Forbes: Biden Won’t Extend Student Loan Relief And Confirms Student Loan Payments Restart February 1

Here’s the deal, folks.

The Biden administration is deeply unpopular.

In an effort to search for a new bottom and become even more unpopular than Donald Trump at the lowest point in his presidency, we have consulted with our experts and have determined that now is the time for a smooth transition back into student loan debt repayments.


“The Biden administration won’t extend student loan relief and confirmed student loan payments restart February 1, 2022.

Here’s what you need to know.

Student Loans

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed to reporters during a press briefing that the Biden administration won’t extend student loan relief — and the student loan payment pause will end January 31, 2022. (No, Biden won’t extend student loan relief again). …”

Look, man, you can afford it.

We have the highest rate of inflation in 40 years.

Everything is vastly more expensive now than it was a year ago: your rent, your gas, your groceries. You are getting poorer every day. Come on, man. The banks need that money.

Don’t forget I was the guy who failed to deliver the $15 minimum wage. I was the guy who crafted the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act.


“Younger Americans are a key part of Democrats’ base, but they have soured on President Joe Biden.

Polling shows — despite winning roughly three-in-five voters under age 30 — Biden’s approval rating slipping below 50 percent among the youngest segment of the electorate. That includes a new Harvard Youth Poll released Wednesday that pegs Biden at 46 percent approval among Americans aged 18 to 29, compared to 51 percent who disapprove.

It’s a 13-point drop for Biden from March, when 59 percent of young Americans approved of the job Biden was doing. …

The most recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, conducted Nov. 20-21, found Biden’s approval among voters under 35 was 50 percent, compared to 42 percent disapproval. A Fox News poll conducted a week earlier showed Biden’s approval rating upside-down among young voters: 44 percent approve, 52 percent disapprove. …”

We’ve got to get those numbers down.

If you criticize my administration, you are an accomplice in the murder of democracy.

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  1. Are these all student loan payments, federal loans only, or private loans only? It sounds to me like the Jews want their money and don’t care if it hurts Biden politically.

    • So when there aren’t enough white engineers, doctors, and scientists, they will put nonwhites in those jobs, no matter what they can do.
      Whites should never abandon the upper levels of the sciences. Whites have always occupied the highest paying jobs, too.

  2. I’m starting to think the plan is to collapse the country. Shlomo made out like a bandit on the USSR collapse. I think they want a redux.

  3. We used to have an econmy based on savings, investment and manufacturing. Now it’s based on consumption and debt management. That’s why “they” keep bringing in endless swarms of inferior brown migrants – they are an inexhaustible source of new consumers and debtors. The real reason for Guaranteed Student Loans was never to make college education affordable for millions of young middle and working class adults, it was to saddle them with huge debt and feed off the interest on that debt.

    • The proliferation of bullshit degrees is even a bigger problem than the debt but it is all tied together. 50 years ago most western Universities had a “School of Mines”. Now most don’t even offer Geology as a degree program.

  4. The Federal Reserve will be forced as early as this week to raise interest rates by the back door route by tapering/scaling back on their private sector bond/equity buying. This will force interest rates to rise!

    You read it here first!!!

  5. It doesn’t matter what side of the corrupt two party oligarch you vote for, they both stab their base in the back.

  6. Shitpants Joe is merely a drooling, stumbling, soiled-diaper retard-monkey doing a zombie-shuffle to the screeching klezmer organ grinding out the perpetual message-loop from the (((owners))). Even Andropov and Chernenko had more class. If anything, he’s actually an even more appropriate “leader” to serve as the official face for the Clownworld Imperium than the Cheetohead the Clown was.

    • “If anything, he’s actually an even more appropriate “leader” to serve as the official face for the Clownworld Imperium than the Cheetohead the Clown was.”

      …Yes, indeed, he is. He’s the perfect president for Our Democracy!

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