GOP Settles On Platform: “Let’s Go Brandon”

I actually agree with Mitch McConnell on this.

There is nothing that the GOP could run on that is more popular and more unifying than “f*** that guy” and own the libs. Fleshing out an agenda for the midterms would only sow division.


“Mitch McConnell has told colleagues and donors Senate Republicans won’t release a legislative agenda before next year’s midterms, according to people who’ve attended private meetings with the minority leader.

Why it matters: Every midterm cycle, there are Republican donors and operatives who argue the party should release a positive, pro-active governing outline around which candidates can rally. McConnell adamantly rejects this idea, preferring to skewer Democrats for their perceived failures. …

A donor asked a question that could only be answered by McConnell. According to a source in the room, the donor said something to the effect of: We all know what’s wrong with the Democrats, but what are we going to be running on to help us win?

McConnell’s response was something to the effect of, With all respect, that’s not what we’re doing, the source said.

McConnell has long held the view that putting out an agenda ahead of midterm elections is a mistake — at least for Senate Republicans, the sources told Axios. …”

The GOP is a vessel of backlash politics. It makes sense to keep it vague, stay out of your own way and run on “Let’s Go Brandon” in the 2022 midterms. Elections are mainly referendums on incumbents. This is how Joe Biden beat Trump as “Not Trump” by campaigning from his basement in 2020.

Note: The policy agenda will be sold to the donors anyway.

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  1. >The GOP isn’t running on a legislative agenda

    The country doesn’t need any more laws — it needs fewer Mitch McConnells.

  2. Trump winning in 2024 would be the worst thing for Whites, and the best thing for Israel, the MI complex, and Wall Street. We’ll see who runs, but another Trump term would be devastating.

    • No, Trump running in ’24 and the Democrats winning due to Trump’s toxicity would be the worst thing that could happen. I voted for Trump and thought he was the best president we’ve had in 30 years despite his impulsive outbursts, but fear he is too toxic to get these Marxists out of the White House as we have to do in ’24.

  3. Our agenda should be, and remain, Southern independence and Southern Nationalism.

    Nothing else.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  4. His Chinese wife/handler thought this way was best, as most normiefags want to nuke China. I am sure the Mick on the other side, the minority “leader” got similar orders from his Mexican wife, for obvious reasons. Those millions of invaders might be unpopular, don’t mention them.

    Aren’t there any other options this time, or should we all just sit it out?

  5. No platform worked for the Democrats. The party in power at the time, i.e. the George Dubya Bush Administration flubbed things up so badly that the Democrats successfully counted on riding into power on voter anger.

    Then they used the Carte Blanche from voter ire to implement the agenda they never formally ran on lest scared conservatives would be forced to come out in droves to hold their collective noses and vote for McCain whom they loathed.

    McConnell is being shrewd by copying this strategy.

  6. If the last 35 to 40 years are any indication, whatever the Republicans might run on, the only things they will manage to do if they win, is start another elective overseas war for somebody else’s kid to fight in, and cut taxes for rich people who don’t need a tax cut, and don’t deserve tax cuts.

    The libertarian idiots who seem to have way too much say over Republican policy, always seem to see the rich as industrialists who built up the economy, like John Rockefeller or Henry Ford, where many of the modern rich are speculators of one kind or another, if not out and out parasites like George Soros.

  7. Likely an effective strategy that will pay similar dividends to the “f- Trump” agenda of Democrats 2017-2020.

  8. McConnel looks like he’s a descendant of those fire and brimstone psychotic judges in Salem Massachusetts circa 1692.

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