Counter-Currents: Spencer’s Farewell

I sort of felt bad for Richard Spencer after reading this.

In my view, Richard has his flaws and regrets, but they are to a larger extent shared by the wider milieu in which he was immersed. He wasn’t alone in the mistakes he made.


“Ask not what you can do for the movement, but what the movement can do for you.” — Richard Spencer (paraphrased)

I think all of us Richard Spencer observers deduced long ago that the self-described ruler of the world has been pining for a rebrand. Last year, I wrote about him making overtures to the Bernie Left, which were met with cool indifference. He’s been wanting to sell out, the only problem being that no one is interested in buying. I’ve been half-tempted to start a GoFundMe to raise money for a dowry that would be donated to whichever political movement is willing to take him off our hands.

But it appears that with his latest CNN interview with Elle Reeve, Spencer has at last broken up with the Dissident Right — which, in Spencer’s mind, was already cheating on him, anyway. But hey, if there are any niche online political subcultures out there reading this, he’s single!

Before I get into Richard Spencer, let me redpill any newer folks to the Dissident Right on Elle Reeve. This is a bit of lore you need to know before you can really understand this interview’s significance and symbolism. …”

Here’s my perspective:

1. Richard Spencer is a vain narcissist with a huge ego.


You could say the same thing though about MILO and Nick Fuentes though.

2. Richard Spencer’s college tour was a disaster for the Alt-Right.


The Spencer Tour was modeled on the MILO Tour though. There wasn’t anything really unique about the college tour. Conservatives like Ben Shapiro had long been holding these free speech events on campus to play the sympathetic victim and champion of civil liberties and to expose the Left as violent and intolerant. It wasn’t Spencer who came up with the idea. Nick Fuentes has also done it himself. Antifa have shown up to attack and deplatform all rightwing speakers on college campuses.

3. Richard Spencer associated the Alt-Right with ironic Nazism.


It was The Daily Stormer, TRS and 4Chan who did this. There was nothing really unique about Hailgate. It was Mike Enoch who gave the Sieg Heil. The Alt-Right was already thoroughly associated with this stuff thanks to Anglin and Weev and their Stormer troll army which had saturated social media with gas chamber memes during the 2016 election. Spencer pandered to the Nazi trolls.

4. Richard Spencer is an anti-Christian Nietzschean elitist.

Always has been.

He was hardly alone in this respect. It is also a point of agreement that Spencer shares with Counter-Currents. Spencer was heavily influenced by people like Jonathan Bowden. You could say that Richard is vain and arrogant and lacks Christian virtues like humility or temperance or patience or kindness, but this would be in keeping with the philosophy of most elite White Nationalists.

5. Richard Spencer wanted to create a cult of personality.


The cult of personality, however, is the typical form of organization in White Nationalism and it stretches back to the days of George Lincoln Rockwell who admired Adolf Hitler. Donald Trump has a larger and much more successful personality cult and brand which is “owning the libs.”

6. Richard Spencer was comically uninterested in persuading his target audience.


After winning his lawsuit at Auburn, he used the platform he was given to complain about cucks who watch sportsball. Lately, he has focused on winning over the sort of people who watch MSNBC. Would any other White Nationalist leader, however, realistically have chosen not to express his own sense of identity and values and feelings and focused on finding areas of common ground?

7. Richard Spencer felt threatened by rivals who wanted to knock him off his pedestal.


The most obvious example is Jason Kessler who has said as much in court. It was Kessler who organized the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and who got that ball rolling. Unite the Right was going to happen anyway with or without Spencer. This is a perennial problem in White Nationalism which is a low-trust and low-solidarity social movement.

8. Richard Spencer regrets slumming with people like Azzmador.

This was one of the most genuinely funny and honest moments in the interview. Who among us does not regret “uniting” with people like Andrew Anglin, Azzmador and Weev?

9. Richard Spencer regrets attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville?

Who doesn’t?

Knowing what we know now, who doesn’t regret traveling all the way to Charlottesville, VA to attend a free speech rally and to make a bold, but ill conceived stand for liberal norms there?

10. Richard Spencer is addicted to seeing his own name in the media.


Richard Spencer is far from alone in this respect though. White Nationalist leaders have been afflicted with a debilitating condition called newspaperitis – an addiction to seeing their name in the newspaper – since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell. Baked Alaska was so addicted to chasing content that he ran into the Capitol on January 6th. Nick Fuentes thought it was epic.

11. Richard Spencer is a goon marcher.


The people who felt the strongest about this, however, were the same people who encouraged their followers to take to the streets and to join forces with Trump and Alex Jones at the Capitol Siege. They participated in the biggest goon march in history and got the president impeached.

12. Richard Spencer has said embarrassing things that are unoptical.

I tend to disagree with this assessment.

In this case, you have to grade Richard on a curve.

If you put any other White Nationalist or Alt-Right leader in front of a camera, I think they would be more prone to embarrassing themselves and the rest of us by extension. MILO was a flamboyant homosexual who dressed in drag and married his black husband. Nick Fuentes has been on a roll lately.

13. Richard Spencer wants to find another gig.

I can’t say that I blame him.

I don’t envy anyone who would try to lead the White Nationalist movement. There is a reason why no one wants that job. You would probably have to be a delusional narcissist to take it too and believe that somehow you can organize these people, bend them to your will and change the world.

14. Richard Spencer hates conservatives.


In retrospect, it would have been easy for Richard Spencer to sell out and play the role that the GOP wanted him to play in 2017. He could have become just another MAGA grifter and Trump cheerleader. For all Richard’s flaws, he stuck to what he believed in and never sold out to the GOP. So they replaced him with Nick Fuentes and America First who instructed his followers to eat fast food, play video games, hate women, reject White Nationalism as cringe and vote for Trump.

15. Richard Spencer is an Apollonian.


Is there anything more White Nationalist and more self-marginalizing though than trying to create your own racial religion? Brush up on your movement history. He isn’t the first.

The Alt-Right has moved on from Richard Spencer. It has moved on to a 23-year-old closeted “Latinx” conservative who is also a narcissist and the leader of an army of incels. Perhaps the next generation of White Nationalists will give up on the ethnostate and “politics in the grand style” and just stick to gay porn, catboys and video games?

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  1. Too much time was wasted by and American Renaissance on IQ test score psychometric jibber jabber which is 100 percent irrelevant to the post-1965 Race War-White Genocide open policy against the Native White Working Class which needed to be mobilized as soon as possible……Another waste of time was Alex Jones and his 9/11 conspiracy theory jibber jabber….

    The mistake Richard Spencer made was that his rap was too complicated…

    The Alt Right manifesto that Spencer….Peinovich…and Mclaren posted on Radix was wonderful in the way it addressed the fundamental-core issue facing our People….

    The Alt Right Manifesto:

    1)0 nonwhite Legal Immigrants

    2)no legalized homo fag marriage

    3)Native White Working Class friendship with Slavic Christian Russia
    In 2022…The Democrats have defined Fascism=1,2, and 3…

    • Isn’t the TYT on the YouTube video, “The Young Turks”, a very liberal group?
      Watch some “Young Turks” videos, they’ve been around for a long time, and see if you care what they think!

  2. Spencer’s problems are all personal problems, as a result of his narcissism. On politics, he is right much more often than he is wrong, though, and is right more often than his detractors are. Fuentes, for example, has been wrong about 95% of everything over the past four years, yet somehow maintains an audience. That’s just another staple of the American right wing. Right wing people don’t care about accurate political analysis, but only want to be entertained while having their conservative biases reinforced. They want “let’s go Brandon” or Reagan era platitudes, not accuracy. Their feelings don’t care about your facts.

    On the positive side, Spencer had multiple opportunities to sell out to the Mercers or Thiel, but he refused, so I will always have more respect for him on that than I do Thiel network sellouts like Greg Johnson.

    • Why should Spencer get any credit for not selling out to the Mercers or Peter Thiel? He’s been openly begging for the opportunity to sell out to the Socialist Left. They’re just not buying. If anything, this just further exposes Richard as a elitist dullard and douchecanoe. You sell out to who’s buying. But in Spencer’s mind, I’m sure the new money Mercers and Peter Thiel are too downmarket for his silver spoon sensibilities.

      In any case, I’m glad he’s gone and I won’t miss him a bit.

    • Dart,

      Really? Spencer has been more correct than his distractors? I respectfully disagree.

      Some of Richard’s (name recognition) distractors that I have communicated with via DMs, but held their tongue publicly are adamantly disgusted with many of Spencer’s edgy takes, especially post-Charlottesville.

      • Spencer is quite right to have little time for conservative morons. His reputation is enhanced by the fact that subhuman filth like Grindrr Greg and Anglin’s yid boss have always slandered him.

        • Spencer is quite right to have little time for conservative morons

          Uh huh. Meanwhile, you unironically think its smart to go on a mass shooting when the Republican President – surprise! – doesn’t fulfill his promises on immigration restriction.

          ‘Aw hell, he said has was gonna build a wall and deport the beaners, but he didn’t, so now someone needs to shoot up a synagogue!’-Rob Tenon

          GTFO with accusing conservatives or Right Wingers of being “morans” (sic) when its WigNats and Rope Culture castaways such as yourself who promote the stupidest, most counterproductive shit imaginable. You people are the reason White Nationalism has gone nowhere for 60 years and counting. Like William Pierce and that entire school of so-called “thinkers,” you’re just a wannbe warlord. “Muh Aryan Domination.” Shit, at least Pierce owned enough weapons to single-handedly take Waco. His ideological descendants play keyboard warrior like those gershdern 4channers and expect someone else to do their dirty work. And I’m supposed to thumb my nose at Fox News watchers?? Pathetic.

  3. Thank you, Hunter, for clipping that livestream of Nick defending making fun of the dead white girl who was killed Waukesha by that black thug. Nick and the Groypers thought making fun of little white girls killed or injured was funny, because the Groypers are all incels. This is a billion times worse than “Heilgate,” yet the author of the Counter Currents article you’re discussing is a Nick defender.

    • @Gnillik Yot,

      NJP have been all over Fuentes toxic take in regards the deadly Waukesha blm terrorist attack.

      Btw, Media to Rise will be releasing a documentary on their in depth coverage in Waukesha, including an exclusive interview with the negro terrorist. Stay tuned.

  4. I used to listen to these guys shows, Spencer, TRS, etc., etc. But I just got weary of Hitler love, the epic narcissism, everything was a “nigger”, “kike”, the overwhelming vulgarity, being insulting, just to be insulting. As a Christian, I found it spiritually damaging, and culturally useless. I like real discussion, like adults without f bombs every third word, and I like a hopefull positive view of life. And I don’t hate other groups and racial groups either.

    • “As a Christian….”

      There’s no better way to invalidate your argument than to preface it with that phrase. Only believers like Fr. John are worthy of respect.

      • @Spahnranch 1970,

        Miss Cristina is a pretty based Christian too.

        Personally, Christians that cannot handle men using profanity come off as kind of soft as puppy poop.

        • Tits on a boar. If they’re too Sunday School-delicate to take profanity, they’ll never do what needs to be done when the opportunity to reclaim our birthright finally presents itself..

          • Not likely Hapsburg royalty, but possibly Sephardic crypto/converso Catholic? More of the Sephardic diaspora from Spain and Portugal came to the western hemisphere than to the Dutch Netherlands. Many lighter-skinned wealthy Mexicans, although Catholic, can be traced to an Iberian Jewish ancestry.

    • I agree about the filthy language typical of WN shows, based on experience of the few times I’ve tried to listen but was sickened. I am told the same WN shows now concentrate on anti-science pandemic denial and anti-vaccination CT. I suppose that brings in the most contributions, telling the target audience what they want to hear. “Spiritually damaging, and culturally useless” is accurate.

      • “I agree about the filthy language typical of WN shows,”

        It shows a lack of respect for the audience and potential listeners.
        It alienates most women, who are vital to our cause.
        It comes across as grossly juvenile, like a teenager seeking attention.
        It shows a total lack of polish in the presentation.

        Pathetic, when WHITES talk like ghetto denizens, but it does show how ‘diversity’, cultural mixing, has degraded our standards.

        • “It alienates most women”:

          However many women have the filthiest mouths today, trying to outdo the foolish men they admire who lack self-discipline, with near-constant reference to copulation, perversion and elimination of bodily waste, instead of plain, intelligent discourse. When I was young, we knew only city people talked that way, and it was never heard in our local communities. There was not one Black in this rural county until a Black family moved here from New York in the late 1960’s. There were probably no Hispanics or Asians living here then either, but plenty of Italians, Irish and Talmudists were settled in the towns from the turn of the century.

        • Arrian,

          If White women are turned off by the was podcasters and other content creators on the dissident right speak, then a bakers dozen on WN women should make content that communicates to them in a warm and fuzzy language they’ll not be offended by.

        • Populist movement were most often full of vulgar language way before any diversity happens. That’s in their nature. They are anti-elitarism, they are therefore by proxy anti-high culture.
          No need to blame ghetto denizens, for white Aryans throwing F-bombs.

          I assume you English soldiers throw many F-bombs against their fellow white Frenchmen in 100 years war.

    • @Shadowbass Everything is about race. Race (or subspecies) is the most important thing behind our existence and culture. Think about it, everything we do is because of our DNA, our genetic programming. Intelligence runs the world. It probably runs the cosmos.

      Stop viewing the world through the window of the mainstream news. Think for yourself, and you’ll learn why things are happening the way they are.
      The MSM wants you to think everything is “a conspiracy theory”, when in fact, there ARE conspiracies.
      Americans have lived several decades without a real war, or anything that affects their ability to go out and have casual sex, beer, gambling, etc. Even Covid hasn’t been on the level of the Great Depression. In Europe, before people were starving, and that’s why they came here.

      Americans are not equipped to deal with real catastrophe. Most Americans probably don’t think anyone would ever try to wipe us out, even though it wasn’t that long ago, when millions of Germans, Ukrainians, and Russians died.
      If you think finding out the truth is “culturally damaging”, read how the Communists starved people to death. Or put them in forced labor camps, where if someone was sick or injured, they tossed people aside and just pulled another person in. Or when they found someone hid food, they’d shoot them communist style, on their knees, a gun to the head.

      You see, people need to be a lot stronger, than to just get upset at strong language. We really have no real white leaders right now. But everything circles back to “race”. Race determines more about your life, than any religion. If aliens came here, race or species, would be the most important thing, too.

      • “people need to be a lot stronger, than to just get upset at strong language”

        It isn’t ‘strong’ language, it’s weak, shallow, and dumb, especially when it’s used gratuitously. Otherwise, I absolutely agree wi everything else you said.

      • “Everything is about race. Race (or subspecies) is the most important thing behind our existence and culture. Think about it, everything we do is because of our DNA, our genetic programming. Intelligence runs the world. It probably runs the cosmos..”

        That’s in fact a lot of words.
        It’s really weird mix of Darwinistic materialist evolutionism and I don’t even know what else.
        Anyway thing with evolution as observable processs it – it’s purposeless. Like continental drift. I leads nowhere. Cannot lead anywhere because from materialistic perspective – Universe of ours is only going towards greater and greater entropy with life being mere local anomaly (not changing 2nd rule of thermodynamics anyway). So if you wanna base your believes in biology, I have bad news for you – biology inevitably leads only to end of life altogether, that’s the only logical conclusion of it.

        Unless you wanna include you now – metaphysics and transcendence, but it’s hard to do when simultaneously doing DNA thumping.

        • @Wicked Woodpecker of the West If you don’t think genetics is everything, you only need to consider intelligence. I don’t believe we evolved from the “Out of Africa” theory, for several reasons. But if you don’t think evolution is true, you can look at your own family and see what traits are observable. I’m not talking about how life originated, that’s either abiogenesis, or creation.

          Take for instance, the Border Collie, the smartest of dogs. The data says that when given a command, BCs have a success rate of 95%. The average dog is at 50%. Border Collies were bred by eugenics, by the Scottish and English, to herd and protect their sheep. They were bred for the best qualities, including intelligence. People say that once you’ve had a Border Collie, there is no other dog that comes close. They are smart, quick, affectionate, willing to work, and ingenious.

          So biology does lead somewhere. Somewhere important. The white race evolved in four seasons, harsh environments, and look what we’ve created. We could even be more.

          As far as the universe, it’s not going away in our lifetimes. Applying the Second Law of Thermodynamics to evolution…it doesn’t say disorder increases (or order decreases) in closed systems, and in our system, the earth gets energy from the sun. Yeah, without the sun, life on earth would be impossible.
          It was discovered that, when converting one form of energy, such as heat, into another form of energy, the transfer is never equal or complete, there was always some energy lost. Just like with currency and exchanging dollars to euros, the bank extracts a fee.
          So basically, something major would have to change.

    • Being a christian means worshipping truth in a fanatical way. There is no morality outside of truth. Being a liberal, tone policing nerd – which is what you are – is an innovation of the american 19th century. Read what you wrote. You sound like an old woman.

  5. Zero to disagree with here. The people that hate Dick with a blinding rage are ridiculous. He’s a flawed narcissist. Big deal. I’ve met a jillion of them. Move on.

  6. As mentioned above, he has always been an elitist. But at this point does he pledge greater allegiance to his [perceived] class than his race? Perhaps I’m articulating the question poorly, or framing it incorrectly, but my impression as to that answer has been murky of late.

    • He’s an Anglo. Of course he puts class over race. Anglo race theory is more classist than racist. This lack of solidarity is why a bunch of stinky ghetto peddlers could depose the anglos in the US and become the new upper class. The only people who can threaten the jews is the US is the late wave Germanic Slavic and Irish working class.

      • It’s very much racist.
        In fact Anglos are historically main race thumpers.
        Racism was more natural for Englishmen, than Germans, that’s why Hitler was so much pro-British, he felt you know more spiritual kinship there, than among own folk.

        But also what modern USA racists cannot see – with their blood and white vision of world – traditional XIX-XX century racism was much more subtle. Complex, than dividing world into few big boxes. (Of course in egalitarian USA when migrants quickly lost most of their culture – mongrelised meta-races become only thing – both for whites and blacks rootless populations.)

        So Norman gentlemen could be racist both against non-white races, and towards those of white he considered inferior to his Norman or Anglo-Saxon noble race. And since in England there was very little mixing between people of different stances – the peerage of UK was very much racially descendants of Normans and most upper eschelons of Anglo-Saxon earls, and kept to themselves for generations.

        Therefore they could clearly see themselves as separate race from other Europeans, and even UK plebeans or low gentry, and classism and racism become one and the same for them.

    • Arrian,

      Both Richard and Jared Taylor have obnoxious affectations in they way they enunciate their words. Very upper crust, and repellent to work with your hand blue collar men.

    • If you think that Rabbi Weev was ever a sincere pro-white activist you’ve got rocks in your head. I’m genuinely horrified to learn the little kike has bred.

      • They didn’t bulldoze Spencer’s house. Weev’s story and subsequent exile is really interesting. Probably completely scrubbed now.

        • I know his story very well. He was a dirty little Jewish criminal who agreed to infiltrate pro-white organizations in exchange for an early release from prison. He was tasked with intelligence gathering and mocking/discrediting pro-white ideology with his absurd rhetoric. Having successfully completed his mission he has now been given a new life in a safe location.

  7. “I try to imagine a world where Richard Spencer never existed, and it’s frankly infuriating to think of what might have been. No Spencer, no Hailgate. “Alt Right” becomes a catch-all term for anyone who is not liberal or neocon. No Alt Right/Alt Lite schism.”

    This vastly overstates Spencer’s importance. The reason the alt-right failed is because of Trump. The traitor at the top of the right destroyed everything underneath him

    • Imagine a world where Richard Spencer never existed … okay, Jason Kessler moves ahead with the Unite the Right rally, which ends in much the same way. The Alt-Right is still associated with ironic Nazism. The movement is still dumped by Trump after it served its purpose in late 2016. The movement is still full of impulsive, mentally ill people who engage in violence.

      • National Socialism got out from under the world banks. That is why it is so important. It shows there IS a way, a way for whites to exist and not have to deal with this 2 party system.
        They had a country that was all about their own people, and making life good for them. That is why Hitler liked Japan.
        Most right wing people, now, don’t think we can ever have that again.
        I don’t advocate goose stepping and wearing brown shirts, etc., but I think certain things that the NS did were important lessons.
        I would just guess that most of these Right or Alt-right guys feel what WE feel…that there isn’t any legal path to the opposite side of multiculturalism.
        I see a lot of people slam these guys, but unless I suspect someone taking money from the other side, I support them, because the main points are the important ones.

        • @Pilot,

          I agree with your comment on National Socialism. Without the hatred and envy from jewish, Anglo, and French elites, World War Two in Europe would have never occurred.

          National Socialism demonstrated that it not only is feasible in a White ethnostate, but it succeeds wildly. Southern Nationalism cannot make that claim. The few years of the Confederacy existence was a poor resume.

          • Thank you. Agree except the South did a great thing too…a big attempt at getting out from under the Federal government. Had at least one European nation aided them, they would have won.

        • Most right wing people, now, don’t think we can ever have that again

          Not true. I saw “The Greatest Story Never Told” in April 2017 and was moved by it. I’ve had a favorable opinion of National Socialism ever since. There used to be these Youtube channels that uploaded what I would call “positive propaganda,” and I loved those too. (Sadly, they all got deplatformed by the end of 2018). To this day, if you go to the videos of the instrumental songs/scores that were used in TGSNT, you’ll see them flooded with Pro-White comments. Some of the videos even turned off comments for that reason (!)

          There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about presenting National Socialism. With a few edits here and there – more video clips, less text – I think TGSNT could appeal to a mass audience, making them Not Angry or Not Bitter towards Hitler and 1933-1945 Germany, at the very least. The problem is, the legacy of National Socialism is taken up by a bunch of cringy people:

          -Skinheads who turned the symbolism into a subculture associated with violence and unironic ghetto hate.

          -Holocaust Skeptics who, although they have good intentions, are obsessed with the idea that “proving that 6 million was a lie” will somehow vindicate National Socialism.

          -Economic Socialists and Communists who have deduced that a clever way to sell their awful economic agenda is to attach it to the genuine racial, social, and cultural concerns of White Nationalists and other types of Pro-White advocates. These types hate Conservatism and Right Wing politics at a gut level, as they know they could never compete or survive in a world where Conservative policies were a reality across the board. I call them “Low Whites.”

          The legacy of National Socialist Germany is a legacy worth remembering and reviving. Unfortunately, its champions in modern times only serve to justify why it was rejected by the rest of the world in the first place. I choose to believe in the good of that regime, but I get why it repulses Normies, and why WW2 remains the moral compass of the world even though its been 80 years and counting.

          • Whites need their own party, an NS party, to be able to give other whites something of value.
            But the current econo-political system will not allow anyone in office who is pro-white. But things always do change, we can count on that. But currently, it’s rather dismal.

          • Keep voting for the Likud party in America. That will save us.

            I could bulletpoint all the cringy and undeniably pro-jewish activities and activists among the “conservatives ” of America, but I don’t feel like a case of carpal tunnel syndrome today.

      • “The movement is still full of impulsive, mentally ill people who engage in violence.”

        Yes the movement would still have been full of retarded fools, but I don’t understand why you are making the left’s case against the alt-right here.

        Why accuse it of violence? how can it compare with antifa?

          • I thought so much of that was put on by the other side, so they sound legitimate complaining about “white supremacists”.
            If there was no activity from white supremacists, and virtually, there IS NONE, then the other side would look crazy complaining about nothing. That’s why they let Tucker Carlson on the air, etc.
            Maybe that’s why “shootings” are always in schools or churches, to further advance the whole “gun violence” thing.

          • Roof & Bowers weren’t part of any “movement” – what groups did they associate with or represent, Hunter?

            It’s no more credible to saddle White Nationalism with Roof than “Southern” Nationalism.

            If you want to walk back your associations and go a different route than WN, that’s your business but White Nationalists would appreciate it if you wouldn’t support the false narrative about us that comes from the same people who’ve smeared you for your whole time in politics.

            No one with any position of leadership in WN today supports violence. Do you dispute that and if so, who does?

          • Roof and Bowers did what they did because in their twisted minds they thought it was advancing the cause. There has also always been people like that like Glenn Miller or Brenton Tarrant or James von Brunn. We have comment moderation on here to screen them out. It is not because any leaders support that shit – by and large, they don’t – but these people exist and lash out on their own anyway because “worse is better” or something.

          • Bowers did what he did because Trump betrayed his very moderate promises about dealing with immigration. The ruination of that man’s life is on Trump, as with the Jan 6 losers.

            Would Glenn Miller have done his stupid attack, taken three innocent lives, without Trump’s betrayals? Maybe, maybe not.

          • “like Glenn Miller or Brenton Tarrant or James von Brunn”

            I wonder, how many of these ppl are acting under the immediate or delayed effects of alcohol ?

        • “I can assure you Glenn Miller was always a buffoon”

          I sure admired his drive, energy and dedication.
          A crying shame that his alcoholism ruined an otherwise very dedicated man.

  8. The way you go on about White Nationalism so much Hunter, I would think you want to live in a brown country, and have mongrel kids. Seriously man, stick to the individuals you actually have a beef with. Attacking an entire group that just wants to live in a country with their own race looks weird. How is their desire for a home hurting you?

    To me you aren’t a White Nationalist unless you post on Stormfront. Richard has never posted there, because thant would be beneath his station as a landed feudal lord. The first I saw of Richard, he appeared with the shitlib media in tow, and they were hanging on his every word for about a week. Richard was telling the camera (us), that he is the leadah, and you gotta to fake it to make it. At the time I wondered who the **** is this guy? But I did activism work, while Richard larped as a leadah on the Internet. No wonder I’d never heard of him.

    • Hunter’s a fine historian, but generally speaking, he’s a normie midwit politically. He flip-flops crazily between positions and basically accepts the status quo completely, even though he probably doesn’t realize it.

      He’s an okay guy personally, and as noted a good historian, but he’s kind of an edgy Boomer beyond that. Which is probably only to be expected from a mainstream Christian.

      Spencer, on the other hand, is a flouncing, obnoxious queer, thoroughly unpleasant, with zero loyalty, and radiates lisping elitism. His Fauntleroyness couldn’t even be bothered to pay for a decent lawyer for James Fields, a guy who was there in Charlottesville in part because of Spencer. To hell with him.

      • Yeah, if the accounts are true, Fields was just trying to get away from the crowd that was attacking his vehicle. He became “an example” to show WNs what would happen to them when they defend themselves, just like the Rittenhouse case, but with WN all over it.

        The people who would probably make the best leaders are probably people with hard jobs. Nonworkers don’t have to worry about losing their job, or becoming unemployable, when going public. But that’s not a quality of a good leader at all.

        Look at these other guys with radio shows, websites, conferences, books…probably most of them don’t need to work. But to me, they probably don’t have enough real life experience to be a good leader. Someone who has been in the trenches of life is a far better leader than an entertainer.

    • “To me you aren’t a White Nationalist unless you post on Stormfront”
      The Phora was more important than Stormfront, IMO to give a hat tip to Hunter.

      A lot of the first memes were nicked from the Phora picture thread(s), because the threads were so much more popular than the essays that was the highbrow part of the forum, and we needed pics to post on /pol/

  9. The alt-right movement of 2014 to 2017 was a failure but it still shook up the ZOG establishment. Future pro-White activists will learn from their mistakes and make a lot more progress.

  10. It shocks and horrifies me that White “MEN” continue to sit in NFL Tyrone Stadiums and SEC Stadiums shrieking what a stud Tyrone at this late stage in the era of White Genocide….They are going to end up chattel slaves on Slave Master Colin Kapernick’s Plantation..It is surely coming….

  11. One of Spencer’s problems was he could never have a wider appeal due to him being decidedly non working class. Can you see him changing a flat tire ? Swinging a hammer ? Could he even open a lunch pail ?

    White nationalism just means white self rule. That’s all.

    Our people should maybe for now stop shopping for leaders and just kick back and listen to Dr. William Pierce speeches.

    • Agree. There’s something about having to have a job, that differentiates people. Someone who had to share a dorm room with a nonwhite. Someone who had to struggle through physics and calculus. Someone who can fly a plane. Someone who got through med school. Someone who can take a car apart. I think some of these guys who are self-appointed leaders think they just need to be charming or something. So many of the ones in the Alt-right were not even all white.

    • “Our people should maybe for now stop shopping for leaders and just kick back and listen to Dr. William Pierce speeches.”
      Why don’t you help spread pro-white memes and talking points, so we become too many to shut down?

      We can’t have leaders until it’s safe enough for them to have a salary, a family and live normal lives.

    • Pierce was good. The only thing I didn’t care for with him is he wasn’t Christian, but he was a good pro white voice.

      Sheldon Emry is my go to Christian guy.

    • “One of Spencer’s problems was he could never have a wider appeal due to him being decidedly non working class. Can you see him changing a flat tire ? Swinging a hammer ? Could he even open a lunch pail ?”

      I don’t think this is a problem. Americans, even working class Americans, don’t look up to working class people. They look up to people who are wealthy or famous. Nobody ever lost an election for not carrying a lunchpail.

      • I think Hitler started at the bottom. Hitler also knew he could never get everyone to come on board, but he knew if he got enough of the right kind of people, the others would go along with the current.

        I think an intelligent strategist can traverse many socio-economic lines. Elon Musk lived in an office to get his business going.
        I think it is more about what someone does, or doesn’t do. A great doctor is admired, but an unethical one is hated.

  12. Richard telling people to get the jab, and that it’s an epidemic of the unvaccinated over the last 12 months, plus the awful interview he just did for CNN make Spencer beyond the pale.

    I do agree with him on the Swiss burger with mushrooms and onions though.

    • I don’t care what kind of burgers he likes. Talk like that is meant to endear him to you. Make you think he’s your friend confiding in you.
      The endorsement of the vaccine was horrible. It doesn’t protect anyone anyways. Do I believe Covid exists? Yes. Do I trust the vax? No.

  13. I attended the National Policy Institute Conference of 2015 which was organized by Richard Spencer who headed NPI at that time. The conference with its theme, “Become Who We Are”, was in the National Press Building in DC. The speakers throughout the day were all excellent and Spencer was among the best. He began his speech quietly, “Something is happening….” then went on to highlight the hopeful signs that the ground was shifting, people were waking up and things were moving our way. He came across as not only an articulate and confident speaker but also a leader of great promise. His very public decline in the years since those heady days of 2015 has been bitter, embarrassing and sad.

  14. 3. Richard Spencer associated the Alt-Right with ironic Nazism.


    I have to disagree with you on this point, Hunter. Trav did not argue the Spencer associated the Alt-Right with ironic Nazism. He simply pointed out that Spencer actively pandered to, participated in, and encouraged Nazi LARPing, whereas in the interview he presents himself as a mere bystander.

    • Of all the people associated with the Alt-Right, Spencer probably did the least to create that sub-culture. It was flourishing on 4chan and had been built up by TRS and Daily Stormer. It was also brute force hammered into the public consciousness by all the trolls who went after journos on Twitter. The 2016 election was the peak of it. If Spencer had died in a car accident in 2016, the Alt-Right would have been even more associated with Neo-Nazism, as that was the aesthetic of the movement at the time

      • “It was flourishing on 4chan and had been built up by TRS and Daily Stormer.”
        I disagree. The nazis on /pol/ were started by glowjoggers and the JIDF so we should support the Maidan coup in the Ukraine, and so often happens, they lose control over their creation when the nazis and the libertarian Ron Paul types ended up supporting Russia, because of no more brother wars. Then Zimmerman and the first BLM hoaxes redpilled a lot, among them was both the libertarian TRS and the Conspiracy theorist Anglin became pro-white.
        The purge of the infiltrators that sold the based Azov freedom fighters narrative, meant that we were free for a time, and that was nice too, as it meant that the old nazis and the libertarians just became pro-white, and started focusing on memes to create more pro-whites.

        • The nazis on /pol/ were started by glowjoggers and the JIDF so we should support the Maidan coup in the Ukraine, and so often happens, they lose control over their creation when the nazis and the libertarian Ron Paul types ended up supporting Russia, because of no more brother wars

          Whoa whoa whoa, you’ve got the timeline all wrong. The Maidan coup in Ukraine took place in roughly a one month span in March 2014, two full years before the 2016 election season, and a year and a half before July 2015 when “Cuckservative” went viral and the Alt Right as we knew it exploded into the public consciousness. 4chan and White Nationalism were still very much two separate things when the Maidan coup was happening. Pepe The Frog wasn’t even cop-opted into an Alt Right meme yet.

          The only connection whatsoever in March 2014 between White Nationalism and 4chan culture was the Daily Stormer, which as I recall was using innocuous images in their articles and not the more aggressive stuff from the 2016 election season-Charlottesville era. So while its true that the CIA and the Mossad failed in their attempts to gaslight the American Pro-White scene into supporting their coup in Ukraine, I’m here to tell you as someone on Ground Zero that White Nationalism and 4chan did not merge until July 2015 at the absolute earliest. I can’t speak for what was going on at TRS because they were always boring and I never followed them, but if nothing else, they weren’t spamming Pepe the Frog all over Twitter. They also didn’t become popular until the same time as the rest of the Alt Right, which, again, was the summer of 2015.

  15. Fuck Richard Spencer.

    There are no political movements that have been truly decentralized.

    Politics is the social power of worldviews interacting and expressing themselves in concert or competition with eachother in a dynamic interplay that seeks avatars and champions to channel and manifest each worldview beyond the plane of the abstract and theoretical.

    This is the source of the gravity of personality cult. It has had great examples in history like Robert E. Lee, Jesus and The God Emperor of Man, who truly moved events in their time.

    It has had poor examples of which Spencer is one of many.

    There seems to be alot of hay made by the self appointed intellectual brain trust of the right about the unruliness and obstinance of the WN movement and its general tendency to self determination. I have zero issue with this tendency, and I think its a necessary ability for people of agency to be able to see somebody like Spencer trying to put himself on a pedastle and knowing intuitively he is a fag.

    White Nationalism was never the focus of the Altright. That was its truest failing.

    WN’s will follow when someone worth following manifests with the gravity for the task at hand.

    Until then, there’s nothing better suited for telling me what to think and trust than my own gut.

    • Ok…but the Alt Right manifesto published on Radix Journal was superb and to the point….At least Spencer got one thing right…give him credit for that….

      The Alt Right needed to make its pitch to the Native White Working Class-as direct as possible. And the only way this could have been done is by asking the Native White Working Class one and only one question:

      What are you willing to give up for being a White Racial Minority within the borders of America?….Well, no one is coming to rescue….And you will be a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America…..and this is just for starters-and it will get a lot worse….by many orders of magnitude……..

      What I have written above should have been Jared Taylor’s….Peter Brimelow’s…..and Pat Buchannans’ pitch-rap….in every book….essay….radio and television interview all three of them have written and given-should have done since the mid 19990’s…….For if they had….Native White Folks would have defined the terms of the debate in America in 2022…

    • “There are no political movements that have been truly decentralized. ”
      So how did communism fall? Because of the glowjogger infiltrated centralized groups got so big that they won elections?

      Don’t get med wrong, the Polish solidarity union and similar was probably important, even if it was infiltrated to the max, but Communism fell because the large majority had had enough of all the lies, doublespeak, hypocrisy, and that included people of the communist parties.

      The large majority can’t take on the modern security state, but they can make edgy jokes and similar small things where it would look like hysteria if the Globohomo regimes openly ran after them.

      When the coming inflation will make the rich even richer, while the wagies are struggling, then we can expect a huge influx of new people, and the same is happening with the Covid tyranny, and with the high energy prices the “green shift” is already giving us.

  16. “Spencer pandered to the Nazi trolls.”
    Given that it was the Nazi trolls that was the absolute majority, and the group that grew the fasted, while the old WN 1.0 was just as tiny as before, that was very understandable.

    The anons were also right in focusing on the memes, as most of the e-celebs got their lives destroyed instead when the FBIjoggers used Zersetzung to shut them down.

    That the meme focus anons have done anything correct, looks to be really hard for the namefags to admit.

    • The problem wasn’t pandering to Nazi trolls. It was pandering to conservatives. Conservatives are to political causes what Blacks are to urban areas. Dump enough conservatives into a political movement and they will destroy it even quicker than Blacks will destroy a formerly European city. The alt right before 2015 was actually “alternative right.” With Trump, it was mingled with conservatism and just became another extension of the Republican ecosystem. Now it’s almost become a parody of Bush era evangelicalism and libertarianism. These same “Bill Gates depopulation agenda” and “vaccine antichrist” memes that you see now were all over the place in the 2000s. The only difference is the conservatives are welcoming to gays and trannies now or something.

      • Now it’s almost become a parody of Bush era evangelicalism

        Having been raised in a Middle Class, Conservative, Evangelical Household, I take pride in the fact that we were once such a political force to be reckoned with that we lived rent free inside your silly Radlib head. It almost makes me regret leaving that scene. Almost.

        Dump enough conservatives into a political movement and they will destroy it even quicker than Blacks will destroy a formerly European city

        Nah. We’re your salvation. And your man power. Like that Boomer Wojak meme with the sunglasses and the white can of monster. You reeeeeee at us and tell us we must support the lockdowns and take the jab. We just fire up the grill and turn on the football game (there are two Ess Eee See teams in the CFP this year, actually).

        “It was posted on the low”
        “The terror of a silent scream”
        “There was neither sign nor show”
        “When the Normie began to meme”

  17. Spencer from the Charlottesville trial——

    “What got him executed? What made him the object of hatred?” Spencer said of Jesus. Moon interjected, saying, “I don’t know where you’re going with this.”

    “You can’t cut me off,” Spencer pleaded.

    “When you get out of line, I have to,” Moon responded.

    The unjust persecution of the innocent at the hands of the Jews will lead us all back to Christ, even the atheists and the non believers.

    I will answer your question for you Richard, the Jews are evil and the Jews hate the innocent.

    • The Jews executed Jesus because it was all part of God’s Plan. Which makes one wonder if what the chosen are doing to us, is also God’s Plan?

      • Well that’s problematic.

        There’s God like Plan-Plan, and there if God trying to rescue as much possible from this entropy-ridden parody of Universe. Jesus’ Incarnation was part of Plan, Jesus death was more like plan B because humans fucked up reality.

        The universe by it’s very fallen entropy ridden nature is driven towards collapse and destruction. Even with best men possible entropy would devour us according to natural order. God is stopping advances of evil in a mean necessary for history to not fall apart too quickly but other than that he allow evil to do it’s work. But he does not cause evil. He merely chooses mostly not to stop it except when truly necessary because fate of fallen world needs to be fullfilled – our Ancestors broke the world, and it’s our communal fate to see this breaking being fullfilled before we are rescued

      • Todd God gave man free will. He didn’t make the Jews do anything they did not want to do. Is it Gods plan for you to be Moshiached all the way up to your tonsils? Is it Todd?

        • My name is not “todd”. This business of someone online pretending they know the person they are communicating with, is like some kind of mental illness and it makes you look foolish.

  18. Spencer is a fool. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of money in this “business” so we don’t see a lot of cooperation and unity.

  19. I liked Spencer’s willingness to think big. He has a Norman surname, and the Normans had the imagination and the balls to do the unthinkable a thousand years ago, like conquer England, or conquer Sicily and half of Italy. Since conservatives drone on about the evils of Utopianism, this was refreshing.

    Rich being rich was the flaw that ruined him. He doesn’t muscle through obstacles when things get tough, he starts things but never finishes anything, he doesn’t have any books or websites, and he alienates everyone. Bereft of private sector experience, the Apollonian stuff shows he just has no idea how things actually get done in the world. The groveling, whimpering way he is trying to weasel into the left is sad and pathetic.

    Spencer is basically Starscream from the Transformers franchise — an unlikable backstabber who wants to parachute into scenes and be applauded as the leader, without showing any signs of leadership.

    Counter Currents totally owned him by forcefully making the point that no one wants to be Richard Spencer.

    >>I have never seen a content creator who made me say “Man, this guy is totally ripping off Richard Spencer. He’s jacking all of his talking points. He’s shilling for the EU and advocating for ethical child pornography. He even talks like the guy from the B-52s and everything.”<>The only reason Spencer was “slumming” with 4chan kids that he was “too old” to be hanging around with is because he wanted to be seen as a leader. He could never lead people like Taylor and Brimelow, not merely because he was younger, but also because he was far less talented and accomplished than they. Can you imagine Jared Taylor “bending the knee” to Richard Spencer?<<


  20. Fuentes is a sleek faggot. I ignore him. I didn’t even know Spencer was still alive, but I remember him as an intelligent upper class heathen, and probably a part time fed. But definitely a heathen.

    Over at Anglin’s house, broadcast from Chinese backbone, he is STILL doing the Hitler is God memes. The guy refuses to grow up. But he had plenty of good memes too. Only young Catholic homosexuals can seem to escape the ban over there, I visit Anglin’s NAZI land only for the memes.

    The guy Weev, he has real skills. Say what you want about him, but no one can question his skills.

    TRS, went there one time, for about one minute. What a joke.

    Hunter is ok, sound of mind, a good Southern Boy. I never view him as Alt Right. Not really part of that cesspool.

    Huffines for Governor. Let’s get moving, Texas, the time to secede is coming near.

  21. I enjoyed Hunter’s point by point dissection of Spencer. I was never quite into the Spencer worship some had. This is what Harold Covington said of Spencer in September of 2017:
    “…I simply don’t get his bizarre laissez-faire attitude toward the revolting practice of buggery. It’s not as if I expect Spencer to comport himself like the pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, but this no-queers thing is a standard WN box. Why is it so bloody difficult to get him to check it? Spencer’s public cavorting last year with the Vietnamese celebwhore Tila Tequila might have been written off as mere tone-deaf
    high spirits in the wake of the Trump victory by a fearless Leader who hadn’t quite found his feet yet-okay, not written off by me, but then I’m told I’m a notorious “purity spiraller.”
    But there are other things about this man that make my spidey sense tingle. This may be petty and lack imagination, but I’m sorry, I have difficulty trusting someone who used to hang out with the Bush daughters at hoity-toity lake resorts in Texas. having come from a much lower stratum of the monied elite myself, I can assure you that kind of people exist solely in and for their own world and have no sympathy at all for anyone outside of it, and they will always act in their own narrow class interests. I have yet to see any sign that Spencer is different…I acknowledge Spencer’s unquestioned intelligence and dramatic flare…Spencer’s achievements so far have been impressive…I have to concede that there was one point on the night of August the 11th wherein Spencer made history, when hundreds of torch-bearing White people actually surrounded a little band of Antifa led by a creature who looked and sounded like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.That is the only time I have ever seen us outnumber these scum, and I will always be grateful to Mr. Spencer for that one optic alone…but there are just too many things about him that are a little off-kilter. Richard Spencer doesn’t pass the sniff test. I’m sorry. I know how much you all wanted a for-real Man on a White Horse.”

    Harold suspected Spencer would have his moment of glory and then flicker out. But he didn’t blame Spencer for Charlottesville. as Harold reminded Spencer, our crime is not what we do. Our crime is that we exist.

    • “I simply don’t get his bizarre laissez-faire attitude toward the revolting practice of buggery. It’s not as if I expect Spencer to comport himself like the pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, but this no-queers thing is a standard WN box. Why is it so bloody difficult to get him to check it?”

      Covington saw what most saw in Spencer – that he is indeed a closeted homosexual. His effeminate ways were very off putting and the main cause for his rapid implosion. Good riddance, Spencer. You certainly will not be missed.

  22. I just hope the purging of Richard Spencer results in all his RadLib, Right Wing-hating fanbois following his Ignoble ass right out of the Pro-White Movement. Spencer’s arguments from the pre-2015 days made since *if* the goal was to get the mainstream Right to sufficiently oppose the Left. They fall apart and become a pathetic apology for Social Liberalism otherwise. “Hurr durr guys, MSNBC and CNN would be based if they just hated negroes!”

    The Racist Radlibs in this movement have no business dunking on conservatives or calling them “stupid” when they actually think a day will ever become where a trash human being like Jared Holt or Antifash Gordon says “1488 GTKRWN.” Its not happening guys. Antifa has more honesty and balls then any of you people, because at least they take your Leftist principles to their logical, anti-white conclusion. There’s nothing “Pro-White” about Modernist Art, Post-Modernist philosophy, Socialism, Communism, or the goddamn Hippies leaving their STD’s and drug needles all over the beaches of San Francisco. Its a damn shame our boys were dropping Ancient Orange on Vietnam and not on Height-Ashbury where it would have actually advanced American National Security.

    JLP was right: Forgive your Father. Then take a seat next to Ibram X Kendi as his kind takes over your degenerate SWPL scene.

  23. Spencer is probably the only Pro-White worth following because he is not a lunatic. Anyone who thinks people will vote for “conservative republicans” who will immediately repeal the $300/month per child or a “Lets go Brandon” platform is delusional.

    They really DO think we are stupid.

    Owning the Libs is an embarrassing strategy. Didn’t work in 2020 & won’t work in 2022 or 2024.

    They are assuming our rural White vote, just like Democrats assume the black vote. Not going to happen.

    • Spencer is probably the only Pro-White worth following because he is not a lunatic.

      “I rule the effing world!”

      “They look up and see a face like mind looking down at them!”

      Yeah, sure, totally not a lunatic.

      Anyone who thinks people will vote for “conservative republicans” who will immediately repeal the $300/month per child or a “Lets go Brandon” platform is delusional.

      1. They won’t. No significant legislation will get passed or repealed one way or another between 2022-2024.

      2. If you actually need an extra $300 per month, then you’re either in the wrong job or you need to manage your finances better.

      3. Lets Go Brandon>>>>>Wokeness. Period.

      They really DO think we are stupid.

      Low Whites like you *are* stupid. You ally with High Whites in order to crush the middle, where the majority of Whites reside. You cry out in pain as you strike us. We’re gonna force you to pick up those bootstraps again.

      Owning the Libs is an embarrassing strategy. Didn’t work in 2020 & won’t work in 2022 or 2024.

      Nah. It’ll be 1994 or 2010 on steroids. There’s nothing more delightful then crushing your enemies and hearing the lamentation of their women (like you)

      They are assuming our rural White vote, just like Democrats assume the black vote. Not going to happen.

      They always come back around. The only rural Whites who don’t instinctively vote against Democrats anymore are the junkie trailer trash who literally need the gibs.

      This is war. The earth belongs to Normal Whites in the middle who keep the trains running and who do everything right. It doesn’t belong to treacherous scum like you who are okay with their children being injected with hormone blockers as long as the Democrats toss them welfare money. You have no place in this world.

      • Con Inc has no problem giving Gibs to corporations and Israel. But $300/month that supports White families or may encourage more White children? No. The gig is up.

        When Con Inc openly starts a LatinX strategy, you will be right there cheerleading because republicans are the party of Whites.

      • Also, You assuming anything about me is typical republican arrogance, To the dismay of my husband, I campaigned for and sent good money to the Grifter Trump and his minions. We could have done a lot with that money.

        Despite your shaming “bootstraps” we will not comply. Republican Con-Inc shows up before every election. We are staying Home.

  24. Rockwell’s strategy was fundamentally flawed, but disagree that he was addicted to seeing his name in the media. Rather, using the media WAS his (flawed) strategy. Rockwell’s background was advertising, and he tried to create a movement from the top down rather than from the bottom up. In other words, rather than do the tough, mostly unseen work of recruitment, he tried to use mass media coverage to give him attention and do the recruiting for him. Many still make this mistake and Spencer was one of them. It’s a shortcut that doesn’t work.

  25. This segment of O.D., (along with Counter Currents) is the most interesting roundtable introspection of Richard Spencer, with the gloves completely off, that I’ve ever seen. I personally always found his podcasts to be entertaining, and often insightful, but his persona and presentation rather prissy and condescending.
    I have to admit that ‘Third Positionist’, at 8;39 PM on 12-11-21 had me laughing with his pithy comments about Spencer’s flouncing…litsping elitism…and Fauntleroyness !
    Poor Richard, how far he has fallen !

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