Jack Dorsey Resigns From Twitter

Jack Dorsey’s resignation from Twitter is another step toward the demise of liberal norms.

The new CEO, Parag Agrawal, doesn’t want to be bound by the First Amendment and wants to move on from free speech because, you know, times have changed. The inevitable result of this is going to be even more censorship to foster a “healthier public conversation” which means catering more to the feelings of Twitter employees who are progressive activists who are around 6% of the population.

Ultimately, none of this matters for three important reasons. We’ve already been censored on Twitter and there isn’t much more that can be done on that front. Censorship hasn’t worked as a deradicalization strategy. Most importantly, Twitter was never the real world anyway and was always an elite chat room and most people were never spending enormous amounts of their time there.

If Twitter is going to be censored to foster a “healthier public conversation” anyway, the question is who is going to be doing the censoring and whose social vision should be promoted. I don’t see any reason why our side should still be clinging to one sided liberal norms. The government should start censoring Twitter and other social media platforms in order to promote our values and silence progressives.

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  1. Th sand nigger that is taking his place is worse than Dorsey. His hatred for Whites is off the scale. In a sane society he would be back In India shitting in the streets and bathing in the Ganges river.

    In other news, Fredo Cuomo has been suspended from CNN indefinitely for doxing his brothers accusers.

    • Agree. He’d be dining on dirty street food where someone stirs the pot with their bare hand and arm.

      This is why whites should boycott Twitter They’ll lose ad money. Whites need to wake up to this. It IS one thing we can do. Take our dollars elsewhere. There’s too many whites who just go along with this.

  2. Maybe in power we should imitate Robespierre. After becoming the leader of France, a follower asked about his abandoning the free speech position that he had supported previously. “Ah, that was under the old regime,”

    • The ones that see Islam for what it is are generally more tolerable. I agree tho that this turd needs an express catapult back to Calcutta.

    • According to you ” THE BANNED ” should just give up and disappear
      insteading of getting the message out and unfortunately having
      to fight doing that.

      We have never given up despite people like you posting on a moments notice
      24 7.

      You read like a troll going way back. Infiltrator and full of shit.

      Not that long ago HW had some great history on here.

      You were trollish about it, I ASKED YOU, ” What is next , are you
      going to start talking about aliens next.”

      This ain’t my main hangout, I have seen it all from trolls and their
      methods going way back. I have never been wrong, with time, …

      • How about if YOU just give up and disappear, shit-head? Does that work for you?

        PS: Is it true you’re afraid of your wife’s black boyfriend(s)?

    • It was most likely the “intelligence community” that forced twitter to start censoring. It’s obvious that a lot of the internet crackdown has been state directed. As soon as it became about “Russian hackers” and “disinformation,” then it came under the scope of national security.

      You could see this directly with the fake facebook whistleblower from a month or two ago, who actually bragged about her work with the “intelligence community.”

    • I liked what Queenfish said about Dorsey. She said something like, He’s not a bad guy, he’s just cowardly and weak.

      Twitter has become so utterly lame,.there’s an opportunity for another company to take their place.

  3. This is news in the same vein


    The disenfranchisement of any White guy in any position of influence is the goal. Governor Cuomo is a piece of shit, as was his father “Mario the Pious”.

    Chris has always been a dipshit too, but the idea that anyone would expect he would do anything less than his utmost to help his older brother speaks volumes about the lack of respect White families are given.

    Andrew probably has groped his share of slutty interns, but this new ritual of excruciatingly overblown allegations by random bitches accusing White guys of sexual harassment, aided by the media, to force them out and replace them with pink collars or coons is astroturf at best.

    This is effectively the end of a once powerful political dynasty.

    • Twitter got bad years ago, and it has only gotten worse. I gave it up on it when MSNBC’s Ali Velshi picked a fight with me over my objections to the behavior of the cast of the musical(?) “Hamilton”.

      I ended up knocked off Twitter after my exchange with Velshi. Keep in mind, Velshi came on to my timeline, I didn’t go onto his. I had around 2800 followers at the time. Velshi made a fool out of himself.

      Why James Edwards and other persist in using Twitter is beyond me. I could say something mean here, but, I won’t.

      The Holy Irish Roman Catholic Dorsey is gone now, but, you can be sure he isn’t gone from the Board of Directors. Is his Hindu pal who is taking over for Dorsey, even an American citizen. Or is he a foreign national like Ali Velshi?

      GAB is run by Andrew a/k/a Drew Torba. Torba is some sort of an unknown quanity to many WASP’s because of his, or rather his families Eastern European origins.

  4. Some time last year I read a story about research that showed that if all English-speaking American political Tweets was a state in the union, it would be tied for the bluest state in the union, and if the relatively small percentage of those who write the overwhelming majority of Tweets to English-speaking American political Twitter were a Congressional district, it would be the second bluest, both using Cook Partisan Voting Index as the measuring rod.

  5. I should also note that both Jack Dorsey and I graduated from high school in the same year (1995) in the same city (St. Louis), but not the same school. However, his school and my school did co-participate in various events during our high school years, so I’m close to 100% sure that we crossed paths in the heady days of 1991 to 1995. It’s just that I don’t remember a Jack Dorsey. Then again, considering what he is today, he was probably the same kind of unremarkable forgettable wallflower back then.

  6. Even the Salvation Army has gone “woke” and at Christmas time too. “Woke” vindicates what we’ve been saying all along and is waking up normies faster. “Woke” is our enemy’s bridge too far.

    • Every Salvation Army display across this deteriorating country, the red bucket and bell-ringer out front of every sizable retail store, is a GOLDEN opportunity to tell this despicable, traitorous cucked organization EXACTLY what you think of their anti-White bullshit. ‘Tis the season!!

  7. “Things aren’t getting worse, they’re only getting more clear.” Parag is an example of how it is. A smiling, dark face happy to eliminate free speech and a cherished western tradition. An open example of what globalism is doing: The whites and jews at the top stay where they are, the Indians will become the technocrat class (asians were supposed to, but they’re kind of autistic, an Anglin says, and seem to be elbowed out by Indians), the blacks will be the government class (your mayors and cops), and us? Yes, well. At least we get to join the military and go fight the latest turd world war…if we’re vaccinated and woke, so it seems.

    I never used twitter and had no use for it.

    Dorsey always seemed like a flake. I know a lot you despise Daily Stormer, but Anglin made a funny point that Dorsey seemed to have some kind of breakdown, tried to find Buddha, but it doesn’t work for whites. We need to go back to Christianity, so Dorsey’s kind of out of it and was easily outmaneuvered.

    “An unremarkable, forgettable wallflower.” I agree. Like all the nerdy kids in high school who become filmmakers in Hollywood and make movies about noble nerds, evil jocks and cheerleaders getting killed or the like when the nerd gets otherworldly powers or etc.

    I, too, am from St. Louis. it’s a dull place, so revenge fantasy has fertile ground here.

  8. Off Topic:

    I hope you all got a chance to read the amazing comments to the trailer for the most vile jewish movie/cartoon called “Santa, Inc,” before (((they))) turned off both dislikes (66k) and comments. It was a glorious White Pill. After reading those amazingly creative comments about (((elves))), one could only arrive at the conclusion that “the goyim know.”

  9. ” free speech is not a priority for the company, and that his platform would not be “bound” by the First Amendment.?

    Hey WHITE man, the POC don’t care about your values, the things your ancestors fought for. They just want the benies and duh gibs.

    Get woke , go broke.
    Short TWTR ???

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