Belarus Has The Most Based President On Earth

I’m thankful for a lot of things in life.

Joe Biden and liberal democracy are not among them.

In this country, we are dominated by Jewish oligarchs and PMCs who live in the big metropolitan areas on the coasts. This class of people have been wisely wiped out in Belarus.

Al Jazeera:

“What helped him fight the largely urban dissidents was the cohort of police and intelligence officers mainly recruited from villagers who enjoy a higher-than-average salary, Mitrokhin said.

“He created a working system of his rule that is based on the energy of large-fisted ex-peasants who went through the army and intelligence service, who hate the ‘city slickers’ and therefore have no qualms about carrying out each order Lukashenko gives,” he said.

Under Lukashenko, Belarus remained a mini-USSR preserved in amber, and his rule rested on three cornerstones, observers say.

First, he scrupulously controlled the economy by preserving the Soviet-era collective farms, state-run plants processing discounted Russian crude, manufacturing machinery and fertiliser. The control prevented the emergence of billionaire oligarchs whose money and connections played an outsized role in Russia and Ukraine.

Secondly, he did his best to slow down the formation of the middle class – affluent, pro-Western and some of his greatest critics.

When this nascent middle class rose against him during last year’s protests, he forced hundreds of thousands to flee for Ukraine and the EU.

Thirdly, he created a symbiotic political alliance with the Kremlin. …”

Trump deferred to the Jewish oligarchs.

He delegated power to Jared Kushner and his friends from Manhattan. He staffed the government with a bunch of his sworn enemies. He deferred to the Republican Congress and embraced their agenda. The people who governed on behalf of Trump had no resemblance to Trump voters.

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  1. Yes, all very nice rhetoric, but this is the same person who is trying to flood Europe with even MORE nonwhite migrants.

    Actions > words.

    Anyone who is importing the third world into the white homeland is an enemy, full stop — whatever rhetorical merits he may have.

    • Lukashenko was merely insisting that the invaders move on, that they are not welcome. If Poland wants to do the same, maybe that will send a message that Slavic lands are not a dumping ground for invading horses. He is no enemy, he is an example.

      • “Strannik
        NOVEMBER 25, 2021 AT 2:03 PM
        Lukashenko was merely insisting that the invaders move on, that they are not welcome. If Poland wants to do the same, maybe that will send a message that Slavic lands are not a dumping ground for invading horses. He is no enemy, he is an example.”

        I respond:

        NO. That’s not true. Lushenko has been very openly working with Muslim Middle Eastern people smugglers offering chartered flights directly to Belarus under the disguise that these were tourists.


        Please do not lie in support of obvious traitors who are flooding Europe with the worst Muslim, Middle Easter, Pakistani scum.

        My god man this is a young male army of rapists like the ones in Cologne Germany and Rotherham England.

        • I am simply not believing that Luka was helping these hordes directly, merely sending them on their way to make a point. If the point is not understood, it is not Luka’s fault. They tried to kill him and his family, he will use what weapons his enemies hand him as a matter of course.

        • I don’t know if this or my other message in reply will get through, but consider that the West has tried to kill Luka and his family, of that I have no doubt. And I do doubt that he is directly aiding these primitives, rather I think that he will allow the weapon the West is using against itself, to take its natural course. As Juri puts it, forcing Poland to strengthen its present Curzon line border will go a considerable step toward making that border permanent.

      • If that was his actual reason, then he’s the most Uber-Chad leader in all of Europe.

        Hunter has explained how the Left uses authoritarianism and ignores Liberal Norms to crush its enemies (us), and how we we shouldn’t be afraid to fight fire with fire. I say this also applies to non-white refugees. Our countries are getting flooded and we are becoming racial minorities anyway. Why not dump them all in the cities and suburbs where College Educated Whites and PMCs live? Why not let the Muds terrorize our enemies?

        Right Wing Whites and Normal Whites are perfectly aware and capable of protecting themselves from refugees. Cases like Weukasa, Wisconsin notwithstandings, its generally not our children or our women that gets butchered. Its College Educated Professionals. Nothing value is lost.

    • Europe, Poland, and Germany are not Lukashenko’s responsibility. They get what they deserve for acting as puppets for the American empire. If they don’t want migrants, they shouldn’t side with the USA.

    • Eastern Europe is different and we fighting with other methods. Batja Luka moves are much welcomed by all Eastern European nationalists.

      It forces anti whites defend their values. One thing is lament about refugees, the other thing is real chance getting those refugees in your own neighborhood.

      Son now anti whites want immigration without immigration , we can mock and humiliate them, offer proposals that Government must rent houses in good neighborhoods and house the poor refugees there where they are protected from evil Nazis. Yet somehow, anti white whites do not want those poor nice people next to themselves.

      And this fun is also paid. We have draft down here, so all men are reservists. Now our Governments using those reservists to build fences. I was in my home country border, 10 days in the forest in the tent with very Nazi racist fellowship, building fence, saw a lot of old friends, free food and 75 euro per day.

      War is messy thing and from Eastern European viewpoint, things are moving exactly as they supposed to move. Lot of fun down here right now 😀

      • Thanks Juri for the report from the field. I have just one suggestion: try to build friendships and just respect for other White Europeans who are just a little different – Germanic/Nordics being respectful to Slavic Whites. Orthodox Christians being respectful to Catholic Christians or even Pagans.

        Our side could have won World War II if we hadn’t had these foolish White vs White divisions.

        • Absolutely. Before war you shall increase your supporters and minimize the enemies. Because of that, Donald also touting how he loves homosexuals, POC and of course, the Jews. Our side shall not repeat Hitler worst mistake who managed to piss off every last possible ally and ended up fighting with entire world.

          • @ Juri,

            Hitler was able to harmoniously bring Pagans, Catholic, and Protestants together for the betterment of the German Folk.

            On OD, these same groups cannot get along congenially, thoughtless are in the same existential crisis, and we do not have any state power.

            Hitler was a “Man against Time.” You still believe the USSR propaganda about this great(est) leader of Europe.

          • “”…You still believe the USSR propaganda…””

            German treatment of Eastern Europeans is unfortunately not USSR propaganda but sad truth. This is the sole reason why Hitler lost the war. Without treating us as sub humans, he could have 150 million fierce anti communist fighters.

            “””.. bring Pagans, Catholic, and Protestants together …””

            And communists. Because of that, Germany had chaos, sabotage and treason everywhere. You can also unite your folk. Take brats and management class and democrats and Antifa and try to make new homeland with those wonderful white people. Catholic uncle Biden will give God blessing and devoted protestant Bush will keep white people away from wars

            “”..On OD, these same groups cannot get along …”””

            Yep, those people are not pro white or anti communists but religious nuts similar to Antifa or homosexual activists capable to see only one thing.. No wonder that pro white movement is like Hitler Germany. Endless infighting and nothing gets done. There was a reason why Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor were thrown out from Poland and Hungary. We need healthy nationalist movement not upside down liberalism with “great thinking” and “ideas” with fake history and pseudoscience.

  2. Lukashenko has kept his country pure white, and has for 20 years been a wall for the hyena state next door called Poland. His recent psy op against Poland was a success. He forced Poland to erect a fence at a border they totally reject. Not sure if any of the sandniggers got into Poland, but that wasn’t the point.

    When the commies revolted in America, Trump took their side, and they tore the place up. Lukashenko fenced them in, and let them rage, but well contained.

    The rebellion in Belarus was primarily amongst Poles. They were waving Polish Flags. The recent psy op was primarily to get Poland to put up a fence at that place, the border accepted today. That was a victory. Poland claims all that land, far into current Belarus. Now they have installed fences at a border they do not accept.

    It helps to have control of the television.

  3. Funny how those jewish journalists aren’t concerned about US government violations of “human rights” or about insuring fair elections in this country. That’s because America is under the control of their tribe, while Belorussia isn’t.

    • Isn’t Belarus where Oswald lived? He was miserable there.

      Still we can learn a lot from other places or history. The conservatives are still so wedded to their high school civics class that if they ever gained power again in the US they’d risk it all in an “election” where the females will vote for whoever their favorite pop singer tells them to. My brother loves Savage but also likes a lot of Mexican chicks where he works. He thinks Trump really screwed up his chance on many fronts but thinks the non stop harping about the wall and Mexico is gonna pay for it was a mistake. He said go ahead say it once but your main priority is to take down the media, the propaganda has gotten insane. Probably right, the media is like the horn on the gorgon in the final battle in the second Conan movie, take it out and then everything else will fall into place. Tru cons would harp on about “property rights” of Jeff Zucker and co. and “freedom of speech” for their enemies who are trying to kill us. They are still fighting like an old Erol Flynn movie where he hands the Sheriff of Nottingham back his sword for a fair fight. These leftists demons have no problem shooting their opponents in the back. Time to forget about the Constitution Fetish, Locke and pick up Machiavelli.

  4. >Steve Rosenberg

    These fucking kikes (link) — they can look at the mess in the UK, things like semi-regular nigger riots, mass rapes of native girls by Paki gangs, people getting thrown in jail for ‘causing offense’ on Twitter (link), then in all seriousness go to another country and impugn them, asking ‘Why aren’t you more like us?’.

  5. “He created a working system of his rule that is based on the energy of large-fisted ex-peasants who went through the army and intelligence service, who hate the ‘city slickers’ and therefore have no qualms about carrying out each order Lukashenko gives,” he said.

    That describes us to a tee.

    If we had a true leader like him who would recruit such a force, I would join in a heartbeat and begin applying my fists & jackboots to shitkike & antifag scum with the utmost glee.

    • NBF writes:

      “If we had a true leader like him who would recruit such a force, I would join in a heartbeat and begin applying my fists & jackboots to shitkike & antifag scum with the utmost glee.”

      I respond:

      Ok, fair enough, but I hope you wouldn’t support such a leader who decided to flood neighboring White countries, White communities with huge numbers of Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Afghan migrant, rapists under the idea:

      “Yeah, f**** those Poles, Lithuanians, Germans, Swedes or some Irish Italian communities in South Boston – they’re YANKEES”.


      Never do this.

      • Lukashenko is doing this in response to the sanctions imposed by D.C.’s EU whores. If they’re ended, the sand nigger spigot should be turned off.

  6. Nah.

    I go with the idea that any White European/White European American person who is pushing the great replacement, directing, enabling or even denying the great replacement by huge mass migrations of alien, diseased, ME, Central American, Haitian under – these people are horrible traitors or enemies.

    Anybody doing this from Lukashenko to Rand Paul Libertarians must be called out and severely punished.

    Don’t care about other issues – we’re talking the genocide of our White European People’s culture and physical existence.

    • The direct cause of great replacement is the American empire. To the extent that Poland and Germany are puppets of the American empire, they are pushing great replacement much harder that Lukashenko ever could. If the USA succeeds in its strategic goals, then Europe is doomed forever. Lukashenko is just taking their own medicine and shoving it down their throats. Poland and Germany, and anyone else who sides with the American empire, deserve to be hit by migrants until they change course.

      • @Dart,

        Über kyke Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted that the third world migration will continue to the JewSA, until attitudes change. He literally wrote that we need to fall in the with the ADL’s agenda, or the shitskins will keep arriving.

        • And by siding with the USA, Poland sides with Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL. Poland assisted in the coup attempt against Lukashenko, with the intention of bringing Belarus into the western sphere so that the same forced migration could be imposed on them. Poles are trash and Belarus is completely justified in giving them the weaponized migration that would have been pushed on Belarus if the American/Polish coup had been successful.

      • Poles absolutely hate the Russians for good reason, they occupied them for 40 years like the Cardassians on Bajor in Deep Space Nine. America to Poland is still the valient nation of JFK, Ronald Reagan, and Neil Armstorng. The place that provided a loving home to some second cousin etc to nearly every Pole. The don’t really get how much America has changed.

        • America was not “valiant” under JFK or Reagan. It was still an anti-White garbage dump that was purposely trying to wipe out Europeans globally back then, as it is today. Poles were much better off under Russian occupation. For now, Poles are American puppet scum and deserve to have immigrants dumped on the Jewish colony they call a country.

        • What are you saying? That the Poles are mostly dumb Pollochs/Polakcs and don’t know what year it is – they think a young JFK or a young California governor Ronald Reagan is still leading the United States?

          Do they also think Rhodesia and French Algeria are still going strong, and Detroit is still the Paris of the Midwest?

          C’mon folks – how about just “noticing” what year it is and who?what?where?

    • Jack,

      Not all Whites are worth saving or protecting, particularly the ones that gleefully dump mudskin refugees on the communities of Normal Whites. Its fair to return the favor and dump mudskins on them. Doesn’t matter if it “hastens white genocide” in the abstract. Not all Whites have equal value and worth. Morally good Whites who did nothing wrong deserve protecting. Degenerate whites who manufacture the worst ideas and policies ever deserve damnation.

  7. @ Jaye ryan, it’s a false dream, too think we are going to save all our people, our worst enemies are other so called american Whites, protect our own kind of Whites, the Lord will deal with the rest.

  8. Terry Smith – The Lord once you to punish enemies and terrible RINO, Cuckservative traitors like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Jeff Flake – no need to kill them, just throw rotted fish, bong water, piss and poop on them.

    Our people used to tar and feather traitors.

    Now our worst traitors never pay a price for their treason.

  9. Lots of good news on the ground.

    Polish military and polish media is standing firm – no nonsense. They know it’s a military invasion and are acting accordingly.

    Bad rumors of calls to departing German childless female hag Chancellor Angela Merkel are talking about rescue flights of Iraqi refugees to join relatives in Germany. Poles are having any of this nonsense, at least not this week.

  10. If the Fikes have declared war on Lukashenko then he must be doing something right.

    Glad to see someone putting these Filthy Rats in their place.

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