The Atlantic: Are We Doomed?

It is easy to imagine the next insurrection.

The most likely scenario is that Donald Trump decisively beats Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in 2024. This time it is not even close. God Emperor Blumpf is restored to power, but this time with a large Trumpified majority in Congress and a party that has been purged of the haters and losers.

The Atlantic:

“A year after the insurrection, I’m trying to imagine the death of American democracy. It’s somehow easier to picture the Earth blasted and bleached by global warming, or the human brain overtaken by the tyranny of artificial intelligence, than to foresee the end of our 250-year experiment in self-government.

The usual scenarios are unconvincing. The country is not going to split into two hostile sections and fight a war of secession. No dictator will send his secret police to round up dissidents in the dead of night. Analogies like these bring the comfort of at least being familiar. Nothing has aided Donald Trump more than Americans’ failure of imagination. It’s essential to picture an unprecedented future so that what may seem impossible doesn’t become inevitable.

Before January 6, no one—including intelligence professionals—could have conceived of a president provoking his followers to smash up the Capitol. Even the rioters livestreaming in National Statuary Hall seemed stunned by what they were doing. The siege felt like a wild shot that could have been fatal. For a nanosecond, shocked politicians of both parties sang together from the hymnal of democracy. But the unity didn’t last. The past months have made it clear that the near miss was a warning shot. …”

The same elite cabal which orchestrated the George Floyd riots does not accept the legitimacy of Trump’s victory in the 2024 election. They aren’t ordered to “stand down.” Most Americans correctly perceive that the Democrats pose a bigger threat to democracy.

“The conversation that followed was a difficult one, led by the activists charged with the protest strategy. “We wanted to be mindful of when was the right time to call for moving masses of people into the street,” Peoples says. As much as they were eager to mount a show of strength, mobilizing immediately could backfire and put people at risk. Protests that devolved into violent clashes would give Trump a pretext to send in federal agents or troops as he had over the summer. And rather than elevate Trump’s complaints by continuing to fight him, the alliance wanted to send the message that the people had spoken.

So the word went out: stand down. Protect the Results announced that it would “not be activating the entire national mobilization network today, but remains ready to activate if necessary.” On Twitter, outraged progressives wondered what was going on. Why wasn’t anyone trying to stop Trump’s coup? Where were all the protests?

Podhorzer credits the activists for their restraint. “They had spent so much time getting ready to hit the streets on Wednesday. But they did it,” he says. “Wednesday through Friday, there was not a single Antifa vs. Proud Boys incident like everyone was expecting. And when that didn’t materialize, I don’t think the Trump campaign had a backup plan.” …”

What would have happened if Trump had won the 2020 election?

There would have been an insurrection by the Democrats who would have blamed Joe Biden’s defeat on “white supremacy” and voter suppression. Neither side was ever going to back down and accept they legitimately lost the election. There would have been more, not less, violence. January 6th is mild compared to the tantrum that would have happened had Trump prevailed and not been stopped by COVID.

How will the Democrats who are already laying the predicate for saying the 2024 election was rigged handle losing Congress and the White House and Trump being restored to power and being more powerful than ever before? That’s the most interesting question in American politics.

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  1. Leonidas was nearly 60 years old when he and the rest of the 300 Spartans held their last stand against the Persians to fight to maintain their culture and way of life. I can think of no American man in his 60s willing to offer the same commitment to their children, possible grandchildren, and future descendants. There will be no insurrection from MAGA Boomers. I must admit, I am bitter that I have been given the duty of fixing a problem that I had no part in making, and that I have to fight against an older generation who would rather sit on their Social Security than secure their society. But, I’ll take a lesson from the Jewish people on this one: “Broader shoulders, not a lighter load.”

    • It’s a bit different because in the USA there is nothing to even maintain. Maintain the “culture and way of life” of watching sportsball and eating fast food until you get diabetes and die at 63? Anything worth maintaining was already destroyed decades ago.

    • Let’s be honest and real.

      Boomers weren’t even voting age , when civil rights , fair housing, affirmative action etc. were voted into law. You need to look at the WWII vets and older, for that fault.

      • For more than 50 years now the Boomer “youth culture” nostalgia has been used to stifle the voice of reason. It was boomers who decided that “true conservatism” was fake conservatism. It’s boomers who’ve gone along with rainbow flag people, who raised their children to go along with it.

      • No, WW2 vets were in their 30s when that happened. The leadership that sat through those suicide pacts were 50-80 from much older generations. Few WW2 vets sat in positions of power at that point. JFK was renowned for being the youngest president ever elected so just the first wave was creeping in during the 60s. WW2 vets came to power and put the brakes on the 60s thing culminating with the Reagan Administration which was a limited attempt to push back the clock within a system already fatally rigged against white gentile homogeny. But ultimately we tolerated Brown vs. Topeka and all the atrocities that followed because we could afford to, America was too rich for anyone to rock the boat as the temperature was slowly boiled up on the frog.

      • @Hugh – re: “I must admit, I am bitter that I have been given the duty of fixing a problem that I had no part in making”….
        EVERY generation blames the generation(s) before for all the ills of society and the problems of the world. YOU will likewise be blamed by subsequent generations for your failure to leave them a perfect world; a world in which you, like the vast majority of people, were powerless to do much of anything.

    • Look at all of the rich boomers, “snowbirds” who have two homes…that life is just a luxurious permanent vacation after 45 or 50. They could care less about what is going on in the US, because they are shielded from it.
      Social Security should be illegal. The idea of the government taxing your pay, and later letting you have a certain amount each month, taxed…so if you die early, you never get the money, or probably won’t see most of it either. We should get the interest and buying power of that money for ourselves.

      • >We should get the interest and buying power of that money for ourselves.

        What do you think finances part of that 30 tril in debt ?

      • “Social Security should be illegal. The idea of the government taxing your pay, and later letting you have a certain amount each month, taxed…so if you die early, you never get the money, or probably won’t see most of it either. We should get the interest and buying power of that money for ourselves.”

        That is Paul Ryanism which is very unpopular with the public. In such a plutocratic libertarian fantasy most Americans turning 65 would take that $90K check for their lifetime payments to SS from an average blue collar job 80% of the population has and blow through it on basic expenses before the age of 70 to end up paupers on the street. I think the SS and medicare taxes should not have an earnings cap so the billionaires help pay for all the old people who can no longer work in our society. Increase the SS check, and abolish all state pensions and convert to ordinary SS, this would be an enormous savings on property taxes for the average homeowner.

      • @ Pilot, the murmuring of jealous, crybaby, collectivist’s, excuse makers, if it wasn’t the snowbird boomers, it would be something else, all the treasure and wealth, the boomers allegedly have, will belong too you whiners, soon enough, the difference is , the boomers worked for what they have, it will be handed too your generation, ” No one ever excused their way too success”, the only people, who will attack their elders the way some of you do, are White People., Your elders are not the problem…….. Maybe you are the problem…………………. I really don’t think the southern nationalist are the ones, doing all the hand wringing, we’ve been facing economic, cultural, political, tyranny since 1865, they have been trying too disposses southern white people for the last 156 years, we are still here, still trying, still overcoming, still doing the best we can, with what we have too work with, by birth I am what, ” Strauss & Howe”, refer too as a ” Thirteener” that gap generation between the boom and X generations and honestly, I consider the thirteeners superior too the boomers and ex’ers, our philosophy is quite simple, I get up in the morning and do what I have too do, when that’s done, I do what I want too do, As much as the law will allow any way, ha! Ha! That’s a joke, you don’t have too run your delicate ass off too your safe space, I am only pranking with you, ok enough of this silliness, on a serious note, pray, read your bible, take karate lessons, learn how too ride, a bike, horse, a bicycle, learn how too ride something, it’s good for your soul……………………ps. if you don’t have one, get a dog, everybody needs a friend, anyway have a nice day mr.pilot…………………………………

        • Just remember it’s our money. The government has no right to take it from us. Thomas Jefferson even said it’s not right to take money from someone to give to another.
          I know how to do a lot of things. I’d like to live in a free nation. You can’t cover that up with hobbies.

      • The bomber pilots McCluskey or Best at the Battle of Midway? Nimitz perhaps. You could argue that the Marine commander at Wake was about as important if he really said “send more japs.” MacArthur didn’t die at his post.

    • What you see happening today was set in motion over a century ago. Communists and their owners openly stated then, that they would take America from the inside. It is even arguable that the fix was in long before that.

      Certainly, since WW2, the “long march through the institutions” was made easy for the marxtards, by the WW2 generation, who won their “good war”, and did not want to hear about anything else. The “boomers” were fed leftist conditioned propaganda pap from birth, most are just as dim as millennials.

      As for Trump being “elected”, it will only happen if the parasites think they need one more RINO cycle to complete their agenda. It is bad enough that White adults still believe in the “voting” fraud, there are actually still people pushing the “Q” crap.

      • You are so clueless…Antifa and BLM are creatures of the Capitalist Pig Class….Ho Chi Minh and North Korean Dear Leader were 0 threat to the Native White Working Class….Such a brainless comment..

        • Your comment is rather odd, perhaps you are clueless. Where did I mention antifa or blm, or Uncle Ho, or Dear Leader? You seem to get your views from cnn and twitter.

  2. “A year after the insurrection”


    What a corruption of language, for a peaceful walk around.

    • Not just that phrase, but the whole piece is overwrought effeminate nonsense from a pseudo-intellectual brownnoser (He was a supporter of the Iraq war, link).

      Oh, and he’s a Jew.

  3. “What would have happened if Trump had won the 2020 election?”

    We are living it. 81 million votes my ass. 6 states halt counting all at the same time for calculated ballot injections. Not even subtle.

  4. I DESPISE democracy. It’s the rule of billionaire oligarchs with an agenda that is hostile to the lower and middle classes, using weak, corrupt politicians as their front men. I want a totalitarian National Socialist dictatorship run by men like Reinhard Heydrich and Hans Kammler. If such extraordinary men still exist!

  5. Blumph should just go away and stop embarrassing himself. Yes, he might win if he decides to run but what will really change? Nothing.

  6. “In a sense, the Republican Party now functions like an insurgency. It has a legal, legitimate wing that conducts politics as usual and an underground wing that threatens violence. The first wing is made up of leaders such as Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Kevin McCarthy, who oppose Democratic bills, stoke conservative anger over progressive policies, and try to stay clear of Trump’s fantasies and vendettas. But every day they collaborate with party figures in the underground wing, whose lies mobilize the base, and whose goal is not so much to refight the last election as to give a pretext for fixing future ones. ”

    The Republican party doesn’t have an equivalent to balaclava wearing Red Guards going around knocking people’s teeth out.
    The many factions of this Republic have no common points of reference anymore.

  7. Re “are we doomed?”: The rapid advance of little Laos suggests it. Talk about “building back better,” the U.S. has been trying to build a high-speed rail line for at least twenty years, but none so far. While the U.S. spends trillions on imperialist war, peaceful little Laos has leaped ahead of the U.S. with the most advanced high-speed rail service. It took months to clear the railway path of thousands of still-unexploded U.S. bombs, from the 1960s-70s war in which peaceful Laos became the most-heavily-bombed country in world history:

    • We moved beyond the “train ridership” phase one hundred years ago. We have our own cars, who really wants to take a train somewhere and not have a car to go places once you get there?

      • Also the airlines. It took several days to go from the East Coast to the West Coast in 1910 by express train, and it was expensive too. Starting in the 1930’s with the DC 3 air travel was rapidly advancing in the U.S. making passenger railroads obsolete. There are still some exceptions where passenger rail traffic makes sense but very few in the U.S., this is a big country.

      • Come on now….a high speed rail system in the US would be great. Renting a car or a ride is no problem. But we can’t have nice things here.

  8. You can feel the momentum building, especially with Patriot Front.

    I will take the Atlantic seriously when they call for Partition.

  9. Yet another kike howling about the right refusing to accept “the will of the people” as allegedly made manifest by Biden’s election… Where were these swine when their hordes of niggers & antifag scum were rioting & attacking red hats in in the streets in denial that Dump had won? They were illegally thwarting the now-vaunted will of the people by weaponizing the subverted FBI & other American Stasi alphabet soup agencies and having 2 impeachment farces based on the Democrat party lie of “Russiagate”; the party, the jewsmedia & Big Tech colluded to bury the story of the utter corruption & drug-addled perversion of Hunter Biden & his senile, pants-shitting “Big Guy” during the closing weeks of the election – then they smirkily boasted about it to rub it in the faces of the “white trash racist” MAGAtards as soon as it was safe to do so.

    Half the country wants these god damned (((Cultural Marxist)))/race traitor usurper vermin dead, and rightly so.

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