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    • “Wtf is the plan here?”
      The elites have become incompetent from having the wrong theory on reality, so the intended consequences of their policies, is not the real world consequences, and if you point that out, you’re fired for being an enemy.

  1. Has anyone here computed how large the nigger tax actually is?

    The last time I was in SF was March of last year, just before the Scamdemic started to shut down the entire country. Glad I had the chance to see that city one last time before it all turned to shit.

    • there’s c. 50 million niggers in ‘Murka. Average tax+debt-financed jew.gov transfers from Whites to Blacks is c. $80,000 per individual per year. So the annual Jew/nigger tax on Whites is about $400 billion per year. Which doesn’t include all the free-range looting, murdering, and burning the Blacks do on behalf of their Jew owners each and every year.

        • That’s exactly what Japan does. They don’t have nonwhites draining them. They developed the nicest fast trains and ships for travel. Their average bus is like some deluxe ride. They use their money to make their country clean and accommodating. No litter on the streets. No fast food restaurants or billboards. In the middle of the big cities, there are small lakes and parks. This is exactly what OUR nations used to be like. When it’s all white, you can spend money on advancing the living standards of whites.

    • >Has anyone here computed how large the nigger tax actually is?

      This is not easy, but the people behind The Alternative Hypothesis made a systematic effort:

      The US Federal Government, State and local governments do not collect data on race and tax revenue. So this data here is based on multiple sources to come up with an estimate of net fiscal impact of races in the United States.

    • @Arrian but we can’t even do that anymore. The Sergeant who told the black guy who was harrasing little girls to leave had his house vandalized and got locked up for trying to protect a neighbors child. The McMicheal family is going to get life in prison and the St Louis couple who protected their property from a mob faced charges.
      If someone comes onto your property and especially if they arent white you are in big trouble. Damn either way the way I see it.

      • @ Captain Shill, you remind me of something my dad told me a long time ago, concerning unwanted guest and I quote ” better too face a judge, than the undertaker” I think everyone gets his meaning………

  2. San Francisco descending into total anarchy, couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

    I see color blind, capitalist, Republican Whites wanting to leave San Francisco for less liberal areas. They haven’t learmed a thing, and want to bring their shitlib infested tech industry with them. How do we make these people feel unwelcome?

  3. Come on, the Jews want San Francisco real estateon the cheap and a crime epidemic drives down real estate values. For Pete sake they did the same thing in NYC and made out like bandits.

    • The problem with real estate in U.S. cities is that these cities are infested with wogs, they are Third World shitholes. It’s impossible for real estate to become valuable under those conditions, they are in a long term decline. Demography is destiny.

    • @ John, I would rather be poor, destitute, in rags and remain southern white, than be wealthy and allowed too run wild and the centuries old dysfunction of my people encouraged, wealth and power, come and go, blood is forever, our enemies are terrified of us, they know they can’t keep us down.

      • You don’t really mean that…because if one has pride and recognizes what he comes from, he won’t “turn the other cheek” or consider being poor a good option.
        Nowadays, it takes a decent amount of money to live in a safe area.

  4. Given that most in Frisco are either black, Chinese, leftist or Jewish, does it really matter what happens there? They’re only affecting each other. Same with any big cities…….let them eat each other from within.

      • As a last resort, when you are getting overrun, you call in artillery fire on your own position. Maybe that is what these geniuses are thinking.

    • Exactly.

      I don’t understand the people foaming at the mouth about blacks about this; if anything, they’re unintentionally doing us a solid. Joe Scarborough — BLMer extraordinaire — was getting mad on MSNBC because Africans were looting a Louis Vuitton or something. Oh, so nooooow the executive class is alarmed.

      Who cares if Africans loot high-end stores and ruin business districts and corrupt big-city mayors start crying as their tax base dries up. This is an L for them, not a W. This is their problem and they created it. Let them clean it up. I’m not their foot-soldier, and I’m not biting on their race-bait.

      Cities and modernism go together. Anything that accelerates their dismantlement and replacement with decentralized living patterns and ruralization needs our encouragement.

    • @goose

      “Given that most in Frisco are either black, Chinese, leftist or Jewish, does it really matter what happens there? ”

      Yes, it matters.
      That cancer spreads.
      It starts in the cities and then diffuses into the country. Just as black dope dealers leave NYC and Boston to spread dope and AIDs into rural New England.

  5. It’s just another ‘Jewish lightning’ scam. Joggers loot high-end Jew-owned stores for swag. Owners collect insurance for losses from insurance firms owned by Jew hedge-funds, etc (using OPM of retard Goy investors). Dindus unload swag for pennies-on-dollar at Jew-owned discount stores and pawn shops. Swag eventually sold to different tribe-owned high-end stores, probably in different cities, at discount. Repeat this enough times and considerable sums of money can be made on a minimal investment – as long as you’re in (((the club))).

    • Who is the patsy though? With 9/11 they had a sucker company take over the insurance which they probably bankrupted or took over. I don’t see a winner here other than Amazon and Walmart Delivery. Maybe that’s my answer.

  6. Brian Kilmeade has to be about the least photogenic guy for this they could ever choose. At least Hannity has the square jaw look down.

    Fucking Irish are barely White. Kilmeade is Half Irish, half Italian. So, a quarter White? I’m more scottish than anything so fractions aren’t my strong suit.

    Anyway, fuck that guy.

  7. It’s no longer the city that Tony Bennett sang about in the Venetian Room at the Fairmont Hotel. Thanks, niggers.

  8. I listen Kilmeade for about five minutes just to get a summary of the news. I find him annoying, and a real cheerleader for the conservatives. he looooves to defend the military and Israel, and after the election kept yelling for a new GOP. “Here’s the ticket,” he said in an excited voice, “the one that’s gonna win in 2024…Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. That’s it. That’s what’s gonna win in 2024!” Or on the vaccine: “we gotta get it out! Gotta do it. Come on, vaccine, come onnnnn vaccine!”
    He really talks like that on the air.
    He was gung-ho on Afghanistan, and still whines about our leaving. “Gotta stay there. Can’t just leave. Need to keep the region under control.”
    He has a ton of generals and admirals he interviews.
    He also writes a lot of ‘history’ books, a ghost writer listed under his name. The latest is about Lincoln and Frederick Douglass…”the black liberator.” For a conservative, he really pumps blacks being included in American history, and how they will “save us…” once we get them to be good republicans and get away from the racist democrats “who were the real racists.” All that hot air.
    He sure pumps up the heartbeat, and I guess it’s to show how he pleases his bosses. I do like how he bitches about NYC (where he broadcasts), but he’s pretty much a Hannity wannabe.
    I note how other hosts, like Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, etc., get deleted or reduced from affiliates, but Hannity remains. They just can’t do without him.

    As for San Francisco, I just don’t care. The grown-ups have left loaded firearms in the crib for the kids to play with, and it’s a societal abdication of the ruling class there. They have their millions, gates, and security, so why should they care about normal people?

    And if SF put and maintain these jerks in power, why should I care about it?

    • I had the same conclusions about Kilmeade. He is annoying, and just another Hannity. He seems rather low IQ. My local station replaced (Savage) at 5pm, so now, when driving home from work, the only talk choice is a local station owner that is just like Kilmeade. It’s awful. The guy just rambles on about nothing. He’s fine with illegals, because we civilized Americans just won’t have it with watching anyone starve out there, according to him.
      These guys are just GOP propaganda, and trying to keep people in the whole Dem vs Rep game forever.

    • Not everyone can afford to go off the grid, not everyone gets a government pension check every month. A lot of people are stuck working jobs near or around big cities.

  9. Just to note: generally, looting is in extremis opportunity theft, meaning it is rarely organized: an opportunity unexpectedly presents itself, e.g. via a natural disaster or civil unrest, and people take advantage of this to steal.

    What’s now going on in the SFBA is a kind of menacing, organized mass robbery — before that, due in part to decisions by some local DAs to de-prioritize prosecution for retail theft, but also in part to current CA law, there was also a kind of organized (but somewhat less menacing) robbery (erroneously called ‘shoplifting’ in the media; shoplifting is a surreptitious crime) where suspects would enter stores, openly collect merchandise, then brazenly walk out.

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