Build Back Better Is Pretty Much Dead

Greg Sargent lost the bet.

Manchin and Sinema have their out due to the CBO score. Inflation is the top concern in the country. BBB is toxic in West Virginia. House Progressives better get comfortable with zero.

Note: Democrats become so unpopular outside of the coastal metros due to their toxic racial and cultural positions that the whole fate of their agenda hinged on the vote of a corporate centrist from West Virginia. This is what they get for driving out all the culturally conservative, economic populist Democrats who used to vote for them since around 2008.

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  1. BBB was never really explained or marketed very well. As far as I can tell it was just another empty campaign slogan.

    Bill Buckley Jr…..A CIA Roman Catholic Bonesman.

    • It is just antiwhite spending, chock full of wokeness. I read somewhere that there was a modest set aside for Medicare, but the main issue is further entrenching antiwhite animus from the Democrat party. That is all this party is now, the Antiwhite Party. There are massive subsidies for “education,” which in Democrat speak is plainly antiwhite. The massive “climate” stuff is all centered around “climate justice,” which is more euphemism for antiwhite-ism. Any time Democrats say “justice” they mean kill whitey. This party will spend 6 trillion dollars in half a year on the most extreme, culturally toxic aspects of their politics but won’t do anything for something actually unifying and galvanizing like student debt besides a measly pause on interest accrual. But there is a massive SALT deduction for the ultra rich Blue State liberal elites!

      I hate Democrats!

      • “won’t do anything for something actually unifying and galvanizing like student debt”:

        Other anonymous, from a racialist point of view however, realise that student debt would have to be cancelled for Blacks, Asians and Hispanics, as well as for Whites; for the “woke,” liberal and moderate as well as for the conservative student debtors – and cancelled more for the former than for the latter, because there ARE more of the former than of the latter now in The Empire that is culturally, ethnically and racially throughly mixed, and divided, and not a normal, natural, “ethno” nation. So how would cancelling student debt be “unifying”? I think it is better than not cancelling, but it is not the revolution that is needed, and does not transform a global empire into a nation. Populist reformism, whether of the right or fake-left style, or flavor, never changes the system.

        • What can change the system? Is the US really retreating abroad? Most of the globe is pozzed now. It’s really just Russia, China, and Africa that are not pozzed, and Africa is politically meaningless for obvious reasons. Race mixing has never been more accepted. Feminism has decimated birth rates, half of the breedable male population is incel and the other half that are having sex are not having children as a result of said sex, and this is so bad now that there is a burgeoning, complimentary femcel population in the works. Antiwhite messaging is the order of the day and explicitly constitutes every aspect of media. Atheism is rampant. God has fled this world. Transgender is mainstream and gays were institutionalized two presidents ago. The rich bourgeois are richer and more bourgeois, and the lumpenproletariat grows daily. Blacks are worshipped as holy deities. Social media alienated everyone. The federal government has openly become a tyrannical national government. The Boomers are about to die off which will even further entrench the flagrantly antiwhite Democratic party and turn the whole country into California. Meat will be banned and replaced with bug guts and you’ll drive 200 mile range electric cars that keep you that much closer to wherever you are domiciled as the combination of mass inflation and coming high interest rates puts homeownership even further out of reach.

          I’ve been this for 11 years and I honestly don’t know what to say anymore besides that we are living in the End Times. Increasingly I look to Jesus because I do not see any other hope, and forget about a church. Churches are as worthless now as any other institution. Regarding the holy book, and really anything, it is every man and woman for themselves.

    • Other anonymous, in what sense do you mean that? It was just a campaign slogan, after all, never real.

      BBB really means that the elites will be building their “wealth portfolios” bigger than ever before, and their yachts, and their second, third and fourth “homes” (mansions on gated estates) better than ever before, by exploiting – more than ever before – the labour of working masses the vast majority of whom still give credence to campaign promises/slogans like BBB, that are drilled into their brains by capitalist “news” media, and still believe in The American Dream of “getting ahead” of their neighbors by “doing it to” others, and rising to the level of wealthy elites themselves someday.

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