Eric Zemmour Announces He Is Running For President

Welcome to 2021.

In France, our ideas have gained so much ground and have moved so far into the mainstream that a Jew is running for president to the Right of Marine Le Pen on a platform of opposing the Great Replacement. Can you imagine trying to explain this to yourself 10 to 20 years ago?

Yeah, I know. You don’t have to point out the obvious. Still though, the fact that Jews like Zemmour are trying to coopt nationalism now in France and the U.S. and that this kind of language has entered mainstream politics is just the latest sign that the dam is getting very close to bursting.

UPDATE: I found a transcript.

“My dear Countrymen— For years, the same feeling has swept you along, oppressed you, shamed you: a strange and penetrating feeling of dispossession. You walk down the streets in your towns, and you don’t recognize them.

You look at your screens and they speak to you in a language that is strange, and in the end foreign. You turn your eyes and ears to advertisements, TV series, football matches, films, live performances, songs, and the schoolbooks of your children.

You take the subways and trains. You go to train stations and airports. You wait for your sons and your daughters outside their school. You take your mother to the emergency room.

You stand in line at the post office or the employment agency. You wait at a police station or a courthouse. And you have the impression that you are no longer in a country that you know.

You remember the country of your childhood. You remember the country that your parents told you about. You remember the country found in films and books. The country of Joan of Arc and Louis XIV. The country of Bonaparte and General de Gaulle.

The country of knights and ladies. The country of Victor Hugo and Chateaubriand. The country of Pascal and Descartes. The country of the fables of La Fontaine, the characters of Molière, and the verses of Racine.

The country of Notre Dame de Paris and of village church towers. The country of Gavroche and Cosette. The country of barricades and Versailles. The country of Pasteur and Lavoisier. The country of Voltaire and Rousseau, of Clemenceau and the soldiers of ’14, of de Gaulle and Jean Moulin. The country of Gabin and Delon; of Brigitte Bardot and Belmondo and Johnny and d’Aznavour and Brassens and Barbara; the films of Sautet and Verneuil.

This country— at the same time light-hearted and illustrious. This country— at the same time literary and scientific. This country— truly intelligent and one-of-a-kind. The country of the Concorde and nuclear power. The country that invented cinema and the automobile.

This country— that you search for everywhere with dismay. No, your children are homesick, without even having known this country that you cherish. And it is disappearing.

You haven’t left, and yet you have the feeling of no longer being at home. You have not left your country. Your country left you. You smell foreigners in your own country. You are internal exiles.

For a long time, you believed you were the only one to see, to hear, to think, to doubt. You were afraid to say it. You were ashamed of your feelings. For a long time, you dared not say what you are seeing, and above all you dared not see what you were seeing.

And then you said it to your wife. To your husband. To your children. To your father. To your mother. To your friends. To your coworkers. To your neighbors. And then to strangers. And you understood that your feeling of dispossession was shared by everyone.

France is no longer France, and everyone sees it.

Of course, they despised you: the powerful, the élites, the conformists, the journalists, the politicians, the professors, the sociologists, the union bosses, the religious authorities.

They told you it’s all a ploy, it’s all fake, it’s all wrong. But you understood in time that it was them who were a ploy, them who had it all wrong, them who did you wrong.

The disappearance of our civilization is not the only question that harasses us, although it towers over everything. Immigration is not the cause of all our problems, although it aggravates everything.

The third-worlding of our country and our people impoverishes as much as it disintegrates, ruins as much as it torments.

It’s why you often have a hard time making ends meet. It’s why we must re-industrialize France. It’s why we must equalize the balance of trade. It’s why we must reduce our growing debt, bring back to France our companies that left, give jobs to our unemployed.

It’s why we must protect our technological marvels and stop selling them to foreigners. It’s why we must allow our small businesses to live, and to grow, and to pass from generation to generation.

It’s why we must preserve our architectural, cultural, and natural heritage. It’s why we must restore our republican education, its excellence and its belief in merit, and stop surrendering our children to the experiments of egalitarians and pedagogists and the Doctor Strangeloves of gender theory and islamo-leftism.

It’s why we must take back our sovereignty, abandoned to European technocrats and judges, who rob the French people of the ability to control their destiny in the name of a fantasy – a Europe that will never be a nation.

Yes, we must give power to the people, take it back from the minority that unceasingly tyrannizes the majority and from judges who substitute their judicial rulings for government of the people, for the people, by the people.

For decades, our elected officials of the right and the left have led us down this dire path of decline and decadence. Right and left have lied and concealed the gravity of our diminishment. They have hidden from you the reality of our replacement.

You have known me for many years. You know what I say, what I diagnose, what I proclaim. I have long been content with the role of journalist, writer, Cassandra, whistleblower. Back then, I believed that a politician would take up the flame that I had lit.

I said to myself, to each his own job, to each his own role, to each his own fight. I have lost this illusion. Like you, I have lost confidence. Like you, I have decided to take our destiny in hand.

I saw that no politician had the courage to save our country from the tragic fate that awaits it. I saw that all these supposed professionals were, above all, impotent.

That President Macron, who had presented himself as an outsider, was in fact the synthesis of his two predecessors, or worse. That all the parties were contenting themselves with reforms, while time passes them by.

There is no more time to reform France – but there is time to save her. That is why I have decided to run for President.

I have decided to ask your votes to become your President of the Republic, so that our children and grandchildren do not know barbarism. So that our daughters are not veiled and our sons are not forced to submit.

So that we can bequeath to them the France we have known and that we received from our ancestors. So that we can still preserve our way of life, our traditions, our language, our conversations, our debates about history and fashion, our taste for literature and food.

So that the French remain French, proud of their past and confident in their future. So that the French once again feel at home. So that the newest arrivals assimilate their culture, adapt their history, and are remade as French in France – not foreigners in an unknown land.

We, the French, are a great nation. A great people. Our glorious past pleads for our future. Our soldiers have conquered Europe and the world.

Our writers and artists have aroused universal admiration. Our scientific discoveries and industrial production have stamped their epochs. The charm of our art de vivre excites longing and joy in all who taste it.

We have known great victories, and we have overcome cruel defeats. For a thousand years, we have been one of the powers who have written the history of the world.

We are worthy of our ancestors. We will not allow ourselves to be mastered, vassalized, conquered, colonized. We will not allow ourselves to be replaced.

In front of us, a cold and determined monster rises up, who seeks to dishonor us. They will say that you are racist. They will say that you are motivated by contemptible passions, when in fact it is the most lovely passion that animates you – passion for France.

They will say the worst about me. But I will keep going amidst the jeers, and I don’t care if they spit on me. I will never bend the head. For we have a mission to accomplish.

The French people have been intimidated, crippled, indoctrinated, blamed— but they lift up their heads, they drop the masks, they clear the air of lies, they hunt down these evil perjuries.

We are going to carry France on. We are going to pursue the beautiful and noble French adventure. We are going to pass the flame to the coming generations. Join with me. Rise up. We, the French, have always triumphed over all.

Long live the Republic, and above all, long live France!”

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    • Drogger- Truer words. All of the statements, MINUS THE JEW.

      Sounds just RIGHT.

      “that a Jew is running for president to the Right of Marine Le Pen on a platform of opposing the Great Replacement. Zut alors.

      “In the midst of social and intellectual revolutions come major paradigm shifts. Entire worldview change and they can do so within a single generation.” (North wrote this book in 1989- don’t you think it’s about time?!) “Before this task can be accomplished, however, Christians must jettison the last three centuries of philosophical compromise….Luther finally publicly defended the doctrine of predestination! Erasmus was aghast. Predestination? [In the current hour!?]… “The Bondage of the Will” …his best work…. but with Melancthon, the ‘academic dog returned to its epistemological vomit…. Lutheran apologetics to this day is basically the Thomistic apologetics of the Roman Church, which is also true of Protestantism in general.”

      “I prefer Luther’s model. He conducted himself… as a man or war who understood that eternal souls were hanging in the balance, not to mention Western Civilization.” – G. North Political Polytheism

      “… the existence of a common and distinctive quality of all humans need not imply their social, political, or existential equality, any more than the fact that all material objects have mass imply that they all have the same weight…”.

      “Even granting a “brotherhood of men” under Christ, “the brotherhood of men does not imply their equality.” He continues: “Neither does men’s equality before God imply their equality as among themselves.” Even if God, from his divine and lofty standpoint, views us all as equals, any putative inter-human equality “is entirely irrelevant”…”.

      “The historical and psychological researches of the past century have rendered the theory which lies behind the practice of modern democracy entirely untenable. Reason is not the same in all men; human beings belong to a variety of psychological types separated from one another by irreducible differences.” – A. Huxley –

    • I believe Zemmour is sincere and consistent, but if he gets into office he will probably be hamstrung like Trump or Bolsonaro.

  1. @ NO, the french, will not be replaced, or the Dutch, or the english, neither the spanish or the italians , the Southern confederacy lives forever!!……

  2. Very nice and seemingly well-meaning sentiments from Monsieur Zemmour. But what does this lizard-faced (((foreigner))) know about being French? What does he understand of French genius? Or history? What connection does he have to the blood and soil of France?

    Physiognomy is real guys…

      • I think he looks like what he is:

        An Algerian J*w.

        Anybody ever remember that horrible US Congressman from New York City Steven Solarz? He was a Je* from Syria and he was always getting on “Nightline” with that Howdy Doody J*w with the bad hair piece Ted Kopek mouthing off about international conflicts in the Philippines or something.

        When his NYC congressional district went to Black and Brown he tried to change his name to Steven Solares to sound Hispanic.

        Hey, we’re talking about “The J Tribe”.

        Russian’s first Democratic leader have the Czar fell was an ethnic J*w Kerensky. He got disposed by Trotsky’s J Bolshevik coup de tat.

        Ronald Reagan includes Kerensky living in New York City in the early 1960s in an anti Communist propaganda film. There is of course no mention of the JQ role in Communism – as was typical in American White Conservative circles in ~ 1960. These idiots were most obsessed the Democrat US Senator from MA was an Irish Roman Catholic would would supposedly be taking orders from Conservative Italian Catholic Popes.

      • How is it a great speech when he is claiming his Jew ancestors were French? It only confuses the ethnic issue for France and promotes an integrationist kosher civic nationalism. That’s worse than what they have at the moment. At least with current multiculturalism the various tribes exist in their own parallel and mostly separate societies. Integration on the other hand is always a recipe for constant conflict, as we have seen in the USA, and in the end is a death sentence.

      • Zemmour is the child of North African Berber Jews from France’s former colony Algeria, a bit ‘foreign’ to many French. He has now slipped back to 3rd place, a lot of his voters going back to Marine Le Pen.

        There is a scandal with age 63 Zemmour allegedly having a love-child with his age 28 assistant, Zemmour asking courts to block discussion of this

        In the French presidential election 1st round, there can be many people on the ballot … but the only way to get on that ballot is by public endorsement of 500 elected officials, local mayors etc – ordinary citizens cannot assist

        Getting those 500 is not easy to do even for some well-known figures, as the local politician is then forever associated with that candidate … there are rumours Zemmour can’t achieve this by the March deadline for the April ballot

        In the end, Zemmour strikes people as weird – he talks of restoring an ancient law demanding that babies in France only get Christian saint names, Bible Jewish names, or ancient historic French names … so French citizen Muslim parents would be banned from giving their kids Muslim names. This is civil war inflammatory, trying to ban parents from giving kids names from their own culture, after you already invited them to become citizens there, Muslims getting close to being maybe 15% of France.

        • “This is civil war inflammatory, trying to ban parents from giving kids names from their own culture, after you already invited them to become citizens there, Muslims getting close to being maybe 15% of France.”

          But this is right. Even a godless Jew knows the Law of God, better than most damned protestants. If you don’t seek to rule over others, you will be ruled BY others.

          As Gary North has written: “‘There are theologians today who say that god’s law applies only to individuals, that nations are not under God’s Law. [they insist] there is no national covenant; this is a basic philosophy of all modern secular political theory, and few ‘Christian’ scholars disagree.

          “God’s Principles’ is the code phrase for fundamentalists who are nervous about appearing totally antinomian, but who are equally nervous about breaking openly with the teachings and language of dispensationalism, ie., ‘we’re under grace. not law.’ Finally, “God’s moral law” is the code phrase for the evangelical and Reformed man who does not want be branded an antinomian, but who also does not want to be bound by the case laws of the Old Testament. In all these, cases, the speaker rejects the idea of the continuing authority of the case laws.” – Political Polytheism

          To presume there is ONE SCINTILLA of ‘legitimacy’ in non-Biblical Civil Law, is to already be a race traitor and a loser. Pessimillennialism in American Xtianity has only given us gay ‘marriage’ Obama, Trump, and now, Biden.

          Avoidance of politics is a pessimillenial mindset. But then, so too, is continuing to legitimize the D/R charade. Only a biblical Law party makes sense. And one that will be ruthless in seeking to be “conquering, and to conquer.”

      • He’s a jew. What else do you need to know about him?

        You have a detailed racial history timeline on the site and it is informative as far as it goes.

        How about including the timeline for the jewish race in America? A tad more relevant don’t you think? Or maybe you don’t.

        That would be real reaction, just saying.

      • Trump gave a great speech too. It’s the same scam. In France, they’re not even using a goyische front-man for the con, but open having a tribe-member serve as the Pied-Piper to lead the French over the cliff. Schlomo lies. Every. Single. Time.

    • Trump isn’t a Jew, yet he perpetrated a kind of political bait and switch (‘lying and deceiving’).

      The important thing is that Zemmour is a prominent person who’s very publicly raising the issue of demographic replacement and the minoritization of the French:


      The main question of the coming election.

      ‘Will young French people accept to live in a minority on the land of their ancestors? If so, they deserve their colonization, if not, they will have to fight for their freedom.’

      As I may have posted before, forcefully promoting/asking this same question is why Austrian identitarian activist Martin Sellner was simultaneously purged (without explanation) by all mainstream social media platforms a few years ago.

      Of course no one knows what Zemmour will do, or be able to do, if he manages to win.

      • The key point here is that he is not talking about ethnic replacement, but cultural “replacement.” He is actually advocating replacement of ethnic French in the speech quoted above, in the form of assimilation. It’s a slight of hand, taking ethnic concerns and making it about “culture,” like Indiana Jones trying to replace the idol with a bag of sand. “National conservatives” in the USA are doing the same thing now.

        Nationalists used to easily see through this kind of trick, but apparently their senses have been dulled in recent years. Maybe they are just so thirsty for the feeling of any minor victory that they will beg for whatever civnat scraps the first greasy Jew throws to them.

  3. More based than Marine? Perhaps, but that isn’t saying much.

    Certainly infinitely less based than Jean-Marie.

    This would have been the year the National Front finally won. A Jew is throwing his hat into the ring to split the nationalist vote and ensure that never happens.

  4. Just like Ukraine, France gets nearly genocided by Shlomo in the early 20th century then elects the same to run what’s left of their country. The decline of France after WWI is something to behold when you look at their art and scientific achievements. Germany is close behind. Poland was always a slave colony. Once great Paris is going to be a living hell very, very soon.

  5. This guy is browner than most Islamic refugees, yet he’s talking about “ancestors.” Reminds me of the Swedish video with the coal black congoid talking about “our viking ancestors.”

  6. Sometimes it takes an outsider like Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon to straighten out a country in its darkest hour. This Sephardic gentleman certainly couldn’t damage the French Republic any more than it already has been for the last 107 years.

    • Jews are very intelligent and many have evolved an ability to see danger in the future. Problem is most of them see their history lessons about Rome sacking Jerusalem in 70AD and then dispersing them to the wind after the Bar Kochba rebellion in 136AD, the Cossacks trashing their village in Fidler on the Roof, and of course the Nazis and transferred this fear onto the American WASP founding population disregarding how well they were treated and accepted as full legal fellow citizens. Some of them however are capable of seeing how dark the world without whites will actually be. Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. Jews like Stephen Miller actually got mugged by life growing up with his former Brady Bunch neighborhood in So Cal turning into a barrio in front of his very eyes. Savage saw first hand the typically low moral character of non-whites shortly after college doing social work in the Bronx where his naivety was stripped from his eyes. There is no absolute jewish conspiracy, problem is most are stuck in this cultural meme of the early 20th century where we live in a stable white world by default and the only threat to advancing peace, stability, and prosperity is the nationalism of the European peoples.

      • Fine- assuming what you say is true, the right thing, the Biblical thing would be to USE him and his message, until we get majority White rule back. Then we can start the purges. “Wise as serpents.’
        BEFORE ‘gentle as doves.’ I’m ok with that.

        “‘God has established three monopolistic institutions: Church, State, and family. The head of each can serve God or satan, and those under him are sanctified (set apart) institutionally… Thus, to deny that God’s law applies to your covenantal superior is another way of saying that it really does not apply to YOU…in short, covenantal authorities are important.’” – G. North

    • Spahnranch1970 writes:
      NOVEMBER 30, 2021 AT 8:05 PM
      Sometimes it takes an outsider like Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon to straighten out a country in its darkest hour. This Sephardic gentleman certainly couldn’t damage the French Republic any more than it already has been for the last 107 years.”

      I respond:

      This is very true and it’s a variation of the Great man of history theory – it’s the tough guy from the providences that steps in to restore order, use force that the blue bloods in the Capitol don’t have the strength to do.

      But the strong men from the provicens must always be kindred related to the host people/royals in the capital.

      Such strong men from the provinces include:

      Alexander the Great – from Macedonia, but Alexander had Greek tutors including apparently Aristotle
      Napoleon – a touch Corsican who used cannon fire to put down the reign of terror of the Parisian mobs.
      Andrew Jackson – Old Hickory, Indian fighter – brought in tough westerners that fought and drank to Washington elite society.
      Hitler – the Austrian Corporal
      Stalin – Georgian, not Slavic Russian but very Slavic. this was in more in dispute, because he didn’t restore the old order. But he did rest away the leadership of the Communists from ethnic Js like Trotsky.

      We were hoping for some White strongman from the provinces or from Eureka College or a tough White New York as the Bush family, Romney Family Harvard and Yale elites are all pussies.

  7. >Is Marine Le Pen too soft for France?

    Looking at past final round election results, you’d have to say no, not generally; so this is not the correct question to ask — no doubt those decisive final round losses hurt, and caused a reconsideration of the party’s rhetorical tone, focus, and electoral strategy.

    I can tell you that via talk in European identitarian political circles, it has been clear for some time now that she has definitely softened her rhetoric, probably in an attempt to appear more moderate and so win more votes — however, people who grasp the urgency of the demographic problem are naturally not happy with this change — so one can say that Marine Le Pen has shown troubling signs of no longer being hardline enough on the issues of immigration and the associated demographic future of France, causing people who want to see a national party and its leadership that maintains focus on these imperative issues to challenger Le Pen.

    This is positive, also in the sense that a man has taken on this role — and as proof of his bona fides, Zemmour has repeatedly run afoul of France’s absurd laws about ‘inciting racial hatred’.

    >France is no longer France, and everyone sees it.

    It’s (too) easy to conclude this from what you see on TV — I have traveled extensively in France; outside of the big cities, France is still France — and you will find the same is true of every European country whose urban areas have undergone significant demographic change in the preceding decades — on the other hand, the political impact of demographic change in these important European urban centers has been profound.

    • Yes, big blue cities are globalist colonies on our soil. Exactly as the European Colonial Powers are so maligned for doing a century back when they brought all these Chinese and Sihks into the big cities of their colonies while the natives lived in the countryside. We are in a similar situation to the Vietnamese, Malaysians, and Ugandans in 1950.

  8. This jew zemmour would easily be mistaken as a semite lebanese or syrian, especially in France. He’s quite swarthy looking.

  9. A very good speech, except for the bit about rags & other muds needing to “assimilate”. Hell no: the ones already infesting France need to be repatriated, and the new would-be invaders must be kept OUT.

    Of course, he’s a kike, and they’re infamous for raising Pied Pipers like Judas Dump to lead desperate Whites into a cul-de-sac. But what better alternative do the French have? Marine, who’d been fucked by a jew for decades, and who’s turned milquetoast in the forlorn hope of attracting the votes of normie retards? Her definitely jew-aware father has endorsed Zemmour, but who knows to what extent revenge played a role in that.

  10. We must be doing something right if Nationalism is getting that mainstream. Perfect example of why Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacked Nationalists at Unite The Right and the corrupt city government looked the other way. Talk about Nationalism daily with folks online and in person. Remember that it’s not just about recruiting people into organizations but just getting them involved in the White Nationalist Movement as a whole. Deo Vindice!

  11. Ummmm………yeah…….let me think……..never interupt your adversaries when they’re doing the right thing.
    His material reads like a British Patriotic Alternative flyer, which is good, but three things are in the way:- he’s Jewish. He’s not likely to win, given Frances massive minority numbers, and thirdly, if he did, he’s unlikely to deliver. They just never do. Democracy gets in the way of, well, democracy. He may help to normalise our views, but then again, he may embolden the Left in the process and have the opposite effect.
    France doesn’t actually take stats on demographics, which is treacherous and dishonest. They should be upfront and transparent with the French people. If they’re going to be a minority by 2035, the people have a right to know about it.
    Basically, if he’s saying all the right things, just leave him to it and see where it goes. There’s really nothing to lose at this point.


    Marion Maréchal does not want to take a position.

    Five months before the presidential election, the former member of the Front National underlines the ”



    in which she finds herself.

    Caught between Marine Le Pen – her aunt and candidate for her former party – and Eric Zemmour – the almost-candidate for whom she has “a

    lot of sympathy


    On the set of the Grand Rendez-vous Europe 1-CNews-Les Échos, the former deputy pleaded not to have to choose between the two and that the campaign would create a ”

    single candidacy behind the best placed


    To discover

    Presidential 2022: where are the candidates in the polls?

    To read also Presidential 2022: “Eric Zemmour is an interesting man for the public debate”, according to Marion Maréchal

    I think that efficiency should drive this unique candidacy

    “, declared the director of Issep Lyon.

    The campaign is going to be a good way to separate each other since, in the weeks to come, we will see if the momentum takes hold or not

  13. I wish I could trust Eric Zemmour.

    And I wish he could find a way to handle the Le Pens a lot more diplomatically.

    However, I totally understand his political viability. It’s because MLP and Co. have taken their Dédiabolisation optics campaign so far that they have almost totally forgotten about substance and message. It’s why there was suddenly a big gaping hole to MLP’s right for Zemmour to fill.

    If it was still JMLP at the top of the FN/RN, Zemmour wouldn’t be possible.

    This also has ramifications for the blue clad political party on this side of the Rhine that has been internally combative on these kinds of matters for the last two years and change, as mine eyes have directly witnessed on almost a daily basis. I’m cringing at some of the lack of self-awareness on the part of certain German news and opinion outlets here on the first full day after Zemmour’s official announcement, as if they have no idea that Zemmour-MLP has a lot of congruency and relevance to Höcke-Meuthen. Being mindful of the fact that those outlets did and still side with Meuthen.

    This is also why I never participated in our sector’s optics vs message civil war of 2018, which, as I just wrote, the German blue party imported the next year. Aside from the fact that I don’t think that most of the people arguing either side actually believe what they’re saying, they’re just cynically screaming optics or message because they think that their pre-existing sector rivals believe the other side, which is another way of saying that I think the optics vs message civil war was disingenuously waged, the problem with it, taking everything at face value, is that neither side is that right or that wrong. I didn’t and still don’t take either optics or message as a sacramental tenet and to hell with the other side. In reality, there is and should be a happy median, the right blend of optics and message, which can vary by time, place and circumstance.

    It’s just that on this continent, on both countries on both sides of the Rhine, the blend over the last few years was too optics-heavy. Which is why an Algerian Berber Jew thinks and possibly actually could crowd out the Le Pens.

  14. Let me guess, those this Christ killer hate Muslims?

    From his Wikipedia page—-“Zemmour was fined for incitement to racial discrimination in 2011 and for incitement of hate against Muslims in 2018”.

    This horses-ass runs to form.

    Who opened the gates of Toledo?

    • And the gates of Constantinople and now the EU and US. All at the same time debasing the currency they control and impoverishing the local populations.

  15. I can’t help but think there’s no end to (((their))) cunning.

    They sense the people are on a knife’s edge, clearly, and now they’re playing their role as shapeshifters. First they caused the Great Replacement, now they put a candidate up so that either:

    1. They can point to him and say, “See? Not all jews! This guy is against the Great Replacement!”


    2. They can slip into the leadership role for the nationalist reaction and thus avoid all responsibility for the destruction they started entirely.

  16. “a Jew is running for president to the Right of Marine Le Pen on a platform of opposing the Great Replacement”:

    Note that he is running to the RIGHT. Note well that he is anti-communist. Know that Populism, whether right or fake left, is a mere adjustment, temporary correction of the existing system. The logic of capitalist greed will finally destroy (culturally and biologically) Europe and all of its colonizer settlements in the western hemisphere, Australia and south Africa.

    The drama of Right-versus-left (fake left) partisanship distracts and divides the workers. Sincere, incorruptible, genuine left candidates in capitalist (s)elections are extremely rare. When “far” left candidates are (s)elected, they generally change as soon as they take office, like Pedro Castillo the new president of Peru and President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador who campaigned as socialists but rule in full support of the U.S. and capitalism even more than their right-wing predecessors. Voting in capitalist (s)elections will not change the system.

  17. It is what it is. We don’t ever seem to get White (or in this case Algerian J) saviors elected President of France or President of the United States to save everything and make it like it supposedly was back in the 1950s…. or the 1850s.

    Miss Le Pen should run and win some local office with power – I don’t know French local political organization, I think City mayors run most things – so she should run for mayor of some NF stronghold like Lyon, Marsailles.

    The last real Nationalist in Western Europe was Haider in Austria, I think he was the governor of some key region. He really looked and sounded great like another Austrian.

    He died in a fishy car crash.


    This all feels like Lord of the Rings, only we don’t have an evil ring to destroy and don’t seem to have magic on our side.

    Meanwhile Americans are back to spending every waking day watching worshipping, Black football thugs. We haven’t heard from the idiot Christian Zionists/Zionist Neo Conservatives for awhile – haven’t had any patriotard military actions for “Freedom and Democracy” in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan for awhile. Pat Buchanan thinks these types are pushing for war against Russia in Ukraine.

    How does it feel to be a slave?

  18. OK, that was a pretty awesome speech. Great visuals!

    I haven’t seen a better political advertisement since Lee Atwater did the Willie Horton ads..

    Great work to all those involved.


    Political propaganda is both and art and science.

    I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience.

  19. This is just the typical jewish dialectic at work. Jews lead the left, then, when their extreme behaviour (CRT/anti-Whitism/etc) causes the inevitable resistance, another jew will appear to champion that resistance.

    A litmus test for Zemmour, will he point the finger at the architects of the West’s destruction, his fellow ethnics?

    Will he fuck!

  20. I think things could pan out in one of two ways:

    (1) Zemmour does much better numerically than MLP did in 2017, either winning it all, or more likely, making the runoff but not winning it. This will surely mean and it will send the message all across Europe and even to our beloved American sector that the optics people were wrong and that it’s message all the way. Like I’ve been saying, the German Blue Team has been embroiled in such a civil war, but as of late, the message people have gotten the upper hand. A win or really good showing by Zemmour will totally set that in stone.

    But there’s another possibility:

    (2) There’s the model of another country next door to me, in fact the closest country next door to me, the one a few stones’ throws away, that being The Netherlands. There, you have in essence two pop-nat parties, the Wilders party and the Baudet party. And as the last few cycles there have shown, the Eye of Soros gets much more worried about one than the other, bashes and trashes that one, but it leaves the other one uninhibited, and it winds up being the surprise gainer on election day. IOW, the existence of two parties is making Soros, the media and the left play whack-a-mole, but one pops back up as they beat the other down.

    I can easily see all the king’s horses and all the king’s men really firing all four barrels at Zemmour, which will mean that they’re not firing at MLP, which means she’ll be the one who does better than ever. However, the worry there is that that will be interpreted as a win for optics over message, when I don’t think it will be any such thing, in that circumstance.

  21. Zemmour is a Jew, whose primary concern is Israel. A France with a significant Muslim population would be antagonistic to Israel. If a French gentile made the same speech, he/she would be a political outcast.

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