Brian Williams Signs Off At MSNBC

Brian Williams says he isn’t a liberal or a conservative. He is an “institutionalist.” This is his way of saying that he is loyal to his class: the college educated leftwing PMCs who dominate all of our institutions and who live in the big metros and their suburbs and who are the people watching this.

It’s true that the progressive activists and establishment liberals who dominate these institutions have lost their legitimacy. They are widely perceived by the rest of the country outside of their bubble as an insular, power hungry, intolerant, hypocritical, sanctimonious, self-righteous, self-interested and self-aggrandizing social class. Everything that Southerners used to say about the Damn Yankees applies to this class of people although they have come to it through education and selection rather than shared ancestry. When they go on about “our democracy,” they mean governance by people like themselves.

At the some point around the mid-20th century, the old WASP elite of the Eastern establishment collapsed or more accurately evolved into this. PMCs come from various different backgrounds and their proudest boast is their racial and ethnic diversity, but they are all homogeneous in their worldview. They are a distinct type whether it is an Anglo face, an Irish face, a Jewish face or a black face on MSNBC saying it. Close your eyes and just listen to them talk and they all sound exactly the same.

The country currently has a late Soviet vibe. The political establishment has been utterly discredited. Joe Biden is like the American version of Brezhnev or Andropov … a dinosaur from another era. The so-called “mainstream” has shrunk back to these little metropolitan islands like a receding tide.

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  1. It seems they never want to seriously consider why people might be angry, and therefore if their anger may be justified.

    >He is an “institutionalist.”

    So a servant of the regime/the Establishment, like most ‘journalists’ today — the US doesn’t really need state-controlled media outlets like many countries have — its media is already very friendly/compliant.

    >Republican politicians have joined the angry mob

    LOL — if he said something like that, it’s equivalent to more ‘coup’ and ‘threat to democracy’ fear-mongering — these people have no shame.

    Did he notice any ‘angry mobs’ in 2020?

    Brian Williams’ alleged lies: A list

  2. Funny how this veteran Establishment media personality suddenly departs from the airwaves with little or no fanfare. Perhaps he was caught partying on Epstein Island with under-aged shiksas? Charlie Rose, Tavis Smiley and Chris Matthews are three other arrogant assholes who won’t be missed either.

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