David French: The New Right’s Strange and Dangerous Cult of Toughness

The times are changing.

A few years ago, David French was one of the big guns at National Review, which at that time still defined the Right. If memory serves, Josh Hammer was one of the most outspoken Never Trumpers at Erick Erickson’s website The Resurgent and was a strong supporter of Evan McMullin.

The Atlantic:

“Last month, at the National Conservatism conference, a gathering of hundreds of leaders and members of a movement that hopes to represent a new, less libertarian American right, one of the speakers, a lawyer named Josh Hammer, delivered a strange denunciation of “fusionism.” For those not steeped in the language of conservatism, fusionism refers to the alliance among economic conservatives, social conservatives, and defense hawks forged during the Reagan administration. It was designed to confront government overreach at home and the threat of Soviet tyranny abroad.

Fusionism, Hammer said, is “inherently effete, limp, and, as Hillsdale College’s David Azerrad might say, unmasculine.” It “makes for a cowardly way to approach politics” in part because it “ensures never having to face pushback from one’s political opponents on the most contested issues.”

Longtime fusionists, who are veterans not just of the intense and consequential debates surrounding foreign policy during the Cold War and the War on Terror but also of countless successful courtroom contests designed to expand First Amendment rights in the face of government censorship, might be startled by this news. …”

This was six years ago.

Today, if you really want to discredit someone on the Right, you post this image of David French and associate them with David French. We’ve been doing it for years now and pretty much everyone has come around. French himself has embraced his identity as a cuckservative cartoon character.

Note: In the summer of 2019, there was still a debate in the mainstream Right about David Frenchism and French had considerable support. He has since been transformed into a laughingstock.

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  1. On bad days, I see a society that is so sick, it isn’t worth saving. The people at the top of society believe men should act women and women should act like men? Maybe this is what happens when homosexuals are allowed to run things.

    The debate over abortion also brings put just how weird some of these people are. The abortion crowd is fine with killing babies, but don’t execute murderers or rapists. I don’t know how it gets more fucked up than that.

  2. I wonder if French’s wife ever allows him to watch her getting “serviced” by her stable of black bucks?

  3. The woke-tards are all about normalizing queer perversion, cross dressing and sexual confusion. That’s their main obsession- the right to be a gender-bending freak of nature is sacred to them. They are also coprophiliacs, just look at the streets of San Francisco as an example. Woke is for fags.

  4. WHO hires these guys? What makes their opinions so important? Who decides that THEY have better ideas about the problems we face? None of them to matter much, or have any ideas about what to do. It seems like the people on forums like this one, have better smarts and perceptions than these “experts” and journos do.

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