Thomas Edsall: Can The Democracts Pry America Away From Trump?

The latest Thomas Edsall column which we all saw this morning has largely come to the correct conclusion: Joe Biden and the Democrats overpromised and underwhelmed on economic issues while promising moderation on cultural issues and delivering open borders and Wokeism.

New York Times:

“Do you believe, as many political activists and theorists do, that the contemporary Republican Party poses a threat to democracy? After all, much of its current leadership refuses to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election and is dead set on undermining the concept of one person, one vote.

If it does pose such a threat, does that leave the Democratic Party as the main institutional defender of democracy?

If the Democratic Party has been thrust into that role — whether it wants it or not — recent election results and adverse polling trends suggest that it stands a good chance of losing both branches of Congress in 2022 and that Trump or a Trump clone could win the presidency in 2024.

The issue then becomes a question of strategic emphasis. Do Democratic difficulties grow more out of structural advantages of the Republican Party — better geographic distribution of its voters, the small-state tilt of the Electoral College and the Senate, more control over redistricting? Or do their difficulties stem from Democratic policies and positions that alienate key blocs of the electorate? …”

These are perilous times and “our democracy” is on the verge of death from a radicalized Republican Party that has been taken over by “domestic extremists.” This is why it is so essential to avoid “White appeasement.” We must continue to insult, annoy and alienate White working class voters. We must double down on using terms like “Latinx” that are offensive to Hispanic voters. We need to drive out all the “Karens” who are loyal to their White sons and this system of “white supremacy.”

Democratic strategists are saying on Twitter that the Democrats can still win and defeat Donald Trump in 2024 by showing “moral clarity” with the message “privileged White people suck” and that inflation isn’t so bad and high gas prices really aren’t our fault. Progressive activists are confident that an intense focus on exorcizing the demon of “racism” combined with censoring the internet of “misinformation” and a strategy of waving the bloody shirt of “the insurrection” will hold the White Independent swing voters in the suburbs that we need to maintain our razor thin majority. The party must listen to its base who came up such popular, compelling and effective slogans as “Abolish ICE” and “Defund the Police.”

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  1. It is logical however: Moderate liberals and fake-lefts so obviously overreaching and discrediting themselves is just what the system needs to keep the population from really looking left, making them react by swinging toward the right (Trumpism, fascism, etc.) as their only hope – a false hope indeed!

  2. It doesn’t help them that Psaki is really condescending while delivering a new “let them eat cake” type line every week.

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