Liberal Larry: What’s There To Be Thankful About?

Larry is ashamed as usual today.

Columbus Day is Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Thanksgiving is the National Day of Mourning.

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  1. Would the Injuns really like to return to their pre-Columbian way of life as half naked, half starving Stone Age savages? No more multibillion dollar gambling casinos, no more firewater, no more welfare checks from the Bureau of Indian Affairs?

    I think I’m going to have to disconnect the cable TV, because this antiwhite horse-shit is intolerable. I’ll just watch reruns of Hogan’s Heroes and I Dream of Genie from now on.

    • “Jeannie.” aka Barbara Eden. One of my first crushes as a boy….. and before that, is was ‘Penny’ on Lost in Space. I also thought Tina Louise was hot, but it was Dawn Wells who I really came to adore, later on in life. LOL Good times… when America was WHITE.

  2. >I think I’m going to have to disconnect the cable TV

    You should have done that a long time ago — I mean what the fucking hell man.

    China is proud and nationalistic — consider the posture of China vis-a-vis Taiwan (and before that Hong Kong) — also, recall that China banned ‘girly men’ from TV — now think about anti-China or anti ethnic Chinese (Han) programming appearing on TV in China — it’s simply unimaginable.

    So what is the explanation for the amount of degenerate, anti-white, seditious trash featured in US media? — I’ll tell you: Jews and women.

    The rise (it’s more a triumph, really) of feminism (an ideology most aggressively promoted by Jews) has resulted in women flooding into higher education, so many that they now significantly outnumber men (link) — they typically major in soft subjects, after which many find work in education (link) and media/journalism — the presence of so many women, who are more empathetic and therefore susceptible to emotion-laden propaganda than men, in these two professions has been a disaster.

    I understand the sentiment:

    linki will never be able to forgive liberal white women for what they’ve done to the west. they should all be in prison

    • >so many that they now significantly outnumber men

      And this has likely further lowered birthrates among Whites, and will continue to do so — generally, women marry ‘up’, meaning they marry a man who has higher SES (socioeconomic status) than they do; this is the traditional marriage dynamic, and there’s growing evidence via e.g. evolutionary psychology that it has a genetic basis related to expected fitness of offspring — now with so many more women going to college, and fewer avenues to higher SES available to men who do not go to college, who are all of these higher SES women going to marry?

        • >Jose and Tyrone……really…’s happening.

          Sorry, but no — higher SES white women only very rarely date or marry Blacks; a main reason is the simple one I stated: it is extremely difficult to find a black male with high enough SES.

          Data from web dating sites always shows that white women overwhelmingly prefer white men; also that in general members of other races say Blacks are by far the least desirable matches/potential partners.

          White women with black men is almost entirely a phenomenon of lower SES white women — the media would have you believe otherwise of course.

          • @eah:

            Higher socioeconomic status white women are attracted to hindoos and orientals. FACT.

            I’ve only had cable service for the last 8 months. I tried it out to see if it was any better than Hulu and Netflix. The answer is a resounding NO. I need to resume my old habit of what Henry James called literary concupiscence.

    • @eah – Yes; it really is unfortunate that a majority of White men were too weak and pathetic to maintain Western Civilization. I’ll never be able to forgive them for what they’ve done to the West. They should all be in prison — you included.

        • “Women should keep silent…” – St. Paul

          First rule of the restored Patriarchy. White women shut up. Jewish women, heads off. both because of their satanic lies, and because they’re UGLY.

          “Equality is known to produce strife. Therefore God allowed the human race to be a monarchy, not a democracy. But the family is constructed in a similar way to an army, with the husband holding the rank of monarch, the wife as general and the children also given stations of command.”
          St. John Chrysostom, Homily 34 on I Corinthians, 7

      • Yes, it really is too bad they had to be “nice guys” and cave in to the screeching harpies who were demanding the vote. Damn shame all around.

    • @eah I haven’t had cable TV in almost a decade, so it really floors me when people do. I can’t imagine what they watch. The news isn’t the news. I was in a waiting room, and they had the TV on…and people’s eyes were just glued to it. Some show about flipping homes. You know those people don’t do the work, it’s just a quick spot of them holding a hammer and saying something. I think a lot of people are more interested in this crap, than the state of our nation. Talk about being dumbed down.

    • @ old enough to be your mother, eah, you two need too cease and desist, white men and women, need each other, were made for each other, none of us is perfect, we all can and do say things, that are taken out of context, we all say things, with out thinking about the effect, that they can have, let’s stick together, we are all that we have, let’s remember that, old enough to be your mother, I apologize for the slight you feel, you are our sister, you and the rest of our good womenfolk, your honor is paramount, living here in the Detroit area, which has the highest concentration of arab muslims, out side of the middle east, I’ve observed the arabs for a long time and I tell you all this, their false religion is not the source of their strength, it’s their families, they stick together, they would never, dispute with each other publically, let’s be good too each other, ………

  3. @ The division between our men and women, I consider too be arguably, the worst wound inflicted upon us by our enemies, if this wound could only be healed……….

    • @ terry

      The Jews designed hate filled feminism as an incendiary, to be thrown between men and women, causing genocidal discord and demographic collapse.

      Always the troublemakers.

    • >The division between our men and women

      It’s not about ‘division’ per se — it’s about a rational consideration/analysis of political behavior and its consequences: that ‘division’ already exists — to see this, all you have to do is look at ‘If only X voted’ graphics from past elections, e.g. 2016: How the Electoral Map would look if only ___ voted) — note the difference between white men and white women is significant.

      White men invented chivalry, and are still its most reliable adherents/practitioners — I’m no different.

      If you review the debate about women’s suffrage, you may find (as I did) the arguments of the anti-suffrage women to be far more impressive and persuasive.

      In the same way, in the debate about the American Constitution the arguments of the anti-federalists were more impressive and persuasive than those of the federalists.

  4. “living here in the Detroit area, which ” I swear you wrote less than a year ago that you lived in Kentucky. It’s possible someone could move from Kentucky to the Detroit area, but not probable. You use the @ symbol for no reason at the beginning of your comments. You misspell common words (e.g., “publically”). You insert commas everywhere for no apparent reason. You write “thee” for “the” and “too” for “to,” again for no reason…other than, say, making newbies to this site think it’s populated by Deliverance-style illiterate mongoloid inbreds, the kind that don’t exist except in a white-hating Hollywood scriptwriter’s disease-ridden imagination. To top it off, you, without an intellect, claimed this is a Southern intellectual blog! You should apologize to the real Terry Smiths of this world for making them look like boot scrapings by association. I thought you were the same as Ivan Turgenev, but “he” disappeared and “you”‘re still here insulting us.

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