MSNBC: The State of American Democracy

They are awfully concerned about “our democracy” for a class of people who appear to be doomed to lose power to Trump and the GOP via democracy by pretty much every metric.

Note: Do these people have a more compelling platform and message than “LET’S GO BRANDON”? How do they counter that?

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  1. Democracy = when Jews and their lickspittles control the currency, capital, media, government and means of production. I don’t see that going away.

  2. “We must renew democracy with each generation” means:

    They must subvert or destroy any movement toward real democracy with each generation. Each generation must be brought up in the anti-Christ religion of greed, individual acquisition, and love of money, even though very few workers become wealthy and the vast majority are enslaved. The population must be thoroughly corrupted.

  3. And so what if republicans get back in power? They will just spend more on the military and will keep bringing in more “legal” immigrants. The republicans see racism and anti-semitism as unpatriotic. American politics is a jewish clown show.

  4. The window to even be an entrepreneur is pretty much closed unless you are part of the baby blood drinking class. Your idea and/or company will just be stolen and they will probably bulldoze your house just for humiliation after they bankrupt you.

  5. Several hundred years from now Russia and China will still be around but the US will be as dead and gone as the Byzantine Empire. GOOD.

    Democracy is the rule of ruthless billionaire oligarchs using weak and corrupt politicians as their front men. Or something like that.

  6. The US elites have a cold war that they need to win to stay elites, so unless they stop being anti-white, China will win on walk over.

    The Globohomo elites have tried all sorts of oppression, from the antifa paramilitaries to big tech censorship, massive demonization propaganda and glowjogger public theater to put the troll back in the box. This has worked at scaring pro-whites from speaking in public, but it has only shown whitey that we have no rights, so we are more pro-whites today, than when the increased oppression started.

    If the elites really are a cult that will expel any non-believers, it’s over for them, but if they are just self serving egoists, changing the anti-white paradigm will be a lot easier, and they might even be able to stop the white bashing in time.
    I don’t know the answer to this, so time will tell.

  7. Why is this Beschloss idiot grinning so much? Has he been sniffing glue or something? There is something off about the guy.

  8. “American Democracy®” is five Yankees, and their cousin from California, deciding which federal laws two Southrons and a cattleman from Wyoming must obey, or else. Or regulating firearms in Colorado and Georgia, because of the high murder rates in NYC and Chicago. Or farm subsidies for the Yankee Corn Belt, that should have gone out of business in the 1970’s.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

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