Jonathan Alter: Expose All Big Lie Republicans

More sanctimony please.

More sycophancy please.

More alarmism please.

More censorship please.

More self righteousness please.

More shilling for Democrats please.

Tell us more about the “January 6th insurrection” please.

No one in this country has seen any of that for the past year now.

Jonathan Alter:

“To understand why a new press paradigm is so necessary, check out a fourth piece, “The Media Treats Biden as Badly as – or Worse Than – Trump.” I’m not so sure about the precision of the data analytics Dana Milbank cites in The Washington Post. But his larger argument is spot on …

Unfortunately, the order of media battle between light and darkness is now tilting toward the latter. Much of the mainstream media remains trapped in a 20th century paradigm, where truth is often subordinated to phony balance and an evasion of critical issues in favor of chasing ratings.  …

For what’s left of the mainstream media, the paradigm is the problem. …

But this can no longer be the principal paradigm of Washington coverage. As the big story of American politics moves from the polarization of two parties (old news) to the radicalization of one (true news), the press corps must adjust. The adversarial axle on which political journalism should now turn is confronting authoritarians in the capital and in the states—not once in a while, but every day. …”

Pretty much everyone now sees that these PMCs are a distinct and discredited social class that operates in their own self interest. “Journalism” is nothing more than spin.

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  1. Today’s journalists don’t have a clue about reporting, all they do is sit in a room and read from a teleprompter the jews have set up for them. They’re as incompetent as they come.

  2. LOL, yet another raving alarmist Jew — ‘the sky is falling’, democracy is in danger! — these fucking beta Jews and their effeminate rhetorical histrionics are just unreal — fucking nutcases.

  3. Spreading well deserved contempt for the Globohomo regime media has been some of the most successful things pro-whites have done, since they started to attack us back. That GamerGate was supported by a few Nazis, made it impossible for ant Globhomo journalist to support the cause, so while that battle was lost as well, we did increase in numbers a lot.

    The last time the strategy was used, was against Santa Inc, where the comments were spammed down with weakly disguised Hitler and Göbbels quotes until it was taken down, and once the comment section was down, all the jewtubers made a big stink about how the jews behind Santa Inc tried to hide behind so called anti-Semites, when the truth was that all hated it because it was shit.

  4. He complains about “phony balance” and wants to adjust the “adversarial axis”. The chutzpah of these Jews.

    Meanwhile, their golem, I mean the Left, is going full retard with their hysterics and can’t grasp that the public is tuning them out. Here’s a quote from that articles comment section:

    “Let’s call MTG a racist hundreds of times each week. Let’s call Gaetz a pedophile hundreds of times too. Let’s call Boebert a white supremacist all the time. It’s not strictly-balanced journalism, but it’s the truth.”

  5. Media shitkikes openly colluding to decide what (((Truth))) will be rammed down the throats of the schtupid goyim who still listen to them.

    Nothing changes until these dick-nosed scum are made extinct.

    • NBF,
      Our worst enemies aren’t the blacks, Muslims, East Asians, browns, Latinos, or even the nose……… it’s the whites who let them do what they do.
      Who let them in to begin with? Whites.
      Who failed to fight back against Jew invented Leftism? Whites.
      Who’s failing to fight back now in any real way to reverse our extinction? Whites.
      When you’re married and have a wife whose being a bully, making all the domestic decisions, putting you out in the process, do you blame her or yourself? Well she’s partially to blame, but YOU are mostly to blame because you DIDN’T stand your ground. Strength is respected. Weakness gives you short term peace, but long term consequences.
      Jews are what, less than 2% of the populace? Trust me, if we stood up like real men, they’d cease to be a problem overnight.
      It begins with us.

      • Goose:

        That’s right. The White men of the past were too confident of the unassailable strength of their position: Whites were 90% of the population in the US as late as 1965; that was when the filthy jews Celler & Javits finally succeeded in opening our borders to all the world’s racial garbage after organized jewry had worked tirelessly for decades to achieve it. Our grandfathers (in all White countries) were atomized, and without access to the information now at our fingertips; they had no idea that they had a tiny but highly-coordinated, deadly (((enemy))) who sought to steal their birthright and eradicate their descendants.

        What prevents the long-overdue crushing of the kike & race traitor roaches by today’s White men is the relentless brainwashing with baseless “guilt” for the 75 years since the end of WW2, and fear of the usurped surveillance police state that protects the scum, along with the cooperating corporate shitlibs who have the power to financially destroy those who even dare to so much as speak out, let alone take decisive measures.

        Something’s gotta give. Things have to deteriorate to the point that the current near-total control of society by their fed protectors weakens enough to enable White men to successfully carry out those “decisive measures”.

        • NBF,
          Yes the biggest enemy of whites…….is whites.
          The white allowed the nicotine to be inhaled into the body. The Jew is the resulting cancer. Then the diversity they push for is the death.
          Of coarse the rubbish of the earth will move in for a better life if there are whites and Jews that tell them it’s ok to.
          The turd world trash create the push factors in their own nations to want to emigrate from, but the establishment in the West create the pull factors deliberately to dilute our numbers and percentages by inviting them in.
          It’s the most criminal conduct possible, to wipe out a people and culture. It’s fucking obscene!

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