The Political Cesspool: The Zemmour Question

I’m not supporting anyone in this race.

I don’t see anyone worth supporting in my own country. I’m certainly not about to decisively weigh in on French politics. I’m glad that I don’t have to make this choice.

Generally speaking, I have a positive view of Éric Zemmour based on what I have seen from him. I think he is sincere. I thought his announcement speech was fantastic. To my knowledge, he is running to the Right of everyone in Europe, not just Marine Le Pen. He is a skilled debater and has charisma like Trump. He might be able to go further than Le Pen due to his ability to command media attention.

As things stand today, I believe Le Pen is ahead of Zemmour in the polls. The fact that Zemmour is running to the Right of Le Pen could help normalize her with the squishy moderates that she would need to win. Given the fact that Marine Le Pen has already lost twice, Zemmour might have a better shot at winning a general election. Either way, I expect the outcome will be closer than it was in 2017.

The race is certainly more interesting now than I had thought it was going to be. I had assumed it would be a Le Pen-Macron rematch with Le Pen gaining ground and Macron winning more narrowly than before. This has been the story of French politics for the last twenty years.

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  1. I don’t like him. He uses the most poisonous term for nationalists: assimilation. France is already something like 30% non-European. Assimilation would only be damaging for real French people.

    He also does the counter-jihad feminist-boosting thing.

  2. There will be an officially communist candidate in the French election for the first time in fifteen years.
    Sadly, the very weak communist candidate, Fabien Roussel, is attacking Zenmour, on “hate speech” rather than on his capitalism. Neither Roussel nor Zenmour will win.

  3. Besides Roussel, the other left candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon, also chooses to criticise Zenmour’s and LePen’s “hate speech,” instead of advocating socialist revolution:

  4. IMO Zemmour is France’s Trump, aka phony opposition. Having said that I see it as a good sign that our enemies are packaging candidates that sound more and more like Pro Whites.

  5. @Brad I listened to your dialogue with James Edwards live. My advice, don’t bet the ranch on this Jewish character Zemmour.

  6. Assimilation is a common form of hopium pushed by believers in magic dirt. It’s a lie. Try to imagine my total shock and awe that an Algerian Jew running for office in France tells lies. More of the Same is correct. Zemmour is a French version of Trumpstein, and just as full of it. The real Trump was revealed by his pardons at the very end of his term (nothing apart from Jewish swindlers and violent negroes). Magic dirt theory is like thinking being born in a garage makes you an automobile.

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