Damon Linker: The Question We Need To Ask The American Right

I’m fairly confident that no one else in our circles watches, studies and follows these people as much as I do. Last night, I listened to the latest episode of The Bulwark in which Charlie Sykes interviewed Damon Linker about whether “journalists” can save American democracy. This is one of my own hobbies and I have been doing it for years because I am intrigued by these people.

The Week:

“Listening to the right describe American reality today is a little like overhearing a mid-level military commander preparing a battalion for an upcoming fight to the death with a ruthless enemy: The stakes are enormous. The other side is incredibly powerful. They seek nothing less than to destroy us, and they’ll succeed if we don’t destroy them first. Our own self-preservation requires nothing short of total victory — by any means possible.

This venom spews forth from our car radios, primetime cable news broadcasts, partisan websites, and the mouths of elected officials, setting a tawdry, unedifying tone for our public life. We’ve grown so accustomed to the hyperbole that it barely makes an impression.

Yet, as Matthew Sitman and Sam Adler-Bell have frequently suggested on their consistently excellent podcast about the American right, “Know Your Enemy,” we need to pay attention to such talk and learn to interrogate it. More specifically, we need to confront it with a crucially important question:

What exactly is the American right giving itself permission to do? …”

Damon Linker thinks we are inflating the threat of the progressive Left.

Has Damon Linker ever been stalked and violently assaulted by these people for expressing a political opinion? My wife was once attacked by them when she was a teenager at a picnic in a public park in St. Louis. No one on the Right can host public events these days without inviting this sort of serial harassment. The Far Left believes in using violence to crush the First Amendment and pluralism.

Has Damon Linker ever been censored, deplatformed and blacklisted by Big Tech? I’ve been banned from countless platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube/Google, Stripe, Square, PayPal, etc. Everyone from the president of the United States down to millions of his supporters has had to deal with this problem. The Far Left is an ardent believer in censorship and wielding power to crush pluralism.

Has Damon Linker ever been labeled a “domestic extremist” by the government and investigated by the FBI on the basis of his political views? Once again, it is the progressive Left which has weaponized the FBI and the “intelligence community” which it has used as tools to treat its political opponents as national security threats. They’ve also weaponized Congress which they have turned into an ongoing witch hunt and 24/7 cable news show trial of everyone who was associated with the former president.

Has Damon Linker ever had any of his books banned by Amazon? This has happened to lots of people who I know. Monopoly power is routinely used to crush pluralism for progressive activists.

Has Damon Linker ever experienced the ordeal of trying to book a hotel conference room? I seriously doubt it. No one on the entire Right including the Far Right which has long championed free speech goes out of its way to shut down events held by establishment liberals.

Has Damon Linker ever lived in a country where he is demonized by the political and cultural establishment for being Jewish? This is what it is like to be a non-Jewish cishet White male in this country these days. Whitey is to blame for all the world’s problems. We live under “white supremacy.” Racial animosity against Whites oozes out of every institution and especially Hollywood and academia.

Has Damon Linker ever self censored or thought twice about expressing his political or cultural opinions? Establishment liberals and progressive activists feel free to speak their minds in this country, but 2/3rds of the country does not under the yoke of Wokeism due to the hostility to tolerance and pluralism that liberals talk so much about and which they do not themselves practice.

Has Damon Linker ever experienced what it is like to attend a free speech rally in a progressive city and have the police stand down and watch you be attacked by BLM and Antifa? Does he know anyone who has been prosecuted by a progressive prosecutor who ignores crimes committed by violent leftists? Does he know any cities where he is treated differently under the law based on race, sex and ideology? I doubt it.

Does Damon Linker know what it is like to have your professional career ruined by one wrong comment? Does he know what it is like to be put on a list by multimillion dollar institutions like the ADL and SPLC who go out of their way to get people fired from both professional and working class jobs?

Has Damon Linker ever been kicked out of a restaurant for his political opinions? It happened to Trump’s White House Press Secretary. Has Damon Linker ever been hounded off campus by a mob? It recently happened to Kyle Rittenhouse.

Has Damon Linker ever been ritually shamed and denounced by one of his relatives on national television for his political opinions? This happens all the time on MSNBC to people like Rep. Paul Gosar.

Has the FBI ever encouraged any of Damon Linker’s relatives to report him for signs of “domestic extremism”? No, this Statsi like behavior isn’t something that establishment liberals have to put up with.

Has Damon Linker ever been sued and financially ruined in federal court by a New York law firm linked to Hillary Clinton for asserting his basic First Amendment rights? Has Damon Linker ever struggled to even find legal representation or to raise money for his defense? No, he has never been in this situation.

Has Damon Linker ever been purged from the military or law enforcement over his political views? No, this has never happened to him.

Has Damon Linker ever lost his job over the vaccine mandates? No, but that has happened to lots of people who feel strongly about the issue.

Has Damon Linker ever seen monuments of his ancestors toppled and melted down as an insult? Once again, this has never happened to him in this country.

I don’t think he gets it.

He doesn’t see how badly his own side is behaving in their host country.

Damon Linker is worried about the “fascism” and “authoritarianism” of ordinary people whose options are limited to attending free speech rallies, voting for lib owning Republican politicians like Trump and griping about their resentments under anonymous pseudonyms on the internet. None of these people are actually wielding power and authority like the people who I described above.

If you are an establishment liberal like Damon Linker or David Brooks, you are far removed from what I have described. It doesn’t happen to people like you. You are worried about the rising tide of “authoritarianism” of people who are pissed off by all this and who aren’t wielding power.

So, the answer to this question: What exactly is the American right giving itself permission to do? The answer is putting an end to this and the class of people who are doing it. That’s the mandate. To eliminate this threat by any means necessary.

I will return to what I said in my response to David Brooks. Imagine there was a serial arsonist in your town. The arsonist goes around starting innumerable small fires which converge and eventually send the whole town up in a blaze and all the people in town are currently alarmed and running around and trying to put out the fire. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to put out the fire and arrest the arsonist to stop him from causing any more damage and punish him for the damage to society he has caused. It is not a time for pipe smoking and armchair speculation. You have to stop this sociopath.

Note: In light of all the above, only a fool would still believe in the liberal norms. The other side crossed that line a long time ago.

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  1. Wow. That is an impressive summary of the wonderful ways we get to live ‘the American Experience’. Add to that the list of lies that constitute ‘racial grievances ‘ against whitey. Bizarro world.

    • Christ pegged it about 1500 years before him. Luther’s elaboration is a very useful one though. Several sects of Lutheranism have repudiated it under pressure from the ADL, sad to say. What part of “Synagogue of Satan” are so many who claim to follow Christ not understanding? I recently shocked a nice Christian lady when I noted that Trump’s daughter was a convert to Satanism – which is literally true. The Chabad sect of Talmudism literally worships the devil. They should stop the charades and just go full Crowley, who boiled their beliefs down to four simple words: Do what thou wilt.

      Many of conservative Christians sincerely believe Trump is one of the flock. There is insufficient evidence to convict Trump of the change of being a Christian, and much more evidence to acquit. To paraphrase the late Johnny Cochran: If the garment don’t fit – you must acquit.

  2. I think he knows exactly what the score is.

    What his kind is trying to do is to get the pearl-clutcher “beautiful loser” faction of the right to attempt run interference for a bit longer.

    That is one tactic I would be using if I was on his side.

  3. What exactly is the American right giving itself permission to do? …”

    That is an easy one kyke, hate those and wage war on those who hate the innocent in the name of God almighty. Why did you kill Christ kyke?

  4. These people are insane. Who was it that declared “punch nazis” to be acceptable political activism (with nazi defined as anyone who voted the wrong way)? Who declared anarchist street riots and mass looting to be a form of reparations and equity? Who openly spoke of using military counter-insurgency techniques against “domestic extremists” that voted the wrong way? It’s really a mystery why the “right” sounds like they’re fighting a war.

    I think most of these people genuinely believe their own BS. They really don’t see that they’re the instigators here because in their worldview, corporate media is the legitimate authority. As Brian Williams put it, they are part of the “institutions” that rule over “our democracy” (unelected). The mainstream media has been dying for years, and if the social media companies hadn’t put them all on life support by promoting them and banning “disinformation” and “Russian influence” from non-mainstream competitors, then they would already be gone.

    • @Dart – Your comments gets to the very heart of the matter that is now before us:

      I think most of these people genuinely believe their own BS.”

      Indeed, they DO. And that is what must be realized and factored in. We cannot “own” these people; nor can they be persuaded by facts. They are simply unable to ‘see’ the most glaring of hypocrisies. They have dehumanized us, and will never have a shred of mercy that might prevent them from utterly destroying us.

      I have concluded that any White person who truly believes the Anti-White Narrative is no longer what I would call “White”. And any White person who is still sitting-on-the-fence about it at this point…. a lost cause.

  5. “So, the answer to this question: What exactly is the American right giving itself permission to do? The answer is putting an end to this and the class of people who are doing it. That’s the mandate. To eliminate this threat by any means necessary.”

    Very good.

  6. Hunter;

    You should get Army hazardous duty pay for wading through all this Left Wing, Communist-Lunatic bullshit, I couldn’t put up with it. We’ve all heard and read it a million times before, it really is tiresome. Fundamentally it’s different versions of: “I hate White people and the Christian civilisation they have created because I can never even conceive of something that great.”

  7. And yet, we can’t advocate violence on this site?!
    While the BLM/antifa paid goons do the exact thing that you say we can’t do, with financial assistance from the federal government?

    How is this not a Jewish bolshevik war against white Christendom?

    Why not say that everything you accused Damon Linker of not having had done to him, we do to them? It’s a valid question, and we need to understand that this is a war, and we are the innocent.

    “And our cause it is just,
    when in God is our trust.”

    End of story.
    In Hoc Signe, Vinces.

    • @Fr. John+
      “And yet, we can’t advocate violence on this site?!
      While the BLM/antifa paid goons do the exact thing that you say we can’t do, with financial assistance from the federal government?”

      Precisely so. BECAUSE the anti-Whites have the support of the federal government. The dissident Right does not. It’s not a double-standard at all. It’s the anti-White standard.

      • Then this government needs to come down. It is
        immoral, illegal, and anti-Christian. You cannot vote yourself into legitimacy, when the Bolsheviks control the reins of power.

      • Indeed. As a matter of prudential judgement Hunter follows the right course. This site is monitored for just such provocations that no doubt are sent in daily from the FBI, ADL, DHS etc.

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