Ross Douthat: How Hispanics Became Swing Voters

A major turning point was what we all witnessed last summer from the Democrats. Ron Unz has long suggested that we would be better off focusing on the toxic relationship between blacks and White libtards and how the entire country seems to revolve around it.

New York Times:

“The chart that should frighten Democratic strategists appears in the 23rd slide of a newly released report from Equis Research, which tries to explain the Hispanic shift toward the Republican Party in the 2020 election. It shows how favorably Hispanic voters responded to a variety of Donald Trump’s positions and policies, on Covid and the economy and immigration — more favorably, in many cases, than many liberals would have expected.

Some responses aren’t all that surprising: 77 percent favorability for pandemic stimulus, 74 percent favorability for “rapid vaccine development,” 69 percent for middle-class tax cuts (who could be against middle-class tax cuts?). Some of them offer interesting evidence that Trump’s Covid insouciance, his attempt to prioritize economic reopening over precaution, was popular with Hispanic voters: “reopen economy” at 66 percent, “Covid policy set by states” at 62 percent, “living without fear of Covid” at 55 percent.

But it’s the numbers on immigration and border policy that are particularly notable. Trump’s family-separation policy, not surprisingly, polls at 28 percent. But “more border spending” gets 55 percent approval, “limiting refugees/asylum” receives 51 percent and even “reducing legal immigration” gets 49 percent.

At the same time, “more deportations” and “build the wall” poll lower, at 42 percent and 39 percent. But then recall that Trump got only 38 percent of the Hispanic vote overall. Which means that in an important sense, despite overperforming expectations, he arguably underperformed his potential with Hispanics. He didn’t even consolidate the full share of voters who favored building his border wall, let alone the share that supported other forms of immigration restriction, let alone the share that agreed with his Covid response. …”

In their issue preferences, “Latinx” voters aren’t really that different from White working class voters. The top issues are jobs, the economy and health care. The group is moderate on social issues and populist on economics. There are a lot of “Latinx” men who are also small business owners. Blacks are far more supportive of political correctness and driven by racial resentment than Hispanics.

Unsurprisingly, Latinos were alienated by the Democrats being associated with socialism, as the term is firmly associated with their own experience with it in Latin America and blacks and White libtards. Hispanics also didn’t agree with libtards on the lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

NBC News:

“Some 4 in 10 Latinos who voted in 2020 are concerned about Democrats embracing socialism, a Democratic polling firm reported Tuesday.

In a new report that’s a post-mortem on Latinos’ 2020 voting, Equis Labs stated that Hispanics’ concern about socialism has worked “to create space for defection” of voters.

It also has allowed Republicans to move in on Democrats in areas where Democrats have usually done well with Latinos by promoting the party as the better for workers seeking to achieve the American Dream. 

Although the socialism concern is more prominent in Florida, it is not confined there, Equis research showed.

As would be expected, Latino 2020 Trump voters were more likely to say they were concerned — 71 percent — about Democrats embracing socialism or leftist policies. …”

The idea that “Latinx” voters are a racial bloc who are motivated primarily by amnesty for illegal aliens is laughable. Quite the opposite. Most don’t even bother to vote.

Note: This is a fascinating report.

Trump won a lot more Hispanics by changing the issue from immigration to COVID and the economy.

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    • For all of those who slam boomers, just watch.
      As the last of the boomers retire in2030 and are replaced with POC, everything will progressively fall apart. Mexico del Norte.

      • The North American Union. The NAU. The Amero. It will be like Europe. Open borders, no sovereignty of nation, same currency, and one big overlord.
        Mexicans love it; they get to indulge themselves with all of the free everything in the land of plenty. Don’t have to work, but can live like a working man.

  1. If they are ‘swing voters’, it’s only in the sense they may vote, say, 2:1 for Democrats, or maybe 1.75:1, instead of at closer to 2.5:1, which is more the norm — no way they will vote in the majority for Republicans.

    Hispanics are significantly poorer, on average, than Whites — so in the sense that they normally have less discretionary income, the current rising cost of living hurts them more.

    Friendly reminder: Everyone should reduce discretionary spending to as near zero as possible — they will bring max economic pain and help end COVID tyranny sooner (‘muh economy’).

    More infantile midwittery from yet another useless pundit — it’s amazing to me these people can earn a living year after year by writing drivel.

    • Indeed. It’s usually the Republican Establishment types slobbering over the “naturally conservative” hispanics with their “strong family values” who will surely turn out en masse in the next election to vote Republican. Of course, this is just wishful thinking.

      It never happens, this time isn’t different either. The Republican grifters just want more Third World types to drive wages down to zero or as close as they can get them to zero.

      It’s difficult to see Julio and Manuel reading the WSJ, watching Fox news, cracking open Atlas Shrugged from their collection of Ayn Rand’s works while they eagerly anticipate the next edition of NR to see what David French says about real conservatism. No doubt they will be sure to register as Republicans and advocate for cutting the very Government subsidies they partake of to the fullest (and then some) and advocate for fewer regulations on big bidness because, who isn’t worried about how billionaires are doing in these tough times?

      • They have lower IQs. The whole “family” thing means they can get pregnant as much as they want, and collect the welfare and other free money. Whites used to have big families, when they could afford them, but no one talks about this. Mexicans just have a lot of kids, because they don’t have to pay any hospital bill for the birth, and American taxes pay for their housing, food, medical, and utilities. Imagine having a boatload of kids, and never having to worry about a place to live, or if they will ever need food or medical care.

        • Imagine having a boatload of kids, and never having to worry about a place to live, or if they will ever need food or medical care.

          Absolutely true, until the system itself collapses because of all the dead weight it is carrying.

  2. Considering the GOP is just the trailing end of liberal democracy, and indistinguishable from Democrats of yesteryear I fail to see why anyone on the actual right should find this of interest much less as source of hope.

    Voting GOP is still voting for progressive liberal democracy and will still result in the continuation of globohomo policies and consolidation of power.

  3. Michael Alex Ramos, remember him? He got six years in jail for punching a guy who had just attacked an old man. Six years.

  4. “Latinos were alienated by the Democrats being associated with socialism, as the term is firmly associated with their own experience with it in Latin America”:

    Latinos are among the firmest believers in the American Dream, and the immigrants come here already brainwashed with it, ready to “move up.” Latino conservatism has everything to do with personal greed, Dollar worship and anti-socialist drumbeat of corporate mainstream “news” media propaganda – and nthing to do with having had a bad “experience with (soicialism) in Latin America,” of which in reality extremely little even exists! Latin America is almost completely conservative, right-wing or neoliberal run, with only a handful of rare true Leftist exceptions, including Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, which even though severely sanctioned, blockaded, and covertly invaded (terrorized by CIA proxies) and otherwise embattled in a constant state of war with the Hegemon still aren’t bleeding millions of refugees like right-wing and neoliberal puppet dictatorships that are allied with the U.S. Nicaragua just voted once again overwhelmingly for continuation of Sandino socialism, in spite of enormous U.S. election meddling efforts. Nicaraguans are suffering greatly under U.S. sanctions, but they understand the reason and source of their trouble. The embattled country has less illegal drug trade, and less murder and other crime than neighboring dictatorships such as Guatemala and Honduras, and it has real community-based police and the people love them.

    Re: “Democrats being associated with socialism”:

    That is corporate media disinformation and a smear on socialism, and The Squad and the DSA aren’t socialist either.

    • Anonymous,

      You’re a marxist-leninist fanboy, so riddle me this; why to prison inmates segregate themselves according to race instead of class?

      Could it be possible that one is driven by biological tribali, and the other is a social construct? Hmm.

      • “why to prison inmates segregate themselves according to race instead of class?”

        In prison, people are alienated from their natural ethnic cultural and community bonds, and they tend to know little about each other’s class background. Everyone wears the same uniform. The two or three different skin colours and racial characteristics are the only standards besides language (some speak ghetto “language” or Spanish while others do not) to rally around and bond with. (Of course many prisoners exist on the continuum of brown skin colour separating obvious Black and White, so they can have a choice or dilemma about who to bond or segregate with.) Furthermore, the U.S. population including the prison population has poorly developed class consciousness; most are not fully aware of the nature and evil of the class system, and to the extent that they are aware of it they actually tend to admire it and identify with it, hoping to (or dreaming of) climbing over piles of victims to the top of the class heap themselves someday.

        Neither race/ethnicity nor class is an imaginary social construct. Both are real. The first is a natural, biological reality, while the latter reality is entirely volitional, the result of human depravity, or sin.

        Interracial hatred, race, and even anti-racism (applied to Whites) are all used as cover (psychological tools of distraction) for class and capitalist exploitation.

        • It’s pure basic tribalism of race. Economic class means nothing when you are depending on others to have your back against another tribe.

          Americans do have a pretty good handle on the concept of class. Even talmudvision provides them a cursory education about economic class structure.

          You don’t see members of one troop of chimpanzees join another troop of chimpanzees because they have access to sweeter bananas. It natural in-group preference.

          • “You don’t see members of one troop of chimpanzees join another troop of chimpanzees because they have access to sweeter bananas”:

            Humanity is much more complex than Chimpanzees. Humans have many distinct natural ethnicities, and muchmore advanced and complex economic relations. Humans are also volitional, and can be better or worse than Chimpanzees. There can be unselfish love, sharing, altruism among humans; but there can also be hatred, murder, and exploitation (theft) ranging from salesmanship to chattel slavery.

            Re: “Americans do have a pretty good handle on the concept of class”:

            They don’t fully understand it (that it is evil) and don’t know there is a real alternative; and because they have been corrupted by it, they are pleased with it, and they participate in it: They try, or dream of, “getting ahead” (climbing over others to get to the top or to a higher level) which is also called “doing well.”

            Re: “Economic class means nothing when you are depending on others to have your back against another tribe”:

            You were referring to tribalism among prisoners, who are separated from the class system of the “outside world.” In prison all wear the same uniforms and work for a few cents an hour to pay for their phone calls, socks and toothpaste.

            Triibalism is one thing. Exploitation is another. BOTH are real. One is natural, the other volitional.

      • I guess it’s because inmates haven’t read Tim Wise, Susan Sontag and Noel Ignatiev and their anti-White screeds yet. I’m sure Anon will be quoting their pearls of wisdom soon.

  5. Mestizos are going to break into ultra-identity based militants, ala BLM, as long as that behavior is rewarded on the one hand, and on the other there will be the underclass/working class types who won’t be heavily invested in the identity politics, but very interested in handouts (from white to brown) and dem programs as long as this economic slide keeps going.

    The only reason we are seeing this temporary swing is because of the rioting.

  6. America hasn’t really updated its racial identity politics narrative. There are still only two politically relevant racial categories in the USA: White and Black (now called “people of color” or BIPOC). Instead of updating for the increased diversity and adding more categories, the USA has just attempted to slot the new groups into the old categories. All brown people just get shoved into the Black category and all of the same narratives are used for them whether they apply or not. An Indian who arrived in the USA last week and earns twice as much as the average White person is oppressed because he is politically Black. White people enslaved his ancestors and made him sit in the back of the bus and so on.

  7. Both the treasonous Democrats and Republicans (same thing) want to bring in more non-Whites to be their base. The republicans want to do it so called “legally ” while the Democrats want to do it either way, but in the end, it’s the same outcome.

  8. The whole “People of Color” is acceptable.
    “Colored People” is not acceptable.
    But they are the same thing.

    These Americans who go along with the whole “immigration” (invasion) thing, and remind you that your ancestors were once immigrants…they will find out what the word, “difference” means.

  9. I don’t benefit from hispanics being in America in mass, no matter how they vote, or if they don’t vote, and they will never be Americans, no matter what an individuals legal status may be. In being neither an authentic part of the nation, nor a benefit to very many Americans, hispanics are the ideal Republican voters, just like most foreigners. Too bad the Democrats are the greater evil

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