Harry Enten: Why the 2022 Midterms Look Like the Opposite of 2018

Harry Enten, another one of the Democratic Party’s top Jewish data gurus, explains why all the evidence and trends suggest the libs are going to be owned in the 2022 midterms.


“(CNN) What a difference four years makes in politics. At this point in 2017, Democrats were about to pull off a stunning Senate win against a very flawed opponent in the deeply red state of Alabama. It was one of many indications that Democrats were on their way to a big 2018 victory.

Today, everything is different. Pretty much every single indicator that pointed to a Democratic wave in the 2018 midterms now points to a Republican one in the 2022 midterms. …

Start with the fact that Democrats were up by about nine points in polling for the race for Congress in early December 2017. As it turned out, this was the margin by which they’d win the national House vote in November 2018.

The Republicans hold an average two-point advantage on the generic ballot in December 2021.

There have only been two midterm cycles since 1938 when Republicans had any lead on this measure at this point. 

A big reason Republicans were struggling in December 2017 was that then-President Donald Trump’s average approval rating was at a meager 37%. It was the worst for an elected president about 11 months into his first term.

President Joe Biden is not much better with an approval rating of about 42%. His is the second worst approval rating for an elected president at this point in their first term. …”

A lot has changed over the past year.

None of it is good for the Democrats. Inflation is out of control. The Republicans have “Let’s Go Brandon” to run on in the 2022 midterms. What do the Democrats have that could possibly counter that?

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  1. So what? Can we name a single odious law ever repealed by Recucklickins, or even the impeachment of any blackrobes who legislate from the bench on a daily basis apart from the dearly departed Alcee Hastings (who joined congress after his conviction)? Remember the ‘Contact with Murika’ (Gingrich), the ‘Tea-Party Patriots’ (Boehner and his Brokeback Boyz)?? Worse than useless. The so-called elections have been rigged for literally decades. As Mark Twain noted long ago: If voting accomplished anything, it wouldn’t be permitted. It’s not the literal truth, but the direction never changes, only the degree and style. As the Cuck Limbaugh liked to say about the D-jerseys (though it really applies more to the R-jerseys): “Symbolism over substance”.

    Just to give an example: A congress consisting of something other than pre-selected grifter/clowns and criminals could overturn the infamous 1942 Supreme Court decision Wickard v. Filburn, in which a committee of black-robed philosopher-kangz unanimously ruled that you zeks have no right to grow food for yourselves on your own land to feed either your own families or livestock – because “interstate commerce”.

    • I’ve seen conservatives write that supreme court decisions can be overturned by a simple majority vote in The House of Representatives. I’m not sure if this is true, but if it is, it shows the breathtaking corruption and irresponsibility of elected officials.

  2. 2018 wasn’t much of a blue wave for the democrats. Yes, they retook the house, but it was still pretty underwhelming compared to what was expected. That said, if things continue as they are going or get worse, it will be a major ass kicking by the republicans in 2022. Republicans suck…..but at this point, I’ll take them over the democrats.

  3. Democrats have Policies. Republicans walk all over us as stupid individuals and families. Lets Go Brandon is Fun.

    If “LatinX” voters take over the republican party you know they will vote in their own self interests.

    When did we become so silly? These tornados hit our people!

  4. I am just waiting for one of these leftist pundits or Biden string pullers to come out and blame the mid South tornados on global warming. You know that is what they are thinking, question is how temperate their tongues are?

  5. This happens every 2 years when the Dims and Republicans trade places in power. This way nothing ever gets fixed because the system is fixed with the two party Monte.

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