Hillary Clinton: Trump Winning In 2024 Could Be The “End of Democracy”

If Trump runs and wins in 2024, it could be the end of “our democracy.” Faced with the terrifying prospect of losing fair and square to an “authoritarian,” what do you do in such a situation?

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  1. “Democracy” in the context of modern society means judeo-masonry calling the shots and ratifying its decisions by rigged elections that do not translate into public opinion deciding policy any more than a dictator’s approval by plebiscite does. It has been that way for a long time now.

    • The idea in itself that the bread and circuses rabble can decide on a government is a travesty. The craft of statesmanship is well beyond the comprehension of most. Elections were always only held among a limited number of competents who understood what they were doing. The big push for universal franchise, blacks, women, to all be voting is made by psychopaths who know these are the easiest people to fool. The problem the US has found itself in though is such a degeneration, and the current elites on the coasts have no understanding of natural law or the human condition. Basically we’re in a pickle and the situation requires a reset. Unfortunately Americans need to learn the hard way that the lies pumped into their heads by the media and school system just don’t work out in reality.

  2. All of these 20th Century Cold War relics need to be out of office. Retired. Along with their politics. We need to catch up with the rest of the world that’s living in the 21st Century. It’s not 1985, or 1917, anymore.

    Our biggest problems are not how to confront the Kaiser, and the Soviet Army in Central Europe. Or 19th Century labour politics. It’s how to get along in a world where WWI and WWII, and their consequences, are no longer relevant. Or even still a living, conscious memory. A world in which the formerly United States® are no longer relevant, either.

    Unfortunately for us, these old coffin dodgers are going to leave behind young protegés to carry on their work. We may never see the 21st Century, until well after 2100.

    “Yes, we have ways to beat the 80’s, at First Texas.”

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  3. They’re really beating the drums of war hard for this next one. It’s going to be even more toxic than 2016.

    • I suspect that is why they rolled out the Texas abortion law. They need screaming harpies in the streets for the next election.

  4. Trump is engaged in political campaigning right now without formally admitting it. He’s doing some kind of “history tour” with Bill O’Reilly in Florida.

  5. Hillary Clinton’s idea of Democracy=Hindus and Chinese legal immigrants coming to America legally nullifying the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2024…

  6. I hope it’s a rematch of the two dinosaurs in 2024 if they both live that long, it will be fucking hilarious. Always go for the most entertaining choice because otherwise the outcome doesn’t matter much for da greatest erection evah, again! The wrinkled bitch will probably need one of those Inogen oxygen concentrators strapped to her to keep the anger thing going full tilt on the campaign trail.

  7. I’m supposing, that for the wicked witch of the east, ‘democracy’ means no one questioning the oligarchy, or their rigged elections, or their manipulation of the economy.

  8. I think David Duke should for POTUS in GOP primaries left of both Trump and DeSantis on economics and foreign affairs, and to the right of AmNat paleoconservatives on cultural issues. Of course, Duke would not strand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination, but it would be a joy to watch the zio-cons sweat due to his platform being more in line with a more radicalized retardican base.

  9. Fuck your democracy. I’d kill it myself if I could. The Founding FATHERS intended to pass a republic down to us.

    • I do recall Franklin’s qualifier “… if you can keep it”. It should be obvious by now even to the totally blind that they utterly failed to keep it. That’s what happens when idiots and women are allowed near ballot boxes.

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