Poll: Joe Biden Continues His Slide To Record Low Support

It is a new “progressive era.”

The Democrats are still dead in the water.

There is also nothing that they can realistically do to get out.

Joe Biden is more unpopular with Independents than Trump which translates into an enormous advantage for Trump and the GOP in the electoral college.

The only conceivable way this changes is that gas prices, inflation, illegal immigration, crime, Wokeism and COVID would all have to sharply decline because these are the things which are suppressing his support. Passing BIF hasn’t worked. Passing the “human infrastructure” bill isn’t working.

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  1. The Deep State hasn’t removed Dementia Joe yet in spite of his manifest incompetence, obvious mental decline and, in their eyes, betrayal by leaving Afghanistan, the one good thing he did. This is probably because Cackling Kamala would have to be sworn in as the next Mr. President even if she were merely a figurehead doing exactly what she was told and nothing else. Cackling Kamala is so bad she is acting as Dementia Joe’s life insurance policy.

    After the Democrats get defeated next year all bets will be off though. We probably will then enjoy two years of Cackling Kamala as Mr. President until the miserable, worthless Republicans take over. No doubt the worthless Republicans have already put their agenda up for bid, just look at Gov. Youngkin from Virginia to see what they will do with their victory. The Republican symbol should be changed from an elephant to a guy giving the finger to his voters.

  2. When I was about 12 my father took me to a pub in the Everglades where you could see them still building I-75. It was amazing. We don’t seem to do anything like that anymore. On the other end is the Mackinac bridge.

    • They seem to be pushing The Buttplug lately. Why not? This country is just a Big Globo Homo Shopping Mall now anyway and he can be the Homo in Chief. Gap Toothed, 400 Lb. Stacey Abrams is going to run for Governor of Georgia so maybe she can be persuaded to be The Buttplug’s VP instead of Governor. What a handsome couple they would make. Oprah could be Secretary of State, Pocahontas in charge of Indian Affairs and some scumbag from Blackstone or JPM like Jamie Dimon could loot the Treasury to round out the cabinet.

      What could go wrong?

  3. People typically support infrastructure spending, but they know that these huge bills are 90% pork and waste, with only a small fraction spent on critical infrastructure.

  4. I don’t believe those polls for one second.

    When were there entire stadiums yelling ” f u trump” ?
    When were there signs along Trump’s motorcade saying ” f u ” ?

  5. Haxo will vote for Zio-stoogeTrump in 2024 ’cause he will

    ***build the Wall!
    ***deport the illegals! and
    ***shut down the sanctuary cities!

    oh, wait…..he did all that years ago.

    didn’t he?? he didn’t?!

    then he’ll just make the same ly’in-ass promises again

    and figure the dumb-ass Whites won’t notice.

    • @Haxo I agree…………When Trump first ran, I was aware of his tribal connections, but I thought maybe, just maybe…he would do something that would help us. He sure talked it up. But we all know that pols make a lot of promises they never keep, but I didn’t think it would be that bad.
      I thought if he only did ONE thing, stop immigration, and build and enforce the wall, it would give us hope. But no…he INCREASED immigration. The “processing camps” only process them in, not out.
      I don’t think there is ONE thing Trump can do now, to win back his real original voter base, but then, it doesn’t matter, because voting is a sham.
      The dumbass whites are more concerned with their team, their alcohol, and living their permanent vacations.

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