolion is addressed, which is a cover story, to conceal the true intent of these
    new proposals. Buried in the body of the article is its true intent, “to prevent hate”.

    Be prepared for new proposals, to censor us, in the guise of ‘protection’.

    • There is nothing wrong with hating those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent. In fact it is your duty as a Christian and a civilized human being to hate those who bring harm to the innocent. Why did the Jews kill Christ?

      • @ Robert Browning, ” Why did the Jews kill christ ” ? Because he let them, jesus obeyed his heavenly father and payed for our sins, with his perfect innocent blood, mr.browning, I am quite sure you remember john 3:16. “

        • @Terry— You did not answer why? It is the nature of the Jews to pray on the weak and the innocent and the only way the Jews can over some their nature is through Christ. So by rejecting Christ the Jews are damned to repeat their rise and fall over and over until the end of time. It is written in the stars, eternal damnation that is.

  8. Two things:

    1. The Charlottesville verdict wasn’t that bad. The enemy’s aim was to so grind everyone associated with it into poverty that no one would ever think of doing such a thing again. It was a failure by that metric. The jury didn’t rule against the defendants on the most serious charges. Most of the damages were against Fields, and while that’s certainly unfair, you can see the logic behind it. Most of the rest of the plaintiffs crying crocodile tears were awarded either $1 or $0 compensatory damages – i.e., the jury said they were full of shit. It’s true they also assessed around $500k in punitive damages to each defendant, but that will probably be reduced to less than ten bucks each on appeal. Yes, the process is the punishment, and yes, this should’ve been laughed out of court, but this definitely isn’t a win for the other side. So don’t be so down about it.

    2. You need a positive vision to attract people. Normal people, at least. Talking about how we’re gonna make life hell for the libs should they wander into our territory isn’t one. When ‘progressives’ attract people, it isn’t by saying they’re going to get the janitor at the local office complex fired for liking the wrong tweet. It’s by describing this beautiful world filled with black geniuses finding the cure for cancer and writing the non-racist equivalent of symphonies – a world that could be ours if only we can get rid of the scourge of white supremacy and let everyone reach their true potential. It’s crazy, but it’s a positive vision. The nasty stuff gets justified as unfortunate, but necessary to reach the promised land.

    I’m not seeing a positive vision in this ‘authoritarianism’ thing you’ve started talking about. Is it The Ethnostate? No, most of the people trying to suppress and impoverish others for holding ideas they disagree with *are* white. Is it the return of the South? Closer, but let’s be honest – these days the South is only slightly less pozzed than the rest of the country. People might be willing to tolerate a little unpleasantness for a noble end, but what’s our noble end? I think your efforts might be better spent here.

    It sounds to me like you’re angry and dispirited and trying to let off some steam. Which is understandable. But you’re letting the enemy goad you into becoming the caricature they want you to be. Absent some higher purpose, cracking skulls – whether literally or figuratively – is just ugly. They’d love it if they could get normal folks repulsed by us just by telling them what we think. If they could, they wouldn’t need to censor everything.

    In American politics, liberal norms are the most morally defensible position there is, and the enemy has left it wide open. After what the US has been up to, our government chastising Russia for suppressing their opposition is beyond hypocrisy – it’s farce. And normal folks are finally beginning to realize it. As you’ve documented, things are finally beginning to turn around. Changing your message from something that works to something that doesn’t will only ensure this little subculture remains marginal.

    • ” It’s by describing this beautiful world filled with black geniuses finding the cure for cancer and writing the non-racist equivalent of symphonies ”

      We aren’t that good at lying, our foes are past and present masters of that talent.

      You’re right. They promise roses and rainbows, then deliver burned out slums.
      When we make the most modest proposals of good, like a WHITE scholarship fund, every major media gun starts firing at it.

      What do you propose ?

      • @ Arrian, “What do you propose” Doing the best we can, day by day, that is our duty, if we get knocked down, get back up………

        • @Terry Smith

          But terry, we can’t continue to be isolated individuals. If we don’t find some method to take collective action, as WHITES, we will die , as atomized embers.

          As Alex Linder has brilliantly stated.

          “There is no individual solution to a collective threat.”

          Those words have more value than any gem.

          • @ Arrian, I know,I know, I am not disputing anything you say, I am searching for answers, same as you, it’s easy for me too remind southern Whites of out past, our , I read whereidentity, but getting thru too these metropolitan brainwashed Whites, is another thing entirely, we, meaning our community, have too keep going, these metropolitan shitheads are going too have too learn the hard way, after enough of them have been slaughtered, maybe then, what’s left can be saved, but our people are going too learn the hard way, it’s the hard lessons, that people remember,

          • I think everyone knows…that there will be one path…but who wants to either lose their life or spend their life with no freedom, for most of these people? Most whites are not worth saving. The ones who are…will find a way.

    • You sound like a jew. A smooth talking yid, but a cunning, duplicitous one none the less … as if there was any other kind, LOL! … or a fed.

    • This is a very good comment. I’d also observe that the ADL manages to impose a soft terror state across the USA while posing as defenseless victims in all its rhetoric – there’s something to learn there.

      A white identity movement needs to be built on a positive vision of whiteness, white history, the European settler experience, and to nurture a collective siege mentality. Take that Smithsonian “whiteness” flyer from last year and use it as a list of White cultural values worth defending – with ethnically nonwhites also free to come on board.

    • Hi Anon, some of the verdicts aren’t a total loss since over time they should deter the criminal element from associating with white identity politics. I agree that there’s an inspiring European story there that needs to be told that we just aren’t telling. Bigger brains need to reading Spengler, Evola, de Benoist, Faye, Yockey, etc. Lashing out, cracking skulls, etc. is just a way for people without influence to pretend they have power. We don’t.

      Do we want to change things or not?

      Liberal norms are just embarrassing. In conservative spaces I’m still seeing “principles,” “what if things were reversed,” paper worship like “the Constitution says,” and other slave morality behaviors. On black nationalist twitter feeds, conservatives, like human wave attacks, will still try to convince a pro-black black that he’s the real racist. That’s how lost some of us are. Freedom! Reason! Rights! Individualism! Objectivity! Children of God! That someone could be pro-black and anti-white is inconceivable to them. They think the word “racist” can be used to shame other groups the same way it has been used to shame themselves, and they just get laughed at.

      Liberals themselves have deprecated liberal norms, so we shouldn’t plan to rely on those forever. They’re already gone in some places.

      As for the model we should follow, here are two examples. Andrew Yang was being interviewed by an editor at The Root during his campaign. He mentioned a bunch of policies that would, as an effect, disproportionately help blacks. The interviewer wasn’t satisfied. “But what are you doing for blacks?” A lot of commenters arrogantly dismissed the black interviewer as stupid and couldn’t understand what he was asking for and why.

      Similarly, after Trump was elected, I saw a conversation on YouTube with anti-Trumper Bret Stephens titled “Is Trump Good for the Jews?” We don’t need to be this explicit — this is why Jews and blacks generate backlashes while quieter groups do not. But we do need to get normal whites biased toward themselves. Simple memes like “cuck,” “simping,” “pro-white,” “anti-white,” “Yes.” etc. have been very effective by allowing normal people to quickly stand up for themselves, without anyone’s help, without reading 600 page books, and without looking like a bad person.

      Liberal norms are going away and the white population is in decline. We need to get good at playing the minority game — relentlessly act in our own interest as a group, cooperate with other groups effectively that may not be our BFFs, all without attracting negative attention from the Empire. This implies a shift — we need to get comfortable with statism, collectivism, and discretion, and need to view freedom, individualism, and self-expression as the cancer they are. This doesn’t mean that freedom, individualism, and self-expression are bad, only that they’re not absolutely good. Freedom, individualism, and self-expression only have meaning within your group, and can harm your group outside of a friendly context.

      Liberal norms need to go.

      • Unfortunately, most of the boomer commentators here think that “freedom, individualism, and self-expression” are is the essence of “whiteness”. They will go to the grave talking about “muh principles” and spending the last of their money buying more worthless plastic crap. Their hungrier descendants are going to have to save their families, and live up to the 14 words.

  9. The Jamestown settlers had a Charter with them, written by the Jew bankers who funded the expedition, back in London. They were to open the locked box and read it only when they got to Virginia.

    They did so, and having read it, locked it back in the box, and never paid it any mind.

    That is how the Jamestown colony succeeded.

  10. So Kessler has made his peace with the inevitability of a non-white America.

    >Jason Kessler Wants To Start a White Civil Rights Organization

    This is basically a ‘muh Constitution’ cope — the concept of ‘Civil Rights’ was invented and codified (into law) by Whites, and there’s no reason to believe the letter and especially the spirit of this legacy will survive in a non-white America — if all the ‘white privilege’ rhetoric isn’t enough, for more evidence of this find a video of Eric Holder testifying before Congress that proposed federal ‘hate crime’ laws weren’t meant to penalize ‘hate’ against Whites, or review the SCOTUS decision in Grutter v Bollinger.

    I look at Kessler’s timeline on Gab (he set it to private for a while); from what I can tell, he seems well-meaning, albeit a bit midwit-ish at times — I feel sorry him, as I do for everyone caught up in the Charlottesville mess.

    • Nonwhite America is already a reality – we are just 50% of under-18s. The good news is that we share a great deal with many nonwhites in terms of behavior and culture. The goals now must be 1. to consolidate white support and build explicitly white institutions, 2. stake a claim on “white values”, and 3. eat away at Dem support by offering an explicit open door to ethnic minorities who want to adopt said white values. Low crime, selective admissions to university, and making the trains run on time are all white values that many nonwhites will also get behind, if the alternative is to worship blacks.

      • >offering an explicit open door to ethnic minorities who want to adopt said white values

        Yeah OK — so the standard GOP/RINO ‘minority outreach’ agenda; like it hasn’t been tried already — this is just another kind of dumb civic nationalist cope.

        A multiracial society can and will never work; 2020 should have made that clear to even the most obtuse Whites — the average differences between the races are irremediable (‘you can’t fix stupid’) because they are rooted in genetics (e.g. only about 1 in 8 Blacks is more intelligent than the average White, and the average White isn’t all that intelligent) — these genetic differences will always result in significant discrepancies in average SES, and these significant discrepancies in average SES will always be seen as a kind of social pathology, demanding governmental measures amounting to wealth redistribution.

        Whites will be subjugated, exploited, and politically marginalized in a non-white America — there is no reason to ever intellectually accommodate that.

      • Really?

        America is a racial spoils system in which every race advocates and works for its own separate and distinct racial identity and interests….except the white race. White racial identity and the concept of separate and distinct white racial interests are casualties of the doctrine of “color blind conservatism,” among other things.

        An openly and explicitly racial White Civil Rights organization is a step, a big step, in the direction of affirming the existence of and asserting white identity and separate and distinct white racial interests. This open, explicit asserting of “whiteness” is a necessary step in the right direction of legitimizing white racial identity and separate and distinct white interests. It is a potential death knell to destructive ideology of being “color blind.” When was blindness ever a good thing?

        • Yes, this was the whole idea behind Charlottesville, and we saw how that worked out in practice. The idea that these people are going to protect “White civil rights” is absurd. Effectively, it means our side adopting liberal rhetoric which 1.) has been abandoned by the other side and 2.) offers no protection for us at all

        • @Don You wrote, “America is a racial spoils system in which every race advocates and works for its own separate and distinct racial identity and interests….except the white race. “,

          Just NO. You think whites are going to get treated equally and be allowed the same privileges as nonwhites? This is the reason things are the way they are now. The whole PLAN is to push us out and get rid of us. Leftist/govt doesn’t care about making things fair or just.

          Some of you are really relying on the system, and just don’t see how it’s not about equality, fairness, or being on our side at all.

      • I see such an organization as just a tactic. Jews have gravely damaged white America by using every available leverage and angle of attack, from court decisions and referendums to Woke Capital activism, from lawfare by billion-dollar NYC law firms to street violence by black thugs and meth-addled antifa. The problem with the white movement is that it has no structure and no leadership; if such a structure is to be created, it *must* be framed as a civil rights organization – there simply isn’t any alternative. What laws actually get passed, etc. is another world entirely.

        • “Civil rights” has always created protected classes of citizens that have always excluded Whites. The system has always been anti-white. Now, it is not even liberal, which shows the absolute futility of embracing liberal rhetoric

          • Yes. It is SO naive when whites think that we just have to convince the controlling left, that we have the same rights as nonwhites . They don’t care what we want or even what we think.

            Do they REALLY think it’s just a matter of convincing them we are right?

            If it was just about being right, we would have won long ago.

  11. Forget Kessler. It’s way past time to stop ghost-dancing about a dead and mummified constitution. It’s over. Face it. Over at Unz, a “Diabolical Genius” has shown up with some truly interesting ideas to bring the empire to its knees and ultimate collapse. This must happen before an authoritarian organization can succeed among the normies, who will not give up their delusions and ghost-dancing before then. The sooner this happens, the more of our people will be around to survive.

    • The “run to the hills” approach has been tried ad nauseum the past 50 years and it has only made the federal government more tyrannical and anti-white. We need to fight for control of these institutions. There has never been a successful peasants’ revolt in history.

      • We need to fight for control of these institution

        Nah. They were lost decades ago. Like, before WW2 even started. By the time the CIA was created in 1947, the WASP elite was long gone and the institutions were fully in control of the enemy. From there it was just a matter of events playing themselves out logically from the existing premises: Anti-racism, equality, feminism, the sexual revolution, environmentalism, globohomo. Its arrogant and foolish to assume WNs can take over the existing institutions. They actively snuff out Pro-White dissent, and no, none of us are James Bond style agents who can blend in seamlessly and topple our enemies from within.

        There has never been a successful peasants’ revolt in history

        Doesn’t matter. Either the Normies have a collective awakening and we all figure out how to lead a peasants revolt, or we’re doomed. There is no other way. Mass awakening has always been the only viable option for White Nationalism.

        Besides, I don’t think your opposition to a peasants revolt is based on practical concerns.* I think your opposition is ideological in nature: You autistically cling to the dubious premise that only “Elites” have the power to change things or alter the course of history.

        This is unfortunately common in Dissident Right circles. Other then old theories by Thomas Carlyle, I genuinely don’t know where the sentiment comes from, but our circles speak of it as if its absolute fact. Its like they are looking for a justification to become the “New Elites” and lord it over the commoners. Screw that. I’ll take my chances with the existing Jew elite if that be the case.

        Like I’ve said before, the Whigs did nothing wrong. They identified, named, and called out tyranny when they saw it. White Nationalism will not become a new excuse to go back to an old Medieval system of subjugation. It will liberate and nurture the White Race, not enslave it. Specifically, it will nurture Normal Whites, who are the majority of the White Race. High Whites (College Educated, Arisrocratic Whites) and low Whites (welfare leeching drug addict types) can indeed be reduced to a slave caste for all I care.

        *In any case, your so-called “practical” concerns are bullshit. The French Revolution was the most successful peasants revolt in human history, and whatever conspiracies we want to say about the Illuminati being behind it, the bottom line is 1789-1794 was organized bottom up and rose from the bottom up. The Ancien Regime – the Elites of France – were crushed and replaced by a regime that ruled on the principle of Popular Sovereignty. White Nationalism will succeed or die based on Popular Sovereignty, NOT Elitism.

  12. “When ‘progressives’ attract people, it isn’t by saying they’re going to get the janitor at the local office complex fired for liking the wrong tweet. It’s by describing this beautiful world filled with black geniuses finding the cure for cancer and writing the non-racist equivalent of symphonies – a world that could be ours if only we can get rid of the scourge of white supremacy and let everyone reach their true potential. It’s crazy, but it’s a positive vision.”

    I’m sick of hearing the old whine that we simply MUST walk on eggshells lest we turn off the normie retards who actually swallow that jewshit.

    FUCK ’em.

    I believe that the more intelligent people who are waking up to the danger Whites now face and are coming around to our way of thinking wouldn’t be “horrified” by the idea of taking revenge on our tormentors; on the contrary, I bet they’re righteously angry enough to want to crush the swaggering (((Cultural Marxist))) scum.

  13. If Kessler wants to make a ‘White Civil Rights Organization’ then good for him.

    We need more than just the National Justice Party.

    I think I saw something yesterday that Mike Peinovich and the National Justice Party were in Waukesha, WI protesting the BLM radical who committed the Anti-White Terrorist Attack on the Christmas Parade.

    Why would anyone on ‘our side’ counter-signal this?

    I saw some Feds on Gab counter-signaling it with ‘Bottles of Ranch’ memes but that’s to be expected.

    The National Justice Party does great work and they should be applauded and supported.

    But, we need a lot more than just one organization.

    What we don’t need are any more ‘movements’ like the ‘Alt-Right’ or ‘Dissident Right’ with 24/7 infighting and backstabbing.

    • It is my understanding that NJP just showed up in Waukesha and held their event. I don’t see anything to complain about. It went smoothly which is what always happens when you don’t turn it into a big media spectacle.

    • @Pureblood Vitamino “What we don’t need are any more ‘movements’ like the ‘Alt-Right’ or ‘Dissident Right’ with 24/7 infighting and backstabbing.”

      That was the purpose of those groups. Destroy from within.

  14. We all go through some sort of evolution in terms of political views. I think everybody White and Christian goes through a long stage of Conservative beliefs. That’s fine especially for those “Pro White” in nature and talk about it openly. However I think everybody should evolve over time and study up and Political Ideology. I’ve done that for 20 plus years and my own political views have changed since 2001. Like everyone involved in the Pro South Movement back in 2001 you was either a pure Southern Nationalist or you was a Conservative Southerner that supported the Confederate Flag. Some (more than you would think) was even Right Wing Libertarian in nature as well in the Pro South Movement especially those who liked the history of the Constitution and the Constitutional form of government. I don’t personally knock anyone for believing a certain way so long as you care about White Folks and the South in general. However I think people should do what I’ve always done and study up on everything, watch the news when necessary, and relate…..how was your life and society under a Democrat or a Republican? Was it better? Was it worse? Was it about the same? I can guarantee that anybody that’s being honest would say that nothing really changes when a Democrat or a Republican is in office such as the President, the Governor, the Mayor and so on. Nothing changes at all because the Jews run both parties and the New World Order is the real “Government” in power. I comment people in the Alt Right and just activists in general for better promoting White Nationalism and using the word “Nationalist” in general on Social Media because it got me studying up on things more and truly looking at White Nationalism as a real World pure political ideology. In terms of Government I’ve always believed we should get more out of the Government….we pay taxes we should be more services. If not cut taxes and we can spend our money and get our own services. Either way what works. The thing I’ve always liked about George Lincoln Rockwell and others who made “National Socialism” popular is the ideology was updated and made more American which made it that much easier when I evolved my Political Ideology and have gone more in that direction in recent Years. White Unity has always been our solution. Deo Vindice !

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