Poll: Few See Biden’s Economic Policies Positively

Oh look, it is another round of demoralizing polls for Democrats.

I don’t even believe this CNN poll which has Joe Biden’s disapproval rating at only 49%. It is much worse than that because fewer Americans are identifying as Democrats. As bad as all these public polls look, it is worse because the polls are assuming like a D+10 advantage. The new YouGov poll has Joe Biden with a 41% approval rating that assumes a D+10 electorate!

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  1. Idaho property values are skyrocketing thanks to Uncle Joe although It’s foolish to think that you can just move and leave Federal policies behind. The only off-switch is complete collapse. None of these cucky governors are going to step in and recreate order either. It will be up to local communities to protect themselves when the time comes. There was a massive internet outage on the West coast today with Amazon based security services. Not sure the cause but I expect more and more of these.

    • It’s amazing we haven’t collapsed yet, with the government spending billions on “migrants and refugees”.
      But there’s still too much money with older whites. Enough money to buy new homes, new cars, entertainment and traveling. I think it will happen with the next generation, because it’s very hard to save now, and investing is a joke.

  2. The clock just runs down with another Dump presidency, oh and that the democrats would rather and will probably commit treason rather than lay in the fetal position for another 4 years of Dump with their psychotic psychodrama with the old cartoony New York liberal Dump.

  3. “Few See Biden’s Economic Policies Positively”

    Haha haha, they’ve yet to see the consequences of his inept blundering.
    These are flush times, the Working Group on Markets can’t levitate things forever.

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