Axios: Worker Pay Isn’t Keeping Up With Inflation

We’re starting this morning with our coverage of the implosion of the Biden administration which is getting crushed by “transitory inflation.”


The latest ABC/Ipsos poll found that Joe Biden had a 28%/69% approval to disapproval rating on handling inflation. Inflation is ranked by far the top issue in the country and particularly with Independents. Inflation politics sunk the Democrats in the 1980s.

Note: It is so bad that chatter about who is going to replace Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has already made its way into the New York Times.

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  1. You have a giant banking cartel sucking money out of the system like a tick. It’s just being a little greedy at the moment.

    • Re: “cartel sucking money out of the system”:

      The sucking is not out of the system. The sucking is the nature of the system.

      “just being a little greedy at the moment”:

      They always charge as much as “the market” (the victims) will bear, at ALL times. Whenever it is possible to extract more than average – a feeding frenzy – it might appear the level of greed increased, but the level of greed remains steady – at maximum – at all times. Even the victims are infected with greed and long to be in a position to prey on others. Very high inflation will not lead to revolution, only to fake left- or right-populist reformism, as long as a thoroughly morally-corrupted working population (including many who claim to be religious) actually admires and wants to be like their cruel exploiters.

  2. Why should workers’ pay keep up with inflation? Those who are positioned to “extract rent” (overcharge, exploit) including the “$100 dollar an hour light bulb changers” are protected and doing extremely well in this “republic.” Position is everything, otherwise your goods and labour are essentially worthless and you can never really “get ahead.”

    The vast majority bleed to feed the blood suckers. Yet the vast majority that bleeds dreams of becoming blood suckers themselves! It is their summum bonum, and ethic. It is the logic of the Anti-Christ system.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps you could clarify your position? Are you saying that working class tradesmen (by light bulb changer I’m assuming you mean handymen, electricians etc) shouldn’t make the kind of living that provides a middle class lifestyle for his family?
      $100/hr sounds like an enormous sum, but in many places in the country it is just enough to provide for a family of, let’s say 5 (wife and 3 children, without the wife having to also be a wage slave and allowing her to raise children without daycare) and still maintain a modest lifestyle, provide for all 3 kids education, pay for health care, actually have some retirement savings, and not live in debt, by today’s standards.
      I’m a unionized tradesman single father who has raised 2 children on a little less than half that much, which I know for some people ~50/hr STILL sounds like a lot of money, and it has been a blessing to raise a family *without* the fear that my car would he repossessed or electricity cut off because of not having enough to pay bills, but it seems to me that our goal standing athwart this corrupt system should be to fight FOR wages for regular people that provide for such lifestyles. If I were not divorced and had just one extra child to care for, especially if someone in my family had special health needs, I do not think making $100/hr would be so ridiculous an amount. I can honestly attest that even at little than than half that much, which still sounds like a very good wage, (and it is), I most certainly don’t feel like I’ve made enough to build enough savings in my life to become independent of the corrupt banking system. I’ve lived most of my life at one level of debt or another in order to own a home and own dependable cars. Sure, I could have done all that plus a little more on $60-$70/hr, but I don’t believe that an additional $30 would have been enough to make me feel rich or anything remotely middle class, had I indeed been able to provide for an intact family of 5, maybe even 6.

      It isn’t the working/middle class guy making $150-$200k a year that is your enemy, even though there’s a lot of them who aren’t politically your best friend. It is the permanent managerial class making 250+K Annually, or significantly more, and upwards of millions or even billions…not your fellow working and middle class man who only makes just enough to live comfortably and have some savings but who otherwise is still powerless and insignificant to the woke PMCs

      • The tradesman hopes to rise to the level of the “permanent managerial class” as you call it making over $250k, and so on. Why not make a million a year? Greed is the good for nearly everyone in this “society.” The definition of a “Kulak” is a peasant businessman prosperous enough to employ a few people, making a profit from their labour.

        Another commenter on O.D. has used the “lightbulb changer” meme frequently, and I just borrowed it.

  3. @Brad The Federal Reserve will be forced as early as this week to raise interest rates by the back door by scaling back on their private sector bond/equity buying. This will force interest rates to rise!

    You read it here first!!!

  4. My blue collar friends are all very comfortable and in high demand.

    Auto Technician/repair/body

    Dump that degree/student debt and learn a trade.

  5. Here in Australia, and I assume elsewhere, the almost two year lapse in immigration has resulted in fewer browns providing cheap labour and putting downward pressure on wages. We now have more jobs than applicants, pay that covers lifes every day expenses and low unemployment. Pretty much everyone who can physically and mentally work, now is.
    Predictably, big business lobby groups and most politicians are itching to get the borders opened back up. Can’t have dynamics in place that favours the employee rather than the employer now can we?!
    Never mind that low/no immigration means better quality of life, less strain on our roads and infrastructure and greater community cohesion………. there’s good ol GDP to worry about!
    You know you’re without a true voice when even the ‘conservative’ parties want to open the floodgates……… without checking what the voters actually want.

    • Most of the immigrants don’t even come to our nations to work. They come to live off of us. Free housing, food, utlities, medical care, you name it.
      I once called my cell carrier about a new fee on my phone bill. At first, no one could tell me beyond “It’s a new charge”, but finally got someone to say. It’s a fee to help people who don’t have phones. Ohhhhh…so the company wants to be generous, but they do it by having US pay for it. Meanwhile, the company gets the tax write-off, etc.
      Most people wouldn’t look into a $5 a month increase, but this is how they do it, to fund nonwhites.

    • Exactly Goose. Greedy bastards will be the destruction of us all. Our “elites” are short-sighted and evil.

    • @Goose – All around the (formerly) Western world, TPTB are willing to turn civilizations into toilets of diversiity just to keep the cash flowing to the top.

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