COVID Authoritarianism Is Getting Worse

In Austria, a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated and compulsory vaccinations:

In Germany, a nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated. Merkel is no longer in power, but is backing compulsory vaccinations:

In Australia, the unvaccinated are being put in isolation camps in the Outback:

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  1. Reading the Tweets responses of “it is just like Nazi Germany” are proof of how trained everyone is. They think they are red pilled on the virus but have no clue how well trained they are

  2. I always advocate using the effective tactics of Lib Leftists as set up in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.

    COVID gives us a perfect opportunity to target 3rd world illegal aliens, migrants, the crazy homeless the Black welfare underclass.

    Do they have proof of COVID vaccinations and proof of being COVID free? You think those dirty, harry Kurd migrant invaders attacking Polish border fences are all vaccinated up? How about tent cities in LA’s skid row?

    Just ask for the COVIC vax proof – if they don’t have it – they go….

    Other places.

    COVID, like TB and bubonic plague are dirty, non White diseases – the BB Plague Black Death came from filthy places in Asia.

    As always, don’t go for the Libertarian, individualist freedom way of thinking and acting. Hell yes we want to discriminate and use authority against “others.”.

    • “the BB Plague Black Death came from filthy places in Asia”:

      The “first” Plague outbreak in Europe during the reign of Justinian actually came from Ethiopia with a shipment of ivory, but the disease had actually made sporadic appearances around Europe and Asia for many centuries, going back into pre-history, suddenly wiping out at least one thriving New Stone Age civilisation in central Europe.

      Remember, vaccination is only one tool (generally ineffective all by itself) in the arsenal of a real, functional public health system.

      • They said the plague bacteria’s source was Lake Victoria but it could only thrive in cold years when insect blood thickened. I think I read that Krakatoa went off in an earlier blast? during Justinian’s term and that cooled equatorial Africa and let the disease reemerge. Another claim had the volcano being one in Central America, but we do know from ice core samples that there was a big volcanic blast around 500 that is blamed for a lot of crop failures.

  3. Their bio-weapon must have cost them a lot.
    I have a hard time believing any of them really care about the population or their health.
    This is a way to lock down the population.

    In fact, I think they’d be glad if most of the population would croak, so they could replace whites with hard working, smart, industrious Africans and Mexicans.

  4. “A rod for the fool’s back” as the Scripture says.

    Anti-science antivaxx cultism is getting more extreme as well. A “Magic Dirt” (literally mud) cure for Covid is a “bargain” at $110 a bottle plus shipping. Eat it, drink it, bathe in it.

    If you are forced to vaccinate, detox yourself by “cupping” over the injection site and soaking in borax.

    Take livestock de-wormer. Nebulize with peroxide. But never vaccinate.

    And remember, as far-right guru Andrew Anglin says, there really is no virus!

    • There IS a virus. I had it. I tested positive, and had all of the symptoms. Headache, fever, cough, terrible fatigue, bright red rashes, body aches, and more. Lasts about 3 long weeks. Some people get it and have little or no symptoms. I was not that lucky.
      Would I get the vaccine? Hell no. Is it worse than other flues? Maybe not.
      I’ve met people who had Covid, got the vax, and wound up getting Covid bad all over again.
      The vaccine is obviously ineffective, but what it really does is the scary part.

    • Ivermectin has been given to 3.7 billion humans. Go ahead and wreck your natural immune system with the “vaccines” and never-ending boosters for an infection with a 99.8% survival rate.

  5. They’re going to keep pushing this lie as long as they can. After Omicron there will be another variant and than other one, each worse the the last.

  6. What the Governments of the World are doing is running around but not knowing the solutions. I’m sure the US Government didn’t think Covid-19 would ever leave China because Trump is that stupid. Oh but it left China all right and still going strong. So Governments and Public Health officials are making decisions on a spur of the moment basis. Vaccines, Social Distancing, Masks, and so on. I think it’s pretty simple….If people stop catching Covid-19 and it’s various forms….Covid-19 will be gone. It’s pretty simple but the people must stop it and that’s gonna take a while. Deo Vindice !

    • We were an ocean apart, and they could have kept this out of the US, but the agencies said we couldn’t be racist about it. Hence, no quarantine, which is the only way to keep it out. And they brought back all of those government workers who were over there, and most of them came down with Covid once back here. Yet, we were told they felt their foreheads and they didn’t have fevers. Jeez, how low tech. How stupid.

  7. “TAKE LIVESTOCK DEWORMER. Nebulize with peroxide. But never vaccinate”

    Uttar Pradesh, fag.

    I’ve taken many vaccinations in my life, including the flu shot last year. These bum-rushed mRNA mystery stabs are vastly different, and proven to be far more dangerous than conventional, genuine vaccines. And we won’t know for a long time exactly how much more dangerous.

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