The State of the Dissident Right

UPDATE: The clipped version of the recording is out.

I recently did a two hour Twitter Space with Keith Woods.

We covered a lot of ground. The conversation is going to be clipped and uploaded to YouTube and Odysee this weekend, but you can go ahead and listen to it now.

Topics include:

Geopolitical tensions with Russia

The Patriot Front march in DC and how activism has evolved since Charlottesville and the Optics War

Joe Biden’s political collapse

“Latinx” voters swinging Right

Is the press an accomplice in the murder of democracy?

Failures of the Alt-Right in 2017/2018 and lessons learned

What is the “Dissident Right” in 2021 when the mainstream Right has absorbed most of our ideas and positions on the issues? What is the edge these days?

What happened to Richard Spencer?

2021 was probably the best year ever for the spread of our ideas with the Great Replacement, secession and “anti-White” all going mainstream. White identity has also strengthened somewhat

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  1. The State of a Movement:

    If you spend more than 5 seconds arguing against the lowest of low T omega incel wimps like Vaush and Hunter Avallone……

    Keep it moving, Son.

  2. Boosting the state of Right Wing White Males:

    1. Stop smoking
    2. Stop doing drugs
    3. Stop abusing alcohol
    4. Drink more water
    5. Exercise more
    6. Eat less junk
    7.Take vitamins

    It takes no more than 10 minutes in the morning to do a quick biceps, triceps, and shoulders workout with barbells and a chest workout doing pushups.

    10 minutes of the day.

    You don’t need to join a gym. Go buy a cheap pair of barbells and go walk outside.

    Go walk for at least 20 minutes a day and burn calories.

    Do some type of manual labor with tools every week getting your hands dirty and rougher.

    By the natural state of metaphorical habitual osmosis you’ll improve your optics and be a better man.

    • It’s all good, but it’s backward. You need to have hope in a future, and that’s fading from us. Motivation won’t last long about building oneself up, in a brown run nation, where you’re discriminated against and hunted down constantly. It’s like telling the humans in Planet of the Apes to go exercise.

  3. I wont pay for dissident content until I’m convinced it has value again.

    Bloggers, podcasters, youtubers etc. lead the Altright into a ditch through autism and lack of any practical experience with organization. As many more did so maliciously with intent to derail the dissident movement.

    Post the free version and I’ll be happy to listen.

      • He’s not being “cheap”. He says “value”.
        Why would you give people money, who are just in it for the money? Do we need more radio shows, books, or videos?
        Most people need to save their money. You could go broke supporting everyone who posts podcasts and radio shows. I bet these people are richer than we are.

  4. Going to be on my watch list. You don’t do interviews a great deal, but I always make sure to listen to them when you do. Like your great interview on the political cesspool last week. One of my favorite podcasts.

  5. You almost made it through the whole podcast with Keith without losing your train of thought once, Brad. “What was I saying?” 😀

  6. Mr. Wallace, when you are able to, can you please post the odysee or youtube link to this this interview? Thank you.

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