Proud Boys and Oathkeepers Get Hit With Charlottesville-Style Civil Suit


Ali Alexander and a bunch of other people have been hit in a different suit.

If you were wondering how long it would take for the precedent that was set in the Sines v. Kessler civil suit in Charlottesville to become a slippery slope and be abused and applied more broadly to suppress the First Amendment rights of rightwing groups, the answer was three weeks.

Note: We predicted this would happen in January.

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  1. Funny, Antifa and BLM seem to be immune to law suits or long jail stints for their burn, loot and murder rampages.

    • I don’t think the Left has thought this through very well. If the legal system is going to see these kinds of next-level lawfare cases as legitimate, it’s only a matter of time until the Right figures out they can play too. The activism industry is sitting on tens if not hundreds of billions, and there are fat targets all over the place – starting with BLM groups, leaders, and funders for organizing the 2020 riots. Waukesha victims can sue Ibraim X. Kendi for “creating an environment of racial hatred” or whatever.

      • @JRC – None of that pay-back is happening in this top-to-bottom anti-White anarcho-tyranny.

  2. The plaintiff is the District of Columbia, although I’m sure NGOs and predatory law firms had a hand in it — to me it seems rather unusual, albeit probably not unprecedented, for a municipality to file a civil suit over an event that already resulted in criminal charges — did the municipality suffer any damages?

    Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison — per the fields they normally litigate, you’d think a high profile firm would not have any interest in such a case — who is paying them? — how much? — or is the municipality a pro bono client (link)?

    They issued a statement earlier this year: Paul, Weiss Denounces Anti-Semitism in Statement Condemning Recent Attacks Across the U.S. — they don’t mention a specific incident.

    White people, especially white men, should really take note: the Establishment and its minions evince zero good will toward you — they will never give you the benefit of the doubt, until and unless you show you are willing to submit to complete subjugation — if you don’t, they will persecute you in every possible way (but don’t forget how ‘privileged’ you are) — think about what that might mean when you become a minority.

  3. Paul Weiss is Karen Dunns’ firm and we all know Karen is tight with Merrick Garland. Garland officiated at that chessy skanks wedding.

    Racine is tight with Garland too.

    There is a public private partnership in the persecution of white Christians. And that Irishman in the White House thinks it is wonderful.

    Let me remind you Ashley Babbitt was murdered in cold blood and no charges were filed against her killer. How was that a justified killing?

    • Let me remind you Ashley Babbitt was murdered in cold blood and no charges were filed against her killer. How was that a justified killing?

      It wasn’t justified in any way shape or form. This should come as no surprise however. Law – as traditionally defined – no longer exists in the Banana Empire (and hasn’t for some time). The law is now whatever comes out of a blackrobe’s arse – nothing more. Normies (who are truly stupid) can’t wrap their public-edumacation-media-shrunken brains around this. It’s not only Murika’s greatest Alzheimer’s prez who thinks it’s just wonderful, but many millions of white folks, mainly among the younger college-indoctrinated types, especially (but by no means only) females. Perhaps the cold reality of having to pay all the interest on the fake-money they borrowed from Banksteins to obtain degrees in CRT or feminist science will cause some of them to reconsider, but I expect the gulags will come before they start to.

  4. Shouldn’t really even compare the two. Charlottesville was a planned and permitted demonstration. Stop the Steal was a half-cocked fed and grifter led riot. Unlike with Sines vs Kessler, there is a mountain of evidence available that Capitol rioters actually intended to break laws and “stop the steal.” Even chanting to hang Pence.

    The Charlottesville plaintiff’s case was flimsy and based on the accusation of an invisible conspiracy to commit violence that defied all evidence. It will be much easier to make a case against the Capitol rioters given just what is publicly available already.

      • No surprise there. My point though was that stop the steal was not even a legitimate political event. It was a riot led by conservative e-celebs for the purpose of fundraising. The organizers who knowingly set their followers up in a riot and then left them twisting in the wind deserve to face consequences. Ali Akbar, Alex Jones, Donald Trump, proud boys, etc. These guys were all telling their followers to take back the government, “fight,” and “make it 1776 again” or whatever. So it isn’t really similar to Charlottesville where the city and antifa were entirely to blame for the problems and the lawsuit was a farce.

        • Who cares about technicalities, it’s us against them and I’d recommend taking the “us” side instead of applying enlightenment principles. No black would ever vote to convict BLM if they had been the ones to trash that monstrosity on the Potomac.

          • How are any of these people “us?” The proud boys, led by a Black/Latinx federal informant is us? Republican rent boy Ali Akbar is us? Mestizo-American Nick Fuentes is us? The My Pillow guy is us? Dead lesbian Q cultist Ashley Babbitt is us? Three percenters who want to defend the Constitution for their mulatto grandchildren are us?

  5. Since the rule of law no longer exists, those named in the law suit transfer EVERYTHING out of your name – homes, cars, boats, etc…. then just ignore the suit.

  6. And yet the mass homocidal black who plowed (in an SUV) through a crowd at a Christmas parade …is out of jail without bail.

    Politicians and internet pundants worshipping the black comoonity ?

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