Democrats Own Goal Themselves

For those who are watching this spectacular train wreck and laughing at this dumpster fire:

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a new “progressive era” and Joe Biden is the second coming of FDR with the key difference that he is getting destroyed in the polls on the economy.

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  1. In 2022 the Republicans will take the house and maybe retain the senate and in 2024 the Democrats will do the same. It’s a never ending scam designed to give you the illusion of choice. Nothing ever changes for the better where Whites are concerned because both parties don’t care about the White majority. It’s all about whats best for the minority with both parties.

    • Yep.It’s amazing that some people still take the whole “Democrats versus Republicans” thing seriously.
      It’s like a football game to them.

  2. “Joe Biden is the second coming of FDR with the key difference that he is getting destroyed in the polls on the economy”:

    However FDR faced a very stubborn Depression that didn’t go away for years, until there came an opportunity to join another World War at just the right time (when it became clear that Germany would lose to Russia) to dominate the world and rake in the wealth of nations.

    • If they knew the “Soviet Union” would win why bother with the lend lease starting in the Summer of 41? The US provocations of Germany and Japan at sea began before anyone knew how Barbarossa was going to turn out. And FDR’s administration was full of red agents.

      • Germany was winning in the East from June 22, 1941 until mid-December, 1941 when Marshal Zhukov launched a counterattack driving the Wehrmacht back from Moscow. The Wehrmacht’s advanced patrols got within about 30 miles of Moscow before being pushed back. The German Army resumed the offensive after the Spring mud season of 1942, the infamous Rasputitsa , driving East and achieving great victories. They would maintain the offensive against the Red Army until Operation Citadel, the Battle of Kursk in July, 1943.

        Anon should read: Lost Victories by Field Marshall Eric von Manstein, ISBN 0-89141-525-4

        Field Marshall Eric von Manstein was Hitler’s best commander in the East until relieved of command by Adolf in March 1944 because of disputes over strategy.

        auf Deutsch: Verlorene Siege 1955 Athenaum-Verlag, Bonn

        At sea the U-boat fleet was also devastating convoys to Great Britain and had been since Spring, 1940. Churchill said after the war his greatest fear of defeat was caused by the U-boat war which didn’t decisively turn against Germany until Spring, 1943 with the introduction of B24s equipped with radar able to find and attack U-boats on the surface. Until the late 1950’s all submarines had to periodically surface to charge batteries and replenish their air supply.

        The allied bomber offensive didn’t become effective until Summer 1943 with the August firebombing of Hamburg by the RAF. the Luftwaffe controlled the skies over Germany until Spring, 1944 with the introduction of the U.S. P-51 Mustang fighter plane. Germany still had the military advantage until Summer, 1943 by which time things began to reverse decisively for them.

        It’s too bad the facts get in the way of this tiresome Anon character’s bullshit. He needs to go back to Hasbra school in China or wherever or perhaps he just gulped down that Left Wing, anti-American drivel standard in university curricula in much of Europe and now the U.S., facts be damned. The idea that FDR, scumbag though he was joined WWII because he knew the outcome in Dec. 1941 and that allied victory was assured is simply ludicrous.

    • Germany was kicking your red army’s ass bigly on December 7th 1941, and it would have annihilated them had the two judeo-Anglo powers supplied them war materials and food.

      It’s a tragedy of Western civilization that Hitler and friends never got the chance to execute Stalin and his blood soaked jewish henchmen in Red Square personally.

  3. Biden does what he’s told, it’s why Hunter is allowed to skate. Biden does nothing spontaneous, everything is scripted.

    • Exactly. Hunter is the albatross around Dementia Joe’s neck, the Deep State has a dossier on Hunter a yard thick with pictures, affidavits, physical evidence, bank records etc. They can hang him out to dry any time they want which would force Dementia Joe to issue a Presidential Pardon to get Hunter off the hook. That would look bad and Hunter would just go back to his old ways of whoring, drugs and financial crimes anyway: “Hey, want to buy one of my paintings? Only $500k each while supplies last.”

      What else can Hunter do at this point?

      • I forgot to add that they have Biden himself as well, they can easily get him just with the public pictures of him groping the kiddies, which is ideal because exposing him for his actual corruption would shed unwanted light on other democrat scumbags’ rackets. The democrat brass will team up with one or all those kids in the future to say that they did in fact get PTSD from Biden sniffing their heads or whatever and that should be sufficient to oust him after a good media plastering. Andrew Cuomo got deposed with little more than anecdotes months or years after the fact. I’m also pretty sure there were no pictures, or any physical evidence for that matter, that exist of him committing an actual crime that wasn’t made up on the fly in Cuomo’s case..

  4. Instead of focusing on all these palace intrigues we should be developing anti-System political and paramilitary organizations. I believe it is the lack of such organizations which is holding up the inevitable collapse of ZOG. You cannot replace something with nothing.

    • I’d like to think this is possible, but given what we know about the general incompetence of the dissident right organizationally, its likely our enemies will be more successful in this.

      Whats most likely to save us is the collapse itself fueling a complete loss of legitimacy of the national political system, leading to the necessary formation of parallel more local institutions to replace it, with something of less power distance.

      Empire never falls to complete anarchy, it falls to balkanized provinces of various sizes. Here its likely to be states in regional coalitions I would think.

      This is the sort of topic I wish was being written about.

    • Sturmabteilung LARPing, not only being faggy and clearly doesn’t achieve anything, plays right into our adversaries hands. We currently have legitimate moral superiority through legitimate oppression. Shitties of color, their so-called paramilitaries, and the federal government itself have to crudely hoax, false flag, and lie to keep their little shit show barely afloat.

  5. Before the covid gayop, things weren’t ideal, but economically they weren’t too bad, border was better than it had been in a generation etc.

    Trump wasn’t ideal, but he was doing a damn sight better with half ass trickle down reaganism than this.

    The whole reason for the dissident right fagging out in 2020 and either shilling for Biden openly, or spending all their effort trying to get trump voters to stay home, was to be rid of Trump because he bombed brown hero general, was too cozy with the jews (who will not replace us), was mean to based china and many other assorted autistic priorities nobody else cared about.

    For this we were subjected to years of constant blackpilling, recycled establishment media statistics (see unreliable) on what is now understood to have been the gayest plague in history.

    Now, Trump is ascendant again after having won in 2020 but having it stolen through mail in ballot faggotry given legitimacy by the same bullshit gayop of covid our side helped promote, and we are resigned to that because, he can’t be worse than Biden has been.

    Thats great

      • You may as well stay at home. Dems are on the way out but based on past performance replacing them with Republicans changes nothing. The bad cop, good cop recycle is at hand.

    • You really are a fine example of the kind of useful idiot the Uniparty loves, Ironic Sock Account.

      Waving his flag frenziedly for one wing of the vulture while cursing the foul beast’s other wing.

      I wish you joy of the change of ZOG puppets.

  6. I’ve never seen juden commies given up power voluntarily! I hope, I am wrong but I am afraid they’ll figure out ways to “win” the elections next year!

  7. linkBuild Back Better would help families with the cost of raising children by extending the American Rescue Plan’s increase in the Child Tax Credit amount and inclusion of 17-year-olds for one year, and by permanently ensuring that the full credit is available to children in families with the lowest incomes, …

    Of course Manchin can’t oppose extension of the child tax credit for the most obvious reason it’s a bad idea: it further subsidizes the least fit and is therefore dsygenic — one of the worst things about life in modern industrial nations is the way the most fit work and pay tax to subsidize the lives and reproduction of the least fit, who have significantly more children — one of the worst things about politics in modern industrial nations is that politicians cannot say that directly — instead it’s bad because of ‘muh deficit’ — not that I think deficits are a good idea — but Manchin would have no problem running a deficit to fund the military.

    Nor does it appear he opposes the more open ‘racial justice’ provisions of the bill, despite the fact he nominally represents one of the whitest states with some of the poorest Whites.

  8. Build Back Better along with the plandemic is part of Klaus Schwab and WEF’s Great Reset. And the Great Reset is designed to prepare the world for the Moshiach. The Moshiach is the Jew messiah, AKA the anti-Christ.

    All of it is being done out of a hatred of Christ, ALL.

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