Poll: New Poll Shows Donald Trump Beating Joe Biden by 4 Points In 2024 Matchup

Yet another poll is out which shows Trump defeating Joe Biden by 4 points in 2024 on the revolutionary platform “Let’s Go Brandon.”


“Donald Trump continues to look well positioned to potentially defeat President Joe Biden in the 2024 election if they both choose to run for another term, new polling shows.

Biden’s popularity has plummeted over the past several months as his administration has responded to a number of crises. Meanwhile, Trump continues to remain widely popular with Republicans and consistently hints at the possibility of another run for president in 2024.

A new poll released Thursday by Redfield & Wilton Strategies shows Trump leading Biden by 4 percentage points in a hypothetical matchup. However, neither potential contender has majority support among eligible voters. …”

Brad, why are you spending so much time on this?

Why are you laughing so hard about this? The 2020 election was stolen from Blumpf and the polls are notoriously unreliable.

  1. First, I have never believed the 2020 election was stolen from him. Blumpf was never ahead of Joe Biden in the polls. He lost because White Independents turned against him over COVID. It happened nationwide and was a consistent trend.
  2. Second, it is true that the polls are off because Trump supporters don’t respond as eagerly to polls. The polls are biased in favor of Joe Biden. So when Trump is beating Joe Biden by 4 points in all the public polls it is probably worse than that. Biden also has to win by like 3 points nationwide just to break even because of the way his voters are inefficiently concentrated in coastal metro areas.
  3. Third, Joe Biden is losing across the board on ALL issues.
  4. Fourth, the economy is by far the most important issue and Joe Biden is getting killed on that because of inflation.
  5. Finally, the idea that all the public polls are being rigged in favor of Trump and show him winning is pretty hilarious. He wasn’t ahead in the polls even in 2016.
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  1. With all the damage Biden has done and the inflation, 4 points isn’t that much. Trump isn’t as popular as he once was. I wonder why? I already know the answer.

    • “Trump isn’t as popular as he once was. I wonder why? I already know the answer.”

      Well based on what i hear from some on the right, both in real life and online, it’s about operation warp speed and how trump promoted the vaccines. That’s a no-no to the conspiratards and alex jones depopulation nuts. There are more legitimate reasons to dislike trump.

    • Trump and Bill O’Reilly are appearing together in a couple of live events beginning in Sunrise, FL tomorrow. But tickets sales have been very sluggish. The enthusiasm for Cheeto Jayzus just isn’t there anymore.

  2. There will be no legitimate choice for the 2024 election. It’ll just be an open anti-white vs an open philo-semite. The system is rigged just by the choices of candidates the jews give us. Trump represents civic nationalism and white cuckery to jews. Most republican voters don’t want any kind of revolution, so they would be okay with a rino republican type presidency. Those poor saps think 2017-2019 were the good days.

    • “Most republican voters don’t want any kind of revolution, so they would be okay with a rino republican type presidency. Those poor saps think 2017-2019 were the good days”:

      They’re lost in the illusion of The American Dream. They only want to make money and “get ahead” of others, and nothing else matters. Imperialism that kills millions abroad is fine, but inflation at “home” is not. True of Democrats as well as Republicans, nearly the entire population of the imperial “homeland” is corrupted and in service to Mammon.

      • @anonymous – One gets a strong ‘true believer’ Marxist-communist vibe off of you…
        The reality is that human beings are, by nature, “unequal” and “greedy” (references to some of your other comments). Fundamental to our nature is the cliched, but apt, “looking out for number one”. This is the natural evolution of our inborn survival strategy, adapted for the modern age. There is no benign, non-corrupt, “equal” system of rule that will ever effectively or fairly rule over a nation of people. The history of mankind is conquer or be conquered.

        • He’s right. A lot of “conservatives” like to hear a lot of talk. But there’s no action. I’d rather politicians be quiet and do important and effective things, than just go on and on about stuff. I saw a video where some Republicans were going on and on about how bad Communism is, and people loved it. The main speaker was Mexican. To me, this was clearly a push to let more and more people into the US, to allegedly escape Communism. But people hear certain things, and think someone is going to fix the US.

  3. Time for a clean sweep. White nationalists need to excommunicate Spencer et al. Mainline conservatives need to shun Trump- he is a total lightning rod and ineffectual to boot.

    If you want to be an activist for our people, 1. control your vices 2. be debt free/ self employed.

    • That’s not going to stop them from destroying us. Whites will be a minority very soon. The laws are against us, and if this doesn’t stop, whites will be culled by the brown ones. South Africa 2.0

  4. Only 4 points? Trump probably won the last election by more than 4 points. Either way Trump is a clown and any reasonable candidate should soundly beat Biden.

  5. All the polls are rigged. They mean nothing. And this is Trump’s inflation, from his 7 trillion dollar 2019 and 2020 deficits. Biden’s will just now begin to kick in.

    But few understand that that is Trump’s 33 dollar steak, not Biden’s, because few know even diddly squat about economics. The inflation trails the increase in dollars, by a year

    I hear idiots blaming gas prices on the Keystone pipeline cancellation. They believe we lost millions of gallons a day, Biden shut it down. They have no idea that the Keystone White Elephant never opened. It was designed to pump tar sand sludge from Canada to Texas to be refined into junk grade gasoline to be sold to China.

    Many thousands of Christians had their homes stolen, so the Jew billionaire investors could build this abomination. Republicans in several States opposed it, especially in Nebraska. But the national GOP exists to serve Jews, not Christians, so it took a Biden to shut down this monstrosity. For the wrong reason, but he did it.

    Nimrata is grinding to one of her Hindu gods right now, lusting in worship for the nomination next time. I would call her the favorite.

    • “Nimrata is grinding to one of her Hindu gods right now, lusting in worship for the nomination next time. I would call her the favorite”:

      I agree she (Nimrata “Nikki” Haley the hyper-Zionist) is likely to be the next Republican VP candidate, just as I predicted long ahead, about six months ahead, that Kamala Harris (Wall Street’s favourite) would be “Biden’s choice.”

      • I know he kissed the wall, like all of the other Reps, but I think DeSantis is a better candidate for POTUS, IF the elections actually worked.
        Nikki Haley is another RINO.

    • $20.00/Lb. for many cuts of beef now, some cheaper prices too. Looking at the label it looks like that piece of steak is priced at $18.97/Lb. and it weighs a little more than 1 Lb. 12 ozs. Gasoline necessary to drive to the store to buy the steak costs more than $3.00/U.S. Gallon and diesel fuel to deliver the food to the store is about $3.50/U.S. Gallon too. Inflation is just starting, these prices will be in the rearview mirror soon meaning steak will simply be unavailable except for the wealthy who will eat as much as they want and wash it down with champagne if they choose. Nothing but the best for the ruling class, Soylent Green for everyone else.

  6. ” . . . this is Trump’s inflation, from his 7 trillion dollar 2019 and 2020 deficits.” Didn’t Trump call himself the “King of Debt?” He also hired Wilbur Ross, the “King of Bankruptcy” as his Commerce Secretary. The Secretary of Commerce’s duties are to get every tax break, every sweetheart deal, every exemption from regulations, every favor possible for “bidnessmen”, especially those who align themselves with the ruling regime. This is known as “Democracy in Action”.


    Not just Trump went balls out piling up deficits but the Presidents before him and the notorious scumbags in Congress spent with abandon for one reason, because they could. That era of profligacy is coming to an end now, on Dementia Joe’s watch, too bad for him. Dementia Joe and Cackling Kamala are Mr. President so they get the blame, like it or not. They won the booby prize in 2020 of getting elected Prez. and Vice Prez., now they can choke on it.

    Inflation is raging, we are in the 1st inning, not the 9th inning of this process and it will end up wrecking the dollar and impoverishing most people. The U.S. Government will be unable to do anything but make the problem go from bad to worse. Get thee prepared for the inevitable fall especially by getting away from the diversity lest one get enriched bigly.

  7. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in polls this far out. Biden will probably be dead or a complete vegetable by 2024. Trump will be pushing eighty. He’s probably more interested in one last grift, not seriously running for President. These polls always tighten as the erection gets closer and the jew media fully activates its shitlib golem with fear-mongering about a Christian theocracy that will ban science, re-enslave Negroes, and execute homosexuals or whatever finkel-think bullshit. I want Turnip to run, lose again, and claim it was stolen. I’m only interested in radicalizing conservatives into seeing that playing DC’s game is a dead-end.

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