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      • Buddy, “Right Wing” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

        Rorschach Test: Was Rush Limbaugh Right Wing?

        If you answered “No,” then you don’t understand how politics and ideology works in the American context. The 1800s understandings of Right and Left are irrelevant. Hierarchy and Tradition are interesting concepts with varying degrees of merit, but in the context of the USA in the 21st century, they have little to do with being Right Wing.

        Rush Limbaugh but Actually Racist is the kind of White Nationalism – the kind of Right Wing Ideology – that has mass appeal and can win. There’s no market or mass appeal for Left Wing Racism. The two concepts are antithetical. 99% of Leftists are religiously committed to anti-racism and the Great Replacement. Deal with it.

        • Conservatism is dead. There is nothing about Rush Limbaugh that could be of advantage in this current time. You have to stop playing Republicans and Democrats. Most people do not know or acknowledge that the Left wants us gone.

    • Imagine you are black, and are forced to listen to a fellow black repeat that blacks are 13% of the population, yet do more than 50% of the violent crime.

      69% of conservatives would date someone like that.

      Respectable conservatism is a hell of a drug.

      • I think they’re far more than 13 percent of the population. Every big city has a black mayor. A black city council. A black police chief. A black school board. And so on…I think they lie to us about how many there are, because big and mid size cities are jam packed with them, and they’re moving into our areas, too. Look at some of the videos on YouTube where people drive around and film the “hoods”.
        I’d guess them to be closer to 30 to 40 percent of the population. Low IQ groups over breed, it’s an evolutionary strategy to offset a lack of intelligence for survival.

        • @Pilot – Yes; I truly believe the same. It’s an intentional understatement, like that “ten million” illegal aliens number. It has a sedative affect on Whites.

          All the Black faces leering out from every single mainstream source is a ham-handed attempt to desensitize us to the jarringly hostile presence of Blacks.

          • In the month of May, over a million Mexicans got in. They are bussed all over the US, so every city has them. We really don’t know how many are here, but I’d guess it’s a big pie slice of the graph of the US.
            Agree about the blacks. Good points. It was years ago, when they started showing their faces up close, with mouths open, rather repulsive, to get them in our sight. I’m very much afraid this will end like South Africa.

  1. Just more evidence that were headed for major political violence and balkanization. But you dont need polls to tell you that. You can just feel the energy to know.

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