Charlottesville’s Statue of Robert E. Lee Will Be Melted Down

I don’t have much to say about this.

This is a fitting end to “Charlottesville” though.

This reflects the mindset of the woke progressives who live in Charlottesville.

Back in 2017, I went there with the League of the South because I loved the statue and opposed the people who wanted to tear it down. I’ve been to Southern heritage rallies all over the South. I’m a traditionalist and history buff and enjoyed visiting all of these places when I lived in Virginia.

New York Times:

“The City Council of Charlottesville, Va., voted on Tuesday to donate a statue of Robert E. Lee to an African American heritage center that plans to melt the bronze monument, the focus of a deadly white nationalist rally in 2017, into material for a new piece of public art.

The 4-0 vote by the council followed years of debate over the fate of the statue. Four years ago, a plan to remove the statue drew scores of white nationalists to Charlottesville for a “Unite the Right” rally that led to violence, including the killing of a counterprotester by an Ohio man who plowed a car into a crowd. …”

But this is the sort of people we are dealing with.

If for nothing but the sake of fostering social cohesion, they could have easily moved the statue to some other town or city in Virginia, but to these leftist radicals “The Cruelty Is The Point.”

Do you remember when the mainstream Right made it out like we were the villains in Charlottesville? Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney said that Antifa were like the heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy. We’ve since seen what these people have done to Richmond.

As Robert Barnwell Rhett himself would have said, history will remember this as an act of abject hatred and bigotry. These people hate us far more than we do them. They hate White people. They hate Southerners. They hate American heritage in general, not merely Confederate monuments. They’ve demonstrated through their actions that everything we were saying about them in 2017 was true.

David Brooks just wrote this in The Atlantic:

“How did a movement built on an image of society as a complex organism give rise to the simplistic dichotomies of manipulative populism? …

On the right, especially among the young, the populist and nationalist forces are rising. All of life is seen as an incessant class struggle between oligarchic elites and the common volk. History is a culture-war death match. Today’s mass-market, pre-Enlightenment authoritarianism is not grateful for the inherited order but sees menace pervading it: You’ve been cheated. The system is rigged against you. Good people are dupes. Conspiracists are trying to screw you. Expertise is bogus. Doom is just around the corner. I alone can save us. …”

“History is a culture-war death match.”

Why indeed would anyone on the Right have that mistaken impression? Why would anyone doubt the liberal norms? Why would they see “racial justice” as a zero sum game?

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  1. You folks are too uniformed on the precepts of judaism.
    Destroying the ‘images’ of the ‘idolaters’ is a very important mitzvah.
    It is an essential requisite to bring about the mosiach, global jewish rule.

    (Idolaters means you, goy)

    • Early Protestants did that too. Disgraceful period in Christian history but then it comes from the “Old Testament”. Idol worship is really out of control in places like India. I can see why reining that in was considered important but seeing beautiful statues with the heads cut off in Germany is sickening.

      • Iconoclasm has a long history. Fanatics arose from time to time and went on rampages. In the 16th and 17th centuries it was the “reformers” turn to destroy much of the artistic patrimony of Europe. To this day the results are visible in places like Amsterdam where churches are lacking old art work with empty niches where statues and paintings were destroyed wholesale. Beautiful stained glass windows were also destroyed.

        Ironically Martin Luther was opposed to the iconoclasts.

        The people removing statues today are operating along the same lines as earlier religious fanatics except they have gotten the blacks, who know nothing about history and couldn’t care less either to do the heavy lifting for them. It’s the “white” (appearing) Usual Suspect types behind these troubles. They ultimately want us dead, six feet under, the statues go first though.

        • “In the 16th and 17th centuries it was the reformers turn to destroy much of the artistic patrimony of Europe (…) people removing statues today are operating along the same lines as earlier religious fanatics”:

          I do make an exception for removing infrastructure of Papist idolatry that was imposed on Britain and other European nations in the tenth and eleventh centuries, replacing orthodoxy. The God’s Mother idols and pictures and other propaganda artwork of Rome really should come down.

          • Fuck England and the British. No European ethnicity is more responsible for the brother wars of the 20th century and it consequences.

        • Protestant Churches don’t have statues in them to this day. We don’t use crucifixes, we use the plain cross of the Risen Christ. We don’t worship Mary, or any other saints. About the only painting you might see in an entrance way to a Protestant Church is “Christ on the Road to Emmaus” a depiction of an incident after the Ressurection as mentioned in Luke.

          • Krusty,

            I’m sure you would have no problem attending a Protestant church with the ‘holy’ relic of the coprolite of Christ prominently displayed.

          • Stalin? Stalin?

            I actually like Franco more than Mussolini. Franco knew that the only good communist is a dead communist.

            Of course, your Anglosphere sided with the republican communists against the Catholic nationalist during the Spanish Civil War.

  2. On record, I don’t support the destruction of any historical statues, including statues of Lee, Jefferson, Jackson, Saddam Hussein, Mao, Stalin and Lenin, and even of the elite-sponsored “explorer” (spy and treasure hunter) Christopher Columbus. Speaking of pirates, this week the U.S. Navy stole over one million barrels of Iranian petroleum products from four tankers bound for Venezuela, and also piratized an Iranian weapon shipment bound for Yemen. The so-called “forfeitures” (stolen goods) will now be sold by the U.S. to raise money for more piracy and acts of aggressive war. The U.S. should begin erecting public statues of its Navy pirate heroes in thanks for their “service.”

      • A Korean (DPRK) coal barge in the South China Sea on its way to Indonesia or Malaysia was hijacked and stolen completely, by the U.S. during the Trump administration. Piracy is part of the so-called “rules-based international order,” which means: the Empire makes the rules and gives orders, and blockades and sanctions all nations that disobey.

      • @KT-88,

        Trumpstein pivoted neocon jewish ‘chicken hawk’ Eliot Abrams from attempting to incite a coup attempt in Venezuela to trying to do the same to Iran.

  3. The enemy made sure to capture Thomas Jefferson’s hometown and use it as a base for their ideological war of terror.

  4. They’ll be melting down statues of Lincoln too. Anything that reminds our enemies of White people is “racist” and has to go.

  5. @. ” These people hate us, far more than we do them, you might feel that way, I don’t, I hate them more, it’s quite clear too me, they are of the devil, They and the master they serve, the hellish misery, they have served up to gods people, generation after generation, when the Lord says blot them out, I know exactly what he means, a lot of our people are afraid of our enemies, fear always turns too hate, ever how much they hate me and my people, I hate them 7 fold more, they want us dead, the feeling is mutual, except on my part, it’s 7 fold more, our enemies have a hatred a meanness about them that isn’t human, it is a spiritual hatred, my anger toward, my hatred toward our enemies is righteous, they hate our God and they hate us, we war against cold blooded, physopathic servants of satan, their outrage and indignation, against anything that is good, is evident, the pretentious, fake moral authority, these lost idiots, have deluded themselves into thinking they have, I look forward too seeing you then in chains and yes I hate them more…………………

  6. One side is “Heritage, not Hate”.

    The other side is “Hate” — so much so that they vandalize and melt down the statues of the other side’s ancestors.

    There is no peaceful coexistence with Communists/Marxists/Anarchists/Antifa/BLM/etc

    And this big “conspiracy” includes Republicans, Big Government, M$M, Big Academia, Big Tech, etc.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. Confederates to the rescue…

    “Lee Rides Again”

    Join us as we raise funds for a new 14′ Robert E. Lee equestrian monument. Our monument will be put on private property and not subject to political whims. The proposed location will be in Virginia along Interstate 64 between Charlottesville and Richmond.
    We are currently raising funds for what we are calling “phase 1,” which is set at $100,000 for the bronze portion of the monument and the land. We appreciate your consideration and hope that you will join us in getting this memorial completed.

    • Update:

      Join us as we raise funds for a new 21′ Robert E. Lee equestrian monument based on the monument removed from Richmond.. Our monument will be put on private property and not subject to political whims. The proposed location will be in Virginia along Interstate 64 between Charlottesville and Richmond.
      We are currently raising funds for what we are calling “phase 1,” which is set at $200,000 for the bronze portion of the monument and the land. We appreciate your consideration and hope that you will join us in getting this memorial completed.

      *12/09/2021 edit: It was brought to our attention that our proposed height of 14′ was correct for the Charlottesville Lee monument however the Richmond monument is actually 21′. We have corrected the height and increased our donation goal to reflect the size increase.

      Update #1
      As of 12/05/2021 across all platforms we’ve taken in about $8000 in donations. That number is the gross donations not the net after payment processing fees were incurred.

      Fund raising, construction, dedication for the original Lee statue in Richmond.

      Throughout the war, many American Southerners viewed Lee as a war hero and a master strategist. Following the death of Robert E. Lee in 1870, several organizations were formed with the goal of erecting a monument to Lee in Richmond. These included survivors of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, the Lee Monument Association led by Confederate general Jubal Early, and the Ladies’ Lee Monument Association. These organizations were merged into the Lee Monument Commission in 1886, led by Lee’s nephew and Virginia governor Fitzhugh Lee and together the funds combined to $52,000.

      When the construction of the monument was complete, the Lee Monument Association of Virginia sent a representative to France to inspect the work and issue the final payment of $20,000. The journalist Lida McCabe reported on the transaction between the American businessman and the French sculptor, observing that the transaction was forced and uneasy. The Monument Association representative seemed to have little interest in the monument itself and simply occupied himself with his financial duties. McCabe’s reporting focused on the dedication that Mercié put into the sculpture. After listening to Mercié, McCabe discovered that he had researched the Civil War and General Lee extensively. McCabe reported that had acquired different props such as saddles and stirrups, coats, and boots to make sure that the monument was as accurate as possible.

      The cornerstone for the monument was placed on October 27, 1887. The statue arrived in Richmond by rail on May 4, 1890. Newspaper accounts indicate that 10,000 people helped pull four wagons with the pieces of the monument. The completed statue was unveiled on May 29, 1890. Two of Lee’s daughters, Mary Custis Lee and Mildred Childe Lee, attended the dedication.
      — Wikipedia, “Robert E. Lee Monument (Richmond, Virginia)”

  8. It has always been the way for the conquerors to destroy the monuments and temples of the conquered. In the most simple form, the Central American injuns such as the Mayans and Aztecs setting fire to the main temple of a defeated town or city to symbolize its subjugation and erasure.

    In the same way, they’re underlining their victory by destroying the monuments of White ancestors. “The White race is OVER, now die you scum helots!”

    Most Whites seem quite willing to turn the other cheek, mumble the submission-phrase “just one race, the human race,” and pray feebly while bending their necks to the yoke.

    The meek shall inherit the grave.

  9. From what I’ve read Charlottesville plans on shipping the Jackson statue across the country to an LA art project called LAXART:

    God only knows what LAXART plans on doing with the Jackson statue:

    A number of my ancestors were in the Stonewall Brigade, they were not the best soldiers, but, they were there. Jackson had his faults, but, his memory does not deserve this type of treatment.

  10. Best definition of history I have ever seen is “the process of sorting winners from losers”.

    David Brooks and his generation are just clueless. The man himself built his entire ‘career’ on losing, first to the left for decades and now to the alt-right – but if you pointed it out to him you’d just get a blank stare. He might counter that actually Conservatism was a great success, just look at the Reagan tax cuts…

  11. UTR should have probably fascilitated the intact move of the large bronze back before 2017. The statue could have found a new site. Would have cost not much more than a few hundred thousand to re-plant elsewhere.

  12. Judaism 101. Destroy the culture and heritage of the White majority while erecting statues of criminal minorities.

  13. Can’t any of the Im-so-rich-I-dont-need-to-work guys buy the statue? That would be a really great thing to do with that vacation money.

    • It would have made no difference. They rejected an offer of 100K. They would have rejected an offer of 1 million too. They weren’t interested in selling the statue. The point is to rub it in our faces. You can be absolutely certain David Brooks smiles at the thought of this being melted down by some affirmative-action “art” concern to make CRT “art” which folks like Brooks’ tribesman Soros will order their step-n-fetchits like McConnell, Miss Lindsay and Youngkin to fund with your tax dollars, YT.

      • @Extalted Cyclops,

        Finally, someone that has cut through the kosher fog of the matter.

        Again, that’s why corporations don’t mind losing shekels by being (((woke))). That deficit in the red is the cost of crushing their enemy of “Whiteness.”

    • That would be empty bravado. As empty as all the Southern combat veterans crowing about how they were not going to allow their ancestor’s legacy be humiliated by “Yankees.”

  14. This is your best piece in the decade since i have been reading HW. Somber and to the point it really sums everything up in a few paragraphs. The mask of we are not replacing you has dropped and now they are making it clear that this has always been about our destruction and their plan is scorched earth. This Yankee will stand with you any day

  15. I’m happy whenever idols come down. When the time comes we need to have some fun melting down their idols, Michael King the dreamer, all of them.

    • Yes, the pendulum always swings, and it always swings far to the other side. We may not live to see it as it might not happen for another 50 or 100 years, but it will swing back.

  16. “… will remember this as an act of abject hatred …”
    Yes, oh yes we will remember.
    And when I say, “we” I mean white men who grew up in a nation that no longer exists,

    A land now under the control of a small group who hates traditional western civilization & the white men who built it.

    This small group (2-3% of the population) controls all the levers of societal power (money, media, education, & politics) and quite literally, want whites to disappear from the face of the planet.

    This small group weaponizes non-whites against us; while brainwashed white females & males (not men) actively support their own culture’s & custom’s debasement & ruination.

    The statue of RE Lee having been desecrated multiple times – defaced, dismantled, & now destroyed – may seem this small group & their hordes of enslaved minds, as a victory. But in time, it will be seen as the reason for their own ultimate destruction.

    God so help me – & my kind – that that day draws closer & closer each day from this one forward;

    until EVERY SINGLE TIME every single one of them is identified, he is apprehended, tried, & held SEVERELY accountable for this heinous crime against an icon of our history, our way of life, and of everything good, & decent, & honorable, about western civilization in general, and antebellum USA in particular.

    And that justice served WILL BE RIGHTEOUS indeed.

    To better days ahead – when strong white men of good character, again regain, what weak white males of poor character gave away, to a small group of anti-whites.

    May God hear this entreaty.


  17. Giving it to an African American heritage Centre just so they can destroy it? Do you see how spiteful and provocative that looks? It symbolises giving the middle finger to your history. You built this fucking nation!
    History happened. It can’t be erased. You need to be there when it comes down, and at least register your disapproval at this vile, racist act.
    Notice how they couldn’t merely move it? It has to be destroyed as well!
    America was nothing when whites arrived. It would be nothing if we left. White statues have every right to be there, and seen.

  18. Keeping that noble, dignified equestrian statue in place would have been a constant and irritating reminder to the Marxist rabble of how superior the defeated race was. They are like the Mohammedan terrorists who dynamited those giant, 1500 year old Buddha statues in Bamiyan, Afghanistan 20 years ago.

  19. The real shame is that they hate us more than we hate them. This is proof that “hate” is a bad word to Nationalists in America, because Nationalists STILL OPERATE ON LIBERAL PROGRAMMING.

    • Exactly. It’s not about emotions, it’s about logic and survival. Even if we really dislike Negroes, common sense says we need to live apart from them—- for survival and being able to obtain our highest standards of living.

  20. The removal of statues and grave sites by government power, or pulled down by feverish anti-White mobs of jewish golems, what put that kinetic energy into motion was the legacy of The Frankfurt School jewish anti-European and anti-authoritarian personality ideology that was birthed and unleashed on post-WWII Germany.

    Anglo-judeo OSS ” re-education” (critical race theory) was forced on the defeated German population in the Western (((all-lies))) sectors, in order to create a talmudic counter-narrative that would be utilized to mindfuck the Germans into believing that they were the worst people on the face of the earth, and responsible for all war crimes real or imagined during the war.

    The video by Academic Agent spells out exactly what is occurring and why much better than I could convey in writing.

    The bottom line is that all the mechanisms set loose on the Germans after WWII have boomeranged back at the (((all-lied))) nations in the West, and now you are the deplorable and reprehensible “Nazis, racists, fascists, and genocidal criminals” that can only be redeemed by jews and their useful idiot gentile White traitors erasing “Whiteness,” as they had previously done via “de-nazification.”

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