Jussie Smollett Found Guilty By Racist Criminal Justice System


The whole point of doing this was to play the victim for the media. Jussie thought that “journalists” were stupid and credulous enough to fall for his story. He was right.

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  1. Well, juries these days are causing me to think the world isn’t totally crazy yet. A, black man Convicted in Chicago, Chicago of all places. Even Chicago has limits for some things. Man, was this dunce stupid.

    • “Man, was this dunce stupid.”

      Yes, the jewish compulsion to lie, mixed with black simplicity.

      ” No goy, behavior IS NOT genetic “.

  2. Owned my ass. What are the ramifications? Personally I believe he should be locked up over this along with all the other great decievers. That would be justice, but he does have muh black card to wave at Whitey.

  3. Let’s see:- black and gay. It ticks at least a couple of ready victimhood boxes there, why not push it for all its worth?
    Always remember:- Jussie was the victim here……… somehow.
    I wonder if Biden will update his statement to match the verdict? Pwobably not!

  4. Perhaps, the negroes of Charlottesville can used the melted metal from the General Lee statue to forge one of Jussie Smollet. After all, Smollet represents twenty-first century Charlottesville a lot more than Lee does.

  5. If he faces jail time, sentencing a black homo to jail is like punishing a kid with a year’s pass to Disneyland.

  6. He’ll probably do as much time in jail as that famous marksman, Alec Baldwin. For the regime’s pets everything. For the regime’s enemies, the law.

  7. The story will probably go down the memory hole fast. If it doesn’t, we’ll get rounds and rounds of how evil, “racist” whitey made him do it. I predict he’ll get off with a slap on wrist, if that.

  8. The fact he thought this “afternoon special” plot level stunt was believable shows just how bizarre the demon haunted world black people live in. He actually believes this kind of stuff commonly goes on out there. Until a few years back, no white people had ever associated “nooses” with racism, the burning cross was what came to mind as an anti-black symbol. So I’d assume virtually every single one of these nooses found was a hoax by blacks for attention. What he did was as bad as Wasco’s attempt to start a jailhouse race riot in the old James Woods film Fast Walking, he was deliberately trying to inflame tensions in this country, yelling fire in a crowded theater. Still though, I don’t know why he didn’t seek some sort of plea with an apology for his stunt, these people in power just want to forgive him, seems it would have been a better strategy, and career move than doubling down on his Afternoon Special level cheesyness hoax.

  9. Have y’all ever noticed how so many niggras suck and chew their boot lips inward whenever they do their guilty mugshot and other guilty as sin camera shots?

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