Brian Stelter: Chris Wallace Is Defecting To CNN

Big news on Reliable Sources this morning.

Chris Wallace is leaving FOX News Sunday to join CNN+.

Is this the first bombshell to drop in the new model of “journalism” that will save American democracy from authoritarianism? What does it say about the radicalization of FOX News?

Note: Before he was hired at FOX News, Wallace worked for ABC News and NBC News.

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  1. CNN is basically a propaganda outlet for the ADL. I used to read Pravda when I was in high school, Bolshevism 1.0 was far more productive than our current 2.0. They actually built cool things while we don’t shit anymore. Intel will likely never build a competitive product again. Same with Boeing and GE. When was the last time our government built a bridge? I don’t think we are even going to get rolling blackouts like S. Africa. Power and communications are probably just going down and staying down until a new government or foreign invader rebuilds it.

  2. Chris Wallace is just going home after a long stay away. His timing is a little off though. It looks like the next war the U.S. Government is going to start will be in the Near East to save “Our Greatest Ally” from Iran. The cheerleading from the Lügenpresse will be epic this time although ineffective with most of the U.S. public who will recoil from another war.

    Fox TV’s shrill voice will be the loudest of all these hypocrites no doubt having one corrupt ex-general after another on the tube telling us “we” have to go to war. No doubt there will be the usual cast of failures i.e. the obese Newt Gingrich, Miss Lindsey Graham, the insufferable Nimrata Hailey, idiot “religious” leaders like the lunatic grifter “Rev.” John Hagee et al. The My Pillow Guy will be there too offering %10 off for those who get on bended knee, make the Sign of the Cross and ask God for a war and buy his “victory” pillows with an embroidered 500 Lb. bomb on them.

    Chris Wallace could be leading this circus on Fox, I’m sure they would give him more money for his troubles.

  3. “What does it say about the radicalization of FOX News?”

    Fox News will NEVER be radical. It is a business enterprise tailoring fake news to suit its target audience, which is a different, or slightly different target than CNN’s MSNBC’s or PBS’s, but all mainstream “news” media is serving the same system. Any journalist who works for any mainstream “news” media is not a real journalist, and much of “alternative” news media is as bad as mainstream, doing its part, playing its role (sometimes unwittingly) in supporting the same system.

    The task of a real journalist is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, regardless of consequences, and if he does that there will surely be consequences.

    Establishment “journalists” who spread false infomation for the Empire have nothing to fear. No eleven year prison sentence for this Jewish “journalist,” who is back in the U.S. after just three days, while the greatest true journalist, Julian Assange is suffering in confinement (and torture) for a full eleven years, with more to come.

    Daniel Fenster was sentenced for spreading false information to assist U.S. “regime change” in Myanmar:

  4. Just another dishonest piece of shit regimetreu media mediocrity.

    Who watched him on Fox?

    I heard it will be a subscription service from CNN — who’s going to pay for that? — CNN’s ratings have been falling for some time now.

    • >Who watched him on Fox?

      linkWhen they put up a new Christmas tree, Fox brought out a rabbi to emcee the ceremony, and of course, he made it about Hanukkah

      Video at the link — as they say, you couldn’t make this shit up.

  5. “The My Pillow Guy will be there too offering %10 off”:

    Call it “The My Pillow Channel,” tells you what They know about the IQ of the Carlson-Hannity-Ingraham audience. I’ve heard the pillows are inferior, full of chopped foam.

      • Hannity is just horrible. He is still worried about Afghan terrorists left behind; heroes, every one of them.

        Laura doesn’t even qualify as a bimbo anymore. She should stay home to tend to her zoo of brown wogs she purchased. Imagine being Mr. Laura Ingraham? Yikes!

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